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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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barbara: john: for a third straight day local schools won't be opening on time. barbara: a water main break in wake county in the same spot that shut down a road yesterday. john: a north carolina town's right to pray before meetings is heading to a federal courtroom. good morning, welcome on
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6:01 and 49 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will check in with meteorologist don schwenneker in a second but first some school delays to pass along. durham public, chatham. franklin, granville. orange and vance and great many. >> person county an hour late and mecklinburg schools 10:00 a.m. no delays in wake county. we have a list of delays at barbara: time for weather and traffic together. don: good morning to you. we have a couple of spotty showers working through right now. live look at first alert doppler xp and showers working into chatham and moore. around siler city and sanford we will zoom do you know two the triangle and wake county near morrisville through cary and to the east. not much. temperatures across the region running in the 40's.
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47 in chapel hill. 45 fayetteville. 48 goldsboro. 50 wilson. looking at the day ahead we stay in the upper 40's all day. cloudy and showers around. by lunchtime we have a few showers reported. 47 and through the afternoon mostly cloudy and most of the rain is condition. we are not done with the waken r rain for the week. we will have some tomorrow then a warm-up. now we have traffic with amber rupinta rupinta. amber: good wednesday morning to you. you could encounter a slick spot on the roads at any time. we are thawing on the secondary roads and primaries are also wet due to melting. take it easy as you head out the door. we also yesterday were telling you about this issue. this is from yesterday morning. it happened again. this is breaks news from morning. this is highway 98 in wake forest in the 700 block of tyler run drive approaching u.s. 1.
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another water main break. so it looks like they have another issue but this was the mess it created yesterday. thankfully we're before freezing and all of that water will not freeze. we have a crew working to get there with live pictures. 40 and lake wheeler good shape, nice and quiet through this stretch. tail taillights are westbound and we are accident free with a lot of police. this was during a traffic stop involving several members of the group en route it a community meeting. the group has been occupying the wild life center in remote oregon since january 2. they say they are protesting
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as we showed you a number of counties delaying the start of school. john: after that days of warmer temperatures apparently some roads are still posing a problem. anthony thin is in breaking news one looking for some of the pesky trouble spots. anthony: it is not problems but potential threats is what they are thinking at the central office of the durham public schools. this is moline street and there is still slush, some potentially slick areas and also going uphill so this could be a problem if anybody has the tires that cause them to slip and slide and nobody wants to have problems like that. that is the reason why apparently they are changing their tune here. they have a two-hour delay erring on the side of caution. they have detected some icy spots and give them reasonable concern. they want to avoid potential problems like the wrecks we saw yesterday yesterday.
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chance to work more of its magic magic, natural ability it melt the snow and ice along with the chances. they want to give the sun a chance to come out and do more work on the kinds of places we are seeing now, rolling over some of those cold and bumpy parts of durham here. hopefully when the sun comes out and by the time kids are ready to go to school these conditions they are also concerned about what may be happening around the schools themselves. we have gone past a few schools and they seem to be clear on the sidewalks. if not clear now they should be by the time the kids are going. we will let you know how it turns out the we are live in durham in breaking news one, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: as we said wake county is on time for the first time since the weekend storm. yesterday wake schools were on a three-hour delay and reaction was mixed. social media was buzzing with
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to see the kids back in class others worried about road conditions and safety of children. barbara: the u.s. court of appeals will hear arguments on whether rowan county officials violated the constitution by leading people in prayer before public meetings. caitlin: the issue is people were coerced into participating in prayers before public meetings and the prayers were specific to one relying christianity. aclu maintains between 2007 and 2013 more than 97% of the prayers delivered by the row within county commissioners were christian. because the commissioners themselves led the prayers that instructed those present to stand and join in the aclu says some residents felt pressure to do so. in may of last year a court ruled that this was unconstitutional and ordered commissioners to stop but this case will be the first time a federal appeals court reviews a
