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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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john: right now showers winding down. don says some areasrace to fight it is taking center stage at u.n.c. chapel hill. john: the verbal insults a new low in the g.o.p. debate. good morning, carolina, welcome on on this friday march 4, 6:01 and 37 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. kind of chilly and damp morning as we look over downtown durham but there's plenty of like at the end of this tunnel. here is meteorologist don schwenneker with the weather and traffic together. don: good morning to you. we have a little bit of lit drizzle in spots. most of the rain shifting well to the east. a live look at first alert doppler xp and you can see the heaviest rain pushing well east of the viewing area out of nash and wilson counties and that is about it. temperatures across the region running in the 30's this
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we have dropped below freezing in roxboro at 31. 33 oxford. 40 favorite. 37 goldsboro ends a 36 wilson. looking at the day ahead 36 now and patchy rain. still in the east. western counties drying out. lunchtime mixture of clouds and sunshine. 46. this afternoon 51 and partly sunny skies. nice afternoon although a little cooler than normal. by tomorrow we warm up and we have a big warm-up in the seven day. now we talk traffic with amber. amber: we have a couple of issues starting with durham and orange county and we have some wet roads from the overnight showers. we will show you this accident scene we just got. there is an overturned vehicle on the north side of durham, durham county. leon street and haverford close to north gate mall.
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up in someone's front yard. the driver was treated at the scene for manner injuries. police are -- minor injuries. in orange county u.s. 70 and 85 getting on the 85 northbound ramp a tractor trailer slid off the road. cars are getting by. we are tracking showers pushing east as don was saying. that is the green you see. this is east of 95. around raleigh or fort bragg those areas are looking good. barbara: the first case of zika is here in wake county. state health o officials are monitoring her but say she is doing well. john: today researchers from u.n.c.'s cancel of medicine will
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it is at noon in the medical bio biomolecular research building. it ranges from testing to medical complications and chances it could be major health problem in the united states. barbara: a teenager accused of a hi dollar history in north hill is in jail. his bonds was denied. he is accused of steeling nearly $150,000 of rolex watches from a jewelry story. he's been arrested six times sings he turneded 16 on charges from robbery to possession of a stolen gun. he already served a year and a half in prison. john: to vote 2016 and moment many will talk about today. it took a bizarre turn when donald trump pushed back against marco rubio's comment about the
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in the ends a recorded. caitlin: i have a developing story from the breaking news center. families of 12 passengers on malaysia airlines tphraeurt 370 are suing the airline and government before next week's filing deadline. it has been almost two years since the plane disappeared from radar. a global aviation agreement set a two-year deadline for lawsuits by family members. the suits involve a passenger from russia, one from china, eight from malaysia and two from ukraine.
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decided it take action because nothing reasonable was forthcoming from the carrier. john: thank you, caitlin. new this morning we're getting a better sense of the damage to farms from the series of tornadoes in virginia. last week twisters were responsible for $1.6 million in losses but that is expected to rise to as high as $2.5 million. five were killed and dozens hurt in the outbreak. barbara: today it is your chance to show spirit for the durham bulls. fanfest occurs. you can choose seats and plans. opening day for the season is april 7 against the charlotte newts. john: 6:07. a police officer really living up to that motto to protect and serve. barbara: coming up you will see the moment he saved this child from a car barreling toward them. john: and the message charlotte's mayor has for lawmakers who want to overturn
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don: as you head out we are drying out and most of the showers shifting east and snow
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we will talk >> do you want to be in the audience for "dancing with the stars"? abc11 wants to send you to the live premier. >> go to >> "dancing with the stars" on abc11. don: welcome back. looking at the commute you may see wet roads. most of the rain has shut off. 36 at 7:00. by 10:00 into the 40'sment current numbers, 33 south hill. 31 roxboro and 34 roanoke rapids and 36 downtown raleigh and 34 durham and 35 now in cary. 37 in clayton and goldsboro. 38 lillington. 40 favorite and hope mills 4. we look at the day ahead and 36
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10 degrees warmer by lunch. 38 we have warmer temperatures and next week springtime is here. we will have that in the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. barbara: time for the must see videos and we start with a police officer protecting a child as a car almost plows into them. he grabs the boy and yanking them become. that van nearly mowed them down. both stand up and the car comes to a stop. the child is ok and officer owned bruised his leg. in chicago the bridge comes down with a bang. it collapsed into the river. it was closed in may of last year after an inspection determined it deteriorated to safer. crews are removeing what is left for a new bridge. look at these lion cubs having a
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they were born last september making them about six months old. they are hanging that ball for they can stretch and strengthen their muscles. john: a brief burst of went in the north carolina mountains. it came down hard last night in henderson county. didn't last long. it was over very quickly turning from flakes to a lightly falling rain-snow mix. >> it is beautiful just to look out and see it and not have to go in it. john: more snow could fall there today. there is a winter weather advisory until noon for elevations above 3,500 feet. 6:12. after years of review and some push back the idea of women in combat is here. barbara: the branches already recruiting for open jobs and how soon their training could begin.
