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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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e'twaun moore. howard on him, howard defends him well. here comes brewer. brewer drives, side steps dunleavy who fouls him and a chance to cut it to six with 1:49 remaining. >> mark: we got on dwight howard earlier for lack of effort. give him credit that possession, guarding the point guard with the clock dwindling down, got down low and defended at a high level. closed out, contested. beautiful defense by howard. >> mike: we've seen the last several -- that's a critical miss right now. we've seen wild comebacks recently. >> mark: so you can do it. this is against a point guard to close out a possession. that's outstanding defense. you've earned the right to trot
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>> mike:104-97. the bulls have led the entire second half. most of it by double figures. gasol stripped by beverley. picked up. another turnover. 25 turnovers now for chicago. harden guarded by dunleavy. puts up a three-pointer. way off. rebound comes out to moore. >> mark: bad shot by harden. let him off the hook. >> mike: dunleavy quick three. too strong. >> jeff: that's a bad shot too. >> mike: early on the shot clock, harden goes back door, gibson guarding him on the perimeter as we hit a minute remaining. harden drives, step pass to howard, howard out of bounds. 19 turnovers for houston. >> jeff: i think the better play there is to throw it up to howard. as gasol comes to help, instead of trying to find them with the
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>> mark: having moore handling the basketball tells me that derrick rose is not 100%. >> mike: fred hoiberg calls timeout before the double-team converges. we'll take a break. 44 seconds remain. bulls' ball, up 7 here in chicago. >> mike: bulls trying to close this out.
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houston was down 18 earlier in the period. now trying to get back as the rockets currently in the 8 spot in the west. because detroit lost earlier tonight, chicago now tied for 8 in the east. chicago 22 games left counting tonight. houston 21. both these teams trying to turn around what's been difficult seasons and get into playoffs and make some noise in the post season. dunleavy has to call time. close to a five-second violation. we'll take another break. since when did experience become something to hide? i say we own it. lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons they give you on your 50th. what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content, from lifestyle and entertainment to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the great benefits of membership.
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when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at >> mike: houston rockets tonight starting a five-game eastern swing including in toronto where the raptors have been unbeatable recently. then philly, boston and charlotte as they try to secure a playoff spot. looks like they're going to fall short here tonight with 44.4 remaining. >> jeff: boston's been great at home. charlotte is playing outstanding basketball. >> mike: howard will guard the inbound. 11 on the 24. >> mark: with moore, you got to find a way to create an open. >> mike: dunleavy lobs it in.
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another turnover. beverley across the lane, kicks it out in the coshrner. fakes, fires three, hits. it's a four-point game. chicago will inbound again. houston will notive up. to their credit, keep coming back every time you think this one is over. >> jeff: it's not the penalty. it's side out of bounds. have to have ways to get the ball in. sets to get the ball inbounds. >> mike: howard making the pass difficult guarding the inbounder. >> mark: you also have to have guys who want to go get the basketball. >> jeff: that's more important. >> mike: rose breaks free. they get it to mirotic. fires a wild pass, gets to gasol
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>> jeff: if howard had hustled, that ball would have been right to him. instead he's trotting. dwight howard just slowly trotting. that's his ball. >> mike: howard has fouled out. that's his 6th foul. gasol will go to the free-throw line. the turnovers, 26 for chicago, 19 for houston. howard fouls out for the third time this season with 8 points, 12 rebounds. gasol trying to wrap up a marvelous game, not only those
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and six more assists. this is the 31st and 32nd free throw attempt. two important free throws there for gasol. back to a six-point game. timeout houston. 106-100, bulls in front, rockets ball when we come back, no more howard. sweetheart, don't look at me like that, it's gonna be amazing. this is a disaster! who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers. why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut,
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if you treated your tablet like greasy fast food treats your body... you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. made with our new hand-pulled, all-white meat chicken raised without antibiotics... all on our freshly-baked bread. the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. >> mike: it's been a rough stretch for the bulls as they've dropped four in a row and 8 in 18 in the last 26. here's their schedule coming up. against the bucks on monday and a quick one-game trip to texas in san antonio, miami at toronto at washington.
