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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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afternoon as the d.o.t. gets ready for a bigger mess later. john: police responding to saint augustin university after a dozen dead. good morning, carolina, welcome onednesday january 20, 18 degrees right now and 5:3. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. those stories and more ahead but first weather and traffic together. sheer meteorologist don schwenneker -- here is meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door temperatures about where they were yesterday but this afternoon will be warmer and may see a few snowflakes. as we go through the next 12 hours the temperatures are in the 20's this morning. by lunchtime we go in the 30's. yesterday we were in the 20's. by this afternoon 36. here is the key number, between 3:00 and 5:00 we drop to another 34.
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see a little drizzle instead of snowflake. 14 south hill and roanoke rapids. those are the cold numbers. louisburg there, too. 19 r.d.u. 20 chapel hill. 17 sanford, 21 southern pines, 25 fayetteville and 19 smithfield. looking at the day ahead, by lunchtime awarewe are above 30 and late day we could see snowflakes, maybe a few pockets of snow showers. 37. we will talk about how much we could see but now it is weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: thanks, don. good wednesday morning as you step out, no snow, no rain, no precipitation. it is dry. live camera here everything fine. accident free on the majors and the roads have been brined so they anticipate some precipitation heading our way. this is ramsey in fayetteville and you see a nice quiet start to the day there as well headed out into fort bragg or cumberland county no major
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is really the case all around the viewing area as we take a look. a lot of green starts the day. we will let you know if it changes as we get busier. john: as you heard get ready for winter weather. we could see a brief show shower this afternoon but the real problem could be later. barbara: anthony wilson is live in the first alert storm chaser with a look at how the d.o.t. is preparing. amber says the roads are good now. anthony: we are patrolling the highways most people will be on the next few hours to see how the brining operation is. we are on aviation parkway one place that will be busy as people try to get to and from the airport. we can't really see evidence of brining here yet but elsewhere we have seen places where the d.o.t. has deployed. if you are in one of the northern counties of the viewing area you have seen the white
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that means the d.o.t. got there to brine portions of ramps and bridges. they did it tuesday night until it got too cold much once it is below 18 it is not as effective so they will be out later this morning after the rush hour to continue that brining operation because when the bit erter cold hits and we get moisture there could be slippery conditions. that is why they try to hit those places we just finished talking about, the major highways, ramps and bridges. that is where you will probably see those crews out in trucks after the rush hour. if you are out today and you see the trucks, please give them lots of room because they have a very important job to do to keep us safe and we will keep an eye on things in the event we do see something you need to know about before the rush hour is over and we will bring you that live from the storm chaser.
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barbara: we are not the only ones bracing for winter weather. forecasters predict a snowstorm will hit up and down the east coast effecting washington to boston to the ohio valley with saturday looking like the snowest day. major cities could see a foot or more. whether you are away or home now is the time to download the first alert weather app. you will get live doppler radar on the go, school closings and delays, weather alerts. check it out at the app store or google play. john: breaking news saint augustin university a student was rushed to the hospital after an overnight shooting. police took a suspect in custody and are searching for more clues. we learn there's no threat to the campus. gloria rodriguez is live on campus with the breaking details. gloria: good morning to you. the campus was on lockdown early this morning. that lockdown has been lifted
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statement that classes will resume as normal at 8:00 this morning. we know a student has been shot and is in stable condition at this time. we have video from earlier when the shooting first happened. it was reported from the saint augustin campus around 1:00 this morning. it is not clear if it happened on campus or just report the from the campus. a student was shot and taken to wakemed. he has non-life-threatening injuries. we saw police searching in front of a dorm and two people taken away by police. police tell us they were questioned. police also said the suspect and victim knew each other and they are not looking for anybody else at this time. however, police are not confirming an arrest in the shooting shooting, but the university does say the suspects were apprehended. police have left right now and we will take you back live. earlier there were police
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left left. that doesn't mean the investigation is over. it does continue. the university says the incident was isolated and there is no further threat to students at this time. so, again, classes will resume as normal at 8:00 this morning. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: gloria, thank you. to breaking news overseas gunmen are storming a university authorities is exchanged gunfire with the suspects. the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility. john: here wake county school board members moved to approve enrollment camps at 15 schools. caitlin knute will explain what that means for students and