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the u.s. supreme court ruled in invocation in new york was constitutional. the difference leaders from different relyings took turns delivering prayers and the public was forth directed to -- not directed to participate. we will follow this and pass it along. barbara: we have heard the driver didn't heed that advice. it is our must see video. barbara: shaping the future of raleigh-durham international airport. how you can partner. we have rain coming today. don: in spots and we are seeing hit-or-miss showers right now. they are with us throughout the day. we will talk about that coming up. as we go to break we check the alert heart and you see spots of
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we will tell you when don: welcome pwabgback. let's talk about the drive in this morning. you will have temperatures in the 40's and raindrops. there could be rain moving in to the triangle toward 7:00, 8:00,
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temperatures mid 40's. currently the numbers are 46 south hill. 46 louisburg, 50 rocky mount. 48 r.d.u. and 47 chapel hill. 41 sanford and 52 southern pines and 45 fayetteville and 43 smithfield and 45 in clinton. looking at the day ahead cloudy and light rain in spots. 48 degrees. by lunchtime a little rain around mainly north and east of the triangle, 47. through the afternoon 47 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. another chance of rain tomorrow but a better weekend. we will have that up next. john: two women are behind bars charged with a gruesome murder in sampson without. felicia barnes and betty west were arrested following an investigation that spanned two states and several counties. barnes is accused of killing a person in february of last year and trying to cover it up by destroying the remains.
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to murder. barbara: major waves creating problems in chile. this is our must-see video. this wave with rain whipping up the ocean showing it turning this s.u.v. on its side. people helped the person inside as waves continued to hit it. fortunately the passenger were able to escape. the waves are the biggest in the region since 2003. this is in pennsylvania a bridge came down on the allegheny river. the 108-year-old bridge connected two pittsburgh suburbs. a new bridge opened in october. john: officials with raleigh durham international airport are giving you another chance to shape the future of the airport. vision 2040 is an event to see what you believe it is important to enhance not just the aerpt
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that includes outliping the master -- outlining the plan. it is tonight in durham and then moves to raleigh tomorrow. barbara: it is 6:12 and 49 degrees. another recall involving takata air bags. john: the lateststudents. the heroic action see took to protect them. how folks are reaching out to
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man who was killed trying [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take before your appointment starts. john: good wednesday morning and 49 degrees and 6:15. these are the headlines. several school systems on a delay once again. the residual impact of the winter storm last week. breaking news one is looking for slick spots in durham with these
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schools are on a two-hour delay because of ice concerns. wake county schools open as normal. another water main break in the same spot that stkhoupbtdhut down highway 98. this is the scene yesterday. officials say this morning's break is in a new section installed yesterday. we have a crew on the way and we he plans to have his own event. barbara: new concerns about air bags made by takata. the i-team has been monitoring this story. ford is recalling nearly 391,000 ranger pickup trucks because the driver side air bag can explode with too much force spewing metal shrapnel.
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to owners the week of february 22. at least 10 have died worldwide and hundreds injured because of faulty air bags. the auto makers are recalling another five million more cars in addition to the 19 million vehicles already under recall. john: a school principal is called a hero this morning after giving her life to save students. this was outside an elementary school outside of indianapolis. the veteran principal pushed children out of harm's way when a school bus crossed over a curb into a crowd of students. that principal susan jordan was killed but she managed to save the students. two were injured. the bus driver and students on the bus were if the hurt. barbara: help pours it for a driver who was killed. jefferson went to help a driver him. a go fund me account is set up
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17-month-old son. so far more than $30,000 have been raised. john: the f.a.a. is investigating after a bud late banner from a helicopter landed on a home in union county. investigators say the pilot disconnected the banner because of a mechanical problem. the william was watching -- the woman was watching final and heard the thud on the home. she was not hurt. the pilot agreed to pay to remove it. and make any repairs. barbara: a popular stretch of blue ridge parkway is closed and indefinitely. the commuter stretch friend highway 70 and 191 in asheville snow. they plan to work each day to get it cleared. there is a bright spot. while it is closed to commuters visitors can sled and ski on it. john: i will bet through is good sledding and skiing.
