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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  February 4, 2016 1:37am-2:09am EST

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you can see that rain collecting on the roadways. so much so that for at least this area they did their best to keep people away. rain flooded capital boulevard just before the rush hour. it was quite a mess for a while. people trying to get home from work. the rain has tapered off. hopefully giving us the chance to dry out. things are looking a lot better than they were. steve: soggy now in the slow drive home this evening. you can only stay ahead of the weather with the first alert weather app. tisha: a prayer vigil for a murder victim.
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gathered in the rain. he was killed back in december after being shot multiple times. the crime did not involve any students. his friends say he will be remembered for his love of children and music. steve: at the wake county justice center investigators testified about key piece of evidence that help them make an arrest in the killing of a raleigh mother. she was killed in her apartment. he found someone trying to sell her old laptop computer on craig's list. the man who was selling it was named to deion smith. smith could face the death penalty for this crime. you can watch the court appearance tomorrow streaming live on a webpage. tisha: they are closer to a plan to finish highway 540. but more than 200 homes and businesses could face the wrecking ball. using the proposed orange green and purple routes. here are some of the
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joel: this is the subdivision and ho. there was surprised to learn that the 540 extension is inflated slated to run right through the cul-de-sac. he is one of the sunset hills dads he has a wife and four kids and elaborate a little. they are recommending the orange route to complete the southern half of highway 540. the stevenson's may have to leave to make way for the highway. >> it depends on how far down the road the change will happen. joel: he was at least a surprise to some of his neighbors. it is not a done deal yet. the proposed route still needs approvals from state authorities
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>> 99.9% of people are extremely happy with this choice. joel: he insists it is the least intrusive of the color-coded alternatives for the much-needed extension to highway 540. but growing families find themselves suddenly living in what may be a shrinking subdivision. pretty scary to think about it. at a news conference, engineers are considering to refine their designs for the project. aiming to minimize any impact on homes and businesses. steve: a lot of uncertainty for those families. a fayetteville mother
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support and help to find her sons missing companion. still no trace of cocoa the dog. the pomeranian disappeared last month from the home in north fayetteville. she is afraid someone stole the four-year-old dog. her autistic son has been inconsolable since the dog disappeared. he doesn't know why he can't find his best friend. they have posted dozens of these flyers in various neighborhoods and they are offering a thousand dollar reward for the safe return of the dog. you can check our website for more information. coach k is back on the sidelines after a brief health scare. he did not travel with the team
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he spent monday night at luke hospital due to high blood pressure. he held a team meeting this afternoon. and he will be on the court tomorrow. tisha: now to super bowl 50 in the five guys from raleigh playing a critical role in the game. from touchdowns to questionable calls to that first giveaway by the panthers. they are here at levi stadium. all about the jumbotron during the big game. live in santa clara with the big story. >> is very important job and one that requires long hours. inside the stadium while they were rehearsing the halftime show. i saw beyonce that i cannot say a word more than that. everybody is sworn to secrecy. back to these raleigh fellows in charge of the jumbotron.
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bob baker gets animated talking about his job and for good reason. he is the man in charge of entertaining thousands in attendance at the super bowl. it is a massive undertaking. they have already logged two weeks of 16 to 18 hour days, pace they will keep up right through the super bowl presentation. >> it is the biggest sporting event in the world. we did some really cool videos. i did a panthers defense video. i also did a broncos offense video. mark: innovation is the name of
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there's a go pro camera mounted in a beach ball. you get that perspective. it is a dream job for becker. this will be his 22nd super bowl. they are fans of the game. after and his team spent over 200 daisy year on the road. producing content for all the world's biggest sporting events. an understanding spouse is a must. bob's wife amanda's home watching. it was amanda who tweeted at me to tell me that bob was here with these other raleigh fellows. and they are the ones running that show. the power of social media. tisha: we all thank amanda. our eyewitness news coverage of the panthers in the super bowl continues all week.
