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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  February 6, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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steve: great to see the turnout at the fundraiser. new security measures in place at cameron indoor stadium. did university is selling metal detectors inside and outside the entrances. everyone has to pester them. it is part of a pilot program to enhance security at sporting events. hundreds of fans in uptown charlotte sending winning vibes all the way cross country to california. the city holding its cap rally to celebrate the season and cheering them on to one more win in the super bowl on sunday night. take a look at this. the pnc building and the sky house condos showing their panthers pride. buildings glowing blue all weekend. kickoff is more than 48 hours away. it is not good enough to just
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tisha joins us live from the bay area with that story. tisha: panthers fans are all over the place here in san francisco. i had a chance to talk to a lot of people and they are saying like, this is amazing, i cannot believe this is happening and they are so happy to be here. they said they could not miss super bowl 50. from the carolinas to the bay area, panthers fans are prowling the streets of san francisco letting everyone know they came to win >> we're going to win. tisha: this year there is no holding back panthers pride. super bowl 50 is a family affair. >> we all flew in from charlotte yesterday. we are just so excited to be here. this is like a dream come true. tisha: they are finally happy to
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>> we have a guaranteed win on sunday i cannot wait to watch. that is why i'm here. tisha: right now they are enjoying all the fun. >> we have been here all day. we have seen people walking around, people walk right by you and it is crazy you are doing all this experience and trying to take it in one day at a time. it is so much fun. tisha: some people are preparing to go to the game. there are others who do not have tickets who came all the way over here just to be near the panthers when they play in the super bowl. they say it is something they could not miss. steve: we are well represented by panthers fans in the bay area tonight. we will see you tomorrow. lots of people are showing up
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panthers pride. we have been hitting pictures of dogs dressed up, and students ditching their school uniforms for the day to support the panthers. we want to see you in your super bowl here. you can share your pictures using the abc11 hashtag. tonight, i am sitting in the studio now named in larry's honor. naming this the larry stogner studio. a new plaque is outside the studio door and you can see where celebrating larry as the patriarch of the eyewitness news room and the heart of carolina. i sat down with larry and his wife to talk about the
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>> i still get around just fine. i have no idea how long that will last. but i have done a lot of things so far. steve: your mobility is still there. that is the answer to your prayers. >>larry has been on a public crusade to fight the disease by raising money and raising you can watch my full interview at our website, abc a massive earthquake rocking taiwan. the desperate rescues from those buildings and a city in ruins.
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collapse. a monster machine crashing down on a new york city street. what we learned about the moments before the collapse and the new order coming in from the mayor of new york city tonight. slipping and sliding. this wobbly dear stuck out on the ice. it is the must-see video of the night. let's take a live look outside. a lot of people out on fayetteville's streets enjoying a great friday night. people are bundled up. it is chilly outside. chris: we will get into the 20's tonight. many spots dropping well into the 20's. saturday looks good but sunday the rain comes in. some of that rain could be mixed with snow. we will tell you who has the best chance of that in a little bit. steve: we have a look at
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steve: a major earthquake in taiwan. the 6.4 earthquake toppling a complex of two high-rise residential buildings. five people are dead. 100 54 hospitalized. rescuers have pulled more than 200 survivors from the ruins. the operation continues because more people are trapped inside. several other buildings are collapsed or partially damaged. you can look for the latest on the story from taiwan tomorrow morning here on eyewitness news. a deadly crane collapse in new york city, smashing vehicles and leaving one person dead on the street below. construction workers were trying to move the crane into a secure position is of increasing wind. the boom crashed down into the intersection. the crane hit buildings on the way down. there was damage on a nearby roof and this street was uttered
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bill de blasio has ordered all cranes to be put in a secure position as a precaution because of the bad weather. authorities in texas transferring even catch to big boy jail. a judge signing an order for the 18 year old to be moved to an adult jail in before hearing later this month to determine if his case is moved out of juvenile court. he was given probation that 2013 drunk driving wreck that killed four people to sparked an international manhunt when he left the country with his mom to go to mexico. after a video immersed of him allegedly playing beer pong. some presidential candidates are tapping it out in the snow but some of the republican hopefuls are taking a break area the primary is four days away and this is what donald trump called crunch time in new hampshire. the gop front-runner called off his only event in the state because of the snowstorm. jeb bush taking a job at trump
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made it out to campaign today. you can watch the debate live from new hampshire at 8 p.m. right here on abc 11 followed by eyewitness news at 11. time now for the must-see video tonight. we begin at a zoo in pittsburgh where this confused ostrich wound up in an ic moat. the bird broke through after taking a dip. he could not get out. several said keepers tried to hoisted out with ropes but the animal still refused to budge. one's a keeper decided to wait into the icy water and left out the ostrich with his bare hands. they weigh between 140 and 320 pounds. they really had their hands full. time to check out a wobbly and wayward deer in need of help. it got hopelessly stock and unable to move. the park worker came to the
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the animal off the ice and got back to solid ground. one of dad in montana herd you want to build a snowman, he apparently answered yes. it took a week to create this giants a man. that is all of from the movie snow -- frozen. he says when he set his daughter down to take a picture she was able to stand up and give olaf a hug. this is a big night for chris. happy national weatherpersons day. it is not an easy forecast. chris: it is possible sunday that areas could have temperatures near 50. there will be one of those interesting days with a lot of variation.
