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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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initial report in five days. there is a lot of skepticism on the street over why some answers can't come sooner. the victim's mother is wondering what she has not seen the body. >> they stop me at the door. they was on my way. when i got to the door, they said, i know why you are here. this is not a public building. john: she is hoping to see the bodies a day. they make there is some indication that will happen. also today at 2:00, there is a meeting between family and leaders. we will be watching to see what happens. in raleigh, jon camp, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: north carolina attorney general cooper is speaking out about the fatal officer-involve shooting, talking to reporters
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>> it is a tragedy. it is horrific. people in the community -- for people in the community when someone loses a life. it is clear that investigators and prosecutors should look at this and investigate this matter thoroughly, and take it with a fax lead them. john: governor mccrory also attended the meeting, but did not comment on the shooting. barbara: in wake forest a high-speed chase that at times went the wrong way on capital boulevard ended in the parking lot of a food lion on highway 98. that is where andrea blanford is with details. andrea: about a dozen highway patrol troopers were here a few moments ago. you can see in the back of the parking lot and handful remain and a tow truck is on the scene about to load up one of the
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2 patrol cars were damaged in the chase that ended in front of the stored. we have video of the white dodge charger with pennsylvania tags that was sitting in front of the got here. spot. the chase started in vance county. one man is in custody and no one was hurt. we don't know who the suspect is our why authorities say he was running in the first place. we did talk with an eyewitness who says that he passed the driver on capital boulevard, as the driver was in his lane going the wrong way toward him. listen to what those moments were like. >> he was coming towards me. he must've been going 100 miles per hour. when he saw me, he swerved over. then he straightened back up.
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he missed it by that much. andrea: we are told that the state highway patrol identified the driver. darrell white of gerald. -- of durham. that eyewitness that you heard from tells us that people on the scene told him that these
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was going 100 miles per hour at numeral two patrol cars were damaged. trucks to take them away. we will have another update in andrea blanford, abc 11 barbara: also breaking, a miss on i-440 in raleigh. wake forest exit. 2 westbound lanes are closed. you can see the authorities suv. both vehicles are severely damaged. we don't know the extent of the injuries. we don't know if this is related to a motorcycle that is on its side a quarter mile down the highway. the police are keeping this together, but expect delays on westbound 440. john: students and faculty walked out of their classes in a protest against margaret spellings, who took over as the unc assistant president. anthony has details. anthony: not exactly a warm hug for the new unc assistant president. they have wrapped up their protest. they are accusing spellings of, phobia and a lack of sensitivity.
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corporate entity, as opposed to one dedicated to education for all. they don't trust her. >> the students are under attack. what do we do? >> fight back. anthony: it is part of a state-wide protest against spellings on the day that she assumes her duties. there are faculty members among this crowd, and students who walked out of their classes at 11:00 a.m. to be here. >> i don't know if it will change anything. i hope it does. i hope margaret spellings listens to the feedback on the university she is supposed to be governing. >> she hasn't been in a position like this. we don't know how she will act. we don't know how she will perform. she is going to be here whether we like it or not. we have to give her a fair chance. anthony: there are similar
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spellings is not here to see or hear any of this, but on friday when she is sworn in in fayetteville, we are told there protest. we will see if she responds to those not in favor of her taking charge. on the campus of unc chapel hill, abc 11 "eyewitness news." john: the definition of a dangerous dog could change. barbara: the ordinance before the raleigh city council, and how it could change how the city deals with vicious dogs. john: getting repairs will cost you more. the tax that went into effect. barbara: downtown raleigh, it is gorgeous. look at the temperatures. 69-degrees. i think i will call in sick. don: after today it will be colder and wetter. we will talk about that, coming
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this instant. abc 11 "eyewitness news" continues. john: a live look at the fayetteville street outside the 69-degrees. don schwenneker will give us a preview of the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. the city council will take up the dangerous dog ordinance this
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dangerous dogs have been the topic of discussion for the past few months. they could potentially expand the definition of a dangerous dog, and establish what animal control officers can take when the dog is declared dangerous, and create restrictions for declared dangerous. governor mccrory is opting against calling a special session to address a nondiscrimination ordinance in charlotte. the governor vowed to fight the ordinance allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their identity rather than their birth gender. instead of calling for a special session they will return in april. you will pay more for services. new sales tax went into effect, adding to the cost of services ranging from car repairs to
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the legislation approved sales taxes last year. part of the revenue will be distributed to poor counties. installation services are affected by this, including clothing and shoe repair is plumbing, and carwash detailing. now the money what stocks report. the dow jones industrial average is up 280 points. the nasdaq is up one hundred two points. the s&p 500 is up 37 points. some presidential candidates. voters go to the polls today.