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like this, jimmy butler now back, pau gasol, all three of them having strong games tonight with the exception of turnovers, everybody turning it over. ariza asking for some room as gibson trying to deny. inside to harden. harden launches it up. misses, gasol the rebound. fouled by capela. rebound number 17 for pau gasol. >> mark: mike, this is why you love the warriors or you love the spurs. they don't make the same mistakes that everybody else makes. it does not matter who's on the floor. they compete at a high level. they execute. they have fun and they hold each other accountable. there's a reason why those teams
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season. >> mike: for the rockets it has been so inconsistent. this game a perfect example, as gasol hits another. gasol, 27 points, 17 rebounds, six assists. he's got seven turnovers though. james harden has nine turnovers. the two teams combined 45 turnovers. now an 8-point lead. bickerstaff calls timeout. some of the fans heading out of the united center which was packed once again. got a game tomorrow on abc. the sunday showcase presented by bbba compass, golden state warriors at the staples center against kobe bryant and the lakers. coverage begins with countdown
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the warriors' historic run just continues. 55-5. just incredible. so many road games --excusee, so many home games to finish, that record perhaps to be broken, set by the chicago bulls in '95-'96. 72 wins. it is within reach. those bulls won 72 and the next year they won 69. timeout called as the rockets couldn't get it in. rockets now out of timeouts. how are you doing, jeff? >> jeff: i'm doing fine.
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>> mark: the interesting thing, no team has ever gone undefeated at home for an entire season. spurs are still undefeated at home. >> jeff: who beat them in '95-'96 at home? >> mike: indiana. >> jeff: did you get them at home? >> mark: we beat them twice. don't blame it on the indiana pacers. that's the rest of the league. >> mike: indiana once and charlotte once. our statistician gets you what you want. >> jeff: trying to think who they had in 95-96. was that larry johnson? >> mike: mugsy? >> jeff: they had a good team. >> mike: inside to ariza. shot clock turned off. they got to shoot quickly. ariza takes a lot of time.
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that won't go. harden tips it to himself. harden sets, fires, that won't go. rebound knocked loose. rose comes up with it and can dribble it out now. hopefully the rockets won't foul him. that will do it. the bulls end their four-game losing streak. pau gasol has a marvelous game and the triumphant return of jimmy butler, after missing 11 games he was excellent tonight with 24 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and good defense. derrick rose with 17 and 9. a food-goodwin win for the chicago bulls as they move into the 8 spot in the eastern conference and go a game over 500 for the season. butler first game back plays 34 minutes, fouls out for the first time but was excellent on the court. he's with lisa. >> lisa: you fouled out for the
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what was up with that, watching pau gasol wrap things up? >> that's me being too thirsty for steals. coach is always telling me to stay solid. i'm glad we won. happy about that. >> how did the knee feel? >> good. i was winded a little bit. i need to get back in shape. my teammates have a lot of confidence in me down the stretch. it's a big win. >> you were saying before the game you thought lately your team defense has been soft. how do you think you played defensively? >> we did our thing tonight. in the end, we did what we were supposed to do. >> thank you. congratulations on the win. >> thank you. mike? >> mike: they improve to 31-30 and moving to the 8 spot in the east. the rockets fall to 31-31. they're trying to hold onto that 8th and final spot as the bulls get another victory here at the united center. final score, the bulls 108, the rockets 100.
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producer tim, our director jimmy moore and or outstanding abc crew, thanks for watching. up next, late local news except the west coast.
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on abc, home of the nba finals.heather: right now on eyewitness news, fan frenzy at chapel hill. eyewitness news covering every angle from the praise to the reaction of both teams. plus, a and csu player is kidnapped in fayetteville. it happened in september, but it has just come to light. eyewitness news starts right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. heather: good saturday evening, everyone.
