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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> breaking news right off the top. m a chronic front runner hillary clinton is coming to north carolina -- democratic front runner hillary clinton is coming to north carolina. we will keep you updated on and on the mobile app. and we are just minutes away from tip-off at one of basketball's biggest rivalries. good evening. i am heather waliga. we have team coverage. elaina athans has coverage with the rowdy fans in the game. it lets start with mark armstrong. mark, what can we expect in this latest showdown?
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game if the pass games have been any indication. they hung around and hung around to get the tar heels but in the end, the team emerges victorious. this will be percolating and in fact tonight it already is. the tar heels will have to contend with of that, and it shows them rolling up in their team boss. they were heckled getting off of their team bus but the tar heels should have an advantage because they really let that first game get away from them. they really just have to hold down the team so it should be a very good contest. the tar heels are trying to lock down the regular-season crowd. brice johnson and the rest of the tar heels try to ruin it for the seniors.
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we are looking forward from this one, guys. steve d.: a lot of it -- heather: a lot of excitement. thanks, mark. elaina athans is live with more. elaina: yes, heather, this party is well underway. i almost got hit there. if we pan over to your right, you can see people taking pictures and there are a bunch of people getting set up to watch this game. we are in d dham, home of duke. their game against the tar heels is coming up shortly. the rivalry game is taking over the stadium. you can watch the game on the
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former players from both of the schools are here to watch the game. >> this is a game that has actually grown up a lot on it so now. this is the best rivalry in sports. elaina: this is not just a watch party but a fundraiser to bring in money for the special olympics of durham county. all of these kids are going to be competing in the sporting event, but for tonight's game, they are focusing on having fun and rooting for their team. we are taking it back live here at the stadium. we are ready to watch the game starting in just a half an hour. there is still some time for folks to come on down.
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heather: i just -- this fun. heather: i just might come down and take you up on that offer. and college game day this morning. the biggest story of this storyline is the tobacco road showdown. this is the eighth time the matchup has been featured. new at 6:00, a flying piece of equipment leaves a hole in the roof of a target. we were at the scene at the shop at midway drive this afternoon. a five pound metal block from a nearby would -- woodchipper flew through the roof. no one was hurt but it was a bizarre scene inside that target. earlier we told you about hillary clinton coming to north carolina.
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season is here. donald trump was also here. staff and volunteers met supporters while handing out bumper stickers for the republican presidential front runner. his campaign also has an office in fayetteville. he will be in concorde and fayetteville next week ahead of the march 15 primary. and voters cast their ballot in early voting. they got up early for an early rally and march to the polls. >> they marched happily to the durham board of elections for early voting on saturday. >> , be earlier -- >> next time, be earlier. >> this is a sometimes messy process. >> this is where you choose the
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>> this mother says -- >> i want to teach my children that they have a voice and that they can make the world a better place. we talk a lot about the candidates. >> this is not just child's play. they talk about the candidates and they have issues that deal with voter id. >> especially with the situation with ids here in the state, there are a lot of voters who don't speak quite english yet but there are a lot of organizations that are helping with these problems. >> like other groups behind this movement, this individual is already registered about
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organizers hope that more voting will happen between now and march 15, primary day. reporting from durham, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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news that ted cruz will win the democrats have primaries today in other states as well. and eight dump truck blocked the interstate for hours. what we are learning about the minutes leading up to the mess. but first, what cause a motorcyclist to go flying off of his bike in fayetteville. and it is a great day for the showdown. chris: absolutely, temperatures a little cool out there. satellite and radar shows like there could be some rain tomorrow night. we had people make their own pizzas. they were very clear about what they didn't want... when i see fillers i run for the hills. what is bha? that doesn't sound fun. i've never heard of those things. i don't want that. so, why in the world would you pay for those ingredients in the pizza you buy? umm... get to know better. papa john's pizzas don't have ingredients like bha, bht or meat with fillers. get one of our best deals ever: for just 9.99 get any large pizza with up to 5 toppings. that's five toppings for just 9.99.
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announcer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. like our facebook and stay updated. heather: another shooting and southeast raleigh. this time police were not involved. the person was shot around midnight. not far from where another person was killed. the man was driven to the hospital. his injuries were not life-threatening. we are looking into the details of a possible suspect and a motive. a bicyclist was seriously -- motorcyclist was seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash in fayetteville. the motorcycle rider and up slamming into a car making an illegal turn. the bike cap going over a small wall. no charges were filed. coming up, the raleigh restaurant delivering a freak accident.
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bada ba ba ba heather: we are back live now with a look inside cameron stadium with tip-off starting in about 15 minutes. we will have full team coverage of the tobacco road showdown on
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and old time barbecue in raleigh open for the first time in 11 months after a damaged -- after the front of the store was damaged when a truck ran into it. movie lovers are attending the first african-american film festival. the festival started thursday featuring features and short films about and by african-americans. this greening also includes panel discussions and q&a discussions. there is our very own in joel brown. he joined the discussion today. most of the screenings are free. also new at 6:00, durham ball fans showing off their spirit touring baseball season. visitors can take a swing at batting practice and play catch in the outfield. there were also photos.
