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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  August 18, 2019 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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you' watching fox aon the hillal and tom fitzgerd here with youlf for the next hour. we'll begin the headlines and breaking overnight at least 63 people dead and another 12 injured. for bomb exploded during wedding in afghanistan hundreds of people were believed to be inside of a ilding in k and interior mixed precipitation stri this morning says attack was execed they believe by a suicide bomber however this the taliban still still denyt denying responsibility for that attack. this blast com after the u.s. and taliban were trying to forth a deal to e the 18-year afghanistan war meanwhile president trump met iday to discuss ending teamfr conflict and wraul ing u.s. troopser also ovas a closer look at kong hong for you 11 weeks straight now. there have been mass pro democracy protests in the veets of hong kong. situation of chinese territories escalated over critics sayl strip hong
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kong. protters demanding resignation of carry lamb chief executive we spoke with lee the founder of hong kong democratic party. he joins us on skype. martin we thank you for joinings in washington this morning, how are you? fine i just cameac bfrom a walk. still g on. >> we nt to give people an orientation here as to what the disputes is aboutig r now. it startedot over whether hong kong could extra diet people to china and is it still that after 11 weeks or has t psrotest and this resistance shifted in scope. >> chief executive. >> the bill is as go asas dea dead.
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the judicial system in china improved up to international standards and presearrangement b tended in other words no person in hong kong would be sent back to china forca trial use they don't give you a fair trail. and it's to set up and independ ot commissionf inquiry. >> mar tip. >> by judge but she said no. >> martin you know how the world works. people pay attention to things in their own you fs pay ago tensionclery ely to what's going on inng kong now this morning. >> well, in dealing with china a suggest that hong kong is the key to china a because if china honors agreement and one
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with britain snind 194 joint declarationver hong kong future you can be assured that per that agreent with your country and any other country would be honored. so, key to china is hong kong.s when t are going wrong i suggest it is in interest of every countr in the world to pay attention to hopping kong particularly when joint declaration was favorite announced in 198 and asked government to rome ungly to support it. >>n marti. >> and that will be us with british and chinese government. mar tip one of the images we're seeing on the screen now are chinese troops massing in a sports stadium outside of hong kong. how concerned are you right now on the ground that china a could some point have enough a of nd start to move troops into hong kong. prop >> actually troops already stationed in hong kong.
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and they don't have to brings in further soldier they're already here. that would mean to rest of woetd. >>'s me get to point then how concerned are you about a crackdown. i'm not. because at the moment the commotions are easily handled by the hong kong police and unde basic law which is constitution they cannot deploy the troops when it can nobt handled in hong kong. >> the chinese gernment has put pressure notnl o on hong kong local government but ter allowing employees toaf down support dem straitionz. how much power does china have non militarily to you pressure people in positis of power to go along with their will and putting down these democracy protests. >> china is very powerful. listene government.ou just you listen to the pay. t that is a very bad message to international world.
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becaus you're tell everybody if you do business in china or hong kong you must take orders from party. >> martin what's end game her he. it's been 11 weeks how does a this endnd will it end with just the removal of the tradition law. >> i'm afraid it could end very badly for hong ko and for the world. because china could simply suppress hong kong and control hong kong much more than now buttock that would be the young way china has been appointing fourll four of our chief executives and none of them has been doing a good jobecause china interest veernz too much. so i hope this is time for chinese leader to go back to the system under which high degree of autonomy was given and tape back from hong kong. he should continue to hong kong people and let elect
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lead erin stnterfering in our internal affairs and then kong would have a bright future and china would actually benrom it. >> martin leeef is the cofounder of hong kong democratic party and he was kind enough to join us live this morning for an update on the situation in hong kong.e martinthank you. >> switching gears now to u.s. economy investors are on edge as we nrook whaty monda beb as bom market fires a market and trade talks in china remains uncertain and these fears of recession are not stopping now and they have lot of people understandably concerned. nick timrose is correspondent from "ll street journal"familiar face to many of you if you join us surprised mornings and nick is ki enough to join us again this morning. you know, we watched what happened on morning.reet thi and there was a thing called the inverted bond mark khet has a lot of people concerned. basically what it means rates
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on ten-year bond drop below e two-y bond and that tells us there's more economy than long termmeconomy y economy. why does m wall street hore confidenceness what's going on right now than down the road. >>ee we'ing concerns that sgroj in theat united st grow and it's been more interest ekt asked and u.s. depend more and more on abroad and multi-nationals and talker names are heavily exposed to abroad investors are ket geceing coned maybe u.s. is not immune red they' putting money to riskts free asse. >> are there trade policies in the united swtes involved in no that wall street doesn't like. obviously we have been talking a lot about china and
