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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> the news at00 starts right now. right now, the search continues for person who police say l teft thi newborn baby girls alone in the woods. >> i have two kids, like i say. for me, it's sad. >> plus families in the areaee this wnd hoping to get their break on tv. we'll take you to the family feud auditions in . d scammers never take a>> day off, so neither should you. the three phone a scams police say you need to watch out for. the news starts right now. ♪ first tonight, it'seen just about more than 24 hours since someone little baby girl in a wooded area of silver spring. montgomery county police say a passerby found the baby yesterday evening after hearing the sound of her cries. >> and nowngolice are l for the parent or person who left that baby 's ayesha kahn is live in
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silver spring with the latest on e investigation. >> yeah, montgomery coun s poay that baby was found in thisery heavily woodedrea right back here in thoioh portof silver spring. luckily, though, the b was found alive, even thoug it was the hospital in stable as takeo condition. however, questions still remain tonight. who is the mother? who is the father? is the mom okay? because there is great concern a for herh tonight. now, montgomery county police say the man who found the baby initially called 911 after he heard the sound of the cryingn the sidewalk here in the 10,000 block of 10 brook drive around 5:00 p.m. friday. they say when the man went t investigate, he found the naked baby about ten feet from the sidewalk in the woods right where we are. they believe the baby is possibly o hispanic decent aor was b a few hours before she was born accor to the
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neighbors around here understandably did not want tlk taith us on camera because they tell us that they're just too saddened byle this who thing, but one man says he is af father h and he can never imagine such a scenario. >> it's awful. it's awful for me, because i didn't expect the mother or whoever it is leave a newborn baby just like that. abandoned in the bushes. i say.two kids, lik for me, it's sad. >> reporter: now, montgomery county police are reminding the public to please contacthem if they have any information.y in addition,want to remind thec publi about the safe haven law where youan give up custody of a baby if you can't take care of the baby to thees right autho with no questions asked. back to you. developing tonight, a member the fairfax county fire a
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rescue team isnd missing off of the florida coast. the u.s. coast guard just called off the air search for justin walker. a master technician for the fairfax county fire depament, along with another boater, brian, saying they will resume o those two boaters went missing off of theoast of port canaveral. they were last seen yesterday and were supposed to return hi today from ang trip they went on. now the coast guard says they will chtinue to s by boat and radar tonight, and they're moving their efforts northward. alsodeveloping, a motorcycle rider is dead after colliding with another bike inf erick thisafternoon. the crash blocked tra for more than three hoffurs. it happened on i-270 northbound. maryland state police say the two motorcycles lost control ter hitting each other. 25 year old dan stbeck of gaithersburg was pronounced dead at the scene, the other rider f
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hospital there. police think reckless driving m though no charges have been filed. all right, well all eyes on the skyhond tse warm temperatures. we're checking in with gwen tolbart to see just how long this heat wave is going to last. hey there, gwen. >> well, we're actually going to move into that right through into the early part of the weekend. so get ready, it's going to be very hot and sticky for you. 80 degrees right now though feeling like it's 84 degrees. winds are from the south and they're light at about five miles an hour. but that humidityhes out t in full force.e' elsewherve got 75 atbaltimore, t annapolis, 80 at hagerstown, 79 at westminster, 73 at winchester and 74 at dulles. and remember, it is like 11: o'clock at unbeevable. with those dew points into the 70s and into the 60s, here's what it actually feels like outside. hot 93 for annapis, 83 at hagerstown, 82 at westminster and we said 75 at quantico.
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so here's a look at what's ahead.hi we're talking abos heat wave that's coming our way, get prepared. tomorrow.high while on monday we're going to be heating it up to 97 degrees, and i w be surprised if somen bit hotter a thantlthat. 96 b tuesday, and 94y by wednesday, and cooliow ng nre dlaspeaking,yrsdayat 8ti8 . haot andmid.zy force, going to jus g downright oppresstive and the heat indices for the beginning of thek i goingo feel wees like it's in the triple digits. we'll have a look at that other details in just a while. backo t you, anne. p's county ri fferent deaths wotonight.o t one happening in bowiearly this morning e fire fighters respde to a brush firde along mill branch road. when they put out the flames they fou burnt humanremas. it's unclear how longin the we.