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what -- john: 6:14 and you may find some wet roads out there. here are the headlines. a funeral for the raleigh man shot and killed by a police officer on monday. the service for akiel denkins is at 1:00 at bible way temple on hole plmany street. a preliminary up a of autopsy said he was shot four times. it says there was a struggle before the shots were fired. today the new president of the u.n.c. system will deliver her first pwrefrg during a board of governors meeting. margaret spellings took the helm monday. some choice words from canada's prime minister days before his first state visit to the white house. during a taped interviewer "60 minutes" justin trudeau said canadians would appreciate it if americans paid more tanks to what -- attention to what is going on around the globe.
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obtained by the associated president president only r the marine corps estimates 200 a year will move into ground combat. the navy is taking applications from ladies that want to be seals and by september it could see women in entry-levelen listed positions. developing this morning charlotte's mayor is passionately defend ing aing a ordinance protecting the lgbt community. hours after house speaker tim moore called for a session jennifer roberts responded. first on twitter last night and then in this interview. >> i hope they will turn their attention to those things that we know are impacting all of us and impacting our future. i know that there are more than 200 cities and towns around the country who have had these types years. barbara: opponents list safety
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it allows people use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. today is the day that many have been waiting for house of cards fan. john: season four is here and ready for bingeing players. the big questions heading in the season will the american people re-elect frank to another term. and how about the status of his relationship with his waive claire underwood. every episode streaming on netflix. barbara: do you watch it? don: yes. barbara: he was elected. john: i can't hear this. barbara: it is going to be good. you are not going to watch it so quit. don: the big rumor is and this is before it came out i haven't watched but the rumor is that claire is going to have him whacked. john: la, la, la, la. i cannot hear. barbara: she walked out.
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don: he is never going to watch it. john: is the forecast over yet? don: we will show you weather. come on. look at this trend the next six days. isn't this spectacular? we go 51 and nice climb through the numbers into the 50's by sunday. 60's by monday and 70's into next week. taking a live look at our radar and not a lot to show you. over the past two hours we have watched the showers dissipate and move out and that is good news. should be an easier drive. light drizzle in spots and sunrise about a half hour away. 36 joined raleigh. dew point 35. taking a look into fayetteville, 40, 85% humidity. north wind at six. we look at what is happening with terms. 32 roxboro, 37 smithfield, goldsboro and sanford. 40 fayetteville. 35 in louisburg.
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26 roxboro, 29 wilson. 31 chapel hill. satellite and radar showing the rain moving out and we continue to see it pulling out. the clouds will be with us through lunchtime. a look at predict -- predict perspective temperatures in the 40's at any time. into tomorrow we will see the clouds and sun mixing. i think tomorrow night could pick up a shower in the overnight midnight to 3:00 a.m. if you have late night saturday night plans it could be wet on the way home. then we dry out sunday. the rest of today in the capital city skies clearing as the morning progresses. cooler morning with temperatures in the 30's. climbing to 48 degrees. then away go north and clearing skies and 50 degrees into the afternoon hours. from across the region 51 who will springs today, 51 durham. 50 in rocky mount. you will touch 51 in sanford, 53
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51 louisburg and 48 in henderson today. 53 tarboro. tonight the temperatures back into the 30's for overnight lows. 33 raleigh. 36 fayetteville and 34 sanford. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the mid 50's. sunday 58 and monday 62. tuesday 71 and we will stay in the 70's next week. we have to say hi it the second graders at holly grove. hedgehogs sent a new lunch bag and stuck water bottles and pencils in here. thank you. all great questions yesterday. i love doing the weather talk and had a lot of fun at holly grove. barbara: that is nice. john: thank you. amber: what kinds of questions did you get? don: the most common i put it in the power point it is what is your favorite food. amber: not about weather. don: no. barbara: what time do you get up?