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join us friday night at 7:30 p.m. for the panthers: chasing the championship. inside the panthers epic run to super bowl 50. . steve: fayetteville was getting ready for the biggest party of the year. organizers announced 80's rockers will be there along with rising country music star chris jensen will be headlining the concert. it runs from april 22 through 24th. it is always free. this year abc 11 is a proud sponsor. the zika virus emergency right here in the united states. the state that is on alert. also coming up, motion denied. ager developments in the bill a judge's decision that is changing the direction of the
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take a look at this water landing. he had to ditch his aircraft in the lagoon. the splashdown is the must-see video of the night. here's a look outside our downtown raleigh studio. it is still weapon that rain is moving out. how much rain can we expect tomorrow? chris will tell us after the break. right now we have a look at our winning powerball numbers.
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decade ago. but there will be a preliminary hearing to decide whether the case may go forward. cosby is charged with drugging and violating women. steve: a recall involving exploding airbags made by a japanese company is much worse than we originally thought. so far more than 20 million cars and recalled because of the risk of violent and sometimes deadly explosions. recalls have mostly been in model years no later than 2008. now more recent airbags are also at risk. honda is telling dealers it plans to recall a batch of new cars. other automakers may do the same. tisha: the governor florida is declaring a zika virus emergency. health officials believe all cases came from people who traveled to affected countries. miami-dade county is affected.
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person in texas became infected with the virus not through mosquito bite but through sex. steve: a stunning landing that the experts are calling a textbook landing. you can see the propellers on this cessna stop moving. and the pilot not lowering the landing gear. he ended up splashing down in this lagoon off luwawu. oahu. the 68 euro pilot was going person on board and fortunately he was not hurt. the coast guard saving two firefighters who fell into the ocean while fighting a fire. the coast guard member rappelled down from the chopper and he had slam into a cave. one worker had a cut on his face was knocked out but should be ok. take a look at this one-year-old
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he recently had the s hit the slopes with a little encouragement from his family. just enough when it comes to learning how to snowboard. he has got it figured out. time. he probably just learned how to walk two months ago. weather. chris: positive thinking. friday looks very nice around here. it will be cooler but the sun will be back. tomorrow we will see some more rain though. no really torrential downpour just a steady rain and a chilly rain. raleigh and fayetteville off to the east seeing some rain. the heavier rain has shifted toward the coast and that will
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what is left by morning really is just some light showers. that is a temporary break in the rain. the heavy rain could be a bigger threat than a severe weather. more than one inch in some areas. it has been a wet day. tomorrow's rain should be much lighter but we still could see a half-inch in some spots. the roads are still wet out there. 63 degrees at the airport. 90 3% humidity. southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. we're going to stay miles right through sunrise. when you hit home tomorrow after it will be no silly cooler. you may want to grab a jacket anyway.
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right around 60 or so in the triangle. 61 degrees in fayetteville. but that is the high for the day. during the morning hours when the hold steady or slowly fall to the 50's. the rain chance returns as we get into the midday and afternoon hours. i still low pressure racking up the coast. the front goes through later tonight. it tracks up the coast and brings another round of rain especially to areas from raleigh and fayetteville to the east. it clears out. as we head into friday. that is the good news. it looks much nicer for friday. tomorrow if you are in raleigh are fayetteville you should expect some rain across the region. the heaviest rains will be along the i-95 corridor. they will be anything like today. there is a chance that can go
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that is the only if the moisture can hang around until 9:00 tomorrow night. we could see a few snowflakes in the air in some of the higher elevations. look at the temperatures. 52 tomorrow later in the day. 34 tomorrow night above freezing. some morning clouds of to 51. and 52 on saturday, it looks to be a nice day. another system could bring a chance of rain on sunday. but there are indications that most of that moisture will stay offshore. cold-weather next week. temperatures struggling to get out of the 30's all day long. the winter is not done yet. our break from the cold is almost over. it is coming back. steve: a big scoop from ben & jerry's. he gets a response to an online petition.
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steve: the nobel committee has received a letter nominating
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it said he he deserves it because of his vigorous peace through strength ideology. also nominated were angela merkel and the pope. tisha: she developed a method for coal pearls out of breastmilk. she let that sit in the refrigerator. the milk becomes a solid that can be molded into any shape you want. it hardens to protect the milk. she says she debuted her pearls and a facebook group from others. she says they responded well. and the orders started pouring in. steve: there's good news for vegans than anyone else who goes without dairy in their diet. ben & jerry's has created nondairy ice cream. the ice cream maker is tweeting for flavors such as chocolate fudge brownie.
