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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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more on what anthony: black ice danger. "eyewitness news" units monitoring road conditions right now showing you what to expect before you head out. school closings and delays. barbara: an update on air travel. flights canceled and when to expect it to return to normal. anthony: panthers pound arizona and now two-week wait under way. good morning, carolina, welcome on a monday january 25. we can smile about the panthers not the traffic. barbara: thank you for joining us. let's go to meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning to you.
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cold conditions but we will head up the hill quickly. the temperatures climbing mid 40's by lunchtime and to around 50 this afternoon. current numbers across the area right now, 25 oxford and roxboro. 28 chapel hill. and southern pines. 26 fayetteville. 25 wilson. looking at the day ahead temperatures in the 20's. by lunchtime mid 40's. by that afternoon around 50 degrees under mostly sunny skies. warmer tomorrow and we will talk about that in a bit but now we will talk traffic and weather. amber rupinta is off so i will handle the traffic duties. several incidents showing up now. we are watching this on i-40 exit 276 fayetteville road you can expect delays. we have a traffic camera on that? reports that the car went over the guard rail. you can see emergency responders there. that will cause problems.
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we should have more in a bit. we will check a couple other incidents. we have another stalled vehicle on offer ret at johnson dairy and accident atlantic avenue and whitaker mill. this is 401. we will check that and travel times in a bit. barbara: ice and snow covering many side roads and causing closings. wake, durham and orange all closed. barbara: classes canceled in chapel hill. carrboro, chatham. franklin, granville. halifax, lee, mecklinburg, moore county schools for students and employees two lower delay. nash, rocky mount, northampton person all close. anthony: warren county, wealthen city and advance closed and two lower delay johnston, harnett.
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county. barbara: this flipped van is an example of how dangerous the black ice could be. the driver lost control on business 70 in durham last night and was taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of injuries. we have crews on the highways looking for icy spots like that. gloria rodriguez begins our team coverage coverage. good morning. gloria: good morning to you. we have been talking about how important it is to try to go slowly on the roads because you may think the snow has melted but some of that leftover snow and ice has refrozen and you are seeing black ice and that is is creating dangerous conditions. look right now where we are. we are on 40 east near fayetteville road and you can see there's an accident here. we are told a vehicle went over the guard rail. at this time this is affecting road.
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highway there. be careful if you are driving in this area. you may want to take a different on ramp. we are starting to see vehicles slowing down as they approach this accident. so take it slow. even if you are just driving in other parts of durham and wake counties, wherever you are, try to keep it slow on the roads because we are still seeing that black ice that is creating dangerous driving conditions. especially side roads that we have seen there is still ice covering those roads so be very careful. we will stay out here and bring you the latest. we will try to get a little closer and see if we can get more information on what happened there. we will stay out here and send it back to the studio, anthony and barbara. barbara: ed crump is monitoring conditions in wake county. where are you and what are you seeing, ed?
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heading down to park drive. this is cameron village and we want to show you what it is like in some of the older raleigh neighborhoods where there's a lot of tree cover. there's not been a lot of sunshine in here so there's a lot of refrozen stuff from overnight. this kind of thing that you are finding in your neighborhood is pretty good traction. i have the window down so you can hear the crunching sound from the tires. what you have watch for is when you get out of the neighborhoods and on to the plowed streets things look good but you don't see any snow or ice but where there's been melt water running across the road is where it freezes that is giving you black ice that is is hard to see. you have to watch in the reflection. i have been recommending and continue to recommend folks wait maybe an hour until after the sun is up. we noticed yesterday when it came,it started melting really fast.
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the sun is up and take off to work you will be better off, i think much better off trying to get out then and give the sun an opportunity. but watch out for black ice and, barbara and anthony, i can't caution enough, i think we need another 24 hours of melt before we feel a whole lot better about the situation. i will toss it back to you for now. anthony: that is good advice, ed crump. now this is terminal two at r.d.u. international where airport operations are returning to normal. if you are trying to led north today on a plane you could be stuck because 22 flights scheduled it leave have been canceled today. most were headed to new york city or washington, d.c. call your airline before you led to the airport if you plan to catch a flight to the northeast. barbara: duke energy is making strides to death power back on.