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favorite food, festivity color and what time do you get up. amber: and how old are you? don: i did that one already. amber: that is a good one. i always say well how old is your mom? barbara: 29. amber: of course. she is always 29. weather and traffic together. we have some breaking news on the roads a couple of issues going on. this is in durham county, north durham. leon street where a car overturned landing in somebody's driveway. there were minor injuries to the driver but police are there. this is just to give you a reference point this is close to the mall there in north durham. interesting waking up to that. orange county this is the off ramp for u.s. 70 headed to 835
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tractor-trailer slid. we are dealing with some wet roads. favorite nice, raeford road all american freeway no problems heading to fort bragg. there is some showers moving east that big area of green. we are seeing the showers around 95 earlier but you are seeing they are moving now. heading into durham on the durham freeway the other issue with the overturned car but northbound seven minutes i-40 to u.s. 15 and into northern raleigh wake county 540 westbound capital to u.s. 70 four minutes. john: 6:22. say good-bye it germs. barbara: how boeing state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again.
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and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight
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that's then ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and and only half the sugar. and never any artificial growth hormones. at fairlife, we believe in better. john: before tomorrow night's tobacco road showdown duke fans can join the crew from espn's college game day. rece davis, seth greenberg and jay bilas and jay williams hosting it from cameron from 11:00 until noon. doors open at 9:00. students and public are welcome. espn is the place it catch all the action. the tobacco road showdown want duke and u.n.c. tomorrow night at 6:30 and we will have all the post-game right here on abc11 and abc11 mobile app. boeing is out with a way to make airplane bathrooms less germy. barbara: here is reena ninan and kendis gibson with the tech
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>> amazon wants to make your life easier with digital personal assistance. that is a $90 echo. >> there's the amazon cap which lets you ask questions at the push of a button. >> if you need help with a apple device you may want to go to twitter. >> it has announced customers will able to get answers to all their questions on the new apple support page. and finally check out boeing's idea for a bathroom that is truly a germophobe's delight. >> all you do is waver your hand or you can use a foot pedal. it says it is thanks to ultra vial violet light. >> you can do that on some planes. need it. john: 6:26 and still to come the final goodbye for a man shot and killed by a raleigh police
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from officials. the question that remain about
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and ask about free installation. call now. barbara: as the family of akiel
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a report is doing little to ease doubts. what it reseals. john: the rain moving out just in time for the commuter. donovan has the weekend forecast. >> nominating donald would be a disaster. barbara: mudslinging intelligence. highlights and low lights of the republican presidential debate last night. good morning, carolina, welcome on friday march 4. 36 degrees and 6:30. it is time for weather and traffic. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. tkpwaorpblg good morning. don: as you head out the door we have dry conditions. most of the showers have shifted east. a live look at first alert doppler xp and you see a little bit of sprinkle activity south and east of rocky mount. most of it is gone. 31 roxboro, 37 chapel hill and sanford. 40 fayetteville. 39 clinton and 34 roanoke
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looking at the day patchy rain in the aoerpbeastern counties east of 95. by lunchtime it is gone and 51 degrees in the afternoon. today the coolest of the next seven. 70's in the seven-day. now we talk traffic with amber rupinta. amber: happy friday. a couple of issues to contend with. we are dealing with some of the wet roads due to showers that passed through overnight but we are drying out. 40 and u.s. 70 clayton bypass johnston county commuters give yourself five minutes to get through there. sunrise coming up there over that stretch of the johnston wake county area. we go to orange county now where we have this tractor-trailer stuck in the mud. this is the u.s. 70 ramp going on to i-85. it slid off probably due to showers. looks like no one was hurt but cars are getting by. and some folks in durham waking
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leon street and haverford in the northern part of durham at the city limits. that driver was treated for minor injuries and police are on the scene. a couple showers pushing east and i-95 is drying out and the rest of the area around raleigh looking pretty good. john: thank you. today a funeral service held for the raleigh man killed by a police officer on monday. meantime as akiel denkins's family prepares to bury him a police report on that shooting incident is still leaving some details unclear. gloria rodriguez is live at police headquarters with more details on the report. gloria: the report districts some witness report. the naacp saying it is not the whole story and that it is still early. >> there were some reports in the media that mr. denkins was shot seven times in the back. clearly the autopsy doesn't
6:33 am
