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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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anthony: black ice danger, "eyewitness news" units monitoring road conditions to show you what to expect before you head out and we have school closings and delays. barbara: update on air travel. flights canceled and when travel will return to normal. anthony: celebrating in charlotte. panthers pound their way to the super bowl. what a great game that was. good morning, carolina, welcome on monday january 25. 5:00 a.m. and 25 degrees. we are getting warmer. i'm anthony wilson for john clark. barbara: it is warm, 26. more on the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. are we going to get more sun today? don: we are going to have more sun, no snow. a little warmer today so good news there. more on that but let's look at
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hour-by-hour forecast shows a nice climb of temperatures to around 50. that will be about 3:00 this afternoon with sunshine and high clouds. south hill the cold spot in the area right now 19, 25 roanoke rapids. 25 roxboro, 27 louisburg, 22 sanford. 30 southern pines, 26 fayetteville. 27 goldsboro and 26 clinton. we look at the day ahead. 25 mainly clear. by lunchtime 45, sunny. through the late day mostly sunny and 50 degrees. tomorrow we could see a tpaoufew thermometers saying 60. we will have that in a couple of minutes. barbara: ice and snow on a lot f of areas. anthony: that is prompting school closings. wake, durham and orange all closed today. barbara: classes canceled in chapel hill, car pwre, cat ham. franklin, granville.
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but employees there have a two-hour delay. nash, rocky mount, northampton person closed. anthony: lauren, welden city and vance and two hours delay a number of them. you can find a complete list of closings and delays at the bottom of the screen or barbara: this is an example of how dangerous black ice could be. the driver lost control on business 70 in durham last night and was taken to the hospital. we do not know the extent of injuries. we have crews on the highways looking for icy spots on the roads. gloria rodriguez is in breaking news one. good morning. gloria: we have been driving around raleigh and durham and we are seeing most of the interstates and major roads are clear at this time. so that is very good for those of you heading to work today. however, doesn't mean we are in the clear because we had cold
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melted snow refroze. want you to look at where we are right now on t.w. alexander near blue ridge boulevard and you can see right here that the road looks very different from yesterday. i was here yesterday and we saw several vehicles skidding and spinning off because there was so much snow and ice on the roads yesterday but today you can see it looks a lot better. but some side streets in raleigh, north raleigh and in durham are still covered in snow and ice. so that is why you are seeing so many school closings. we will continue driving around and bring you the latest on the road conditions this morning. i will sended back to the studio. barbara: gloria, thank you. ed crump is monitoring conditions in wake county.
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ed: good morning, barbara. we are in west raleigh near meredith and n.c. state. i will show you we are going down faircloth ready to turn on wade avenue. there is slush build-up and white lines and between some lanes but generally the roads are clear. the big problem with the clear roads is you cannot see black ice. you could be driving and melt water that came off the side of the shoulder is running across the road and it will be slick and look black. that is why they call it black ice and you will slip on it. it is the clear roads you have to watch for. what you will find in the neighborhood you can see here as we turn on dogwood you see that we have the crunchy, icy frozen and refrozen stuff. this is not a problem. it gives you pretty good traction if you have decent tread on the tires.
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water has run across the read, especially on hills like there one. that is where you have to be careful because that melt water will refreeze overnight and causes black ice. i think that you will have, if you want to get out of the nabbed you won't have -- neighborhood you won't have much trouble. in fact, the big thing i would recommend if you can wait to go to work until a good hour or so after the sun is up, then it really does a great job of melting especially on black asphalt where the heat is locked in. but if you can wait another day and we will be in the clear. so take it easy. barbara: ed, thank you. anthony: you are looking live at terminal two at r.d.u. international where airport operations are returning to normal after the storm. but if you are heading north today you could be stuck here. 22 flights from r.d.u. have been canceled most going to new york city.
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you should call your airline if you are trying to catch a flight to the northeast. barbara: duke energy is making big strides to get power back to thousands of customers across the viewing area. the number of outages is now down to 10,600. wake county more than 4,000 are waiting to have their power restored and johnson county the number is 3 be 300. nash county 1,100 in the cold and duke is working to get it restored by tonight. anthony: many in the ey are the rest of the week. schools reopen today there. in washington, d.c. federal offices in the area are closed. u.s. office of approximately management says the clean-up
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that decision. also the house has postponed a vote this week including one on overriding president barack obama's healthcare veto because of the snowstorm. this morning the empire state building lit up in panthers blue and bronco orange. barbara: carolina will face denver in two weeks. the panthers beat the cardinals in as a result last night. cam newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for two others in their 49-15 blowout. newton was 19-28 for 335 yards including an 86-yard scoring pass to cory brown in the first quarter. while carson palmer threw four interceptions. luke keuchly returned one for a 21-yard touchdown. joe mazur is there and will report live on this win at 6:00. stay with us. anthony: and that superman move
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barbara: 5:09 and 26 degrees. a the snowstorm leads to an epic snowball fight. barbara: danger in the air. what forced this flight to make an emergency landing and left several injured. don in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. as you head out weather is just fine. it is a cold morning so bundle up. we see the temperatures back into the 20's. going to break we check the
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dry across the don: welcome back. talking about the drive in this morning. once you are off the side roads the main roads should be all right. you could hit patchy black ice. a couple of bridges on 540 as i was working up the triangle expressway they looked wet but you could feel a wiggle so be careful until the sun is up. temperatures running in the 20's. 22 roxboro, 29 durham, 28 raleigh. 29 siler city. 27 lillington. 26 fayetteville, clinton. 30 pinehurst. we look at the day ahead mid 20's now. by lunch mid 40's and 48 under mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine today. we will talk about that and rain for the midweek in a bit. anthony: this morning a popular barbecue restaurant is banged up after a car smashed into it.
