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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 21, 2019 5:00am-5:46am EDT

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sie next round of t rump canceling treatment to den brk of his desire to buyto buy gre n greenland. >> ends of spitder man dispute over ownership rights could be end ever one of most be loved marvel character on the big screen at least n. "fews morning" at 5 a.m. starts now. good morning to you toupynk y >>dnesday, august 21 isst, right. >> business partnerseevrmen heevrment. let's do it erin comowatching . doeshat me ceo of traffic department i'll take it. trees rd and and new hampshire avenue. keep a close eye on all orf o to
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cfo weather department m ar be the court gestureosrt. p of kings court. >> that's true he keptm the sane that's my job here. >> d five today and six tomorrow un.hing safe fromde th g uyain, winds, hail, caanindg t tochbz power outages. >>re crews a commute00 block noa quite a mess in front of these people's
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look at that large part tree down also fntts yards mesfo wakeing powi t uactualty crews were out here and the sound >> it was smoky made me feelsmoe
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like another ethquake tree. they'll str a mess and debris to to d startl the dayry see w.hee assess the damming from last night's storm back to you. rgviwiiniast cryital c and early tuesday morning they found 63-year-old woman dead inside the lobby detectives
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sa.thrder they knew eac other and learning n details about suspect accused of brutal rain inorng to immigration and customs enforcement kevin mendosa is hon dur and all in the u.s.. ill little le he was arrested for a brutal attack and rain. rendednesday aques. >> 5:04 trade works with could hurt the american c omy. olimbhe n shelte h the kinds house sd.
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>>. >> time for weather optes with kiching court. >> there you g. i'm telling you with each segment >> like that better than court gesturewn2 and west that's what is bringing up heat and humidity. idex cloud to start t'of thingsthnd west. partsff o westgiirnia mar pco hntinuesburg area likev
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i waking up to dlls hereng se ed kick up isolated shower or todaylhat helps usst . aerft momentit it .ok that's the forecast. erin has traffic. >> mit row on time blue and yellow line stations closed through september with free shutsle service available as for roads we're deal with aftermath of this severe weather that moved through night trees a wires in montgomeryounty, georgia avenue between greg roadirnd new hae up pact the advice everyone in the neighborhoods use you caution,
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problem frehover street bridge an secondarys and look going outside beltway on buoy no problem kenilworth. things 95 spotsyme si sexual harassmentiaan scandle. >> absurd because thahas foreige dmv the5:077ph reit, mo t> time a. lat
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in he plan and rashida tlaib lley have been critical thes aro will not sell green the prent nrotdedulg was
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set to meet denmark >>de george bellun lose ago peel on sex stnimiereaponhe t kenrslyus of g doing some cops said he knewou t a megedndisucco. los angeles opera hired a lawyer to ld pe harassmen ipinng owet. detailing multiple allegations against 7-year-old sringe u p on g "fox 5 news morning" the u.s. and north the big screen could be inan
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jeopardy. >> we're goi meno t. teabrk moment.
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request ask 5:13 is the me now. top stories bigger. the president says it's one of the many options he's trying payrl negotiationssmy. lowing wi north korea. envoy onosgledre negotiations collapsed after ts.
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la atende jun resume go satenalylvania avenue iset'vania avenue will be stlaarkfatte and north sidewalk of h peveren rnsemain open. >> and crews areusy throughout the night as they rodealt with cleanupm severe weather across the regtan. ke a tree fell on to the roofste stepping water runningir on to e ino wur n necsarilyhere will nbe.oo ti tquth ge ht atondow sie
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el ing temperatures to returnat to st lean l th aisfte halav of amount titwh 72 isiow 7t2 an leonard up to as well. 6 of 0s anaanor n of ipndwh cumberland 6. temberland there mly thiayrgy rr showers throughftr cenalnd watcy spls out of the moun as 'kick up showers here close to lunchtime hour. otherwise a cold front far north and west of here. this isha a coming up. cold front on one way w make i here quite yet today. ahead of it showersas. trying to
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squeeze shrpz and down the i 9 d.c. these are light variaty thing things. wh this sk dy and that helps limit temperatures from running away today lik they did the lt couple days. not pecting 1 sunshine mixing in. isk and the more sop me thdersrms. od news we're not expecting it sevo tebe a or s natureame o werelovem burg and4 fr quantico and 9he, erne co.r tw
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over with spl branito pr wne a clion.yowtr fiafc m in progr eg avenue.grs few minutes to get ar. th ouf 4itteud.. all right. 5:17 at the toom time. we're back with what is hot on
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the web. azon fest in brazil have been on for a week. 7,000 wildfires detected bilypar the agencyemosted satia and lymphoma society photos onn abou whatt is could cause tn an>>hiazon. . c >> you said 75,000 yes it's cra. nsnc yh. >> that'sre lov fsight this wilm your hearts because disney classic recreating lady and the trapp in real lif monte a 2 itea-yr-ol skri s star in live actionemla r aakun. it's says to premiere onhail cet