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little cross-country up in there. barbara: and asheville is such a buffalo -- beautiful city. don: they saw record snowfall in the mountains. we are seeing rain wash some away. today about 60% chance of showers on your doorstep. by tomorrow it is 40%. a lightly higher east of 95, about 70% to 80%. then the weekend to monday not much to talk about. we will talk about what we are seeing now. first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas we have toes showers at this point -- those showers working through. you see the heavier showers -- not heavy but model arithmetic-- moderate showers into chatham and sanford and lee and moore. all of that will continue to work through heading through the next two to three hours. live look at what is happening now in joined raleigh. right now -- it downtown
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dew point 45 with light rain. wind calm and sunrise 7:19. fayetteville checking in cloudy 46. wind are calm. 45 fayetteville, 40's now sanford sanford. 42 roxboro. 41 chapel hill. 50 wilson. smithfield. satellite and radar composite showing this line of showers weakening as it moves closer to us. there is a little light rain around. we zoom out and it is extending from the nation's capital to georgia and alabama. there is the cold front moving east and it doesn't have a lot of cold air behind it. as it drags through you could see a spotty shower. first alert predictor forecast model showing the showers moving out by 5:00 this afternoon. by 5:00 tonight mostly cloudy skies and then another system pushes through that could bring
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temperatures topping out today in the 40's actually we will hover in the 40's. cloudy and 48 wake. roxboro mid 40's this afternoon. 48 roanoke rapids. you will make it to 503 in rocky mount. winds up to 20 to 25. 48 siler city. 49 lillington, 51 fayetteville. tonight the temperatures back into the 30's for overnight lows. 32 raleigh. 35 fayetteville. i put rain late but best chance is goldsboro to clinton and fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow in the upper 40's. we will be there on friday. the difference is friday we see showers pushing out. mostly sunny, 49. 50's on saturday. 60's on sunday. it will be a great end to the weekend sunday. monday 65 and tuesday for ground
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we start february on monday. barbara: groundhog day. stphaofplt amber: i was going to say. barbara: critter popping up. amber: it is hear. last night i did notice the sun seemed like it was up later. i was into it. i was digging it. john: bring it on. amber: on a wednesday morning you will not dig this. chopper 11 h.d. is up over another breaking news situation. second water main break in as many days in the 700 block of highway 98 in wake forest. that is around u.s. 1, tyler run drive. that area that we had yesterday with breaking news and one lane getting by. our crew is telling us that it is not blocking the roads so far. that may change as they start to bring in crews. looks like they have some cones out on the shoulder there. day two of another water main break in that area and they will
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it looks like the traffic is getting by. keep that in mind. in raleigh an accident on crabtree boulevard and raleigh boulevard. the maintain interstates are quiet. take it easy. you can hit a slick spot and even when they are wet they can be slick. john: 6:22. most people wouldn't mind a lower cell phone bill. barbara: what would you put up with to lower the cost? coming up, what one carrier is proposing to lower the bill.
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ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. john: welcome back, 6:25 and 49 degrees. >> a three for the win. it is in and virginia has apparently stunned wake forest. barbara: a wild finish to the a.c.c. matchup between virginia and wake forest. wake was all but assured the upset up 10 with 83 seconds to go and virginia comes roaring back with three big three-pointers including the game-winning shot at the buzz erer proving in basketball it is not over until it is over. john: got that right. wireless company will lower customer bills if they are willing to deal with ads on the phone. barbara: this is our tech news. >> how far would you go to lower
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a boost mobile app will show ads on the screen when up lock the phone. in return you get $5 credit each month only available for android so far. >> there is a way to share go pro videos. you can live stream them on iphone. >> it is expected to be on display during espn's coverage of the x games. and uber has a new way to deal with drunk passengers. >> some have begun leaving an inter interactive toy on the back seat. it is a way to distract passengers. >> or just be nice. toes are -- those are your "tech bytes." john: be nice to your uber driver. a plan to bring a railroad hub to the triangle is derailed.
