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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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coming up we'll ou >> see what is happening this instant. from the raleigh eyewitness news center, eyewitness news at 5:30 p.m. starts right now . >> a good samaritan in the right place at the right time.
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major newsrooms, including a tribute to local law enforcement. >> traffic alert, and a rich for -- search for an armed robbery suspect in >>. >> police have a moment of silence for a fallen officer. in the past seven days, seven officers have been killed in the line of duty. eight in the last month. the names of the officers were broadcast to all wake county agencies, and they say they want to honor the officer as he rose, not for how they die, but how a lin dunn served. -- as heroes, not for how they die, but how they served. >> let's head out to stephanie of -- looking at traffic. >> conditions are dry.
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blacktop, where the switch it will be happening. that new blacktop in the middle, you can expect some traffic with that. >> what they're trying to do, weather permitting, if they're going to move all the traffic after 8:00 p.m. to the far right lane. then they will do all the work they need for the traffic shift right after that work is done the traffic will be shifted to the two . new lanes. delays. >> it is a very short stretch, you will be slowing down. you need to go very slow, because instead of a straight shot down the freeway, you will be going back and forth. >> and gives cruising just work on the interchange connecting freeway to highway 70. some drivers say they understand the delays, but others are not happy about it >>.
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>> i hope everybody else will be ok with that. >> i cannot make it to work two hours late. >> i try to avoid it altogether. >> the southbound lane shift is expected to last until june when they will switch over and do it on the northbound lanes. >> it will be inconvenient for everyone for a long time, but the final product will be great because we will be able to connect people between those two roads. it will take traffic off the freeway, it will take traffic 15 and a 5015 >> the 501. >> live in durham, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> thank you. from our fayetteville newsroom, police and the public health tracking down a robbery suspect.
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wanted in connection with an armed robbery tuesday night. police believe he robbed a 19-year-old female at gunpoint. the suspect left in a green suv. >> a woman survived an awful crash on i-95, thanks to a stranger. >> her car left the road, and crashed through the guardrail. she talks to the good samaritan now. >> this was a story with a wonderful ending, because with this accident report can you realize this woman was really lucky she was not seriously injured or worse. she crossed to lane in front of an 18 wheeler, and someone was in the right place at the right time. >> it was pure instinct. we are trained as much as i was, it is just natural.
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injury and becoming a consultant, he spent five years with the firefighters. little did he know that instinct would come into play wednesday night as he troubled home from -- traveled home from work. >> all of the sudden i see a car the media. heading right toward me. >> driver, distracted by a tractor-trailer alongside her, crossed the northbound lane. she came to an abrupt stop, tangled and cables. >> per passenger side door's s were jammed shut. had to pull these to give her room to give out. get out. >> that cable, was hard to move.
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get the keys out of the ignition. >> we're just glad she is ok. i hope you are doing well. i did not give her my phone number. >> we know that there was no fuel explosion, and no serious injury. the worst part was about $10,000 worth of damage to the woman's car. but things can be replaced, and people cannot c. >> those are some incredible good samaritans. >> that is wonderful. it is nice it was a second nature. >> it is nearly a decade since the carolina hurricanes brought -- hoisted the stanley cup. >> everyone remember the celebrations.
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>> and a beloved second-grade tinker killed outside the school where she teaches. >> we are live on the scene of breaking news and raleigh. gunshots ring out outside a house. and a the latest bout with winter weather putting a squeeze on the dot's budget. that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero
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>> abc 11 is keeping you connected find us on facebook, like our page, and click notifications to give the latest updates. >> federal investigators are going back into the water to find out more about a cargo ship wreck.
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is saying on october 1 while en route to puerto rico. 33 crew members were on board, no bodies have been recovered. investigators believe the recorder could have captured conversations between the crew during their final moments before the ship went down. the new search will begin in april. >> is runner for bigger and better cell coverage. at&t says it will be ready to contact field trials on its five g network. fries and many similar announcement last year. -- verizon made a similar announcement last year. it is not clear exactly how much of a power boost it will get your current upload and download speed. adding a little something extra to the all-star game this weekend. all 24 players have their own and mojito. the idea is to vote for the
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players with obvious nicknames and/or the distinctive look were pretty easy. but they didn't know what to do with steph curry, and lebron james has the bochy of a crown for king james. >> they better figure out what to do with steph curry . >> lottery fever was a windfall. there was long lines at stores
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how much>> now to a look at stories making headlines across the state, including family, friends, and students numbering a beloved teacher. >> how carolina was impacted by the record powerball jackpot. >> family and friends are expected to turn out tonight to say goodbye to a beloved teacher killed in a tragic accident in the school parking lot great 25-year-old was hit outside the elementary and goldsboro tuesday morning. he was a second-grade teacher there. there will be a service of remembrance tonight. his funeral will be tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. at fairview cemetery. >> to a historic powerball jackpot. executive director alex told lawmakers that lottery outlets sold $79 million more in
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two-month timeframe, won the jackpot swelled to $1.6 billion. profits from the lottery are earmarked for education initiatives, that are determined by the general assembly. the powerball run increase the lottery share for education by $30 million. >> now to the snowfall in western north carolina. they have that out of school for five days. >> it is called upslope snow. on the other side we get several inches. a similar type of thing as lake-effect snow. windchill advisory in effect for the mountains as well. we will get very cold, that is the news for the weekend. i will jump ahead to monday, that's the next chance for winter weather, after the really cold air for the weekend.
