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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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neighborhood all afternoon with breaking new developments. jon: this crowd is thinning somewhat. aside from the thinning crowd, still a lot of agitated people. folks are very skeptical about the limited information coming from police. many convinced this happened just like the narrative that formed about it right after the shooting. 23-year-old akhil jenkins -- akil denkins was shot coming out of the store. we have already seen the nation of islam on scene. we asked the mother of the man who we believe was shot police. still some question about his
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>> how can we keep calm in every circumstance? that's my son. why should we stay calm at all times? why should we show our calm and they are not showing there's? -- theirs? what happened to beanbag guns? they used to use that to stop criminals. now these bullets. why? he was 23 years old. he was jumping the fence. he wasn't running towards anyone. jon: you see the nation of islam and some are present gives praying with her. dinkins does have a record. his body was moved to the
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anna: a new tax takes effect in north carolina starting tomorrow. joel: expect if a test of pay higher fees for home and car repair. reporter: many of us rely on our cars and that can be expensive. the next time you go to the auto mechanic, expect to pay more. the state will tax the cost of labor. although this effort into keeping your vehicle safe, the mechanic says it will cost you. phyllis glasgow doesn't like this one bit. >> just another tax. reporter: tomorrow, the state
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the measure passed last session and will be a part of the state's new budget. a $20 oil change will cost phyllis a couple of dollars more. she's more concerned about labor-intensive repair that will dig deeper into her wallet. >> i have to make sure i have reliable transportation. reporter: the sales tax rate varies depending on where you live. durham residents pay some of the highest sales tax in the state. >> we have a $200 sale, you have another $15 added to the ticket. people are still struggling just to get by. people have to look at every dollar they spend.
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include show -- include clothing, she repair, professional painting and plumbing, an estimated $84.8 million generated. the money will go toward economic recovery projects and education in rural parts of north carolina. joel: thank you. now to stories from our three newsrooms. pay a fiery three-car crash. anna: and an update on a pedestrian hit by a car. joel: we begin with the flames shooting from these -- this three-vehicle car wreck. this is on poole road after two
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anna: the town of cary talking about the redesign of part of the blachly greenway. a stretch will be improved. the proposed design will include upgrades, pas alignment, and sections to reduce flooding impacts. an open house on the proposed changes is going on right now until 7:30 tonight at the senior center. joel: a pedestrian hit by a car is suspected to make a complete recovery. the incident was reported just after 6:00 this morning at south miami boulevard at lumley road. when durham police arrived on the scene, they found a man in the middle-of-the-road. they believe he was sideswiped by the mayor of a passing car. he was taken to the hospital without. life-threatening injuries. anna: -- without
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anna: the hospital taking measures to protect against the flu. reporter: right now, just children under the age of 12 will be restricted, but there is no need to panic, hospital officials tell us. they are making these restrictions just as a precaution. they have seen a small increase in southeastern north airliner of flu cases as well as -- southeastern north carolina of flu cases. so far, the season has not been all that bad. for now, they are restricting children under the age of 12 at the medical campuses here, the medical center in fayetteville as well as in houck, pundit and blatant counties. dr. clifton hawkes says his
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children for whom the flu virus can be easily spread. dr. hawkes says the cases he has seen so far just haven't in that severe. -- haven't been that severe. still, they are not taking any chances and restrictions will remain in effect for at least the next few weeks. we will keep you updated. joel: meantime, we are just hours away from another homecoming celebration at fort bragg. more than 160 paratroopers of the 82nd airborne division headquarters are expected to return after a deployment in
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a: videotaped or explained in court why he did it. joel: and a new case of the months, a student at a local college campus -- and a new case of the mumps, a student at a local college campus. tisha: what started as a chase has left a suspect dead. his mother speaking out. raleigh's police chief asking
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hamlin's are naiad -- pamela sinai of -- tamarlin tsarnayev. his brother was caught, tried and convicted. he is now under threat of.