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is down to under 11 much000. in wake county more than 4,000 and johnston county it is 3,300. and nash county around 1,100 in the dark and crews are working to get it restored by tonight. anthony: this morning many are digging out from therest of the week. schools will open today in new york. in washington, d.c. federal offices will remain closed today. u.s. office of personnel management says the clean-up from two feet of snow prompted that decision. also the house has postponed votes this coming week including one on overriding president barack obama's healthcare veto
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the empire state building is lit up in carolina panther blue and bronco arrange. barbara: they face off in super bowl 50 in two weeks. they beat the cardinals last tphaoeutnight cam newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for two in their blowout 49-15 win. joe mazur is live there with a look back at the huge victory. joe, good morning. nice to have you on the morning show. joe: thanks, barbara. i think i can speak for a lot of us at the game buzzing from how exciting it was and how it played out. the panthers are going to the super bowl, the seconds time in franchise history. the last time was about 12 years ago. this time if you had written a script for the n.f.c. championship at bank of america stadium it almost went perfectly. we will show you how it went down last night. jerry richardson the team owner banging the drum, keep pounding
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cam newton on the pitch to ted ginn jr. who zigzags for 22 yards. the panthers scored 17 first quarter points. they were up and running and the defense did the rest. seven turnovers, carson palmer of the cardinals with four interceptions and that one just before the half and newton was spectacular, four touchdowns and two rushing, his first two on the ground in the playoffs. 49-15 the panthers cruise and had headed to spell 50. >> you executed from the beginning. >> the defense was lights out all year. another lights out game. we got the ball and did a great job. it is tough to put up that many points on that defense but we did it. >> it is unbelievable. i have waited for this forever.
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joe: i think that these guys were even shocked how lopsided the game was. you don't really see this in these types of competitive championship games but it was a big panthers win. 13 straight victories at home and cruising to santa clara to take on the denver broncos. live in charlotte, joe mazur, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: i love the sound bites. they were great. i heard that one kid wearing appear auburn hat cam newton gave him a ball. 6:25 and 25 degrees. epic snowstorm led to an epic snowball fight. barbara: what forced this flight to make an emergency landing and
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don: as you head out we have dry conditions across the region and as we go to break we check the first alert doppler network and scanning the skies showing the dry skies in the carolinas on a monday morning. know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend
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know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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don: welcome back. let's talk about the drive in. as you drive in we are seeing dry conditions although some bridges you may hit where there are some slick spots and black ice. temperatures will be above freezing by 10:00. currently it is 20 south hill. 25 roxboro, 28 louisburg and chapel hill. 2 2 22 sanford. 28 southern pines and 26 lumberton. smithfield 25. we look at the day ahead 27 now and by lunch 45 and sunny. through the late day 48 degrees under mostly sunny skies. we will talk about that in the complete forecast. now we have traffic with weather. we are not seeing much. we have a couple of brief incidents and new incidents.
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there sis atlantic avenue and whitaker mill and this i-40 eastbound exit 301 i-440 and i-40 i-40 shoulder block and that will cause delays in that area. a couple more we will talk about that in a bit. anthony: be careful if you are driving this morning. a popular barbecue restaurant in west raleigh banged up by a car smashing into it. this is old town on hillsborough street and people posted pictures on facebook. the owners say a car lost control saturday night and hit the building. no one was hurt but the building has a hole in the side of it. no word when it will reopen. barbara: the monster snowstorm makes for great must see video. we have there dazzling drone video of staten island as the stpoe blankets the beach and
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more than 31ere is one of several planned fights there. anthony: a lot of pent-up energy since they were snowed in. barbara: a north carolina man's attempt to help a stranded motorist costs him his life. anthony: also carbon monoxide kills this mother and her son inside their car. how police say the poisonous gas managed to leak inside. barbara: shivering in the cold, the phone call that two escapees made that may have saved their lives.