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breaking news, a new barbara: breaking news two water main breaks in two days in near the
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barbara: we are still not completely completely thaw the out this. is breaking news one, some schools on a delay today because of slick spots on the roads. good morning, carolina, welcome on wednesday january 27. 49 degrees and 6:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: johnson. those roads still posing a problem on side streets. barbara: breaking news one is out looking for them. you can see this is a typical neighborhood where some snow has not melted. durham publics chatham. complain, granville and others on a two-hour delay. >> person county an hour lit and mecklinburg, county, virginia 10 a.m. time for weather and traffic. there is meteorologist don schwenneker in the storm center. don: good morning to you. you are start ging out with spotty showers. a look at first alert doppler xp and a little bit of light rain from wake forest it leesville
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cary showers thwart pittsboro and sanford west of you tracking to the east. expect a sprinkle or two in sanford. we check the terms. running in the 40's. 42 roxboro, 50 the only 50 is wilson. rocky mount and southern pines. 43 sanford. 46 louisburg. looking at the day temperatures in the upper 40's all day. a couple of showers by lunchtime. best chance is northeast of the triangle then this afternoon mostly cloudy skies. we will talk about the seven-day in a bit but now we talk weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: this morning starting to pick up a little bit. with the volume. but the good news is we have still delays this morning and if you think that is a bad idea i can tell you it is a great idea
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where they are shaded and r are still covered with snow and ice and we have that going on. then on the primaries the melting, they are wet and that can be slick. i had a little spinout this morning so take it easy. into raleigh an accident on crabtree boulevard at raleigh boulevard and if you look at the d.o.t. camera we didn't get below freezing so we are thawing out. 40 and 15/501 is where things are fine. we go to gloria rodriguez who is just arriving on the scene of the water main break and it is day two of the same scenario in wake dress. gloria: you are absolutely right. we were here yesterday reporting on a water main break and today there's another one. it is the same general area but not the same exact spot. we will look outside and we are in breaking news one because it is not safe for us to be on the
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being open and sidewalks here. you are looking at durham road or highway 98. this is the the area where the crews are reurg the break. -- repairing the break. yesterday this was shut down. today both lanes are open. we want to remind you to drive slowly in the area. yesterday we had 70 to 80 residents without water as this was being repaired. today the residents do have water. they just got it back a few minutes ago. this is reported around midnight and they are wrapping up right now. so, this should all be wrapped told. a supervisor says he thinks it is weather related because we have been seeing pretty warm conditions then cold and warm. so that could create issues with the pipes. he says there's no way to prevent these issues but all
6:29 am
to get the water main break repaired right away. both breaks yesterday and today the water is coming up from underground so it is not going on the road as much which is good because sometimes you sigh a lot of -- see a lot of water on roads and that can create freezingeing water. but today we have warmer conditions and the water is not on the road. we will bring you the latest.