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an emotional dayjohn: voters in 11 states are casting ballots in the presidential primaries. barbara: stephanie ramos reports it could be a make or break day for a number of candidates. stephanie: there is a reason it is called super tuesday, it is the biggest voting day of the election. 11 states and u.s. territories are at the polls. >> it is important we stay
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>> donald trump is a bully. i think america needs a fighter, not a bully. stephanie: rallying to stop donald trump from sweeping up big wins. rubio is stopping in minnesota and florida. cruz trying to win support in texas. the latest poll shows hillary clinton could easily beat him if up against each other, but lose to rubio and cruz. >> i haven't focused on hillary clinton. the one person she doesn't want to run against is me. i have that on good knowledge. stephanie: clinton hits up florida, and to takes a break from speeches to cast his own vote in his home state. >> at least one vote. i'm working on my wife.
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trump and hillary clinton could win big at the end of the primary. especially in virginia. virginia. barbara: you will find all the super tuesday returns on abc 11. george stephanopoulos will have a super tuesday election special president obama met with republican leaders who vowed to block his supreme court nominee. mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley arrived at the white house at 11:00 a.m. it was the first time they have met since justice scalia's death last month set off a clash. republicans won the nomination to wait until the new president
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john:-- 28-year-old ashley glendon -- ashley guindon were responding to a domestic violence case. barbara: testifying against marriott hotels and the man accused of stalking her, erin publicity stunt. testimony. >> i was like, oh my god. shut it down. i called my parents.
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barbara: she is seeking $75 million in this case. john: let's check in with big weather. we have another winner. don: lots of sunshine. we have more clouds to get through and it is warmer in spots. after today it will get colder as we go below normal. let's look at the next 12 hours if you are headed out and about. expect temperatures to climb into the 70-degree range. 4:00, 68. if you have evening plans, you have a nice night for it. in the sandhills, in fayetteville, 70 by 4:00, then falling through the 60's in the evening hours. downtown raleigh, 71 with the dew point at 44, 30 8% humidity
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looking into durham 72% humidity with the southland. a live look into fayetteville, mostly cloudy, the clouds have inhibited your temperature a bit. 69 with the southwest wind of 15. everyone is in the 60's and 70's. 67 in clinton. 70 and louisburg and wilson. 72 for stanford. compared to yesterday, we are about the same to where we were in clinton to 4 degrees warmer. here the clouds pushing from the south, that is why the fayetteville picture was more cloudy than the durham pictures. the next system is still back to the west. it is putting snow down from wisconsin through michigan. this frontal boundary is
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this is the cold front causing showers and thunderstorms in mississippi, alabama, and tennessee. by this evening, the clouds will build in. 11:00 tonight, another shower. after midnight, you can see the rain working in. it is gone by 7:00, shifting to the east. through the day tomorrow, the skies will clear out and colder will come in. high temperatures in the morning, with temperatures falling throughout the day. the area of low pressure is to the west with warm temperatures across the region. we are in the sector head of the . the low will go to the north, this is the front that races through. behind it, clear skies and cooler temperatures on the way. your forecast for the rest of today, temperatures across the region topping out around 70, falling into the upper 60's this
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tonight, temperatures in the the rain will move in after mid-night. 47 in durham. your alert, we will bottom out on thursday around freezing. thursday, 50 three with showers thursday night into friday. 51 on friday. then we are warming up into the 60's. mild temperatures in the middle of next week. gorgeous today, wet tonight. john: and oscar-winning actress dies.
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>> abc 11 is keeping you connected. get notifications. barbara: and oscar-winning character actor has died. john: he won best supporting actor for his role as the convict dragline in 1967's "cool hand also a police detective
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he appeared in 180 movies and television shows one of the most anticipated opening monologues in years. there is no gold, silver, or bronze for the oscars. with 34 million viewers watching chris rock, the oscars tumbled this year, hitting an eight year low and the third lowest viewership ever. john: the dean smith center, 8 carolina looking for a win over syracuse. knew the two-minute winning 75-70. it was senior night at north carolina university with the
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dante holmesi high school basketball team in rhode island celebrated too early on sunday. at the end of the game a broncos player through the ball into the air to run down the clock. there was still one second left. the chargers call the timeout. talk about a last-second play. the chargers had a quickly up and won the game in a wild 60-59 finish. it is national peanut butter lovers day. in a is consumed in 90% of u.s. households. the next time you open a jar, it takes 540 the nets to make a 12
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-- takes 500 and 40why the anthem of the seas was the second time this month. barbara: barbara: tomorrow morning super tuesday results.