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an autopresy will be conducted determine how thatson and ce george's county officials also finding a body o this morningutside of the wal-mart on braue in nc clinton. this discovery around 9:00 a.m. in the store's parking lot. in this case authorities say they do not suspect foul play. >> dc police say they helped fbi arrest another sex afficking spect in the nationwide operation independence day. sadie baca is charged with sex and obstruction of police say she worked with others to transport adults for commercial sex. a neo fascist really and anti fascist counter protest clashed in portland oregon today now being called a civil disturbance by officials. portland police say 13 peopl were arrested in those monstrations which went on for hours. hureds of proud boys and members of the three percenters as well as antifa .ounter-protesters descending on
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meantimedoolicewn in tactical gr lining the streets where b concarriers and bridges were used to keep the groups apart. >> following developments in in afghanistan where sg attack took place earlier today. a suicide bomber detonatg explosives at a wedding reception inka l. it's unclear how manypl peo were killed and/or wounded, but more than a thousand people had. so far noed one has c responsibility. today's tack comes just ten days after scide bombers blew police headquarters e of a attack. ed in that paso and dayton this month have broughtenewed attention to gun control and mental health. over the past few months, arlington cou has been working on a plan to create a speciali td court programo address mental illness. but advocates for the mentally illy say the c did not consult with them and they tell the washington post arlington's plan is moving too fast and wouldn't help enough> people. montgomery county police are
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investing the murr of a young de man at a row house near burtonsville. r officersponding to the home on aelton terrace after someone reported hearing gunshots ere. when they went insidey fnd 18 year old damian callery dead. they say he confronted a gunman in his backyard who then shot him. >> fort laurel police, two officers helping to deliver i a babynside of a car last night. officer sherman willis was on tr ol when a driver flagged him wn just before 8:00 o'clock at van dusen road and ruth 198, he to willis his wife was in labor. he asked for a sirened escoicrt to thetal but another officer said there wasn't time and they delivered thndbaby right then a there. we're told both the mom and child areoing well. so scary, so gla they're idknow.ay. qu story it tel baby i growsl up. more kids areaying yeod-b to sports at a young age. we'll tell youd what's b
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children quitto early. >> thenin scams. so commonse days. we're going t tell you about o some of the most recent ones, at you need to be cautious about. there are three ways con artists are now trying to get money out of you. ♪ ♪ rolecar company?
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well, tomorrow morning fans at the lou south baseball team will be cheeringn o the players in their next game of the little league world series. on friday the team beat rhode island 3-0. this is the first time t a virginiaeam has been in a little league world series tournament in more than two decades.we were there as friend fans back home watched the game together. togetheromorrow's match-up agai minnesota begins at 11:00 a.m. fewer childrenre playing organized sports these days. institute say 38 percent ofn
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children between the age of six and 12 play tea sports on a regular basis. that is down from5 percent a decade earlier. the study finds money asso the mainn for that decline. researchers say many parents just can't afford the cost of joining leagues and participating in year round training for their kiddos. >> calls ands, e- scammers demanding money forome kind of aud. here are some of the latester scams thatts are warning l you tok out government ers. this is where scammers pretend to be from the irs,fbi, even the social security admihestration. thenre are the password nnected s black mcams where w frauds use pasorse already available elsewhere to black male yougnto payin money. they usually threaten to expose something likeorn watching history. and kidnapping scams, they say they have aho stage, experts say hangt up and cont your loved one if th happens.
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coming up next getor ready f hotter temperatures even hotter than what we're feeling. gwen is tracking another heat wave for the region. >> plus even though we're still a few weeks away from fall, yep, weea aredy talking pumpkin spice. all rity. >> we'll be rightgh back. ♪ ♪
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all eaght. the h is on folks. get ready, because if you didn't like day, you're certainly not
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wgoing to likehat we've got coming up. it's going to be another warmt night over tonight. little patchy fog in the early morning hours, sunday we see sticking around not gng ty oi anywhere. early week it's going to be just downright oppressive with the heat andhumidity. today we hit 92re deg at both reagan and i thurgood marshal, 93 degrees at dulles for daytime highs, now we're going to start to see the temperatures climb over the next few days. it's currently 80 degrees in the annapolis, 79 atnardtown this hour, a very warm 81 for weminster, 80 at hagerstown. 77 at a frederind 73 at nchester. those dew points pretty high for is time of night, into the per 60s and the low 70s, and that just mt'nss still pretty uncomfortable oer the.ut that mugginess in the atmosphere still sticking ar so our feel-like temperatures