gloria: the wake county d.a. sharing the preliminary autopsy report saying he was shot four times. the medical examiner is still determining which way some of the bullets entered his bid. meanwhile, the raleigh police report said denkins around after the officer approached him about an outstanding drug charge and tried to climb a fence. it says there was a struggle between the men when twiddy saw dunk continues -- denkins reached for a handgun and he fired multiple shots and stepped back and fired again when you saw denkins reach for the weapon. but the naacp is conducting its own investigation. >> if that is what they said that doesn't necessarily mean that is what it is. gloria: his viewing will be at
6:34 am
and the tune rail is scheduled for -- funeral is scheduled for 1:00. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: you can read the entire five-day report the officer's version of the events and preliminary autopsy right now on barbara: today the new president of the u.n.c. will deliver her first briefing. she took the helm monday and hazard been under fire since being chosen. there were several protests. there is no word if they plan to protest today. it is at favorite state
6:35 am
kraeufrt temperament to be president and said he was a con man. this weekend republican voters will go to the polls in four states and puerto rico and for the death side hillary clinton and bernie sanders will d'antoni in flint, michigan. they are hold the their primary for both parties tuesday. barbara: you can now vote in north carolina ahead of the march 15 primary. early voting began yesterday. the naacp is marking the first went of early voting with moral march to the poll rallies. it will honor the anniversary of
6:36 am
on the edmond pettis bridge in alabama which led to the federal voting rights act. in raleigh they will gather at shaw university at 3:00 p.m. and march it a polling site. similar marches will be over the weekend in 20 other counties look heartarnett, vance and wayne. john: tim moore says he has enough requests to hold a special session on the new charlotte city ordinance that would allow transgender people to use the restroom of the gender they identify with. moore started polling fellow house republicans last week after the ordinance passed in charlotte. the next regular work session is april 25 but the ordinance takes effect april 1. for phil burger tweeted this attorney general roy cooper
6:37 am
accountable anger over the adoption of harsh new sanctions from the united nations. it is 6:37 and 36 degrees on this friday morning. here is a question for you. could we see more shark attacks this year? what this man did that probably saved the lives of two people. barbara: the tragic story, this baby whose photo went viral after dressing up like bernie sanders has passed away. the campaign to help it pay for expenses. we will show you a live look at raleigh downtown. some are you areseeing rain. don: most of the showers have shut off. a couple of sprinkles in the i-95 corridor. the forecast is coming up.
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s don: as the kids head out we have temperatures running in the mid 30's. by 8:00 it is 37 depressgrees. it is 31 in roxboro. 36 raleigh. cary 35. 36 pinehurst and 37 lillington and 36 goldsboro and 40 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead right corridor. by lunchtime 46 and clouds and sideline. late day partly sunny and 50. seven. we will talk about the warm-up next.
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men trapped in a -- who found
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john: incredible. we are keeping you connected to big stories online. barbara: amber is tracking it from the big board. amber: a sweet story here. another reason to love the singer adel. she surpriseed a 12-year-old fan in belfast with a trip to her house. that fan is ill and has certifyebral palsy and she couldn't go and before the concert she went to visit her. this is her at her bedside. the mother said she will never know how much it means to her. it was an amazing thing to do. this is a story trending this morning and san bernardino case and iphone the f.b.i. admitting their error locked up the gone. they tried to change the password and that is a new development in that debate about whether apple should write code to unlock that. and this is a story from our
6:43 am
wls an illinois mom warns about the seeds from a suicide tree after her child engendered them. they are from a tree in india. she wants parents to know. apparently you can get them online and they can be deadly. john: 6:43 and a woman left in the middle of the street after being hit by a car. barbara: the incident caught on tape and what the victim says the driver did before driving off. >> it was scary for her. she's a 12-year-old kid and he's
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john: shameful caitlin: we are following a story out of france involving a drone. they are looking into a report a drone narrowly missed a passenger plane during its approach to the main paris airport. the co-pilot spotted it within 16 feet of the wing of the plane as it was coming in for a landing. while the incident just made public today the crew apparently notified air traffic control about the drone and then did manage to come in for a safe landing. john: thank you. if you think last summer was the year of the shark you may want to stay out of the water again this year. barbara: a researcher says 2016 could be another historic year for shark attacks. there were 98 worldwide last year eight on the north carolina coast. none was fatal. the researcher says they were most likely due to warmer than
6:47 am
year. john: four-month-old babe who was a viral sensation for dressing up like bernie sanders has died. the family of oliver said he died from sudden infant tkefpt syndrome. he was dressed as bernie sanders with the gray hair, tie and block thick rimmed glasses. he died last week. a go fund me site is set up. barbara: oakland police officers are looking for the driver who left a woman in the middle of the street after hitting her. john: they have video of the incident capturing jane lyon walking across the street and she is hit sunday morning. she said the williamoman got out and checked but can't believe what happened next.