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the latest is on "good morning america." john: closer to home governor mccrory and johnston county officials are putting the brakes on a appropriate c.s.x. cargo hub near hell ma. barbara: -- selma. he said it is no longer a viable option. caitlin: when i covered this story a couple weeks ago home eurpbs owners learned they would lose their land but many started fighting back. now they are viewing this latest development as a major victory. for those on the east side of i-95 it was appear emotional couple of weeks. they went from hearing the site was a done deal to getting support from johnston county officials to now the state from the governor. in the statement he says based on the vote of local officials and serious land issues the current site in johnston county
6:31 am
however, he was quick to say johnston county as a whole is not out of the running for the new terminal location which is still concerning for some affected residents. >> we are not out f tof the woodwork until c.s.x. finds and confirms they have another place to go. we will all be on pins and needles. we don't want it to go into another neighborhood that will hurt other families. caitlin: we reached out to c.s.x. for comment and have not heard back. they have maintained this hub would create 300 construction jobs in johnston county and 1,500 jobs statewide. new this morning an arrest made after a suspected sexual assault at fayetteville state university. 24-year-old jonathan jones is charged with second degree sex over and bat richmond authorities say it was -- battery. it was in the victim's dorm room. barbara: vigil is planned in protest of recent raids of un
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activists will gather today. there is the latest protest focusing on undocumented immigrants. last month marchers protested outside the jail following arrest in october. right now there are 17 federal immigration officers at the county detention center and so far they have departorted nearly 300 immigrants. the sheriff says the deportation process is working to keep the community safe but groups say the children have not committed the crimes. the vigil is 5:00 tonight. john: 6:38. parts of the northeast still recovering from the snowstorm. the death toll rising this morning as some cities are still shut down. barbara: sending help to flint, michigan. how a local brother and sister are pitching in to send clean water. don: as you head out the door temperatures in the 40's. we will be there the next couple
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don: welcome back. we've got rain around today and you will see some spotty showers for the bus stop forecast. we are not seeing any freezing temperatures. it is one of the warmer mornings this week. but you have cloudy skies. currently the numbers are 50 rocky mount, 43 roxboro. 46 oxford. 47 chapel hill. 52 southern pines. 45 fayetteville. goldsboro 47. the next 12 hours you will see temperatures in the 40's. by lunchtime showers continue to be around and temperatures upper 40's. for the drive home most of the rain is done with temperatures back in the upper 40's. we have the warmer weather and we will see 60's by sunday. we will talk about that in the
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john: we have breaking news to report. chop chopper 11 h.d. over the scene of a house fire in raleigh. 619 hanover street off glenwood avenue the fire is out but you see a whole bunch of fire vehicles on the scene. that is house fire 619 hanover in five points in raleigh. no reports of injures at this time. we will stay on it. barbara: the death toll related to the snowstorm this weekend continues to rise. at least 48 people were killed, about a quarter of them people who were shovelling snow which in some spots isal workers were told not to report to work. area schools are closed. >> a raleigh man and his sister are helping the people of flint. james montague and his sister are tracking the crisis in flint and they started collecting donations and their effort has grown to include students as
6:36 am
so far they have collected more than 400 cases of water. they plan to load them in a truck sunday and driver it to -- drive it to michigan monday. we are keeping you connected to big stories online. barbara: amber is tracking it. stories. this is quite amazing. this is an extremely rare white giraffe spotted in a national park. it has a condition where the skin cells can't create pigment. only the second record of one there in 20 years and they are afraid there might be poefrping involved so -- poaching involved so they are trying to protect it. beautiful animal. this is a story trending out of miami. this woman a miami doctor lashed out at an uber driver and she jumped into an uber that she had not ordered.
6:37 am
resident and on administrative leave and she's not saying much about it because she said her employer won't allow her to talk. causing a lot of discussion about some of the things uber drivers face. this south carolina 2-year-old so cute the parents captured her
6:38 am
laid her john: welcome back. to vote 2016 now and donald trump sitting out the next republican debate. they are set to square off in the fox news debate tomorrow the last one before the iowa caucuses monday. trump is criticizing fox for playing games and including anchor megan kelly as a moderator. she calendar him during the first -- challenged him during the first debate barbara: hillary clinton is pushing bernie sanders to participate in a newly proposed democratic debate but not sanctioned by the d.n.c.
6:39 am
new hampshire primary. sanders has no plans to show up. john: a mass shooting thwarted. a 23-year-old accused of planning an attack at a masonic attack in milwaukee. sami muhammad hamzeh was arrested after buying machine guns. he allegedly said he was defending islam and he hoped to kill at least 30 people. f.b.i. agents were investigating him since september. barbara: weight watchers stock is gaining thanks to oprah winfrey's weight loss. shares soared yesterday after a new commercial starring her where she said she lost 26 ponds. they -- pounds. they have changed their style. the ads are powerful. john: she says she's been eating bread every day and still lost weight and that is her downfall. barbara: how can you beat that?