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when you fact cover in the air u get the heat indices, and ty, this ishat we are he speaking about, 85 in westminster, feels like it's 83 in hagerstown, 75 in quantico, and 73 at culpeper. as far as sky conditions are concerned, we have some high clouds, pretty strong storm earlier tonis we actually had a report in fairfax, fairfax county near herndon about a tree that fell down in a residence. we had hail inl anne arun county and hartford county h trees doin' as well.but th we're expecting to see some fog in the early morning hours so if you'reseaded to service keep that in mind. overnight temperatures will be in the 70s with the humidick ing in. ridge of high pressure starting to break down once we get into oaround tuesday or but until that time hot, sticky and humid. a chance of some pop-up and isated storms tomor afternoon as well, or even a shower. so just keep that in md as you
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start to be outside and d anything. futureca isn't showing whole lot a little activity byti the we get to the 2:00 o'cloc e ur, same for four, and as w starts to getut of the picturet so we'll watch that closely. high tomorrow into the 90s but it will feel warmer than that with the humidity by midday tomorrow about 91 degrees, 77 by the 8:00 o'clock hour and if you headed to the beaches,cean city is going to be nice at 85 degrees, a mixture of sun and clouds and look at 70 degrees, try to cool off a little bit in the water if you can, because the heat is scomi. makeure you stay hydrated in this weather, drink lots of ig water, wear l colored clothing, a sunglassesnd sun block and sun screen to protect yourself, and do, cpleaseheck neighbors. friends never leave pets or kidin cars for any length of te whatsoever in this kind of weather,s it's just too dangero want to hear of any fatalities
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as a result of at. ven-day forecast.x5se accuweath a chance ofs tuesday, wednesday, th, but look at the heat.ur it's on its way and, of course, the challenge will be to stay cool. anne. >> okay. has pumpkin spice gone too far? starbucks says the fall beverage will be available a week earlier than l year starting august th is so soon. other retailers trying to piggyback on the craze. who e medical did an april fool's day promo with pumpkin spiced spam but this week it was announced joke's on us, the pumpkin spice spa will be available on line and at wal-mart starting in late september. >> i can't saye for whether it's going to sell in big numbers or whether it's just a story that gets them mentioned, gets them shared on social media, but it's the state of marketing today. >> when spam is flavored as pumpkin spice it's gone too far. >> all r it's official.x5
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looked into other pumpkin spice products c youan get everything from syrup to kit cats shampoo and body lotion. >> i mean. >> h about shampoo. i'm in the ai pumpkin spice camp. >> i guess . >> i don't like pumpkin by, pumpkin by flavor. >> we had a twitter guy say he's a sweet potato guy so that's what the need next. >> i like to stick to the summer flavors. sorry fall. >> peoplky often about the fast food they like to eat as well. a new report ranked 15 fast food places and asked custors which connection to.n chick-fil-a came out on top of the intimacy bstudy. it beat out starbucks for first place.and here's a little trivi you, chick-fil-a's famous sauce, spotsylvania county.auce, from a worker in fredericksburg accidentally mixedhem together the sauce was born.
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families in northwest dc today o hoping t be on a popular tv show. >> yes we watch family fe we lovehave fun and we're going to win. we have to audition first but okay. >> see how they di h ear more excited fans auditioning for their moment in the spotlight. ♪ ♪ alrigit's gonna go down.
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here's your chance to make your game s dreams come true. the producers have family feud are in town withit audns in northwest dcttracting hundreds >> so much fun. marquis. and we've g the inside scoop. producers tell us thaty the are looking for personality.'s tisha lewis reports. >> reporter:ni saturday mor and the line was already around the corner inside the mriott marquis for amilies dream about family feud fame. >> just want a chance to be with my family and do wa we do on tv. >> we do watch family feud and we love to have fun and we're going to win. well, we've got to audition first but .okay >> reporter: at least four family members were needed to audition, six is even better. many came color coordinated and y to wow producers. hosting auditions in me nation's capitol and r as you c
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see esponse was overwhelming in fact, mark, where are you from. >> hagerstown, maryland.>> repo >> myhe wife, s likes family feud and she wanted t come o and give it a shot. reporter: we got 5,000fo e-mails this area so, you know, wee can't 5,000 himilies w is unfortunate so we have to pick ande go send usn,he sometyimes they sen pictnd videos, sometimes it's a comstlling y. >> long time fam feud co-executive producer sarah says aside from she says families look forward to meeting we look forward people who can have fun, steve can have fun with anybody, eight to 80 he can have a good time. >> reporter: she's looking for the "it" factor. we're sure she'll find itight here. >> we've got the it factor here in dc. i bet there will be a lot of good episodes. >> i love the ener the break aak >> de.r wake-up recast.
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♪ another heat wave
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>> yes.talook, ad to. t 9 beginning ohef u wea thats idndtth90s. so it's tgino feel. lt's in tri tplike ts. try to stay hydted safe.
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>> stay cool. >> a that does it for . >> have a good night. bye. ♪ ch
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