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caitlin: if you are in the base area for those affected it won't impact you. if you move into today or going forward thinking you will go to a certain school you are out of luck. the list includes nine schools that have the enrollment caps with six new ones. here is a look at them. they include cedar fork, davis drive, fuquay-varina and wiley elementary schools along with apex middle school and fuquay-varina high. they all now have enrollment camps. board members are defending the move saying it is not easy or desirable but it is necessary when the student body outgrows the building which is happening quickly in many parts of wake county. another item they discussed is putting 12 elementary support model schools on a year round calendar, nine currently on the traditional calendar. at this point it is just an option for overcrowding that they are considering. they are looking at holding off on making such changes to schedules until the 2017-2018
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they say when it comes to that matter they will consider feedback from parents and staff and discuss it more at the next meeting. but when it comes to enrollment caps in wake county that is a done deal. barbara: it is 5:38 and 19 degrees. call it a possible game changer donald trump gets a key endorsement. the events he has planned today with former alaska governor sarah palin. john: ben carson takes a step back it pay tribute to a young volunteer who was tragically killed. don: as you head out we have temperatures about where they were yesterday. teens to low 20's. it will warm up a little more today. we will have the seven-day
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don: this morning you will see sun mixing with clouds. we will be in the teens where we were yesterday but by lunchtime we will be above 30. yesterday by lunchtime we were still in the 20's. from across the area 17 roxboro, 18 henderson, 21 durham and raleigh. 21 louisburg, 19 rocky mount. 18 siler city. 16 sanford and 23 pinehurst, 24 lillington, 25 fayetteville and 20 in goldsboro. we look at the the day ahead. lunchtime 31 and by 5:00 we will see light snow around and flurries. temperatures in the mid 30's. could see in some spots up to a quarter inch accumulation toward the virginia border. we look at the possible snowfall totals. we have the seven-day forecast and talk about the wintry mess we will have friday. john: now to vote 2016 and stunning numbers out of new
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bernie sanders beating hillary clinton by 27 points t clinton says she's prepared for the long fight ahead. barbara: a day after endorsing donald trump, former alaska governor sarah palin will join him on the can campaign trail. they have stops in tulsa, and she put her seal of approval on trump yesterday. he is in a tight race in iowa with ted cruz. ben carson is remembering a campaign volunteer killed in a car crash. he said 25-year-old braden joplin was one of the brightest young people he had the privilege to meet. he was with four workers and their car overturned on an icy road and was hit by another
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the three others are recovering. carson is temporarily suspend being the campaign to fly to omaha could be with the staff member's families. 19 from one of the americans released after being held captive in iran.
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address with a major ap barbara: welcome back, 5:46 and 18 degrees. we are following breaking news
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saint augustin campus. that is one story making headlines. it was on lockdown but it has been lifted. authorities say a student was injured and taken to wakemed where he is in stable condition. the suspects were taken into custody. there is no threat to the campus and classes will resume this morning. at least 19 people dead in an attack on a university in northwest pakistan. several others ruineded. heavy police and military were there and a gun battle was under way. we are told it is over and we will follow this breaking news throughout the morning. d.o.t. is brining major highways, bridges and over passes. we have a 40% chance of precipitation and they expect a bigger mess friday.
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john: an american released in was detained for eally feel proud to be an american. john: was born in arizona and was raised in michigan. he served in the marines from 2001 to 2005. he denies any wrongdoing and denies spying for the united states. barbara: final word in the final of jihadi john. it is confirm eded that he was killed. u.s. said he was taken out in a drone stroke. he was identified as mohammed enwassi. john: michigan agencies governor delivered a state of the state addressment rick snyder spent
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flint water crisis and pledged to find a solution. >> government failed you. federal, state and local leaders. by breaking the trust you placed in us. i'm sorry moste flint river instead of the detroit city system to save money. tests showed children there have elevated blood lead levels. residents must use bottled water. he vowed to offer more evidence about what he knew about the alleged contamination by releasing e-mails. barbara: a jilted bride not letting her wedding go it wales. dana olsen was supposed to marry in seattle there past weekend but the groom got cold feet and called it off. she took her sadness and turned it into something special for saoefrlts home -- seattle's homeless.