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don: big changes i>> the only station with 3 newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville, abc 11 "eyewitness news" continues. john: breaking news. a miss on i-440 in raleigh. this is the d.o.t. camera near the wake forest exit. 2 left bound lanes are closed with a serious crash. we were on the scene 20 minutes ago.
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oh the vehicles are damaged. we don't know the extent of the injuries or if it is related to a motorcycle on its side a quarter-r-le down the highway. the police are piecing it together. expect delays westbound on i-440. barbara: the naacp is calling for an open investigation into the shooting of a man yesterday by raleigh police officer. john, good afternoon. john: good afternoon. the situation has been somber. the family has come to pay respects at the makeshift memorial that has sprung up. that is the mother of akiel denkins, 24 years old. they're looking at the memorial that has continued growing.
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about this time yesterday when this happened, just after noon. there is video of what it looks like within one hour of the call going out. a couple hundred people behind the crime tape. investigators try to piece together what happened. that is what folks want to know. there is skepticism about the investigation did the police chief has said they will have the report out in five days. activists say they want information sooner. the more basic questions are if akiel denkins was shot in the back. >> a warrant for arrest is not a license to kill. we don't know exactly what happened, but we know there are some things. if one is running away, that is not a license to kill.
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john: the raleigh mayor is making a statement in the next hour. we will be there. the family will be joining community leaders to talk about the affair, and what they want to do about it now at 2:00. we'll be tracking it on abc 11. you can track it online at, follow us on social media, and we will be back at 4:00. abc 11 "eyewitness news." john: police investigating a chase this morning that went up capital boulevard and into the parking lot of a food lion on highway 98 in wake forest. andrea blanford joins us with the latest details. andrea: it is amazing that no one was hurt in this high-speed chase that went down busy capital boulevard, ending in the shopping center parking lot, right in front of this food lion where shoppers go in and out of
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around 10:00 this morning, a trooper spotted 23-year-old darrell white of durham drying a white dodge charger that you see this video. it was down i 85 in vance county going 82 in a 65 mile per hour zone. the trooper pulled them over, had a brief conversation, and the suspect took off going south and to wake county. the troopers pitted the charger outside the shopping center. we spoke to a driver who passed the suspect as the driver was going the wrong way toward him. >> he was coming towards me. he must have been going 100 miles per hour. and he saw me, he swerved over. after that he straightened up and fast construction workers
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andrea: the highway patrol is looking into charging darrell white of durham, a 23-year-old man, who was speeding on i 80 in vance county -- no one was hurt. woodbridge funeral home this morning for a visitation that started at 10:00, the funeralresponding to a domestic call, when they were met with gunfire. ashley guindon died. the suspect has been
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john:of the primary calendar. donald trump is supported by 49% of republican voters going into today. barbara: students and faculty walkout of their classes in protest of spellings taking over as the assistant chancellor. anthony: a torrent of criticism has been unleashed against the new assistant president. >> the students are under attack. what do we do? change back -- >> stand up, fight back. anthony: they base this part on her rose education secretary under george bush. some did not agree with the position of those on the steps
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>> she hasn't been in a position quite like this. we don't know how she will act. we don't know how she will perform. i think she is going to be here if we like it or not. we need to give her a fair chance. >> i don't know if it will change anything. i hope it does. i hope margaret spellings listens to the feedback of the university she is supposed to be governing. anthony: there will be similar protests in wilmington, greensboro, and boone. abc 11 "eyewitness news." john: extreme weather is cutting the trip short for the anthem of the seas. passengers are battling a norovirus. barbara: here we go again. >> can you imagine, from bad weather on the open ocean to
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passengers -- this c the window. it was like we were in an aquarium. >> the cruise line offered a refund and discounts on a future trip. some of those passengers have already filed suit. this time, the crew ship is returning to-days early to avoid a storm. getting seasick on top of a stomach bug is a nightmare. the boat will dock sometime tomorrow. barbara: they will be kissing the ground. john: good times. an attempt to rescue a cap goes bad.
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>>john: inattentive good deed turns into an embarrassing situation. barbara: her quest to rescue an animal leads her to needing help after being stuck in a storm drain. she heard meowing outside of her house and saw a cat stuck in a storm drain. she went after the animal. the rescue did not go as planned. >> i said, i have to get him. i started crawling through the tunnels.
12:42 pm
i didn't know where was going, but i was determined. i have a few bumps, but i am ok. the firemen said, don't ever do that again. barbara: neighbors say the cat was eventually rescued by its owner. a curious looking cat has a permanent place to call home. it became known as the mustache cat. it was found in california. she was dumped inside a large box of items outside of a salvation army donations center. the cat was taken to a no kill shelter. her new owner says she will name the cat mustachio. here is our must-see video. amber: a stolen u-haul and a police chase. it played out last week in michigan.