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obviouslyhere's uncertainty in europeight now about how l turn out is this a globalio rean or is there something t here he united states particularly to us that is csing this. >> wit what you have are a number of different things you talked about hong kong and that's -- nobody knows how it plays out. this is important weigh station between east and west and capitalism and china ayou h. i think trade thoug the concern we've been hearing fromec businesutives is not so much we don't like ravives it's that may be true and it's becoming more predictable. next day on, next dayff we'reearning byweet what the policy is t and what business twints investigate and add a new shift and build vironment.oen in the >> tariffs seem to be a lynch pip ofnt presiderump not only policy but philosoph and these are somehow punitive and c
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would be oountries paying us not the consumers. does t wall street believehat in fact it is the consumers reason they'reittle that's the concerned about what will happen with our economy sdmru see stock mar going down when new tariffs are announcedst ock market rolling up when they go away. these are hurtingusiness confidence. if rules ever road are seted and you know what it will be businesses can plan for that. it's one day they're on and one d off mucurial policy makes it hard for businesses to use. what if fax rates are 30% and now we back to 25. it's hard for businesses. >> one of the presint's other has not been with just wall street but federal reserve. he's been pressuri them and vocal about them and pushing them you know to cut these rates. why does the presidentth take tact when a lot of other executives seemo chief
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executives steam let the fed do what the fed wanted to and roll wit punches. what's different about this fed than others. >> there is not anything different about this fed this president who has a few i that rates should belowand ere other presidents said we'll let the fed decideed bas on economic analysis what and whenlan greenspan over the fed president went along with what they said may be privately grumbling about it and put publicly supporting fed reserve. is this a question in nfidence of fed or j a new way ofnt a presiderying to push back and help make his voting block aware of the forces he's w dealingith. >> donald trump is running for reelection next year and it's no secret the economy and economy being strong will be at center piece of argument for reelectiok blame if economy faulters
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and the f say convene target jay powe chairman is mild mann well regarded businessman, lawyer, has spent many yea at the fed. he will not punch back against donald trump. it's a perfect punching b for this president who wants to lash out at any heze. >> if she not reelect the they'll be serious consequences for the economy. when you look at what we're talking about up verityed yield market people having more confidence in next two years there is reason to believe that even if donald trump does not get reelected this economy will continue to rollor aood period of time. >> there's a big qstion ying we're mainly turninga point for economy. this inverdi yield curve is something that markets pay a lot of attention to. because there's no good way to predict resectn but every one of the last six or seven recessions is preceded by this movement in the bd market and inverted yield curveom
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itetimes takes year or two bere recession hits and when wall street saw that weesday they said oh, shoot we don't elike that we'r not going tohi ignos measure of something prediktd all of the last few ression. >> long game versus short game. >> you could say that. >> all right. >> nick timrosy is correspondent for the "wall street journal"and we thank a you for explaining lot this us to this morning. as we continue this morning we'rnot done yet. brian quellly from u.s. news and world report. fox news onlt hill live and world report. fox news onlt hill live after ings
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>> welcome back to fox news on t the hill livehis morning. there's a lot happening in politics this week. >> there's u.s. news and world report to discuss tom some of this i want to discuss what's going on between israel andhi congress womanda tlaib. first they said they had concerns about her independentto currenty and wanted see her grandmother and said she should come in. hew should come in she says she's not going. and democrats an how the
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approach united states traditional alliance. >> i think it's a great story actuallyi don't think it's justn if you unpack it main character donald trump. it probably would got have prisonen to the level it if he did not throw a stink bomb to middle of this he dide becausehas i think keen political instincts on this and democrats ongainin fighce fighting each other over this rish u. there israeli per spec testey they a lou that says if you support the boycott movement we will not let you win. they were willing to as a courtsey to congress inclined to say we'll lethese congressmen in and in generale they were not happy about that. and then they saw agenda was congressman weren't doing fact finding tour they were going to west bank. there's culpability there as well. it gets crazy. woman says i want to see my grandmother, type, we'll let you see grabbed mothernd then says no we won't no, i won't go.
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shouldn't you just do see yourgr bed mother. takes mini trauma and has significance. democrats are at odds now. >> it'ss trauma demo don't need now. democrats are in midst of trying to decide party nominee and trying to decide what their public presentation of their party is right now. and you know, every time they seemo have these kinds of disputese o far left the president is able to use that to detype the entire democratic party. there's no one in the democratic party even nancy pehat goes tooes to progress progressive democnd say hey listen we'll bera on the same page for the next year. >> evidence would suggest she's tried. pelosi comments have been ndasoned a she keeps brinreasons bringing them in and taking the s to the wood shet shedey. the forces of nature aoc and tall even and omar they are unique character in this political environmt and have their own constituencies.