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plenty of dancing. they found hairstylists and make-up art i wases to -- artists to give the families makeover. i know you can make the decision, you know. don: that is amazing by her. most people would be hunter and bitter and she probably still is and turned it into a positive. that is fantastic. barbara: on impulse. it is better for her in the long run but gosh, you wish people wouldn't do that to somebody. if it was my sister it would be on. don: we would have a talk. how do you talk about it. we are talking about snow. might be snowflakes later this afternoon. i don't think it will be major but especially this afternoon we could see snow showers around flurries. we look at what is happening now as we led through the day and we -- head through the day. by lunchtime we are into the
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yesterday we stayed in the 20's at lunchtime. into the afternoon the cloudy skies still working across. we could see snowflakes into the evening hours. live look in joined raleigh and temperature right now 19. dew point eight. 62% humidity. wind calm at this hour. durham checking in at 20, 52% humidity. southeast wind three miles an hour. we look at temperatures across the region and 19 in roxboro, 20 khrafpl. 21 smithfield. 25 fayetteville. let's show what you is going on as far as wind chills. 12, not much in the way of weekend chills because it is relatively calm. snowflakes around charlotte and not seeing anything around here at the moment. we zoom out and big snow going on from the great lakes all the way down into mississippi. let's go into kentucky and louisville actually we have been watching this live shot in lawful and that is -- louisville
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seeing. now and then the reporter ducks in and you see flakes. but they are dealing with snowy roads. this is not our area but that is in louisville, hometown of chris hohmann. this is the snow moving east. it will run into the mountains. that will take a lot of the snow out of the atmosphere. by this afternoon we will see snowflakes in the region. nothing major. this is 6:00 tonight and you will notice this arrives a little early, 4:00 or 5:00 it could cause slick spots. we will watch that. flurries this afternoon and it shuts off. then as we go into friday here is the problem. this is 6:00 a.m. friday. rain or sleet or snow all mixing, wintry mix for the commute friday. notice this green returns through the day. we will see ice moving back to the north and rain returning as we go above freezing. as the system exits the region
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side on saturday morning. the model doesn't go out that far but we could have snowflakes as well. as far as snowfall totals the next 24 hours this is just tonight and you will notice the model puts down a dusting or seeing snowflakes anywhere from the triangle north about a quarter inch possible in raleigh. half inch in roxboro but that is subject to change depending on how much we see. we will watch that through the afternoon hours. high pressure in the north and that is the low that dies out and moves through. then the next system out west rolls through. that will cause the problems for the end of the week. the rest of today temperatures in the 30's. 37 raleigh and cary, 37 wake forest and wendell, 36 degrees. in the north in the 30's. could see snow showers around the virginia border. anything in fayetteville is more
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tonight into the 20's. not as cold. 27 raleigh. 30 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow mid 40's, nice day. friday wintry mix in the morning and changing to rain during the day friday. we could see over an inch of rain and that will cause problems. friday night into saturday changes back to snow before it leaves the region. it melts on saturday afternoon, 38. 44 sunday and 50's return by next week. but friday-saturday is a wig question mark. if it is farther south we would have snow or north we could have an inch and a half to two inches of rain. we will have to wait to see the track. amber: i don't have anything that interesting on the roads. quiet. and change is coming. we will show you on this hump day how things are looking. we are keeping a close eye on any issues that match crop up. 40 westbound a stalled vehicle
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doesn't look like it is causing a huge problem or delay because the volume is light. this is off to the side. you see the hazard flashing on the sign. 5:54 and early. if you are traveling into durham there's a burst water main on deer street causing a traffic problem. we are working to get video of that. that is a big issue in durham, everything else moving without problems or delays. john: 5:55. barbara: it is 19 degrees. this partnership has been in the work nearly 10 years ago.
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scraps barbara: you can eat like a king at the angus barn in raleigh. now some kings of the jungle are eating well thanks to that steakhouse. every week it loads buckets of frozen leftovers and bumper scraps and gives them to the kober conservator center. the executive director says the premium treats help them pack on pounds to fight winter cold. john: i have packed on the pounds when i have eaten there a couple of times. barbara: that is a great restaurant. john: we are monitoring that breaking news out of raleigh. what we are learning about a group taking
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