12:43 pm
on its rim, he was leaning as it sent sparks flying. the driver exited the freeway and wound up on a residential street here he that is when the deputy hit the u-haul, causing the driver to lose control, crashing into a tree before stopping. the driver and passenger gave themselves up. suffered injuries. incredible video as a firefighter is blown backwards when an explosion rocks a gas station. it happened yesterday in san francisco. the drive robust role dan without noticing the bus was overheating. the engine caught fire. it quickly spread throughout the bus. one firefighter was injured. in denver, a drug dangling over the south -- a truck dangling over the south platte river.
12:44 pm
and went up the wall. the driver got himself out of the vehicle and was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. he was cited for reckless driving. just because you have a fancy car doesn't mean you can drive it. the driver of this bentley runs into one of the traffic cones. the bystander has to move it. the man parks the car before doing little more damage to a very pricey vehicle. john: thank you. you can to the must-see videos any time by going to or using the abc 11 eyewitness news mobile app on your phone or tablet. barbara: canada makes good on its promise. john: ahead, the final plane of syrian refugees arrives. how many the canadians have
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barbara: in downtown durham, enjoy the beautiful weather while you can. don: spring-time, getting a taste of it. it will be a lot cooler.
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john: an afghan police officer killed four of his colleagues. barbara: it happened on a remote stretch of highway. others at the checkpoint when the shooting happened are missing. afghan police fight insurgents on the armed lines. no one has claimed responsibility. canada has officially resettle 25,000 syrian comers have homes and jobs. john: the united states is asking the un security council for a vote on a resolution imposing sanctions against north korea.
12:49 pm
nuclear tests and rocket launch. the resolution requires every u.n. member to inspect cargo going to and from north korea for illegal goods. the resolution was drafted they say it is only a matter of time before the american market becomes available to cuban cigars. barbara: a lot of people are outside this afternoon. don: a lot of them was short
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we are in the 70's. we normally don't see the 70's for the first day of march. they will not stick around, so enjoy it if you can. thank you for spending part of your day with us. let's start with looking at the next 12 hours. through the afternoon, lower 70's with clouds continuing to build in. gradually falling toward the 50's at midnight with showers holding off until after mid-night. downtown raleigh, mostly cloudy, 70 one, dew point 44, 38% humidity. a lot of sunshine, durham checking in at 72. a southwest wind 6. fayetteville, partly cloudy, 71, 41% humidity, southwest wind at 10. lots of sunshine, a little bit of humidity there. the beaches cooler because some
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water toward the beach making it cooler. about the same temperature at the beach and the mountains, 6 degrees cooler. 70 right now in stock phil -- 70 in wilson. 72 in southern pines. 70 in fayetteville. 70 in clinton. warm air is going west. 69 in jackson, mississippi. 51 in memphis. 32 in kansas city. minneapolis is 16 degrees. the cold air is bottled to the west. the frontal boundary is trailing off, that will take all day to cross. it arrives after midnight, bringing us showers. at 11:00 tonight, here are the showers approaching. after midnight, showers rolled through.
12:52 pm
thunder overnight, nothing severe. you might get a rumble of thunder overnight. that is out quickly tomorrow. sunshine and cooler temperatures will return. in raleigh, temperatures around 70 degrees through 5:00, 60 degrees. 70 one in holly springs. 70 this afternoon in chapel hill. middle 70's in fayetteville. 73 in pinehurst. 74 in goldsboro. 60's and roxboro, 67 as the cooler air will get there first. 71 in louisburg here tonight, temperatures in the 40's overnight. showers after midnight. 50 in fayetteville, maybe a stray rumble of thunder. your seven-day first alert forecast, a morning high of 54, back into the 40's tomorrow
12:53 pm
thursday, increasing clouds, partly sunny. showers push out on saturday. 51 on friday, saturday dry. monday, 65 and partly sunny. it looks like saturday and sunday i want -- i won't have any excuse not to do my to do list. john: yesterday's deadly police
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barbara:barbara: here's a look at the stories developing. making a statement this afternoon about the shooting of a 24-year-old man by raleigh police up the stairs. community leaders in southeast raleigh will figure out how to help the people impacted my the death of the killed dinkins. -- death of akiel denkins. we will have a both angle starting at 4:00. john: new details on a police chase on capital boulevard. it reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. it ended at a food lion parking lot at 198 and wake forest. a 23-year-old durham man is in custody. presidential candidates. election experts are predicting donald trump and hillary clinton will win big.
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developing stories by going to or the abc 11 mobile app on your phone or tablet. barbara: get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. i am barbara gibbs. from john clark, don schwenneker, and the entire team, we will see you at four.
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