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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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in effect until midnight. let's go to chris hohmann in the first alert storm center. chris: things are quieter than they were a few hours ago. first alert doppler xp, there is nothing on it. here are the reports of wind damage. not all of them. if you put all of them on there, it would be cluttered. up in grandville in vance counties, you see tornadoes touched down, at least one tornado, the national weather service will determine whether it was one or two.. the weather went back into the cloud and redeveloped and came back down across parts of vance county. we had one batch go through midday. there were two native warnings across the sandhills. this batch moved out. the atmosphere remained very unstable. a very narrow band developed
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it created a very favorable environment for severe weather. the national weather service in raleigh issued about 30 warnings in a seven-hour period. one of our most active time since april 2011. look at these winds -- still gusting at 60 miles per hour. partly cloudy. gusty winds behind our cold front. that wind advisory in effect through midnight. it will stay blustery all night. for the severe weather, it is gone for quite a while. we will tell you about the seven day in a little bit. steve? steve: several homes were damaged by that tornado this afternoon. eyewitness news' stephanie lopez one of the first on the
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joel brown is live for us with a look at the damage and three-story peoplere telling tonight area joel? joel: and folks are still trying to wrap their minds around all that happened today. one said they do not know what they would come home to in the afternoon. this is what they came home to. the walls altering out. there are concerns about that home. this home did not fare much better. the roof blown off, the inside torn apart. >> look at this -- it's not real. joel: but it is all too real. pam walked her home. this was the front porch? pam: this was the front porch. joel: the house torn apart, the
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rick has a serious hearing problem, so pam did the talking. she said that he left the house minutes before the tornado. it was a life-saving run for dog food. pam: with his hearing problem, he would not have heard it coming. i thank god that god told him to go get dog food. joel: it sent to them running into the basement. >> it was pretty terrifying. joel: down the road, she took cover in a hallway, which he calls a terrifying few seconds that seemed to last forever. >> very scary. it felt like the whole house was shaking and it sounded like a train was coming down on us. joel: everyone in this thtknit
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sheriff counting blessings. >> it is amazing no one was hurt. joel: be live, we can tell you grandville county sheriff's deputies have locked down this storm zone to protect what is left of people's homes and their property. one more note about pam and rick. they have five dogs -- five pomeranians, and at one point, all five dogs were missing. we are happy to report this evening that all five have been accounted for, including one of the dogs to had to be cut out and rescued from underneath this house. steve: and when you see that damage, jill, it is amazing pam and rick and the pomeranians are all doing all right. and we have this video of the same tornado moving through henderson. you see the funnel cloud on the ground near highway 39.
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sized hail their in vance county. tisha: here in the triangle, an ominous view from high atop the sky house in raleigh. a tornado warning came bearing down on the capital city. angelica alvarez is live in the room with a look at the damage in the triangle. angelica? angelica: the power is back on for this neighborhood, but the streetlights are shedding light on the damage done. you can see this was a near miss for the woman behind the wheel. >> fortunately she is ok. at angelica: -- angelica: they were there 10 minutes before. >> the wind became very ferocious. she climbed into the closet behind the stairs with the dogs
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angelica: scenes repeating all over the neighborhood as the worst of the storms tore through. >> it sounded like a freight train. angelica: they wasted no time running for cover. >> i ran for the hallway closet. angelica: when it was over and people started clearing the debris, to find themselves with downed power lines and in the dark for hours. and back out here, in the cleanup -- the cleanup will begin tomorrow. live in durham, angelica alvarez, abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: angelica, thanks. in north raleigh, a church on capital boulevard shutdown. there were concerns that a
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a woman heard the gust of wind before the tree fell. >> i was in my room. the wind was blowing really hard. i looked out my window. it was, like, boom. my son called me down. steve: a church members says that the owner just renovated that entire space for months ago. no one was hurt, but the building has significant damage. tisha: a mother and daughter were in their mobile home in wake county when violent winds ripped the roof off. the family says the father is not in the united states right now, but an extended family member and the red cross will be helping the mother and the girl get back on their feet. they do have somewhere to stay tonight. in cumberland county, about 1000 customers lost power this afternoon after the roof from a small building lieu onto the
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was no significant damage. power was restored by 6:00. there was also an outage reported with a large tree limb on a line. steve: many of you helping us cover the severe weather. here on the big board we have some of your photos loaded up. kelly bolin sharing this damage from the front of the house. you see the tree crashing into the front porch there. this is a pretty wild shot. this is from midtown raleigh. diane compton sharing this. take a look at this. the blue sky there and the ominous cloud is the tornado warning was dissenting. this is from hillsboro. putting the dogs in the bathtub with the blanket. they are hunkered down as that tornado warning was in place in orange county. you can be part of our storm team.
