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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tisha: a woman who was a driver during the murder of a raleigh mother taking the witness stand. why it may have been a bomb that caused the explosion in that plane. chris is tracking that and the possibility of se flakes. chris: temperatures are well above freezing. you can see that on first alert doppler xp. light rain. gusty wind. where you see the yellow, parts of southern county. between no rain and rain, writing to the last couple of hours. strikes. don't be surprised.
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temperatures are too cool. this rain will continue through the evening. we may get a break this evening. much of it moves to the ease. one last disturbance will move through during the early morning hours. as you head out tomorrow morning , there could be a snow shower or flurry mixed in with that. at most an isolated dusting with no impact travel wise. >> tennessee south carolina and georgia have storms for the second day in a row. this surveillance camera at a local area shows the moment a tornado came crashing through.
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steve: now to breaking news. chopper 11 hd, this math lab off of the chapel road near apex. a young child found inside. reporter: authorities confirming this was a meth lab but they are saying it was not an active meth lab. three people we saw get taken away in handcuffs. no arrests have been concerned -- confirmed. let's give you a look. this is the home across the street. you see the caution tape. they are reporting this as a
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no word on if they will be officially arrested. two children were here on the scene and they have been taken away by authorities as well. i will send it back to you guys. tisha: now to video of a police officer and a teenage boy. elaina athans now in raleigh. >> the teen is accused of writing -- the police on a police vehicle. here was reaction to that. >> i will threaten you again. you better get in the car and put your hands away. >> you put your hands of me that is assault. >> he threatened to drag the teen out of the car and haul them off to jail. police tell me writing something in snow does not constitute
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the teen ends up apologizing. police are investigating the confrontation now. the raleigh police department always responds. you can check that out on the homepage. elaina athans now in raleigh. joel: take a look at this incredible video. a raleigh parking lot, you can see it going 80 feet. we have chopper 11 hd over the scene. this is a manpower video. andrea blanford has the cause of it. andrea: we did talk to the owner of the building and he tells us this is most likely to blame for the large crack -- the rain. the owner has been in meetings all day long. they ran a camera down a storm
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building causing the area to split. they taped it off and then the building. clayton is concerned about maintaining the size of the area. they are putting out tarps for a short-term fix. then he is talking about bringing construction crews and building a new one from scratch. i'm andrea blanford live in raleigh. tisha: a codefendant had the attention of a courtroom this afternoon as she testified about
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out as male suspects came into homes. >> the witness who took the stand is 21 but she was 18 at the time of the crime. she was standing guard while her boyfriend and his friend broke into cars and homes. she says she saw smith on trial for his life on the second floor bathroom -- balcony. she says she motioned that anthony was inside. it was theanthony who was already serving life without parole showed another friend a folding knife. >> what did you notice on that? >> that may have had the effect of helping the defense. steve: a third person is in custody after being linked to a
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under a was arrested for burglary and kidnapping. he is one of six people who kicked in the door. he went room to room demanding money. three people were inside. the investigation is ongoing. tisha: the fbi ordering a reward in their search for the daughter of a robertson county sheriff's deputy. she disappeared a year ago today. graham left her home on february 4 to drive to work at the walmart but she never showed up. the fbi gather this morning at the site where graham's van was found. they handed out flyers hoping to generate new leads on this cold case. joel: a funeral held for the 13-year-old girl whose body was found in north carolina.
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her mother says her daughter was a lover of pandas and dreamed of being un-american idol. -- on american idol. she was denied bond at a bail hearing. her classmate's charge with kidnapping and first-degree murder. investigators believe the murder may have been in the planning stages for weeks. anna:airbus was caring 74 passengers. the plane landed safely but one for and may have been blown out of the plane. president obama taking part in his last national prayer
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he told the group fear of change and uncertainty it brings can leave people to lash out. prayer. he also struck the heisman pose with the president. steve: local naacp leaders announcing new details about their big moral march happening. it will encourage us to go vote. tim is outside headquarters. >> this is not going to be just a march. they want this to be a voter mobilization effort. the reverend dr. william barber says it will feature speakers, civil rights activists and
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social issues on immigration, health care, and voting rights. they say they hope to mobilize 4500 volunteers. organizers say volunteers will target voters throughout north carolina to get registered and process. we have more information on the homepage. we also have a response from the d.o.t. on this march. tisha: hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head-to-head tonight. a one-on-one debate scheduled. it comes less than a week from the new hampshire primary. sanders has a lead over clinton there. both have agreed to add four more debates to the schedule including tonight. in the presidential race there are now nine candidates.
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rand paul also pulled the plug yesterday. it is time to take you inside the preparation for the big super bowl halftime show. the panthers and broncos will put on a game we won't forget. 100 million people will have that look at the halftime show. now live from downtown san francisco where big details were just unveiled this afternoon. >> they are projecting 114 million people will find a television to watch. a lot of the folks will tune in to see the actual game but the nfl knows a lot tune in just to see entertainment and super bowl 50 promises to deliver. the trick they good halftime show, reaching a wide audience. they hold coldplay and beyonce will tackle that.
