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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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allowing the snow to get down to the ground. that's a little bit of heavier snow, causing traffic problems around the triad right now with snow accumulating on the roadways. it's pushing into chatham and alamance county and orange county. some of this is reaching the ground and the ground temperatures are cold enough that anything that falls could stick to the roadway. several computer models insist on this dissipating as it moves into the triangle but it needs to do that in a hurry because it is on our doorstep right now. it cuts off pretty quickly to the west. it continues to dissipate, just scattered areas of light snow and flurries. western parts of the triangle will get a coating of snow in those spots from this as it presses eastward.
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slippery travel, especially untreated roads and bridges and overpasses. it is gone pretty quickly by 9:00 or 10:00 and the skies will clear. the weather center has alerted us they will expand this winter weather advisory to the raleigh durham area of toward the virginia border. over toward franklin, wilson county and near the virginia border of the winter weather advisory now in effect or 10:00. the potential for some tricky travel starting about now and lasting through 9:00 or 10:00. then things will gradually improve. there may be isolated slick spots later tonight. there is a winter storm watch up from midnight tomorrow night into saturday. this could be a major winter storm. we will tell you all about that coming up in just a little bit. tisha: it's expected to be a
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they began treating roads last night. angelica is live along i-40 in wake county. angelica: looking at weather conditions, so far it's pretty good. brian lines are evidence that trucks have already been through here treating the roadways. i spoke to dot a while ago and they plan to stay on the roads spreading the brine mixture for as long as it stays above freezing. they are asking people to stay off the roads, obviously now is rush hour so they don't have that option but later if you can stay in, please do that. they tell me they are confident they will be able to get all the roads treated before friday which is when they anticipate the worst of the weather.
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to know when to be a to go in and monitor the roadways and treat with sand and salt. that is the plan right now. they have the roads well covered and will contender -- continue to monitor the conditions. tisha: no snow yet in the triangle but we are seeing some flurries, these live images from roxboro. we will keep an eye on this as it develops. chris mentioned a winter weather advisory in roxboro but things should clear up pretty quickly. this is what we're seeing right now. steve: breaking news on the unc capitol hill -- chapel hill campus. there is a major power outage on campus right now. we've learned from university officials there were some kind
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was taken to the hospital. that incident led to a widespread power outage on campus right now. the campus newspaper is quoting one of its reporters saying he heard explosion, the lights went out, and five minutes later he heard someone yelling for water and then the fire alarm went off inside that all. we have a reporter on the scene trying to nail all of this down. the power is out on a large portion of the unc campus. tisha: this massive water main break in durham causing big headaches. nine businesses were left without water after a line broke before daybreak. stephanie lopez is on the scene right now. stephanie: city crews to have a lot of work to do to repair the road. city crews had to tear up the road after a large durham water
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after the cold cost the ground to shift, exposing weak spots on the line. the city crew had to shut off the water to drain what remained and replace the line. now they have filled up the spot and are working on repaving. city of durham officials tell us they expect the road to be closed all day today and are not sure when it will be open again. stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: more breaking news coming in from cumberland county. greg barnes and his crew on the scene of a fire at a motel right now. gregg joins us live now with the details. >> a familiar site here, this was a number of different kinds of hotels. you can see behind me fayetteville fire department working on the center section of
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it spread between about three rooms on the second floor. the fire department has not said what they think caused the blaze. in the past the old motel building has been plagued with homeless people coming into a warm. no one is hurt, fire officials say. they are mopping up and the damage seems to be limited to just the second floor here in the middle section. fayetteville police advising motorists if you have to travel, you may want to try to find an alternate route for the time being. tisha: violence on a triangle college campus. one student is recovering from a gunshot when while another is
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quick students here at saint augustine university are upset that any student would consider bringing it gone on campus, much less shooting another student. but investigators say that's exactly what happened on the campus east of downtown raleigh. the 20-year-old former basketball player was last listed in good condition. an 18-year-old charged with the shooting. most students stay they -- say they still feel pretty safe. administrators called a meeting with all students and staff this morning to talk about safety and pray for the victim steve:. grief counselors will be at two schools tomorrow morning. it will be the first day back to school since two students were killed by a hit-and-run driver. it happened last saturday on highway 421 and the driver still has not been found. the cold talked to the parents
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nicole talked to the parents of one of the teenagers killed. >> especially the way they found out about the whole thing. they tell us their son will be eulogized tomorrow and taken to pennsylvania to be buried next to his grandmother. this memorial has been set up since the last time we were here on monday afternoon. the parents are begging for the public's help in finding this hit-and-run driver. >> i don't sleep at night because i think about this all the time. >> four days later. >> the more i go over this, the angrier i get. >> kyle's parents are preparing to bury the fun-loving
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they went to a gas station on a candy run. i hit-and-run driver killed kyle and 13-year-old jennifer, injured their friends. >> a lot of anger, a lot of hurt. >> kyle's mother was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack earlier. she got the news sunday. >> i was good until about 3:30 monday when the value more often i woke up in tears, because that's when it finally hit me. >> the last thing i said was please be careful and come straight home. kyle laughed and said ok, dad, you know me, i will be back.