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wasenoortd.ainment, dora >> and negotiations down for disakneyre b "spiderman". the two studios sharedights for past fuel. disneyan wts deal. the ost marve president me futu. >> so they're already doing two while that is going on. forh cliffhanger ending ye lastsp "erman" they n out ca.n'it >> t getwo third time i n lkedfs
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morninghe. time. fox morning. par o utas waye head to break. this is a live look at i 95 alexandria near the eisenhower avenue corrector. map, things looking good at this earlyour. map, things looking good at this earlyour. it's 71 back after this. . ♪ dietz nuts
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♪ dietz nuts are meat nuts. fa in threetia tgidisea tsan ftd communities south core he, irlaw parental control for stream onfoolr seiceorusic. premium familynt plan let's pare filter out songs with sx csiventonte proteced and only spraernts control over seings. >> 5:23 a today maryland wagt suburban sanitary sxhition tote vote on 6.5 million proming nekt montgomery county and will keep water filterslean the
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public meeting starts 10 a.m. mfor ayso gup alineme predicts more than 17 million passengers willor 4lytr ove% l yeevrment buzzest day to fly will be friday, august 30 plg. active andtoive gu look at pactivet of newscasts. it'sx5al cd you question and you our toop how the vote. >> we're launching something exciting at "fox5". it allows store business you see inur shows. we know you have opinions and n tellyou ca u aexndac ttlhere'n opinion. it will be easy to get involved in the avrmtion. just pick up smartetho o pne gos
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is pretty cool to starting september keep eye out on polls on pick up phones and vote. all right. >> starts next month. >> okay. >>ool stuff. >> we don't have a vote when itomes to weather. m that's that covered. >> it's dirk up and pole or two out there. some folks love the heat. the the 2 bbi. some folks don't. it's too hot, tumid. 2 reling nap and 73 outside now. wenge starting thu off touch cooler than pas few days here. still hudity though inre
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atmo. one thing making today not as bad as last couple is cloud coh the morning hothveror couldur kick up isolatedug showr or two. right around the lunchtime in d.c. some energy swings out of mountains and while wre not expecting widespread showers or hr vy rainanything like that don't be surprised if you see a few raindn ouro neighborhood. right arnd so, 11:00. beyond that pointme sunshine the faster we get the hotter wi. we could pop a few showers and storms late afternoon into early evening hours.s itul bad as as ierday's thunderstorm ac d.c. there's 7 michaing up on watch around theach wat dmv this morning and one area
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impact george aavenue between greg road and new ham hireshire. ea bw parkway oud from baltimore deinsi make your way t bethesda. ng ue heime. t world's 5is. ewoxmos in
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tha turning.elhn>> >> newscasts keeps on roll sdmring rolling. >> controlling, rolling on the harbor. >> we like when you're in a
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ixt' ii fixed it.>> ednesday morning let's get righd erin for a check at for and commute.>> of you. >> no, goodo morning tu. things started and couple degrees less that yesterday. theyhover expected to heat up to tomorrow and die down through the weekend. more comrtable saturday and beltwayn 9 l ilaro they tod the time now. ones we could see today came in fast and furious overnight nsbr, winds and hail. re c are out ahead of morning commute and "fox5" isha kawp joins us in d.
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odni. 400 book between 34 quite a ople's homes here.pese i don't think they've wong up yet. t downn frofeep's homes ant to and you'llt heok tse down the p loweres were say for for exampley r exa without power. we saw homes getr power back. >> another treattoent gin
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it would have been all the wayre through the roo'sf >>t look up. thank this is wd out here with part of this tree comingown. aand these poor people i don't know if they know how messy it is here and i'm sure they'll get up for work and start wit school and findut w oer daeemagep an e they may be asse.
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>> thank you what a damming wind it's about. >> deabout a violent rain suspect illegally living in silver spring. he's a this month in silver spng. authorities are charging him with rain and mptedpted murdeat murder. ice agents requested toetape help dose owe a. this is second case this week where a suspects appeared to be illegal imgrant and nrakd to be turned over to ice. >> and maryland man people.ning to kill hispanic police arrested area lynn according to court documents lynn spent employee 150 pages of messages that featured
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murder, rainra, cial slurs and ue ienonn hous and cyclists levoo d. o gar anyi fntte hr take this fencing isll coveredightsute h s noctas conion gets underway vw ob.scured. sety m look right hereonsir howm
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this project has been in place through u.s.ic secret e and national park service. they've been work on 2014 to bun appropriate barrier to keep mit couinsucand groundeblsinoisq aruecnd tou lvanos
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news there youof the white cstilill get to et lteay spnnsylvania a avenuicicon orot f normal what is fix ing>> cori twoompaes michae ars out> sla fst wtherit a forea youasng n andf ona.
