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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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50 oxford and 52 southern pines. by lunchtime mostly sunny and,#. this afternoon mostly sunny and almost 80 degrees. lots of sunshine today and lots of mild temperatures today. we will see 80 some. about that. now we talk weather and traffic night. good wednesday morning. so far so good. we are nice and dry, clear weather conditions as you head out the middle of week. no problems. 40 durham freeway nice and that is what we are seeing on the road weather index. all is well and clear. not seeing any precipitation or fog. construction you pay run into shoulder closed jang all week i-40 between u.s. 64 and 4 to --
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durham freeway davis drive which is exit two shoulder work and also stalled vehicle. so watch for that heading into the city of medicine. into north raleigh 540 and u.s. 700 glenwood nice. we will check the drive times in a few minutes. john: breaking overnight a double shooting turns in a honda in durham. two men were shot just after 10:30 last night on maplewood drive off dearborn. it was a drive-by apparently. both were tape to the hospital and within later died. the other is expected to recover. there's no word on a suspect. barbara: there's more breaking news in cumberland county one person is killed after being pinned under a vehicle. authorities tell the crew on the scene the driver went off the road to the right, overcorrected, crossed the center line and hit a tree after joseph correcting again.
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and the vehicle landed on top of him. new details about a crash on, 40 in wake county. the highway patrol says a motorcycle slammed into a pickup truck near airport boulevard feel the biker was killed. troopers say speed was a factor. to karpls were filed against the pickup driver. >> to vote 2016 and new results overnight as voters in four states cast ballots. donald trump got they more wins claiming victories in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz added to his win column with a victory in idaho. for the democrats hillary clinton won mississippi easily but bernie sanders breathed new life into his bid with a stunning upset in michigan. it was a disappointing night for marco rubio with to victories. but he insists he will press on to his home state's republican primary in florida next tuesday.
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in north carolina as our state holds its presidential primary. that means a last minute push from candidates in the area. caitlin knute has that side of the story. caitlin: with the primary less than a week away we are see candidates this week including donald trump who will be in fayetteville today. this will be the republican front-runner's second foulke campaign stop this week. then brought ton in raleigh after her husband was already in town on her behalf earlier this week. as for senator ted cruz he was in raleigh for a town hall with fox news yesterday where he spoke to about 700 people. john: abc11 is your election harbgs.
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the campaign trail through our poebl app or on we are streaming their visits and keeping track of who on top. it is also important information posted to make sure your vote counts. barbara: a statewide amber alert is issued for a girl. the brevard police is looking for dixie bailey. she may be on the way to atlanta. she is 5'4" and weighs 1?14 pounds. she was last seen with a paoefrp colored pullover shirt, black tights and cowboy boots. the anticipation is building for some of or military families at fort bragg the soldiers from the 882nd airborne division are on the way home after nine months in iraq. a welcome home ceremony is planned for today. the commander is bringing back the colors marking the official
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john: 5:35 and they raised their voices and they are being heard. barbara: residents in one county believe their water may to the be safe and they are being charged a lot without using it. the latest on their fight after the break. don, good morning. don: as you head out we have temperatures about where they were yesterday. we will talk about a warmer af this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's.
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10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped.
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barbara: we have blue skies and lots of sunshine to start. we will have temperatures warming from the 50's now to lunchtime low to mid 70's. great day shaping up as you can sneak out for lunch perfect day. 50 south hill. 47 roxboro, 52 louisburg and 53 raleigh. 53 cary. 50 lillington and 46 sanford, 53
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looking at the day ahead. 51 now and partly cloudy all the though a lot of skier skies. a lot of stars i saw. lunchtime 7 # degrees and mostly sunny. through the late day 77 degrees and lots of sunshine. we replace the sun with clouds knocking temps down a bit. we will have the seven-day forecast up next. john: owe visuals in granville county say they will address concerns after i-team started asking questions about water. barbara: last week we reported and the high rates of cancer and how it might be connected to the water quality. angelica alvarez shows us how people fought and won. reporter: that is a promise made tonight to us and this room full
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complaining of poor water quality. >> is the water safe to drink. reporter: we went to curtis morton and he showed us how to scrub faucets and drains. >> you are afraid to take a shower. reporter: the water and sewage authority board listed every concern and promise change but it will come at a cost. since sgwasa is more than $50 in debt. the cost of what we had to do to treat our waste treatment going into the lake and then the acquisition of creedmoor system that came in as a part of that sgwasa sgwasa puzzle. >> all these upstream communities that bear the cost of the water quality in places like raleigh need to be partially whole for some of that.