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john: i'm waiting on a pizza diet. don: i will sign up. it is warmer this morning so be ready. we will talk about that in a moment. we will show you the next 24 hours and temperatures in the 40's. by tonight rain late tonight down to 32 for the low. tomorrow rain mainly east of the triangle and allegation of 95. -- east of 95. we look into first alert doppler showers. this is part of a line up and down the east coast but you have showers near louisburg and a couple of sprinkles in wake county and lee county and harnett county. then moore. this is lifting northeast so we will work across raleigh about 8:00 to 9:00. raleigh temperature rate -- right now 48. dew point 45, 89% humidity. winds calm and sunrise 7:19. fayetteville seeing some light
6:41 am
degrees right now. northwest winds. from across the region 42 roxboro, 47 chapel hill. 41 smithfield. 45 this clinton. latest satellite and radar rain. you can see the line to the south and west. this will lift throughout the day and keep us in rain chances. by 5:00 tonight spotty showers southeast and through the overnight relatively dry. tomorrow another rounds of showers to go into the afternoon. for the rest of today temperatures in the upper 40's. not changing much. cloudy and rain around. winds up to 20 miles an hour. temperatures mid 40's. 45 this afternoon in roxboro, 48 durham. cloudy skies and rain around. south and west into the sand hills near 50 in pinehurst, 51 in fayetteville. tonight back into the 30's for
6:42 am
i put rain mainly around goldsboro, khreutd, clinton, fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather tomorrow temperatures back in the upper 40's and away stay this friday. near 50. lots of sunshine. saturday into sunday mostly sunny and that sunshine will raise the terms to 63 sunday and monday 65 and ground hog day 60. check out this picture. these two girls from bruce page of his girls at the doubletree hotel in our area. we had enough snow for them make a snowman. they look like they are having fun. cold. john: nicely done. amber: my brother's kids in maryland made a giant igloo. they are loving this snow.
6:43 am
have another water main break which we have been talking about. it is day two of that. yesterday this was around wake forest. it is highway 98 and u.s. 1. you can see it is the same situation today. that is coming back from the crew on the scene. traffic is getting by. that is the good news. but a bad situation for them. there is a problem. so two days in a row with a water main break in wake forest highway 98 and u.s. 1. keep that in mind if that is part of your commute. you may want to avoid it. highway 98 is a very busy road. there's a report of an accident here 40 and 440 and we are looking in our camera. there might be something in the median but both directions appear to be moving ok. taillights are eastbound around 40 approaching 440. we will keep appear eye on that. we go to the mapping system.
6:44 am
looking for crabtree and raleigh into raleigh an accident there. and into wake county n.c. 54 chapel hill road maynard road. take it easy. there are slick spots. john: 6:52 and coming up on "eyewitness news" the morning rush. barbara: some of the big stories we will be following including another water main break in wake county in this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. and the results are kids like connor typically
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barbara: all the news, worth and traffic you need. john: breaking news in wake break. gloria rodriguez joins us live from the scene. gloria: this is the same general area where there was the water main break yesterday. this is durham road or highway 98 near hoke street. crews are reurg the break -- repairing the break. about 70 to 80 residents just got their water back. it was reported around midnight and they are wrapping up. everything is open and just drive slowly in the area. back to you. john: raleigh firefighters on the scene of a house fire in the
6:46 am
chopper 11 h.d. over 1619 hanover off glenwood avenue. it was put out pretty quickly. barbara: slick spots on the roads causing some schools to delay. durham public, chat him. franklin, granville. orange, vance and warren on a that-hour delay. person county an hour late anunity meeting and shots were fired and one was killed. amber: we go back to chopper 11 h.d. live over the scene of a certifies accident. -- serious accident in wake county in the tkpwerpbgarner area. emergency crews are there. looks like a car may be in the median. take it easy. there are still slick spots. barbara: "good morning america" is next.
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make it a great day. good morning, america. breaking overnight, that standoff in oregon turns deadly. a shoot-out erupts between the fbi and anti-government protesters. one of the leaders of the group killed. his supporters say the rancher was murdered with his hands in the air. our team on the scene right now. he's out, donald trump now saying he won't show up to thursday's debate taking on fox
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