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most cool arow as resrnitn nend one prince george countyrginia and spots on future cast welcomehi s the d.c. region after oo9nerda,very
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tomorrow another hot one 95.thas trafc. >> 5:38 nowng eyes keepiille akg good now. we're not seeing anyroblem this morning. luckilyff traic moving along long jt fine. tree and wire from storm damage georgia w and slns as you make your way suitland inbound there's a crash reported stanton. road we'll keep you update on ig ainsug way boa crdng gamhaesd and are pack amid .
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fire. they brought the snil to allmare solar power business with elon muvrk announce is consumeers tein sixs can now represent residential rooftop systs. one of the lead be top toy makers ditching plastic packaging by 202 it 2 hasboro and will eliminate shrink wra wrap. company spokesperson say hasboro is committed to helping environment btimore. nnl
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c gcior new a wedsdayngor5 gag 5:42 u we'll be back.etngsociti. skl pats pass closer to
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tomonow and i district the mayor is limit tio action between shelter anticipates beds no more than sa in effos to block sheters for migrant children. it comes after the federal government is looking to build a facility to house 200 children in north sgleingt bull fen happened.stephen strasp shout upings and game tide one three-run homerer relief dawinelni this one 4-1. >> weather and traffic on fives. 5:45 talking to michael thomas
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this morning. >> hello, mawrn even, we're getting you through day number five of heat wave in d.c. temperatures expecteto return to the 90s later thi afternoon. if there's any small improvement likely lower 90s today versus lower 90s the last three day in d.c. but if you miss middle 90s don't worry coming back tomorrow. hit and miss storms this afternoon. do not expect the to be as widespread yeste. more cloudsrd cover through the moing hours. as mentioned before one more day to get through of heat wave tomorrow and nicelate-week. tongue twister for this2 washint d 7 and kol ownial beach 76. big picture shows of 0s west. 6 martinsburg and 6 mannasas. 72 leopard town and quantico
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this morning and annapolis warm spot 76 degrees. a satellitend radar not must have going on d. yet. you see shower activit o west coming m throughntains of west virginia and tracking. and late morning hours believe it or not, 9, 10:00 showers around. that could help us a little bit. still expect mix of sunshine later this afternoon. we should reacht aast low 90 i d.c. and late afternoony earl evening hours much like past few days should be popup thunderstorms more clouds this morning an more limited heating and more limited sunshine today total. that should help us keep storms more hit and miss aacrossthern virginia andtorms southern marylande latst nit not much going on.e' there's shower activity along i 95. so 9, 10:00.
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shouldn't be a huge deal there. just sprinkles coming down. more clouds in sky than anything else. that helps limit heating and 2:00 future cast suggests sune willthrough in some spots. and more sun we get the warmer we get and moreta unse we get and all that is one big addition problem that adds up to storms. future cast is far between thany yesterday afternoon. the. that helps a little more sunshine and better chance of storms. wel have showers around friday. although most of those will be south ever tdn anwe wheill . nice weengtd setting up sdpa and 8 weekend looks fantas. forecast erin has tra 5ic. >>:48 eyes on rails androads th. new crash virginia.2 rthbound. crash ordway road. we do see some delays headed
5:49 am
to 66. watch for that if you get to inner state. 66 at 29 eastbound crash on ramp crash blocking left lane of service road at 29 because of that you can see 6 of 6 of and that is slowing ramp getting on to 66 at 29 will be backs up as w it's still open. and mar tip lutr king junior avenue weou have nond closure due to fallen tree. northbound lanes impacted there as you approach let's see suitland parkway. extra time teeded to get ther teeded to get aside from that suitland inbound ae have crash record the stanton road and tree and montgomery between greg road d new hampshire avenue cleanup cruz on scene andme o on time six st close the south of reagan national and blue lines impacted with free shuttle service and etsell road and w light volume 3h 95. questions erinfoxdc on twitter light volume 3h 95. questions erinfoxdc on twitter more news 30 seconds. .on
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neighbors one new safetyft measureer a fire truck mrimd over saturdaeron wat way drive in mount claire neighborhood. lists and sirens on to miss a car that bankruptly stopped ahead of. it brick stairs chance the on
5:51 am
him. toor d.c. fire and ema season our who debt him out. >> a man is stable condition after struck by policecruise cruiser. >> no word yet if she faces any discipline are action. >> do you remember atlanta would that paid 2,000 to catch attention ofyler perry. perry scold her uo the stunt andrged others not to do the same thing. it looks like it may have rked a way.
