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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 19, 2019 12:00am-12:10am EDT

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n tk to.mer. >> iey say want peopleo t that reh>efierht f ambulan8ed down td they can contact people so they know where t go to like get help. he we san'tav card, we just need ideas and theonauseec s of because thiis >> robin and ali say the plan ts to ho a n studykend disturbing tre in the relationshipween doctors and patients. researchers in utah found too many people are keeomng secrets tipaen ats the theirlife-threat risks, like suicide, suicidal thoughts depression, domestic
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violence, and sex assaults. governnt officials proposing new packaging requirements for all cigarettes. smpagh packs wou how s es,ok it would be the biggest change to cigarettes in decades. fox'san ray bog ras the details. >>eporter: u.s. h oelp acamerita wa ohseand advertisements to pr better understanding of the negativefce cquonense smoking. >> reporter: the proposed warnings featuring 13 realistic depictions of the common and lesser known health risks of sm. the graphic images along with a written warning would cover half o the frontf every package of ci,ttes text warning on thega sidey is sathou when you jointarnings with pies mctorureommucating th
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risks ofet cigte smoking than text warnings epalone. orter: this isn't the firstttempt to add visual onspch defeated inwa by the expecting a >> theyti convey factual and, inedde, factual information about the dangers of smoking, and the graphicme ele simply more power entry ughl120 chris carry the basedla countries indt'icing effective tool in stuff in out smoking. ray boganor rep ting u.s., e t tg
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teclna neti fl ngrompole. thein pce a ptsla k hhiapn andn kids admitting to doing twithheir sights on a new target. why some cameras could be vulnerable to malware attacks. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ been s monthpa sedd m sh waserporyoital.
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gsyoly fun could see a differe l on ard.nt thebo hse t redciermm sother s animals, like dceerogs and cats. airlines can refuse to animals such as snak and rodents. neso oda ohtf line cyber s theteet use ofrth f und0 percethnt of kids have connected wwett to di. 11 percent even met the stranger in person. >> carey nistuff. ang tonight about hackers and how they look for new opportunities to stealon yo
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al information or money. yet another one of your devices could be vulneble to malware attacks. n.nos brett larson explains how ca >> reporter: random wear attacks where access toata i r p fro newseafo more foiv c.atre a y digital camera. check point software technologies reporting their ployemotreureleewes y ptures on transfer protocol that make itle l
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sechsa ck a ur t.ourcdand to avoid unsi and tonstall i patch. >>t was brettha> larson mst'ins rtg.t unique ennest ba of d,ha getgriiseo reund opln >> don'tive people tohaeerpe p.
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