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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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election next mth >> see what's happening this instant. starts right now. >> tonight there's an all out search for a killer in raleigh. good evening. police and friends of jose doe menages want to know who pulled the trigger. reporter: they believe more than one suspect was involved, and they fled in a white car. with no description, it doesn't
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those who knew the victim hope that something will show up. >> running around in his own taxi cab, they are revisiting the spot where his co-worker and his friend lost his life. >> this is where he was killed. reporter: just before 1:30 this morning, 911 dispatchers received this call. >> i was walking. somebody ran in to him. reporter: that person on the ground was jose. they say jose worked for amigo taxi for seven years. he was here at the apartments to pick up a fare. they see people go through all the time. it was from a company they weren't familiar with. he said that jose was robbed. police are not confirms that with us tonight. instead they've been combing the area for clues and going door to door looking for eyewitnesses. >> 3:00 this morning they was banging on my door.
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they asked me have i heard anything. reporter: andrea tyler said she was home and surprised she didn't hear anything, especially gunshots. for now what exactly happened here at hodge's creek remains a mystery. he just knows he lost a friend and happy. >> he was a good guy. reporter: they tell us the family doesn't live in the area. they all live in new york. as far as suspects they believe more than one person was involved in this. they may have fled in a white vehicle. if you know anything, you are asked to call the raleigh police department. live in raleigh tonight, abc news eyewitness news. anchor: a white car and phone call were the only news. now for the man hunt. nolla bentley was found dead.
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35-year-old sherrod stewart. they want him to turn himself in. bentley and stewart were romantically involved. they don't believe stewart is armed. the jury in the capital murder trial. more of the police interrogation video. he's accused of murdering a raleigh mother in may of 2013. in the video a detective begins by asking him about a stolen computer that was for sale online. a stolen computer investigated connect the to smith and two other co-defendants. two computers have been center stage in the death penalty trial. they were stolen from an apartment downstairs from where melissa jones was beaten and stabbed to death. watch the remainder of the video tomorrow morning. the trial will be streaming live at 9:30. you can find a linguine our home page. an autopsy report revealing more about the death of a man at the hands of sheriff deputies.
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we know he had cocaine and alcohol. they were investigating an assault. they said the couple they were looking for did not live there. when the deputies asked to search the home, he refused because they didn't have a search warrant. deputies say that's when livingston become combattic. the fbi continues its investigation. a cumberland county teacher is student. she was an instructor at the early college. 30-year-old laura garrigus facing four counts. each count represents a different alleged sexual encounter between october and december when the 17-year-old female student came forward to police. garrigus posted bond and cannot have any contact with any children under the age of 18, including her own children. new tonight. look at the frightening scene in
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a car caught fire at 6:30. you see a lot of smoke there as firefighters douche the flames. we are working to see what caused the fire and if anyone was hurt. the fight over how we vote will move in to another day. they filed a lawsuit claiming voting maps are unfair have until noon tomorrow. they are trying to block a court order by federal judges who concluded race played a role in how two voting districts were mapped out. one of those districts is right here in our area. here it is. this is the first congressional district stretching from tush ham to wilson and northampton. joel brown live in downtown raleigh with more on the fight that could impact all of us in next month's primary election. joel? reporter: steve, nearly five years after republican lawmakers re-drew the congressional voting
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a federal court has ruled them racially bias and ordered the lines redrawn by next friday. the state filed the emergency petition with the court. nay say the timetable here is nearly impossible and that voting could be thrown in to chaos. tonight north carolina is faced with a federal order to hold a special legislative session to re-draw the congressional lines by february 19th. if the state is unable, it can't hold any of the congressional races. the leader that re-drew the maps filed the petition asking the courts to delay its order, arguing the absentee voting is underway. >> people have been voting. they say don't do it. we've been doing it. reporter: they found that republicans drew north carolina's first congressional district based too heavily on race. the court said the same thing about the 12th congressional district agreeing with critics who accused republicans of
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dilute their voting power in other parts of the state. the prospect of re-drawing voting lines is a nightmare for the state. >> we couldn't have time and the equipment. it could change the way that north carolinians experience their elections. >> top republicans in the general assembly issued a statement: we trust the federal trial court was not aware the federal election was underway and it not intend to throw our state in to chaos. we hope the court will immediately issue a stay. steve, there's a lot of limbo right now. the state board of elections telling voters to continue to vote and leave it to the board to decide whether or not the votes will be certified. meantime the plaintiffs in the case have until noon tomorrow to respond to the state's emergency petition and then it will be up to the court to decide whether or not to delay its ruling. live out of the legislature tonight. i'm joel brown, abc news,
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steve: we are watching closely the decision coming in soon. joel, thank you. rene elmers meeting with officials at fort bragg. this is a photo from inside. the reserve group will be deactivated and 700 soldiers will be sent to other duty stations. the c130 fleet will be moved. they call the deactivation a huge mistake and elmers is hoping to get the pentagon to hit the breaks on. . >> with the threats of trillion, this is a very, very bad decision. the decision that's moving forward is based on 2013 numbers and 2013 decisions. we're in 2016 now. we're faced with global terrorism at a level we've never seen before. we simply can't make the mistake of thinking in such a backward fashion. reporter: elmers says she's headed back to washington tomorrow.