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monday morning there will be a wintry mix as an area of low pressure runs up to the west of us. this is not a contract for a winter storm, but it does bring some moisture from the gulf of mexico. mainly rain by afternoon, during the morning hours, there is a good shot that we will see a brief timeout light snow, sleet, and freezing rain and it will not accumulate too much, but may cause some slick spots as we head into monday morning. whatever is around will wash away. quickly as the temperatures surge and rain starts to come down. all quiet on first alert doppler. the skies clearing now, 30 degrees. it will be a cold night. the wind is fairly light, but his will crank up towards morning. the humidity is that 64%. the skies are clearing from west to east. upper 20's in the coastal plain,
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longer. about a 10th of an inch of ice across the sandhills. it is not cause any power outage hits, but it makes for slick travel. it is already out to be a fast mover, and it is gone. sunny skies tomorrow, but if you will be out in about early, the windchill will be between five degrees and 10 degrees. 31 at 2:00 p.m., only in the low 30's for the high. when justin upton -- wind gusting up to 40. temperatures in the low 30's to mid 30's, down to the south. look at these wind chills in the morning.
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then back down into the single digits tomorrow night, even though the wind won't lighten. temperatures will be even colder around 10 to 15 for lows. the record low as to below zero. the windchill single-digit, sunny on sunday, a wintry mix. for a time in the morning hours, travel issues will be decreased. we switch over to rain, and it looks like a rainy monday night and a really rainy early tuesday. >> we are getting used to these brief moments of snow and then it is gone. >> these have just been little nuisances more than anything else. no major things. monday morning we may see an issue, and then it clears up quickly. >> the thing is the cold this weekend. >> do not forget your pet.
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a triangle man becomes more and more frustrated. we're talking over six months, see slide, and what happens when diane wilson uninvolved. -- got involved. it is just kind of gray outside. i thought it was a dusting of snow, but we think it is a dusting of salt that our city
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you probably>> hard to believe, but it has been 10 years since they hoisted the stanley cup. >> the team is celebrating that achievement with special events tonight. mark armstrong joins us now with the details. >> a big game for this year's hurricanes, versus the penguins. everybody basking in the glory of that magical 2016. one of the heroes, the fake free agent that he year -- a big free agents this year. take us back to when you chose
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>> i think it was, we were going through a tough time in st. louis. the trading deadline came up, and about a month before that they called and i was asked to leave. i felt there is no way you going to turn somebody down. we got a great team, and i was humbled they wanted to me. it turned out to be a great thing. >> things turned out. what is your memory of that magical run? >> the culmination of every great game. getting there, from minute one i knew it was a special team. the closeness they have, as we marched on, i just knew it was a
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it is great, and obviously winning games at home in front of our fans, not knowing -- being from a hockey town, you never know what to expect. i never played in a rural hockey area. what great sports fans. it is a blur, but i watched of the tape, and my son likes to watch them. low-volume, and they stood up for the entire series, and is just great sports fans that are passionate. it was aweweme. >> we are watching you raising the cup with your shoulder. ? it >> it was worth it. thank god i was able to get out there. i was doing her thing i can't. it was a great accomplishment as a team. i'm proud to be a part of it and
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>> congratulations. >> how awesome. thank you so much. what an incredible moment. >> in tonight's troubleshooter report, a county neighborhood terrorized for months. >> jim rogers saw the water running. the company sent a crew to the neighborhood. the leak wasn't fixed. >> there was a small home of the water was running out, and it gets bigger and bigger. >> they sent a crew out again. >> another 30 feet. >> but the water still running. >> nobody knows where.
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water is wasting away. >> is a finite resource. you cannot just waste it. >> it took several days to find the source of the leak, but they finally found it. and fixed it. diane wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> you can imagine jim is happy water is no longer wasting away. they are sorry it took as long to fix the leak, and appreciate mr. roger's patients. if you have a consumer complaint, you can get an e-mail to us. also reach out on twitter or facebook. that is a long time he had to wait. >> six months of watching water waste away, that is awful. >> eyewitness news continues.
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6:00 p.m. >> trying to track down three men on the run after a home invasion and shooting. we are alive in the neighborhood where this crime went down this afternoon. >> mother nature did not give up much of a fight today, but winter weather is quickly coming. >> this local road has been shut down since late january, after
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>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. >> hurricane news and wake county. raleigh police trying to track down three people in behind a home invasion and shooting. tisha: elaina athans live on the scene with the details. >> three men on the run right now. they took off on foot. the shooting happened right behind this house right behind me. this crime scene tape has been placed around the area. also to the left you will see that some officers at this time are now meeting at dealing with residents in this neighborhood. the man was injured, shot once in the leg.
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this appears to be a home invasion, and was drug-related. the demo is at the hospital right now, he is expected to be ok. he has nonlife threatening injuries. there are about a dozen officers out here right now to my meeting with residents, and others have arrived in the last half hour or so. steve: the snow may be fading way for today, but winter weather sticking around for the weekend. tisha: a big day for the viewing area. steve: now we're focused on dangerously cold temperatures. tisha: chris is monitoring these temperatures we are looking forward to. chris: you factor in the wind, we have not had too many issues with wind chill. that will be able to the different story into the weekend. it will be a quick hitter,


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