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around and see all sorts of weather. it does look to be the most active of the next five or six days. not looking for anything severe. an interesting day in the sense we could see some areas picking up a bit of snow on sunday as we get a weather system and here. a storm system moving up the east coast. the further east to go you have the best shot at rain that could be mixed with or at times be mainly just snow. that is something to keep an eye on. all clear out there right now. sunny and breezy. translating into a clear and cold night. this is the storm system, upper-level energy over oklahoma. this gets over the gulf and off the coast of florida and helps to induce a surface storm system , and east coast storm that will come up the coast and bring some rain are way that could be mixed
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clear and cold, humidity at 66%. down to 28 in roxboro. 35 in fayetteville. a cold 27 at sanford and southern pines. new york city had some snow. it is not that cold up here. cleveland either. you need that cold air, the source to write down new england and get a good winter storm going. you need that influx of colder air and that is not the case. the storm will have to work with what little cold air there is and it should be mainly rain because we do not have that feed of cold air. it is cold tonight, low-to-mid 20's and upper 20's to the south. tomorrow is nice and quiet. the nicest day of the week although it will be chilly. 26 at 7 a.m., 40 four at noon. we jump up into the upper 40's to near 50 during the afternoon. clouds will increase as we head through the afternoon but it will stay dry until later at night tomorrow night.
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sunshine especially the first part of the day. upper 40's north to about 50 in the triangle and 52 in fayetteville. we watch as high pressure moves away. low pressure develops off the coast of florida and then rides up the east coast. exactly where does it end up? if it goes further west or little bit east. we are on the line between precipitation and no precipitation. areas to the west of the triangle especially may end up with a completely dry sunday while others, rain and some snow east of interstate 95. you see some rain coming in. look at our temperatures. at the surface they stay above freezing. it will be cold. some areas, little pockets of snow, the model trying to generate across the region along interstate 95.
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be so warm and ground temperatures fairly warm i do not see is getting much accumulation because of those the getting factors. off to the west, look at where the sunshine is. sunshine while this mixture goes on to these. it does not appear to be any real significant event because temperatures are to warm for anything to go on except they look kind of cool coming from the sky. check in tomorrow for more but sunday again, rain for some may be mixed with or all snow. 40's for highs. do not get too worried about a big snowstorm. a gets cold next week. temperatures below average. it stays cold. steve: feeding frenzy or sharp eight? a local company makes its page.
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hats steve: lots of people are wearing red to raise awareness about hard disease. today is national go red for women day. we went to wake med. volunteers handed out these little red hats for those babies. the program educates parents
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health and we are a big part of the go red for women campaign at abc 11. we are ready -- wearing red as well. a group of local military wives get mark cuban to fight at their business offer. the employe the -- they employee military wives. making it easier to keep a steady job. the founders say they hope to keep going and keep growing and keep helping military spouses as they grow in their business all across the country. 48 hours from now we will have the super bowl champions in north carolina. mark armstrong on the road with the panthers in the bay area tonight. mark: we are hoping that and many people are thinking that. at least two out of three people aren't big on the panthers to win this one.