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mccain and others. she wants the entire decision put on hold until a new president comes in to office and until the military can prove training for fort bragg para troopers will not be jeopardized. a sink hole is growing in chatham county. it is impacting hundreds of students and parents. old pipes gave way last month creating the big sink hole you see. the detour has impacted 13 bus routes for several schools along with nearly 550 students. it could be another couple of months before the road is fixed. money is pouring in to help someone defaced nine. the cemetery has managed to raise $31,000 to fix the damage. case. there's a reward for information leading to the vandals. the carolina panthers are back home right here in the
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the plane carrying the team home from northern california touched down at about 6:30. fans gathered to cheer the team after playing in super bowl l. unfortunately the outcome was not the one we were hoping for, as you know by now. the final score broncos beating the panthers 24-10. take a look at the powerful image from sampson county. you can see it. that's a soldier saluting the american flag. while she was dropping off her son, she saw the dad get out of his truck and salute the flag as the children were raising it. it happened this morning at clem ents elementary school. a cruise ship gets knocked around off of the carolina coast. why a lawmaker wants some answers from the cruise line. unusual weapons.
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with an intruder inside their home. what they threw at him that got him to put down his gun and run away. a live look outside of the studio. things are drying out after rain moves through. >> still wet. temperatures about freezing. we don't get much below that tonight. the rain is gone. the cold is coming in two ways. when it gets here and
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>> abc 11 is keeping you connected. get notification for the latest updates. steve: a cruise ship that suffered minor damage as it sails through a storm is headed back.
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you can see how banged around things are. royal caribbean decided not to have it continue on its way. 30 foot waves crashed against the ship. tonight the national weather service says its ocean prediction center was sending out alerts about the storm four days before the ship ran in to trouble. the member of congress is calling on the ntsb to investigate the decision to sail in to the storm. the captain ordered all of the passengers in to the rooms. both yesterday and today the passengers got free interact access, and they also had a free cocktail hour. the cruise line is giving everyone on board a full refund. chipotle restaurants are open again. they were closed for a few hours earlier today. we found this sign on the location near nc state. they closed all restaurants for a big meeting with executives
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the move came after the e. coli outbreak hurt its bottom line. about 500 people got sick. employees went to the updated food safety program that they in january. a laundry basket turns in to a weapon after a nebraska couple ran in to an intruder. they were in bed when they heard something. when he flicked on the light, the intruder fired gunshots. before he could again, he threw a laundry basket. they started to compare his story to david and gogh lie goliath. >> he had a rock. i had a basket full of clothes. one of the members said good things they wasn't folded. now you have a basket of clothes by your bed. no problem. i understand.
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police have not tracked down the intruder in nebraska. let's check out the big board. we have the must-see video of the night. we begin with the terrifying scene in india. this is a leopard on the prowl inside a school. that guy trying to wrangle him there. six people were hurt. no students were in the school. it took rescuers ten hours. it was later released in to the wild after they got it out of the school building. check out the dramatic video from mexico. that's the volcano erupting. it is an amazing sight. the sunlight from behind the mountain and the ash shooting about 2,500 feet in to the air. and there's this. a family on the safari at the place called park omega. they got really close. the creature was looking for a
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as you see there, there's a little girl happily handing over her carrots. they kept popping in and out trying to see what else was in the picnic basket. the animal was really very friendly and smelled good. like the accommodation between pine staff and campfire is how he described it. what a wild sight that is. they got a little something in canada. >> that barely fits in there. love it. two blasts of arctic air from canada. >> arctic from canada and down here. the first one comes later tomorrow night in to wednesday. in to sun. that's when temperatures could be the oldest of the season. we've had some cold days with the snow and ice. low temperatures 18 which isn't that cold for us. at least in terms of the entire winter. we should better that though as we head towards the weekend. no rain or snow.