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you can upload them directly using our mobile app and we're always watching social media, so use the #abc11eyewitness umpqua --#abc11eyewitness #. tisha: one man tried to rob a bank during the height of the afternoon storm. no one was hurt inside the bank. steve: a man accused of killing a cheyenne university's student two decades ago -- several of his friends took the witness stand today, recalling the night she vanished. police believe that he wanted her to have an abortion and she refused. her remains were found nine months after she disappeared. night a man is recovering after getting attacked in a parking garage. here he is getting treated by paramedics. crews found him in a pool of blood.
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16-year-old for the crime. they found the victim roost and bloody and disoriented in a stairwell in a parking garage. the city owns the garage. residents are concerned. >> i feel like i have to have people walk to my car with me. i have never felt that way. steve: the victim is expected to survive. the teenager is charged with burglary and aggravated assault. tisha: we are just getting started -- a smash and grab it. a police officer puts his life on the line. it is the most see video tonight. also coming up -- doctors can put migraines on ice. the device providing relief and how long it will last. but first, we want to take a look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. things are drying out after a violent weather day. the rest of the week looks much better. chris hohmann will tell you
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numbers -- 67 to muchsteve: -- tisha: new tonight, the same system responsible for damage in north carolina leaving a deadly trail in virginia. the tiny town of waverly taking a beating. three people, including a two-year-old, died when the tornado hit their mobile home. the storm cut off the town from two major highways. fore a house committee, but said the government have the authority to tell third parties to help the
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apple ceo tim the fbi believes that it would clarify the motive in the attack. this could be a landmark case that would go to the supreme court. steve: health officials working the slums of brazil, trine to determine if the mosquito borne zika virus is causing -- trying to determine if the mosquito
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babies to be born with small brains. tisha: a doctor in california is hoping to freeze pain away. it uses nitrous oxide to deliver a targeted burst of cold to the head. the pain response is masked, and the doctor deadens the nerve endings. some patients say there is a slight burning situation -- sensation when he nerve is frozen. it can last up to four months. steve: we have a very close call in our must-see video. watch this truck. a police officer polled over -- pulled over to help some people and he nearly became a victim. it shows the truck speeding by
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the officer infety. he was dragged from the suv there. fortunately he only has minor injuries. now huge mountains of trash clogging the streets in beirut. this is the result of a garbage crisis going on for months. an agreement to send thousands of tons of garbage to russia fell through last week. it is still in lebanon. they have been searching for ways to get rid of all of that trash, bagged up in those white bags, but that gets pretty smelly after a well, huh? tisha: that is not pretty.
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steve: chris, you had 30 different tornado and severe storm warnings today and what a great job tracking that throughout all of the afternoon. and calmly through it all. chris: thank you. and you guys helping me out, too, the reporters in the field, the producers, everybody coming together to hopefully keep folks safe, and what a nice little treat at the end of the storm -- a double rainbow. chatham county. you can see the sun coming out just before sunset this evening. it made for a nice treat after a rocky, rough day for many of us. on first alert doppler xp, that storm pretty much came on schedule. two thunderstorms across the region. they are gone. funnel cloud, holly springs, fortunately did not touchdown. did across the border county. showed you that earlier.