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drive -- or welling ham drive. anthony: these are the headlines. black ice and snow covered roads keeping most school districts closed. police spending to this accident on, 40 and fayetteville road where we are told the car hit a patch of ice and went off the road. we have crews monitoring conditions there and elsewhere. more airlines cancel being flights. 22 scheduled to leave r.d.u. canceled. most of them heading to the northeast. attorneys for state officials and those who sued to overturn the north carolina voter i.d. law are going to trial today. a judge will determine whether the photo i.d. mandate invites
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barbara: a man charged with killing a good samaritan will appear in court. marvin lee is charged with murder. authorities say he shot 26-year-old jefferson hevner as nevada they are was trying to help him. his car slid off and hefr they are went to help. lee seemed intoxicate and when hefr they are tried to call police lee shot him. his vehicle was surrounded before he surrendered. a new jersey mother and killed trying to stay warm during the blizzard died of carbon monoxide poisoning. anthony: they were inside their car car. flowers cover the car. neighbors say they were in the car saturday night while her husband tried to dig the car out from two feet of snow. the woman and 1-year-old son died. the daughter survived but she is in critical condition. authorities say the poisonous gas seeped into the car because
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barbara: an american areas jet lands in canada after,counting turbulence. ambulances were waiting with stretchers. seven were hospitalized with injuries. the flight was headed from miami to italy with 192 passengers and 11 crew members. >> two men who attempted to flee from california authorities during a snowstorm called 911 asking for a rest could you. they fled -- rescue. they fled friday and just before 9:00 p.m. that evening they called 911 to report they were afraid they mateight freeze. the deputies fond them the tphebgsnext -- found them the next morning. they willingly gave themselves up. they both will severe hypothermia and frostbite. not a good time to try to run. barbara: no rbgs, i'm out.
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barbara: yesterday was great snow. don: driving home saturday from work my wind shield wire was brought and i had to replace part of it, and take the insides out and it was so nice to be out in the sunshine and not freezing doing it. today a little warmer and tomorrow getting warmer conditions. we will talk about that and we have the rain hold off until wednesday wednesday. wednesday is the best chance of rain, about 70% of seeing showers. thursday still seeing a slight chance and by friday and saturday we dry out. let's go to downtown raleigh and look at what is going on. live look and 27, dew point 22, 81% humidity. sunrise 7:21. as soon as the sun climbs it will help melt the ice. live look at r.d.u. and flight time temperatures in the 20's. numbers from across the region 25 roxboro, 28 chapel hill.
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26 clinton and 26 fayetteville. a couple of high clouds working through. that is all. we will see the sun filtering through them. we are not seeing any rainfall. we have rain and snow missing from the map. plenty of clouds but no precipitation. we will be dry until midweek. as a matter of fact, the first alert predictor forecast model by lunch lay clouds and we see they will work through but dry. showers could occur along the coast tomorrow but here sunshine. tomorrow by lunchtime mid 50's and as we go in tomorrow night and wednesday morning you will notice the rain approaching. i think it will be wet here by midweek. the rest of today temperatures topping out in the 50's. 50 in raleigh and cary, 49 wake forest and wendell, 50 garner. 50's from durham to louisburg, 47 roxboro, 47 south hill. south and west in the sand hills
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50 siler city and 51 lillington. under lots of sunshine and high clouds. tonight partly cloudy, 33 raleigh. 36 favorite. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 50's could see an area or two touch 60 tomorrow. wednesday 45 and rain likely across the region. on thursday still have a rain chance and tefrpbs colder, mid to lower 40's the we warm up by friday, 49. saturday 57 and sunday 60 degrees. time for weather and traffic together. for that amber rupinta is off so i will handle the traffic. we have a couple of incidents to talk about. let's zoom down to the two newest ones this just came in on stuart drive lake wheeler and barnhill road. you want to avoid that. east this is going to be problematic at 40 and 440, exit 31 the shoulder -- 301 the
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that will cause problems on the eastern part of the 440 beltline. we will check the travel times now and if you are heading in eastbound 40 u.s. 64 to 70 is slow down to 59. this is good seeing temperatures down below the speed limit that means folks are taking their time. durham freeway 63 miles an hour. 440 to 540 that eight miles is 12 minutes. anthony: we could pay less for the next iphone.
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all for 80 calories. light & fit. feel free to enjoy. barbara: welcome back, 6:27 and 25 degrees. new details about the next product release by apple. anthony: we have our tech news. >> in today as "tech bytes" smaller and cheaper iphone. on line reports claim the gone will feature a four-inch screen and eight mega pixel rear camera. >> it is expected to be unveiled in march and hit stores in april. samsung is expanding the focus on virtual reality. announcing it will be opening a v.r. production studio in new york city to focus on creating neuvirth wall reality experiences. >> check this out. this computer can solve the rubik's in just over one second less than half the previous
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it leaves the aluminum world record holder in the dust. he needs almost five seconds. slacker. those are your "tech bytes." have a great day. anthony: 6:28 and refreeze overnight makes for a tricky commute. barbara: "eyewitness news" mobile units are patrolling and we have reports on conditions that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound.