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here's wave numb one coming in. temperatures will be in the 30's for highs by thursday. then a stronger surge of cold air comes down the east coast as we get in to the latter part of the weekend. temperatures stay way below average. next week we'll see some recovery. it is going to take a while. this isn't going to be a quick cold spell. it is going to last quite a while. look at the pretty shot we had sent in to us. bear creek after the rain moved out before sunset. a beautiful double rainbow there. that's a pretty shot there. the rain is gone there. the showers roll through. some were heavy during the dinner hour. they are pretty much near the coast now and dissipating. all quiet out there. should be fairly quiet. overcast skies. the rain is gone. still a little wet there. 39 degrees in the first alert weather station. the airport is one cooler at 38 at 11:00. humidity is 100%. the winds are calm.
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shouldn't last too long as the winds will start to pick up as the cold front continues to move through. some patches of fog here and there. down to 36 now. 34 at roxboro. wilson at 39. she in fayetteville. i don't think we'll see any problems with black ice. temperatures shouldn't drop much below freezing. with the wind picking up, it should dry the pavement. if you see what looks like wet pavement tomorrow, be extra careful. maybe isolated icy patch here and there. look at the cold air coming in the low 20's as far south with a little bit of snow coming down too. that's the cold air that gets here starting tomorrow. especially in to wednesday and thursday. showers roll out. look at them dissipating. they get fairly strong over us during the mid to late afternoon and early evening hours. there are the snow showers to the west across tennessee and kentucky. much of the moisture will dry us. over the mountains could be four
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a winter storm warning is up there with winter weather advisories. the evening showers have ended. low to mid 30's for overnight lows with mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning cloudy. tomorrow areas have some sunshine. 33 at 8:00 p.m. 40 at the noon hour. this front goes through. another one comes our way in the northwest flow. limited moisture. there could be a sprinkle or a snow flurry during the day tomorrow. shouldn't amount to much at all. temperatures will be above freezing in the mid 40's. it will be cold. some of the snowflakes may make it to the ground even though it will be well above freezing. it is just the cold air coming in beyond that with temperatures way below average. tomorrow's highs in the mid 40's going to be breezy. it is going to feel colder. that's the warmest it will be for a while until next week. here's your first alert forecast. 25 tomorrow night. wednesday near 40. 30's for thursday. a little bit of a recovery friday.
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wind chills may be near zero. highs upper 20's to near 30. valentine's day going to need to do something to keep warm. >> snuggle up. absolutely.
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steve: it is time to meet nora. she's the baby polar bear. the name was chosen by the public in online voting. people from 115 different countries voted. nora is a combination of nanook and aurora. she's doing what cubs do. a group of police officers went make sure everything was going fine with the new hoop and back board. nice to see them.
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super bowl. the panthers got back after what i'm sure was a pretty long flight from northern california. >> yes, a long flight. i imagine it was a silent flight too. a lot of guys hanging their heads. that was a nice little treat for them. the panthers players back in charlotte. now we breakdown what went wrong in super bowl l and duke faces
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highlights coming next. >> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealer. >> jonathan stewart best summed up the super bowl say it is the game you dream about. you don't dream about it going this way. the rest of the teammates ecod the same emotions in the aftermath. the reality sunk in for the panthers. they would not return to north definitely feel like we should have won the game. hats off to denver. reporter: players who were
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stunned and straight up. i don't want to talk to you guys. reporter: cam newton being the most upset of all. >> i got outplayed. reporter: the panthers qb delivered his worst performance of the season due to the pressure delivered by denver's defense. they sacked newton six times. von from them. they did a good job. they were able to make enough plays. >> it is a tough pill to swallow. they remain winless in y mind. i'm ready to get back for next
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reporter: despite the final toughness. the linebacker posting the photo on the broken right arm. it is completely stitched up there. he credited the trainers and doctors for helping him play for how much love i have for my brothers and panthers nation. 1,000 played. there. welcome. it came behind the arc. his first bucket is a three. later on they gave the blue devils a big boost in side. they combine for 24 for the 35 first half points. duke was up 11 at the break. in transition here, a one-point game. duke's five-minute scoring drought would end here.
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later on, louisville down two. his go ahead free throw gave the cardinals the lead 58-57. duke responds on a stretch making the free throws to take the lead. a little bit of security off of the glass. 72-65 win. steve: good win for duke. no post season for those guys. >> it was the 1,000th game. it was a tough one to get. steve: the panthers get to look ahead to next season. you know it is going to be great. >> extra motivation. steve: thanks. we hope you'll stay up a few minutes longer and catch "jimmy kimmel live." demarcus ware is on. you can see the post celebration from the broncos. join us online. the morning team will be here
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