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15 miles per hour at rdu, still mild, 56. it will cool down into the 40's overnight. you can get a look at this storm from a different perspective. this is what came through through the afternoon, evening hours. does not look like much at all. it is just a narrow band of thunderstorms from this vantage point. it does not look all of that volatile. but looks can be deceiving. this low pressure hammered the great lakes with blizzard conditions today. you can see this line of storms. here is the first batch of severe weather. an apparent tornado and wayne county. and the second batch of thunderstorms across the region -- thunderstorms carrying northeast up to 70 miles per hour. they do not get a lot faster.
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that is very rare. all the way to philadelphia, they are under severe thunderstorm warnings. areas of low pressure near cleveland. colder air wrapping around those white out conditions. 15-plus inches of snow. lots of folks stranded on the roadways in northern indiana especially, numerous cars stranded. chicago got off early -- got off lucky. snow heavier southeast of the city. it is still gusting close to 50 in the triangle, fayetteville. all of those storms are gone. those winds could bring branches down. to not be a surprise if you go out tomorrow morning and your guard is a mess -- do not be surprised if you go out tomorrow and your yard is a mess when it
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44 at 8:00, 50 at noon. partly sunny. breezy, cool day. quiet day. we will take it after today. that powerful low cold front sparked severe weather well offshore. though showers traveling across parts of the ohio valley. will cause minor accumulations. we will see dry weather around here. friday looks to be a great day. sunny skies. the winds will be up there at 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusts up to 35. a blustery day, but a quiet day. we will take it. 50's to near 60's. your first alert accuweather seven-day forecast. after a rocky day, clear sailing. cold. 20's. sunday, close to 60. warm and dry next week, into the 60's for a high.
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march in. maybe some winter weather in, too. tisha: really? chris: maybe. tisha: thank you. and because of our extended coverage, "general hospital" will be moved into the overnight hours. you can see it at 1:07. facebook gets more emotional. the new feature you are sure to
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steve:tisha: facebook's like button has competition. the social media giant has announced it is expanding the ways to react to stories in your news feed. if you hover over the thumbs-up button, you can like, wow, ha ha, sad, or angry. steve: all kinds of options now. tisha: a puppy was shot over a dozen times by a bb gun in south carolina. he now has a forever home. steve: a utility worker found seeds and teenagers messing with
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bleeding heavily -- found teens messing with the puppy and found he was bleeding heavily afterward. that is healing energy there. tisha: no one can hurt him. steve: not anymore. it was state and carolina and the packed up by 13 point early on. >> it is a game of runs, and certainly it was in the first half area another big rivalry game in the triangle. they were aggressive and good in the early going.
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unc>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. reporter: n.c. state tried to slow the pace against carolina. it makes sense given the personnel involved. they tried to run with carolina and early on the tar heels -- cat barber coming off the disappointing game this weekend simply could not miss. barbara made seven of his first at 10 field goals, the -- cat barber made seven of his first 10 field goals, the cats surging.
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marcus paige ties it. not the way to go. cat ended up with 32. mark armstrong is that the pnc live. what a first half we had.
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mark: what a treat to watch, cat barber out of the gate on this one. he was on fire. and as you showed as well, justin jackson, having one of those x factor type games. >> that is the thing that killed us in the very beginning of the game. what -- but once we started getting a shot and getting it out, that is what we started making our little run. if we can do that -- everyone is feeling selfish on the team. >> he was not as quick as we expected him to. we were just like, keep going, keep going. >> it was in the paint. [indiscernible] we have the defensive breakdown. they got inside of it. they got in the paint. that was probably the difference more than anything.
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you got to get back in the gym and get ready now for the next one. >> [indiscernible] you've got to play more aggressive. mark: heels looking, once again, joe, dangerous, and this march will be real. joe: one game in the acc standing. steve: they are going to new york? joe: a tough test. steve: thank you. tisha: thanks for watching. steve: eyewitness news continues online anytime at and on our mobile news app.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay from "underground" jurnee smollett-bell and music from wolfmother with cleto and the cletones.
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here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. welcome to hollywood. home of the oscars, which are right across the street. home of the walk of fame which is right in front of our building. home of dozens of homeless spider men who live literally on those stars. are you paying attention to the elections? how can you not? it's donald trump against all reasonable expectation -- he's now the no kidding around favorite to become the republican nominee for president. he won the nevada caucuses last night.


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