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-- andrews. anna: an elderly couple killed in a tragic accident in their home. joel: you won't believe how long -- how far a woman went to rescue a cat. the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence,
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anna: the blast happened last night when a driver lost control and slammed into their house. police believe that the truck hit some kind of propane tank. the blast was so strong that it catch fire. driver. joel: a new case of the moms has been confirmed -- the mumps has been confirmed. lives in isolation at home. a female student was also tested
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negative. the health director says the cases do not indicate a large-scale public health threat. demolition now underway at the charlotte international airport. a multimillion dollar plan to expand conquers a. -- concourse a. the entire project is expected to take more than three years and cost $310 million to finish. anna: earlier today, chris hohmann tweeted out the description of the day. we love it when you're chief meteorologist says "perfect." joel: you don't need to be wordy on a day like this. concise. chris: and a nearly perfect day tomorrow as well. the first day of march, the
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spring, 60's falling into the 50's by 9:00 or 10:00. tomorrow, generally in the low-to-mid 40's. by the end of the month, our average highs jump to 68 with an average of 44. temperatures probably going to average near-normal and rainfall amounts will be pretty close to average. we will see how that works out. we are in severe weather season. here is a look at downtown durham. looking good. sunny skies. a bit of a breezy day. when it 70 and breezy, it doesn't feel that as opposed to when it is thursday and breezy, right? a beautiful day across the sand hills as well. big contrast between kansas city
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easy to see a cold front in this region. that cold front will come through here tomorrow night. we will see a pretty big drop in our temperatures as we hazard tomorrow night and especially on wednesday. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. a bit of an increase in clouds in the afternoon. it's going to be a gorgeous day across the region. then this cold front approaches to my night -- tomorrow night into wednesday. it's not going to read a lot. it's not going to be anything severe. if you showers around mainly while we are sleeping tomorrow evening, tomorrow night, and very early wednesday morning. by 9:00 or 10:00, it should be moving out of the coastal plains and high pressure will build in. this will be much cooler as we get into wednesday and thursday. temperatures will be a low average for a while. temperatures around 70 to 72 in the triangle.
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you see that jetstream coming our way. temperatures go down and will stay cool through the end of the week. another shot of rain on friday. but then you see pretty good warm-up. much cooler, rather breezy. sunshine returns by thursday. still cool friday into saturday. back to mid 60's by sunday and monday. this time a year, it's up and down. in 1980, it snowed 12 inches with a high 20. it was on the first of march, i should clarify. joel: let's check in with david
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david: a shooting inside a school cafeteria. the trump rally and the photographer thrown to the ground. aaron anders on the stand right now -- erin andrews on the stand right now. anna: you've heard of cats getting stuck up a tree, right? but what about down a storm drain? wait until you see what a woman did to offer her help. first, let's look outside. this is downtown durham. a gorgeous sunsets of the left.
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joel: a cary woman's quest to save a cat leaves are calling out for help. stephanie: a resident on this cul-de-sac says she is a big animal lover. but you will not believe the length she went to to rescue a lost cat. >> i got to get him. i started crawling through all the tunnels. it's like a great big maze down there. i got to one area and i said, i can't go any further. i'm sorry. stephanie: she called animal control but she grew anxious about the animal. she ended up being lost belowground herself. she was pulled out of a drain in the next neighborhood beyond her cul-de-sac. the thing is diane is an avid
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she rescued her two dogs and heard to catch -- her two cats and rescued squirrels after the severe winter storm. she said she could not sit idly by after hearing the males for help. -- the meows for help. since then, neighbors say that the cat has been saved from the drain. by its owners. joe -- by its owners. jo i always wonder if i was willing to do thatel:. -- joel: i always wonder if i am will do that. steve: her son shot dead during a police foot chase this afternoon. from eyewitness accounts to the
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fbi investigation. tisha: the shooting coming on the same day the city was going to discuss holies body cameras -- police body cameras. steve: and the admission from this womansteve: after diane
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about the puppies>> raleigh, north carolina is not going to get away with this. my lawyers already here. >> our thoughts and our prayers go to out to all involved. i ask everyone to please be patient while the follow-up investigations are being conducted. steve: emotions running high in raleigh. k-1 -- a mother is outraged. her son instead. the police chief -- her son is dead. the police chief asking for calm. tisha: 24-year-old akil jenkins -- akil denkins was shot and killed. window that he was wanted on a
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officer on a foot chase. steve: gunshots fired near the intersection of bragg and east street in southeast raleigh. tisha: you can see folks remain gathered there six hours after the fatal shots were fired. steve: we have ed crump gathering information at city hall. first, jon camp lie where the shots were fired and were members of the community are getting ready for a vigil in one hour. jon: we've been here since reports started coming out around 12:00. we were among the first on the scene. i can tell you it has, down --, down -- i can tell you it has


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