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>> they wanted to make it about togetherness and acceptance, the things we believe in. then we got the right guests. we know we have great people joining us. >> coldplay recently released their seventh album called had full of dreams. martin is enjoying the moment and said performing at the super bowl was one of those dreams now coming true. >> it being the 50th year, could you include the past and the present? the way of honoring the past is asking people who we really love, and beyonce is right up there. most would agree. >> once the clock strike zero beyonce will hold it down. she is one of the best-selling artists of all time. lady gaga will sing the national anthem.
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reporter: clocks is one of coldplay's biggest hits. cam newton said monday it is his favorite coldplay song. martin was asked if he knew how to dab. he glossed over that question. maybe we will have to tune in to see if he will do it on the biggest stage. joel: a fun look at what to expect sunday night. eyewitness news coverage continues all week long. tomorrow night our entire crew will be in santa clara. i hope you will tune in for our special. we are calling it chasing a championship. that is tomorrow night at 7:30. i am jealous you get to make this trip.
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steve: we will surprise the bosses. i will be there. two people wanted for a big crim a mcdonald's manager describing the horror of being carjacked by the couple being called a modern day body and clyde -- bonnie and clyde. steve: and a setback if you are to file tax returns. tisha: coming up new at 5:30 -- reporter: thousands of items available for one hour delivery
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joel: a manhunt underway tonight for a couple being called a
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they are wanting for robis going to be. steve: earlybird tax filers are running into problems. the irs has stopped taking electronically filed tax returns because of a problem. they hope to have it fixed by tomorrow. it could affect refunds. the irs is not expect big problems. 90% of taxpayers will get a refund within three weeks. hold on if you're planning on file -- filing now. mattel's grading a barbie doll in honor of everyone blocks -- abby womback. anna: it is wearing her white team usa jersey. she will good down in history as one of the greatest soccer players in the world.
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nothing like getting your own barbie doll. steve: they look like they are out on the beach. having a good time. chris is back with us. for a few flakes. tisha: so much for blue skies and sunshine. where did that go? chris: you got to add of three. the warmth is not going to be around for a while. we're headed back to chilly air than normal weather. some rain is out there. much of the day south and needs of the triangle, most of this on the light side. there are pockets where you see the yellow where it is heavier here. southeast of wake forest, have
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very light around the airport and pockets of heavier rain into johnston county. this is an approaching down for. -- downpour. there was thunder, one cloud to ground strike around north raleigh. that is the only one we could find. the first alert predictor is going to move to the east and dissipate. notice rain lingers here. one more disturbance comes down the pike as we head toward sunrise. it could be changed to a flurry or snow shower briefly. notice how briefly it is gone. some temperatures will stay in the mid 30's to upper 30's during that event. not looking for any impact from that at all.
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a 10th of an inch of rain. 50 officially at the airport. down to 44 at south hill. louisburg, 50 degrees at smithfield. southern pines down to 48. temperatures in the mid-upper 40's. occasional light rain will in towards the morning. a flurry or brief snow shower. class will break up rapidly during the early morning hours. it's going to be chilly. you will need that whether -- winter coat. look at the sunshine. a nice friday. temperatures not getting to 50 in many spots. this low pressure system moves away. high pressure builds in. it will be a cool day.
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temperatures around 50 degrees. overall the weekend not shaping up to badly. mostly sunny skies developing around 50 at fayetteville and mid 40's off to the north. dry and chilly saturday. cold next week. going to be a cold week coming up. no big stories anytime soon. tisha: we will be prepared for those. steve: an iraq war veteran lighting into a would-be robber. and the super bowl could make
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tisha: new developments in the zika virus pray the president of brazil is asking citizens to unite against the virus. there are some calls to cancel the summer olympics that will bring millions of people from around the world. the u.s. olympic committee says they are keeping a close eye on the situation and that participants will be made aware of recommendations. especially for olympic athletes like michael phelps whose fiance is pregnant. steve: an iraq war veteran can
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check out what is happening here from surveillance video inside a gas station. this is a robber demanding money. he grabs the guy, pushes him against the counter. he starts punching the robber. the robber decides this is too much for me and runs out of the store. police are now looking f f him and the weapon he used to hold up the place was a toy. tisha: a warning for panthers and broncos fans. don't double dip. experts examine it records from 1974 to 2009. there was an 18% increase in death from the flu for people under 65 and older. if you are at a super bowl party don't share your beer or chips especially of someone is sneezing or coughing. steve: chris says it will be 51
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send them to the back porch. tisha: be careful. they could get the flu. he defies most of us have in our homes to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. steve: the i-team went to work
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