5:52 am
shoes a hustler and g what she wanted tyler perryd you're trying hard. guess what, now she's on your show. >> down 'tde i donant to driver down the road and seeil lboards and 30if dntrefe ill quick. look. right. if it worked it worked right that's what i'm saying. >> you can go put your billboard up now. >> you can watch like it or ckox5".ow ss 7:30 ob>> i you tw spend average day on lake fining and then catch this train of fish with two mouse two mouse it happened to one woman hookedizarre fish in pictures o fthatish have gone viral there's no answ to why the fish has twoouth mouths. someone else might have ha chance to catch this onof the woman let it go. >> lake champlain like lake
5:53 am
chernobyl. >> t mouths. i would not have even it i would have kept it. >> i would have put it i a little fish tank. >> big fish sglank that weerdz me out we're doing strange things to our environment and .kay taking a look at stories stories you're engaging with most on social media a new ing childeals h makes you happier not until your kids ni.t coop rearchers in germany found empty fest inkersen parents t to be happier than non parents in old age only if kids moved out. researchers say that's because adult children become form of ad children home found to have negative affect on parents well-being. >> i can see when older when they're younger it's gre. >> so you're enjoying this part of parenting now.
5:54 am
>> yes. >> when they leave will you enjoy it more.i don't know more they can't come back once >> l that's rule no coming back >> no. >> i would have tho ughtntno them under your roof their whole lives. >>ou are y kiingd me. >> i guess i am will the me move on. >> am i okay this mornw,g. >> i don't are you. >> bracing for close ebb counter with tons of tourist. remember facebook event that went viral people want aid storm topecret air force base. ptember 20 that is the area and th cannot handle all the areas of people that rsvp'd they'll gas ond run grossies if 10,000 people showed up. i thought the governmentaid don't come. >> they can't stop people from coming to theeighborhood, the area. >> oh,hean'ty. >> i vote zip trip. >> zip trip. we add one ja extrone.
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you thought national harbor was the la wingts now area 51. robert deniro is suing an employee bifor binge watching thousandsdollars from the buness. e 6 million lawsuit akuszm of stealing company time by watching 55 episodes of friends over four work days. denero not plague. you're not streaming anything while on the job. >> i would be mad about too.s >> it doesn't have to be "friends" it anything. bad business while at work. bin's tosodes in four days does that.rxt who does that. >> michael thomas howat is the her. >> it's great. good morning sdmrevsh we're on tv we have to wat tv we're exempt.
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>> that's the excuse we'll go c0 hour in d.c. helps keep more clds than sun through the morning hours here and afternoon breaks out to some sunshine. hee far andew between with storms than yesterday. ouat wld be thanks to morning cloud cover. t'll hope tere through the morning hours hdsol. tropicalal storm c a whole whopping of nothing. yese have third named tropicaltorm onnea sso. we need to watch offas eastern cotline. however looks likein the way thgs are set up that systemst would ay off coast and no ctaffe line. today and herme mi.
5:57 am
forecast to erin 5:5 for t now s dealith problems. newuter. .eft lane blocked ramp 5 as you make your warom me slow s this morning. aside from that in vginia 28 northboundh wit eastimunns now and crash on ramp from 29sh bloed left lanera of service c road. 66 itself crowds by 29 as usual and then mlk junior avenue we're dealing with crash northbound lanes fallen ctree northbound lanessed thatde t royti speaking of suitlandnt staton road. lots to get to, guys. >> it's hard to believe we
5:58 am
only have two zip trips theft summer. fairfax county this friday. >> fal church off park avenue by chel ypark. mikeki will it offer at 6 and straight at 6 of mixed messages the president is changing control. >> hded airedreakutdesiba ck
5:59 am
violent stormdz sweeping through the d.c. region a lot of damage and drowned trees and today another severe weather alert. gary is tracking it all. >> and white house secur construction of new fence t and a detour for four other pedestrians. and this closure bin t. >> and aman a housing boom in
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northern virginia. what you need to foe y if own a home in alexandria or marlington. "foxorning at 6 a.m. starts now. >>. >> well good rning wednesday august 21. you just wake up hump day georgs sk. let's gea quick look at weather and traffic gene morning, gar. >> still hot today maybe not quite as hot and i'll tell you why. but it's still weekend before really cools down something to look to. >> crash suitland inbound stanton road. several other issues to get through stick us with we'll be back in a moment. >> in the meanffme right the top at 6:00gh severe storms brout heavy rain,


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