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barbara: winter storm is gone but danger not. black ice on the roads this morning causing a lot of crashes. this just from overnight. anthony: panthers are super bowl bound. how they got here. barbara: they keep pounding. welcome on monday january 25. 6:30 and 26 degrees. i'm barbara gibbs. anthony: i'm anthony wilson in for john clark. the winter storm is gone but the impact is still here. barbara: black ice a big concern as go back to work. we have live team coverage with the mobile news vehicles and they are finding crashes. we have will a number of them. one flipped over a guard rail on anthony: 40. we will check weather and traffic but first here is the latest list of closings. anthony: wake county, durham, chapel hill. carrboro and orange county schools closed the
6:28 am
franklin. granville. lee, mecklinburg, moore for students and employees two-hour delay. nash, rocky mount, northampton person closed. >> warren county, weldon city and vance county. barbara: on a two-hour delay johnston, harnett. roanoke rapids, no delays in cumberland, hoke, sampson wilson and wayne. we have a list at the bottom of the screen or on anthony: it is time for weather and traffic together with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center with more on why we have the closings closings. don: we have dropped into the 20's with clear skies and temperatures went down quickly and that took everything that melted yesterday and froze it again. the good news is temperatures will jump quickly as we go toward 10:00 before freezing, 36. we will have sunlight and thaw
6:29 am
by lunch we are into the mid 40's. late day it is 50 degrees with lots of sunshine. currently 25 roxboro, 28 chapel hill. 22 sanford, 26 fayetteville. 25 wilson and first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather 27 now and lynch 45 degrees with lots of sunshine. through the afternoon we will touch 50 with clouds working through. we will see them work through throughout the day. we will talk weather and traffic now with amber rupinta off so i will handle the traffic duties. we have a couple of incidents to pass along on the maps. let's get started with a look at accidents. we are seeing accidents here on within the shoulder on i-40 eastbound exit 301 and i-440. this whole area will be messy until they get there cleared. that is the big one. the one on 40 near south point
6:30 am
i-540 and glenwood avenue you see the snow but the road looking all right. we will go to i-540 and i-40 intersection more taillights and traffic volume increasing. still seeing green on the maps there. i-40 and harrison avenue the volume picking,. both sides of the road there. but looking pretty good as you head out. at least on the main roads. side roads are different. barbara: that is what we are about to check. anthony: check being it out because a lot of the main roads in good shape, black ice and accumulated snow causing real problems. edit crump is live in breaking news one at stone gap court in west raleigh. how are conditions there? ed. . this is what you will find when you come out of your neighborhood. you see frozen refrozen sleet
6:31 am
it is pretty good traction surprisingly. most people are scared of this. that is not the problem. the problem is on the cleared streets and i almost slipped there. i will try to get up here and show you. there is cleared street and looks fine but we have our headlights shining and this is a skating rink. the side street snow melted yesterday and washed down in a big area here and this is nothing but slick ice. you could ice skate on this. for a lot of folks look how big there is so when you drive on this you need to get off the accelerator and brake and just glide across it to try to make it to the other side. if you stop in the middle of it you will have a hard time getting going again. there is the thing we've seen all over the place this morning. smaller versions of this on the main roads. patches of there that will potentially cause wrecks and
6:32 am
should give there -- call the boss and see if you can come in maybe an hour after the sun comes up. because what we saw yesterday once the sun came up the ice on the trees started pouring off and of course the sun doesn't even have to be above freezing, the sun hits the black asphalt and it immediately starts to warm up. this will probably be melted not long after the sun is up. if you can delay that is the best suggestion. we need another full day of melting to get us out of the woods on this and make sure we don't have any more problems with black ice. anthony: thanks so much, ed crump. barbara: let's check the western part of the triangle with gloria rodriguez in breaking news one on wellingham drive. looks like the same situation as ed was talking about. gloria: pretty much the same. look at behind me. you see ice still here on the roadway.