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and there are only four votes. but more powerl than four votes. other side of the coin trump is master of pushing them forward making them face ofic demo party. >> there's things that came out this week that may not be welcomed to the president and that's new poll numbers that came out. look that 2020 presidential race fox news poll of m augustic voters f 11 to 13 finds joe biden at the top 31% and elizabeth waen jumpe% and bernie sanders 10%. poll found top democratic candidates beat president trump among registered voters 38% said they would khootz president while 50% said they would choose biden and 48% 3 with 9% for president trump. now the president just tweeted morning about poll numbers saying this with all this admintration has accomplished i think p myoll numbers would not be if i h honest mediaad which we do not.
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clearly the president doesn't like polls. probably doesn't like it mo thatwshis came out of fox new . what does this say to you. it's august. nobody votes until february. >> right. >> is this canary in coal mine or harbinger of biggerront. >> i think it's still early. exactly where dot numbers come from? howany people iowa and how many peoplen michigan the state matters and this is national poll. trump has problems. his favorbility cannot getfe ofa certain level if you' sub40% across the board that's bad indicator historically. and i thought it was interesting this week trump knows that he's responding to it and new hamshire rally he had wonderful pase he said you can love me or hate m vote for me. tscause it affecour economy andts a your 401 is k he's seei that. he's now responding to own unfavorbility. he's seeing it he hadunfavor
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unfavorbility going into last election and won. so there's an argument here he knows seize what's coming. >> we had a discussion with nick from the "wall street journal"about the econom does the rug come out fr trump reelection if the ec.omy goes south >> honestly i don't think so. i think it's too late and i think stuff nick was talking about bond market for seeing future that's months and months away years probably. and crash perhaps. e and if werecession likelihood we're not talking about that well intoye another yearcomingp author kenny's new book about anti-race inch hefe a prossor of american university and you will not want to miss this fts news university and you will not want to miss this fts news hill coming up after this
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. welcome back to fox news on the hill. we're here with be a ram kinney he's director of ranti-racistearch and policy center his n book here out this past week isll called how to be ani anti-racist. doctor we apprecte you coming in. and an interesting title. people talk aot racism now and abo talk about fighting
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racism and that is not what .his is about how-to guide on how to be andou racial gr and racial equity. very district an someone w says i'm not racist. no matter how or what racial idea they say or what they do their response i'm not racist what anti-racist would ask was racist maybe i would chan. >> when somebody says i'm not a racist, if they don't get up and actively do something in their life that's not being ants eye racist that's being in denial. and segregationhiistte suprem now and selfact identify as not racist. in fact it has alway a term of denial andub anti-rac
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anti-racisties are fment recogn that it's hardaliz for us to overcome the racism that we were trained in and strive every die do so. >> there's been a lot of discussions over the past couple years about racial idtity and supreme this community.? are wei better off for this or are we still nay period. of time doing harm to each other and. both.think in certain ways we're able to have these .ational conversations there wasime we were not even talking about this sdmr you call it cancer had you experience with this. whats it about racism that u see is almost a disease that this yrrent continues to deal with. oh, yeah hi metastatic
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colon cancer last year i'm okay now. first and foremost these cancer cells in other words racial up equities literally spread over to part of by politicsou have some dep iing america has cancer a has racism and we can treat racism like cancer surgical remove racist policy and fod boughty with anti-racist policies that create racial edgety you. >> also have another analogy i found fascinating when somebody says they're not racist that's actual heartbeat of racism to just deny istence of this. t, you also say that you need to take control of the word with. what doethatean. a lot ofs m people say well jut because i am not a person of color that i'm automatically tagged as racist is the word racist over used applied o n incorrectly at times. >> i think it's applied up
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correctly particularly by how a pers receives it and how it's defined. we define racist as fixed term like a racial slur when in fact it's a ibes when a person is ng something that ist is rac racist and they're being racist and the next moment racist and in that next moment they can be anti-racist we have to be precise when we use that term an that's based on having a o clear definitf racism which i try to hang the book on >> are you optimistic or pessimistic power futuresi'm optimistic you have to believe meange wil in order to bring it about. >> how to be anti-racist he'll join us on fox on the hill pod cast that drops tomorrow morning. thank you for joining us,da "fox news sy" with chris wallace. see y next sunday
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>> i'm dana perino in for chris wallace. president trump delays tariffs on china amid concerns a drawn-out tra war could hit home. ♪ >> the christmas season, just case some of the tariffs would have an impact on u.s. customers. >> markets are bouncing back after a plunge butre investors wary as china threatens to retaliate. >> i never said china was going to be easy, buit's not tough. they want to make a deal. >> dana: will discusshe president's move and concerns we are headed for a recession with whithouse economic advisor larry kudlow. then, montana governoand democratic presidential candidate stevswbolick comes out inging against the dnc. will ask the governor about his hill climb to make the next debate stage, it's a "fox news sunday"


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