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right before they covered him. and it broke my heart. >> they said whoever you are, that driver, come forward because somebody knows you and you won't get away with it. you will get caught. that's what they are telling that driver this afternoon. we have one new clues since the last time we brought to this story. authorities say a headline belongs to a gmc yukon but there are a lot of accidents along this roadway. if you have any information on the accident, you are asked to call highway patrol and the contact information is located with the series of stories we've done since saturday on
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tisha: another wild ride on wall street today. the dow closed down 249 points. it was down 565 points earlier in the day. stock prices dropped in large part because the price of oil dropped to $27 a barrel. steve: attala bandleader claiming responsibility for a terror attack in pakistan today. at least 20 people died including the four attackers. they launched today's attack by setting off an explosion outside this gate leading to the university and then there was a barrage of gunfire. they were outfitted with ak-47s and suicide rest. tisha: the u.s. attorney general goes before congress to defend the president's executive
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she said the president took commonsense steps to stem gun violence that injures tens of thousands of americans every year. the president announced executive action two weeks ago. gop lawmakers have condemned the move as an infringement of the constitutional right to own guns and the overreach of executive power. steve: carjackers picked the wrong woman to target. tisha: with less than two weeks to go before the iowa caucus, candidates are pulling out all the stops. steve: going to see a movie can be an expensive date. just ahead, we will show you the record-breaking ticket prices.
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with the bitter coldsteve: donald trump getting a little star power out on the campaign trail today tisha:.
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>> donald trump back on the trail so low after his big endorsement from sarah palin. telling supporters in iowa that it it is the white house or bust. the former alaska governor later joined donald trump in oklahoma. >> are you ready to work to make america great again? >> keep in mind sarah palin is more popular than any republican candidate running for president right now, among republicans. >> a stunning new poll shows bernie sanders with a nearly 30 point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. another shocker, 91% of new hampshire democrats view sanders favorably and clinton just 60%.
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chance of winning both states. >> the clinton campaign agrees, sending out a plea to donors, conceding there is a real possibility we could lose those contests. sanders comes from a neighboring state so he has home field advantage. >> who is prepared to do the job? >> clinton urged his wife supporters not to worry. he said he always knew the race would be competitive steve:. let's turn our attention back to the top story today, and that is the weather. tisha: what are we experiencing right now and what will happen after that? chris: there's going to be a minor event this evening for most areas. then a potentially major event for friday into saturday.
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no worries tomorrow are much of the east coast, but that will changed or medically. washington, baltimore, philadelphia flights are probably not going to happen friday and as we get into saturday. no snow falling just yet at the airport where it is 36 officially. it does start to snow in a spot or two and could drop to near freezing. here is first alert doppler hd. much of this are some of it not reaching the ground. the brighter white you see near roxboro into chatham county, that is heavier snow if it makes it to the ground, but a lot of it is going to moisten the atmosphere. some areas of getting some snow falling across western parts of
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these are dewpoint temperatures, the bigger the spread between the temperature and the dew point, the dryer the air. a lot of this will if apple a before it reaches the ground. still there's a chance of a few flurries or a burst of heavier snow as this tracks eastward. it's already over back toward winston-salem and charlotte. this will be in and out of here in the next few hours. there may be a spot or two that gets accumulation on the roadways, untreated roads and bridges and overpasses. less than a half-inch for just about all areas. this is the winter storm watch, a not too common blizzard watch from washington to baltimore. back to the first system, notice that computer model has it nailed down where it is but breaks it up as it moves eastward.
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it should dry out and anything we do get should be very light. maybe if you traffic problems but it's gone by 10:00 or 11:00. the national weather service told us they will expand it over to include raleigh durham but it has not shown up on their automated graphic yet. there is technically a winter weather advisory in effect for minor scattered problems. then it clears out, no problems after midnight. maybe a leftover patch of ice in the morning. tomorrow is the day to get ready for a potential major winter storm. high pressure drives it -- tries is out tomorrow and low-pressure cranks up over parts of the mississippi valley. another low develops off the coast and we are stuck in the middle with the cold air building in with heavy snow to
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tomorrow evening drive, after midnight toward sunrise we get a little bit of snow that quickly changes over to sleet and freezing rain. our in-house model is it changing to rain around the triangle mid to late afternoon but that's after several hours of freezing rain. and then rain everywhere, but that may be a bit overdone. then as the system pulls out and colder air builds in, a chance for snow showers or light snow from the triangle northward. there could be minor accumulations with that. then back to snow before it all ends. the initial batch of snow may drop less than an inch around the triangle. this is not set in stone by any
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a half-inch of ice in some areas from the triangle north and west. anything over quarter inch and you start talking about potential power outages. i half-inch is a major ice storm. that is just a possibility now. the winter storm watch up now generally the triangle north and west and back over to parts of the coastal plain. a major winter storm for the eastern u.s. in parts of north carolina. the wintry mix is definite with all types of precipitation. we don't know exactly where the transition line from the wintry mix to rain is. that could shift either way and how much ice occurs later tomorrow night and into friday morning, and then for saturday how much snow we see then. i think an inch or two at the most. friday and saturday back to
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we will update you as we get new information. steve: more than 45,000 parents left high and dry wednesday. tisha: schools closed again in detroit.
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>> a mother took on a couple of carjackers and won. the woman in that suv locks the car and drives off. you see one guy gets into the passenger seat there. she takes the guy out and the guys eventually run away. the sick outs are calling attention to large class-size and other problems. >> the average movie ticket has
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it is up almost 5% from the same time the prior year. the higher ticket prices reflect premium seating for blockbusters . last year, box office revenue hit a record $11.1 billion. a teenage girl and her dog trapped inside the burning north carolina home. >> i was like, oh no. somebody help me. >> help arrived in the form of two dozen firefighters. hear what she did when trapped
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