6:33 am
although we are told most of the major roads are cleareded there is what residents are dealing with in the viewing area. they have icy conditions that could make driving very difficult. look here and you can see leftover snow and ice. right here it is pretty packed. this is still a concern but the main concern today is black ice because a lot of this is snow and ice actually refrozen overnight and some areas you are seeing black ice. we could see our vehicle here and we have been driving all over and we have the four-wheel driver which makes it easier. but yesterday i was driving a rear wheel drive vehicle and it was very difficult to navigate on the road with that. be careful whatever you are driving and try to go a little extra slower because you can encounter draws conditions out there. we are going to send it back to you in the studio. the main thing, drive slowly today. you bet.
6:34 am
wellingham driver -- drive. barbara: thank you, gloria. anthony: carolina panthers is a more positive story. barbara: cam and company had a blowout in the n.f.c. championship game. he threw for two touchdowns and ran for two others in their 49-15 blowout of arizona. this is just the second super bowl for the panthers in franchise history. governor mccrory was there and said it is a great accomplishment for the entire state. the panthers take on denver in super bowl 50 on february 7. they are the early favorite. we will have live team coverage beginning next sunday and in about 10 minutes joe mazur joins us live from charlotte. anthony: that will make us feel warmer. barbara: absolutely. it could take a few days to get flights back up and running. anthony: how r.d.u. is faring after the storm and we know it is cold but, don, how long do we have to put up with in?
6:35 am
freezing today and some may be
6:36 am
we will check the first alert barbara: let's talk about the morning commute. barbara is doing a happy dance. she is like yeah! all right. that is funny. i don't look as good. temperatures mid 30's. black ice in spots. the only spot i really hit on the interstate, you will hit a spot that looks wet and i had one bridge where i went whoa, so be careful. 20 south hill. 25 roxboro and 28 chapel hill. 21 sanford. 27 goldsboro.
6:37 am
by lunchtime 45 frees -- degrees and we will top out near 50. we will talk about the sunshine and it will feel great. the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: flights are starting to take off after the big storm but it could take a few days before it is back to normal. some delays are expected to continue the next few days due to went worth in the northeast. travelers planning to fly out today are encouraged to check status with the airline before you go to the airport. a lot of people going back to work today and there could be problems. anthony: cougheds ed caused by black ice. we will let you know what to expect. barbara: charlotte buzzing after the carolina panthers' win. joe: this state and south carolina buzzing as a huge win. we will show you highlights of
6:38 am
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barbara: a lot of people talking about the carolina panthers on social media using the hash tag keep pounding. what an incredible season so far for the panthers. anthony: the best is yet to come. they are in the super bowl for the first time in 12 years. after a dominating win over arizona. joe mazur is live with the highlights and reaction from the big game. good morning, joe. joe: bank of america stadium was rocking last night. we were sitting on press row which is in the suite level midway up and it was literally shaking back and forth.
6:40 am
rocking the table. the fans were rocking the stadium and panthers for the 10th time scored 30 or more but the arizona cardinals had no answer. as is the case seeming will i every week the panthers were at full crank from the go buffalo design on the ted ginn jr. play. cam newton fakes the run and ginn zigzagging for 22 yards and opening touchdown. they led 10-0. can we give cam newton the m.v.p. trophy now? he throws this dart and he gets by the only defender that can bring little down and 86-yard connection and panthers up 17-0 first quarter lead. the cardinal are no slouches on over but against the panthers defense they made mistake after mistake and carson palmer who like cam is a former heisman trophy winner four interceptions
6:41 am
and luke keuchly recovers and panthers score the first 10 in the thaurdird quarter. the panthers keep pounding all the way to the super bowl. >> we were coached extremely well and we were prepared for the game and doing the things we were doing you know it was not just skeulg. it was preparation. >> this is incredible. it is the thing you work for. you play in the league a long time these seasons are hard to come by. this is not easy. >> it sis possible they are going to have me ready to go. joe: thomas davis has a broken right arm. he wants to play in the super bowl and don't put it past a guy who has returned from that he a.c.l. surgeries to get back on the field. one other injury note roman harper the starting safety left with an eye injury. he didn't return.