6:48 am
looked like she was going to help me then she drove away and i don't know how you can do that. john: moments later someone else came and did help her and directed traffic until an ambulance arrived. lyon suffered a fractured clavicle and otherwise thousands in medical bills. barbara: in florida a man and his sister are facing charges for stealing a cash box from a girl scout. she was selling cookies outside a wal-mart when he snatched the box. a call to the police identified them and led detectives to where they live. police have not recovered the money but a local radio station pitched in to collect minute for them raising more than $1,000 in sales. how pathetic. you are 20? doesn't matter how old you are but steal from a girl county you have a major problem. john: how much money are you
6:49 am
don: unbelievable. we have a nice stretch by next week. we will talk about that but we'll show you a look at the day ahead. we have any raindrops ending the next hour or two. by lunch 46. watch the sky this afternoon. clouds break up and blue moves in and partly sunny and cool with temperatures around 50. look at radar and not seeing anything in the way of heavy rain. a couple of sprinkles on the most powerful radar in the carolinas. just south of wilson. right at the end of the radar loop you can see them in northern wayne county. the rest of the region is dry. look into raleigh and 36, dew point 35 sun rose at 6:40. live look in north hills 36. north wind five miles an hour. 32 roxboro, 37 dismissalsmithfield. looking at the latest satellite and radar composite heavy rain pulling east.
6:50 am
showers moving out and by 6:00 tonight a nice evening. by lunchtime tomorrow partly sunny and tomorrow night into sunday we could see a few showers. that will be about it. it is dry for sunday and warmer. the rest of today in raleigh cooler and mid 40's lunchtime skies break and average for this time of year. low 50's today. 51 holly springs, 50 chapel hill. 53 smithfield. 54 this afternoon in fayetteville. 53 in pinehurst and 47 in roxboro and 48 henderson. 52 wilson. tonight the temperatures across the area back into the 30's for overnight lows. 33 raleigh. 33 in durham and 36 in fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow 55 fplt.
6:51 am
wednesday to thursday we climb into the mid 70's. "big weather" pic of the day nice sunset in coats, north carolina. emma says she loves her sunset. that was taken with the abc11 first alert weather app and thank you to the kids at willow springs elementary south of fuquay-varina. i was there yesterday morning and talked to them. they sent a t-shirt and cup full of candy and it is not as full as yesterday but i brought some back. thank you to them. it was a great visit. john: thank you. amber: i'm going back to school this week. it is friday and we have a couple of issues. we saw some of the showers pals through so you may see some wet roads but we are drying out. we have had this issue ongoing. this is orange county. it is u.s. 70 getting on to 85 northbound and that tractor-trailer slid a little
6:52 am
i don't think anybody was hurt but it is stuck in the mud there. cars are getting by but it is something to keep your eyes peeled for. wet roads can be tricky. we have a couple other issues on the mapping system especially around the raleigh area. the showers have been pushing off to the east and they were around 95 when we went on the air and they are now slowly starting to move out. this is capital boulevard an accident at huntley drive and into downtown raleigh at hammond road. the drive times are still looking pretty nice. it is volume -- friday and volume is lighter. beltline both directions no problems. durham freeway seven minutes 40 to 15. john: 6:52 and a funeral set for
6:53 am
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>> do you want to be in the audience for "dancing with the stars." we want to send you to the live premiere. barbara: now to the morning rush all the news, weather and traffic you need. john: including the report released on monday's fatal police shooting in raleigh and hillary clinton getting new support. barbara: funeral service will be
6:56 am
at bible wake temple. a five day report released by the police of its version of the shooting reveals he was shot four times by d.c. twiddy. john: today the new president of the u.n.c. system will deliver her first briefing. she took the helm why she is the only candidate capable of breaking condition barriers. don: the rest of today we will see temperatures across the region slowly climbing. you may see wet roads. rain is done. in the 3's through -- 30's by 9:00. this afternoon around 50. 70's back next week. amber: we have been seeing wet roads overnight so you may want
6:57 am
always interesting. 40 westbound and clayton bypass usual delay. barbara: "good morning america" is next. john: for the "eyewitness news"
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make it a great weekend. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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good morning, america. marco rubio and ted cruz team up against donald trump. >> come on. >> the republican presidential candidates did not hold back last night. donald trump firing back against personal attacks. >> referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> and dishing his own. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> gentlemen. >> as mitt romney tries to rally the gop with a blistering attack against trump. >> a phony. >> trump responds. >> they've run things for a long time and they've run the country into hell. >> marco rubio will join us this morning. also this morning, the dangerous morning commute. millions now facing slick roads as a snowstorm hits the east coast. eight states on alert right now.


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