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the rematch between duke and the tar heels went on tonight and one of basketball's greatest rivalries lived up to the hype. mark armstrong will break it down for us, but let's see what is happening in chapel hill with elaina athans. angelica: --elaina: there was a lot of celebrating tonight, and let's take a look at that video, it was just before 10:00. there were police officers on either side here, according to police the crowd was very large and they turned the corner on columbus. this is after a massive celebration in the downtown area. people started storming franklin street. they were able to overcome the halftime defeat and clinch the
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downtown chapel hill was blocked off for the crowd. there was a bonfire downtown and fans were waving flags. here is what some students had to say after the game. >> epic, epic game. it was incredible. they played great defense. >> we are seniors and [indiscernible] >> it is a perfect way to go out. >> they deserved it, they really deserved it so much. >> they fought so hard. elaina: so the celebration on franklin street is not over for the night. students are out of the bars and restaurants now toasting the win. heather: it is no doubt a party in chapel hill. it is different in durham. our team coverage continues with mark armstrong. he is inside the stadium.
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mark: yes, it certainly was. another near classic. there had never been a senior class that had a game day banner of some sort, and it came down for this game for the tar heels. let's show you a few highlights from this one. in the second half, grayson allen stepped into the three-pointer that tied the game at 49, the only time, in fact, for the game. they took a timeout and carolina gathered themselves. there was a big rebound and then it goes coast to coast, and then went through the entire blue devil defense. from there, it was just down to a bunch of free throw shooting because of the devils would not die. 76-72, the final. >> they pulled it off. but it feels great, it felt
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celebrate, and you know, i am very blessed. i have never had a group of seniors go and win at that kind of championship. we went three years without winning so if i told them about that, it meant a great deal for me and those kids. >> absolutely. we are off to d.c. on monday. we are going to send it back to you guys. heather: what a night. thank you, mark. and the blue blood rivalry event is over at the stadium and it is shut down for the night for the
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and the party at cameron indoor stadium started long before kickoff. the biggest storyline of the weekend was the tobacco road showdown. unc is the most common to host the game day. this was the eighth time that the matchup has been featured. 9:00, an nfl player is kidnapped in fayetteville and now a man is facing charges. jacksonville jaguars earl wolff was forced into a range rover. police believe he was held for a short time. the jaguars released a statement today saying that wolff is doing well physically and mentally. he was drafted by philadelphia
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the kidnappers are facing a list of charges. as to the weather happening now, steve stewart is already alerting us to showers on twitter. right behind me, you can see the rain already moving in on first alert doppler xp. steve, what can we expect? steve s.: not to much, just a few moderate showers that time. this is moving on out at a fairly good clip right now. there is a pocket of moderate showers out around northampton county moving away right now. also parts around smithfield, you will see light rain showers here. there could be a shiny -- could
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system. but after that, i think we are done. a little sunshine in here tomorrow. a little warmer. and then a big warm up next week. we'll talk about that coming up. heather: that is what we want to talk about. steve, thank you. shooters' iphone. what the district attorney thinks could be on the phone. but first, a look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. wet pavement with the showers still moving through. some sunshine and a nice weather is on the way that steve is talking about. we will have your full forecast coming up after the break. and here is another look at tonight's powerball numbers, they are 3, 24, 27, 59, 69, and
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announcer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. fighter facebook, like our page, and get updates. heather: and people are making their picks for super saturday.
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heather: the clinton campaign is coming to north carolina next week. we told you first at 6:00 that democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton will make a campaign stop in north carolina on thursday. her husband, president bill clinton, will make a campaign stop, and we are working to find out where hillary will be making her appearance. we will pass that information along to you on the abc 11 mobile app. and the short time of primary season is here and donald trump opened up a campaign office in raleigh. it held its grand opening today on spring forest road. supporters handed out bumper stickers and yard signs for the republican presidential front-runner. donald trump's campaign already
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re is a third assailant out there? >> we are not say thatthe fbi says that the evidence obtained could give information on potential co-conspirators. witnesses refuted a theory of a third gunman in the san bernardino attacks. today, apple stands by its decision to try and not unlock that phone. after burning for hours, a fire at a texas oil refinery is out tonight. at least one person has burned their hands according to our sister station in houston. the pasadena refinery system is a working to see if an explosion happened before flames broke out this morning.


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