6:42 am
serious that can be. panthers have a lot of depth and they will take that to santa clara. as for what comes up today ron river are will meet with the media about 12:00 and we will have later on in the day on "eyewitness news." live in charlotte. joe mazur, abc 11 eyewitness news. anthony: thanks, joe. barbara: awesome. keep pounding. february 7. don: my wife is a die hard browns fan and she's pulling for them. she is like i don't think it is bandwagon if my team is out. i'm like come on, boys! barbara: cam has the heisman winning play for my alma mater. don: hold on. cam newton played at auburn? that is the first time barbara told me about that. barbara: whatever. don: we will show you the forecast. next 24 hours we have warmer temperature temperatures.
6:43 am
tomorrow partly cloudy and 33. tomorrow back near 60 in some spots. we will show you what is happening as far as the live look in downtown raleigh. that lens kind of fogged over. right now 27 degrees, 81% humidity. winds calm. durham nice sunrise but you see the high clouds. 29 right now, 73% humidity. west wind two. fayetteville, that is a pretty sunrise on that picture. temperature right now 27 in the all-american city. southeast wind two miles an hour. 25 roxboro, 28 chapel hill. 25 smithfield. 21 sanford, 26 fayetteville. a few high clouds working through. that is it. they are not rain makers. we zoom out and you will notice this is satellite and radar and they are both on but we are not seeing any radar returns. not a lot falling from the clouds. we will see the high clouds off and on throughout the day. first alert predictor forecast
6:44 am
you are in the 40's and lots of time for ice to melt in some neighborhoods should be fine. tonight into tomorrow you will notice by tomorrow lunchtime warmer, mid 50's. and tomorrow night ahead of the next front showers work in. i think by 8:00 wednesday morning we have widespread rain and mid 40's. it could be a cold rain but just rain. no pink on the map. by thursday, that pulls out and we should see the rain chances go away. today the high pressure in place and that will give us the sunshine. tomorrow ahead of the next system it pulls warm air up to near 60 and frontal boundary arrives wednesday. for the rest of today temperatures topping out in the area in the 50's. 50 and raleigh and cary, 49 wake forest and wendell, 50 holly springs and garner. typical temperatures for this time of year. 47 roxboro, 48 henderson and 50 durham. south and west into the sand
6:45 am
today. maybe 50's raeford. 51 sanford and 52 wilson. tonight in the area back in the 30's for overnight lows but i think some folks will stay above freezing. 33 rafplt 32 durham. 34 sanford. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, temperatures tomorrow back into the 30's -- or 50's -- 57. on wednesday 45. thursday showers apbdnd 43. friday 49 and saturday into sunday near 60's. "big weather" pic of the day. >> this is taylor 10 years old today big sister to addison and loves animals and want to wish you a happy birthday. don: let's go from that to traffic. amber rupinta is off so a couple of things to talk about. incidents.
6:46 am
this sis just on stewart drive between lake wheeler and barnhill. this one we have been watching and has cleared. there was an accident on the shoulder of 440 eastbound and 40 but we are missing the incident so that is gone and that is good news for everybody there. look at real-time travel times eastbound 40 u.s. 64 to 70 that is up to 67 miles an hour. nice to see below the speed limit here on westbound 440. that means folks are watching for patches of ice. northbound durham freeway seven miles seven minutes 61 miles an hour. westbound 540 and capital to u.s. 70. 65 miles an hour. i-40 to 540 eight miles will
6:47 am
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barbara: it sis 6:55. all the news, worth and traffic you need. anthony: black ice a concern. we have live team coverage of the conditions. this is a look from one fof the neighborhood streets dogwood lane. looks ok except the slick spots.
6:49 am
that is black ice and snow could cause problems. wait until the sun is up if you can. barbara: same for durham. this sis t.w. alexander. you can delay the trip if necessary because the sun will be out and will melt ice. we have seen a lot of accidents and if you can delay you ought to. it ladies to school close -- leads to delays. you can see them on the screen. anthony: classes canceled in chatham. franklin, granville. halifax, lee, mecklinburg and moore for students but employees two-hour delay. nash, rocky mount, north hampton. person closed. also closed warren, welden city and advance. barbara: two-hour delay johnston, harnett. roanoke rapids, no delays in cumberland, hoke, sampson and wilson and waneyne.
6:50 am
don: cold to start the forecast but bundle up. mostly sunny and chilly. by 9:00 we are above freezing and in the 50's this afternoon. barbara: "good morning america"
6:51 am
anthony: for our crew thanks for good morning, america. digging out. millions buried by the blizzard
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