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course but pretty huge news. louisville self imposes a postseason ban. no acc or ncaa tournament for
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mark: welcome back to california. days away. first of all some good news, news. thomas davis and jerod allen, ron rivera both set to start on sunday. the team totally healthy except playing. joe mays or has the disney credit card and got to charge it up a bit. >> you cannot come away from the super bowl without bringing home some stuff. there is a store where there are 1500 exclusive items, some of which will break the bank. while viewers from afar one entertainment, visitors here want swag and there is money to choose from from jackets to t-shirts and jerseys but the real high dollar stuff is in the back. if i had a little extra room in my luggage this is what i would get.
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coolest thing about it is it moves by remote control. a couple of my favorite items over here that is authentic. the nfl super bowl jacket. it can be yours for $1000 and there is the most expensive hat you will ever find. twice $500 but it is made out of [indiscernible] if there is anything left in the budget, here you go. a $50,000 gold coin. what do you think about this super bowl colors? >> i love the fact that they are with the gold and the logo is 50 -- super bowl 50. >> what do you think about this super bowl colors? >> it is not black and blue we are not really looking at it.
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>> it goes with the blue. golden blue, perfect. >> this is what i will bring back. we did find one particular item that has an incorrect -- i will not give it away. something is incorrect. you have to go to my facebook page and check it out. >> we have hoops to talk about tomorrow. you can state playing but it was a good one the first time around at pnc arena. state had a good first half, duke had a better second half to get the win there. coach k is back. >> the first thought is to make sure that he is ok. >> coach k made a good job of asking about it.
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>> kane is in action. what a first period i the hurricanes. opening the scoring account 1-0. and then later on, adding a second and the gold would keep coming and adding one. the kings led 4-0. they needed basically all the goals. they hold on to beat the jets 5-3. the kings back on the winning track. back to you. steve: we will look forward to your reporting from the super bowl. thank you for joining us. the news is always on at abc jimmy kimmel live is next. goodusic). what do you do if your pool turns cloudy?
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organizing the house does not have to be a painful experience. today we get with an expert who has the right products that can get your home's outdoor spaces neat and organized. an increasingly global work place requires more mobility and people are relocating more frequently, but where should a family live. today, you'll see how the options to renters are broader then ever. this is the show all about you and your space, your home and surroundings. we are designingspaces. (music).
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designing spaces' debi marie has moved into her new home and wants to maintain the pool herself. usually it's debi who visits home owners and brings along some help, but this time we're helping her out. well we have our first house party coming up and we're going to do it pool side, but the problem is the water seems a little cloudy. what do i do? cloudy pool water can be caused by several problems so designing spaces brought in rebecca, new products manager for the clorox pool and spa brand to show debi how she can keep her water clean and clear. thank you so much for being here. of course. it's so good to have you back. you know i thought i was doing a good job, but i don't know. you look at the pool, obviously i'm not. well cloudy water does happen, but don't worry because we'll be sure to have it cleared up before your pool party. alright, perfect. i knew you'd be able to help me. so first off we need to figure out what's causing the problem and really it can be three things. it could be improper water balance which i'm sure it's not.
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so you said contaminates though. what would that be? contaminates can be anything like leaves or dirt, which might have been brought in from rain or wind. sunscreen or even pee, which can be brought in by swimmers. alright. i've been really good with the skimmer taking out all the leaves and stuff so that's why i was actually surprised it was cloudy. i've been taking care of my pool myself and i've been doing really well up until now. debi really wants to do the right thing and keep her pool looking clear. it's simple to do, but it does involve a little more than the skimmer net. ok, so once we get the water clear your going to want to keep it that way and all you'll need is the right products to do so. i guess that was my question. i don't know what to buy. right. well with the clorox pool and spa easy 1, 2 3 pool care brand system it's simpler than you think. you still have the clorox pool app, right? absolutely, i actually tested and balanced it before you came over. ok, perfect. so you dipped your strip into the water up to your elbow and checked it on the app to make sure all of your balance ranges were green? absolutely.
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