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is april 7. it is almost, almost baseball weather. steve s.: we have college baseball in february, so the fever is out there already. heather: either way, we are all waiting for this warm-up we keep talking about. i am seeing daffodils. steve s.: we are really going to lighten things up. the highs we had today were below average. low to mid 50's. it was only 50 in louisburg today. 57 down in fayetteville. nowhere near a record. but we could be flirting with records or getting closer to them as we go later in the week, especially on thursday. quiet out, light, spotty showers. we see some rain coming in from greenville and this activity is going to be pressing in as we go throughout the evening. we do expect to get rain, it is
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will be moving into the triangle by the late evening hours. it is moving in a little bit slow, by the way. the amount will be less than 1/10 of an inch. by the time we get to around 5:00 in the morning, up and along interstate 95, we will have clouds linger for the first half of the day, and then we will see some clearing from west to east. dry tonight and that will go a long all week long. clouds will have -- there will be a mix of clouds tomorrow. a warming trend. high temperatures in the 70's to near 80. we are having high pressure building in and we expect to see some of those warm, orange colors moving in. we are expecting 77 for a high on thursday. regardless, we expect a lot of warmth. the warmest day will be thursday
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as early as tuesday. we can see clouds out there right now. 52 degrees. 49 in oxford, clinton is at 54. no headaches locally if you are traveling out of rdu. all of the major hubs in the central and east coast really have a headache. there are big time delays because of rain in san francisco. the el nio-driven rains are coming back and it is going to cause some problems out there. we are talking 4, 5, perhaps even six inches of rainfall. the mountains could get hit hard from snow from lake tahoe to mammoth lakes. that is just not going to make it all the way here. we will be protected by high pressure. there are rain showers out to our west. and look at this. this system moves on later tonight.
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with a high offshore, we are going to see the wind coming in from the south, and this starts are warming. we're going to warm up even more. tuesday, we are going to be dealing with some 70's around. this is going to force all of that moisture that you see on in here to come around here for this high pressure and it is going to keep us dry for the rest of the week. a chance of rain really doesn't get here until next saturday. he two in fayetteville, the average around 47. tomorrow, some clouds to start and more sun later in the day. by tuesday, look at that, a lot of 70's for a quite a while. the next range has its saturday. heather: that is a near-perfect seven day.
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gold. and brash to treasure. could there be a jackpot in your house -- trash to treasure. could there be a jackpot in your house? mark: and we will have the sports update coming up. we will have a full update coming up and highlights next in
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announcer: now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: him for the first time in four years, the game between duke and carolina will tip off before 9:00. mark armstrong is at cameron live to get us ready. hey, mark. mark: hey, joe. i get to watch the full game for
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marshall is ushered off to graduation and career as an army officer. there is a lot to be excited about. another player's foot injury earlier this year never healed properly. duke was officially ruling him out and they will hopefully seek a medical redshirt to bring him back next year which will be an absolutely stacked blue devils squad. the advantage for carolina is very obvious here. if they win this, they could be the top acc champ. duke is trying to get into the top four and get the double by. >> i want to win and we definitely have that and at the same time, we want to go out there and give it our best. >> we had one game and obviously that was one of the biggest
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the fact that it is in cameron and we haven't won there brings us even further. >> i would give so much if those guys could get something like that. mark: you can see the raw emotion. he has called this his favorite team ever. they have never won a championship but many are hoping for a win tonight. that crowd should mean another dandy, joe. i am going to talk inside. joe: that is great that you get to see the whole game. thank you, mark. have the wolfpack lost its 13th acc game. that is the most in two decades.
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cat barber was up to his usual antics and if you need a bucket at the end of the shot clock, the cat is your man and he delivers there. and how about the dribbling skills? when you are this good you get the role as well. barber was up 29 points beating his lead average. caleb martin adding 16 points. this puts n.c. state up by six, but watch that quickly because it was gone. they close a half on a 14-2 run with the honors. they are fighting hard in the second half. barber again. where would they be without him? too much firepower for notre dame. it is back-to-back threes and
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get 12 threes in this one, 89-75. up next, they've got wake forest in the acc tourney. defending champ garner is in a good one, in the florida east regional finals. they let it all out today. he came out hot. don't vacate him -- the trojans win defensively, -- went defensively and in the final 30 seconds, if this shot by the trojans can put them up by three, things are looking pretty good. but they will not be denied. this guy will hit a three with just three seconds to go in regulation. in the final four, kyle gensler, the brother, will give corey the ball, and he will win it with a
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heather: what a way to end the game? (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome to "world news tonight." super saturday.
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results are coming in. tensions rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans are eating their own. >> republicans teaming up to take down one man. >> where i grew up, if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone has to stand up and punch them back. >> at this trump rally -- >> but are donald trump and hillary clinton now on track to win it all? the fbi closing in on the band of thieves who made off with millions. new details on their high-tech heist, how they tracked the truck. and got away with the gold. the young girl who went jogging 36 years ago and never came home. tonight, a suspect who may have confessed back then, now under arrest for her murder. why did it take so long? and from trash to treasure. from baseball cards to audio tapes, could there be a jackpot hidden in your house, too?


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