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pictures of the damage on the facebook page. the owners say a car lost control saturday night and hit the building. you see the results. it has a giant hole in the side of it. no word on when it will reopen. barbara: the snowstorm makes for great must-see video. we begin with this dazzling drone video of staten island. the snow blankets the ground and beach. more than 31 inches fell in one of several planned fights there. usually it is in the capitol. check out these folks bidding the storm farewell at willard hotel toasting it at the
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the bubbly flowed and folks ventured outside some for the first time since it started snowing friday. i always wanted to stay in that hotel. that would have been fun to participate. anthony: nice cold champagne. barbara: plenty of ice. 5:14 and 26 degrees. a north carolina man's attempt to help a stranded mortgagist costs him his life. anthony: carbon monoxide kills a mother and son in their car. how police say the poisonous gas got in. barbara: shivering in the cold, the phone call two step -- escape escapees made. this is atlantic avenue in raleigh from the breaking news one vehicle. you see the bridges and
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we are coming up to an accident anthony: welcome back. these are our headlines. black ice and snow covered roads keep most school districts closed. mobile news unit giving us a live look at conditions. just drove up to this accident on atlantic avenue where it appears the driver hit the guard rail. police on the scene looking for that driver. moreers airlines canceling flights today. 22 flights leaving r.d.u. scheduled that is canceled. most of them heading to northeast. attorneys for state officials and those who look to overturn the 2013 voter i.d. law go to trial today. a judge will determine whether the photo i.d. man dates violates the u.s. constitution or federal voting rights acts. barbara: north carolina man charged with killing a good samaritan is expected to appear
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marvin lee is charged with murder. he shot jefferson hevner. his car slid off the road and the man went to help and lee seemed intoxicated and when the man tried to call the police to help lee forth out of the car and shot him. authorities surrounded his vehicle several hours before he surrendered. a new jersey mother and killed trying to stay warm during the blizzard died of carbon monoxide poisoning. anthony: they were poisoned while sitting in the car. neighbors say the woman and two young children were in the car while the husband tried to dig it out from two feet of snow. the woman and her 1-year-old son died. the 3-year-old daughter survived. she is in critical condition. authorities say the poisonous gas seeped into the car because the tail pipe was blocked by snow. they believe it took no more
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monoxide to kill them. barbara: a jet lands in canada after encountering severe turbulence. ambulances and paramedics were waiting. seven much hospitalized. it was headed from miami to italy with 192 passengers and 11 crew members. anthony: two men who attempted to flee from california authorities called 911 to be rescued. they fled police in eldorado county but just before 9:00 they called 911 to report they were in fare of freezing to death. deputies launched a search and fond them the next morning. police say they willingly gave themselves up. both suffered severe hypothermia hypothermia. they were treated at a hospital before going to jail. it is 5:20 and northeast
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boom on the labor pains. several hours later seven pounds hannah came in sister. >> happy birthday. they are doing fine and thankfully there was no need for that emergency hospital plan. you know what, it is like you know if you do that at home maybe we should plan in case we need to get to the hospital. anthony: mom did the real work. don: that sister is adorable.
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after sunrise it hr bwill be better. pane roads are not bad but -- plane roads are not bad but one bridge i fishtailed on. next 24 hours sunshine and 50. many locations will be above freezing. tomorrow some places will get close to 60 degrees. let's look on the station raleigh 25 and dew point 22, and 88% humidity and that sun coming un-7:21. looking into durham, 30 right now and 69% humidity and no wind to speak of. a look at temperatures across the region. colder up north. roxboro 22. but still not much of a temperature spread. 26 fayetteville. 28 southern pines, chapel hill. 22 sanford. 25 dismissal. 24 wilson and 25 roanoke rapids. we have a few high clouds working through.
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system kicking clouds to the east but no precipitation, no rain, sleet, snow. that is good. we will see dry weather through tomorrow. first alert predictor forecast model by lunchtime mid 40's. gogog into the afternoon high clouds working in. mixture of clouds and sunshine and as we go through the night into tomorrow notice tomorrow by lunchtime we are in the mid 50's. it will be warmer tomorrow ahead of the next frontal boundary. that arrives tomorrow night into wednesday but wednesday morning we see the surge of moisture working through and i think we will see rain on wednesday. today high pressure working across to keep the skies relatively blue with high clouds working in. forecast looks like there the rest of the day 50 raleigh and cary, 49 wake forest and wendell, 50 holly springs and garner. going north temperatures in the 40's from roxboro to henderson. 50 roanoke rapids, 50 durham, 47 south hill.
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50's. 53 fayetteville. 50 siler city. 51 wilmington and 52 goldsboro. tonight temperatures across the area back into the 30's for overnight lows. 33 raleigh. 36 fayetteville and 30 roxboro. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back in the upper 50's. nice day shaping up across the region. wednesday 45 degrees and rain likely wednesday. could see it linger into thursday. wednesday night, thursday morning, temperatures down around freezing so we will have to watch for possible precipitation frozen. i don't think we will see much. friday 49 and near 60 by sunday. barbara: not bad. don: not a bad weekend shaping up.
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hef they are. barbara: it is 5:26 and degrees. gas is falling. anthony: we ha our business headlines from new york. >> good morning. copping america's money lowest gas prices in seven years down eight cents to a national average of $1.83 a gallon much
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products being shipped are cheaper and airfares are. >> "the revenant" was topped in the box office and looking for tips how to survive. hundreds of theatres were closed and "star wars" was second. american companies making football being out of using the super bowl. tahiti broncos and panthers are printed on them with the game's date which is february 7 fplt. >> tickets are only $4,000. >> at a minimum. anthony: a refreeze overnight could make for a tricky cosmonaut. barbara: our mobile units on the roads. we have live reports on the conditions.
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