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ben & jerry's to offer nondairy products have received more than 30,000 signatures. some other vermonters could be feeling the burn. the tattoo studio is showing its permanent support for bernie sanders like doing bernie sanders tattoos for free. the specific design because he says he supports sanders. they are also offering eight mother service. and he comes in with a donald trump tattoo can have it covered up for free. changing minds one tattoo time. steve: cam newton is a big star in the panthers run to the super bowl. mark: they are very confident are you each other. two very different guys do both with the same goal talking about it up next from the super bowl
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coming backmark: in santa clara at the super bowl. cam newton is someone who west of play very well on sunday for the panthers to become world champions.
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two very different guys and very emblematic of all that is different that of come together for this one goal of becoming champions. leadership takes many forms. the panthers are proof of that. among their captains are two guys who couldn't appear anymore different on the outside. cam newton and luke kuechly will never be mistaken for each other for more than the obvious reasons. what bonds them is that they share the spirit and the mutual quest for excellence.
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he brings great energy and he is just fun to be around. i appreciate his competitiveness in his toughness. what you see is what you get. mark: while they may carry themselves in very different ways they have helped carry the panthers toward the brink of football immortality. >> they're both very team oriented, very goal oriented. they have put themselves last and the team first. mark: they are both subservient to the better intentions of the team. all they care about is team success. they are oftentimes the last two
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one said note. antonio smith one of the defending lineman on the broncos , he lost his father after complications of heart surgery at the age of 58. he will play with a heavy heart. there is football recruiting news back home. >> national signing day has turned into quite the event in the continues to grow. pleased to land a randy moss's son. mincing no words when talking about some schools that have turned it into a ridiculous spectacle. >> it is getting worse. it is marketing and branding but they need to have substance. is that whispering that you are
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to try to get a student into your school by feeding the ego is never a good thing. >> power play chance from the flames. he slips one through. seconds later the equalizer scores another goal on a power play. again they find the back of the net. still trailing in the third. tisha: that is going to do it for us tonight. people. the government in brazil scrambling to start developing a vaccine. the president says preventing mosquitoes from breeding is the best defense. it's caused thousands of babies in brazil to be born with unusually small heads. despite those efforts being
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are growing calls for the olympics to be canceled. medical eth thinkist arthur kaplan says it would be irresponsible for brazil to host the games in the middle of a public health emergency. it's keeping a close eye on the situation. very scary, especially for women. it's and you fair advantage for people who come in and i think it puts more stress on women in particular even if you're not pregnant, you know, but i -- i don't know. i wonder if they'll really consider. >> i an bold move to cancel the games. >> it would be very bold. probably the first ever. >> first we've heard of that. that other sporting event that everyone seems to be talking about, the super bowl, starting to come into sharper focus now that we're edging toward the weekend. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is getting plenty of attention for his wardrobe. >> he's not offering any bulletin board materials to the broncos saying he respects peyton manning and every other person with the manning last night.
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yesterday revealing a conversation he had a couple years ago with his doctor. >> i said doc, i didn't ask can you if i'm going to have a hip replacement. i didn't need to know that right here at age 37. thanks for sharing. i look forward to that day when i'm 52 and have a hip replacement. >> manning also said he's not sure if he will face more surgery on his neck. he missed the 2011 season after a series of spinal fusion surgery pripz he turns 40 years old next month. he says 52, that's only 1 years away. he's been playing for 18 years. tell you what, if he has a good game on sunday and they win, they won't be talking about any of this again. it will be peyton manning is great again. >> do you think if he has a good day on sunday night that he stays in the game? >> i don't actually. i think if he wins he'll ride off into the sunset a winner. if he loses, he might be pushed to come back.
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>> coming up, steven avery's supporters latest violent threats. >> in "the skinny" the ballad of larry and bernie. sanders doing some acting himself. >> but first as the nation reveals the bernie madoff scheme that left so many in financial ruin, new concerns over others following in his foot steps. now take a look at today's forecast across the country. still sunny or not real. 79 in orlando. rainy. >> dallas. >> got to go to texas for a little sun seems like. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by omega red 3 krill oil. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase
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