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news for morton who pay high water bills and forth using the water. other concerns brought up include cancer studies that our john: team focused on. the water company says they can not do anything about that. that is for the state to address they say. john: 5:40 is the time. a man accused of shooting an idaho pastor is arrested thousands of miles away. why he was taken into custody by secret service. barbara: push to bring american business to cuba. the industry hoping to set up there. john: wonderful story a local
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for her special if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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barbara: welcome back. it is 5:# 4 stkrrbgs -- 5:44. officers say two men were shot just after 10:30 in the 1400 block of maplewood drive. both were tape to the hospital where one died. the other is expected to survive. donald trump is making a stop in north carolina today. he's scheduled to speak at the crown coliseum in fayetteville tonight and on the democratic side hillary clinton will make two stops in the triangle tomorrow. she's scheduled to stop by hillside high in durham and broughton in raleigh. soldiers from the airborne division coming home. more than 160 on the way home after nine months in iraq. a ceremony is planned. the 82nd commander is bringing back the unit colors marking the official return. john: the man accused of
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arrested in washington, d.c. authorities say kyle odom was taken into custody after he threw items over the white house fence. the shooting of the pastor was over the weekend a day after tim remington spoke at a raleigh for ted cruz. remington was shot sbgs times. he has regained consciousness is walk talking with family. a new york city detective may have been lit by friendly fire during a drug bust. it was last night in brooklyn. he was hit in the shoulder trying to arrest the suspect. both of them are in stable condition. a second person is in custody. police still searching for a third suspect. new a bloody day in philadelphia. a total of six people were killed. police trying to figure out if they are connected. it started tuesday afternoon when a man randomly stabbed three killing one.
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out leaving one man dead. over the next several hours four more machine were killed in four separate shootings. barbara: a vanderbilt university student is killed in a stabbing ram passenger in israel. taylor force was also a graduate of west point who served in iraq and afghanistan. he was one of seven stabbed by a palestinian in jaffa. he was on a school sponsored trip. it was the same day vice president joe biden arrived in israel. he tweeted there is no just for such acts of terror. developing now a senior islamic state commander targeted in an area strike now u.s. officials trying to figure out if he was killed. the command are is one of the most promise the military leaders of isis. it was last week in a former islamic state stronghold that was captured in february. starting today the believe can pay respects to former first lady nancy reagan.
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the reagan library. funeral is friday. michelle obama and hillary clinton will be mock those invited. after the funeral see will be buried next to ronald reagan. john: bringing american hotels to cuba. that is the goal of one u.s. senator senator. she says as diplomatic relations between u.s. and cuba improve business opportunities will grow. she says restrictions must be removed so the u.s. hospitality industry has a shot to compete in the market. hotel operators from spain and u.k. are already negotiating deals to build in cuba. this may be or favorite story of morning. a teach are in roanoke rapids is redefining special needs. her kids learn from experience and she is about to give them an experience of a lifetime. it a few days wendy pickle will
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trip that's to their teacher and support from the community. they are there from kindergarten through fifth frayed and two years ago she was on the kelly and michael show as peoplist for teacher of the year of it sent her to the disney resort in hawaii appear taste when she decided to raise money to take her students to disney world in orlando. >> we take a big trip every year as use it as our learning opportunities for these kids to have the same opportunities that other kids do. a lot of them wouldn't be able to go to see the excitement. the excitement on their face ss i love and they have worked so hard to get there. barbara: through fish fries, funnel sales, barbecue and other events they raised $15,000 to take it. they leave monday. they are set up to meet and that, woody and the rest of the
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it brings me to tears watching this. you have to go to and watch the story in full. we don't have time to air it every half hour but you have to see it. this teachers's dedication. i can't wait to see the video. don: it takes an exceptional person to be an exceptional teach earn. for those kids. i met a lot of special education teachers along the way and they are always such great examples. love already story. can't wait to see the pictures. barbara: well done. have a blast. don: disany a partner company of abc. live look at the day. mostly sunny and we will go from the 50's at 8:00 to lunchtime mid 70's. good day to go outside. support sunshine it afternoon. temperatures near 80. live look into joined raleigh
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light although that will change as next week this team it hrwill be a lot lighter. live look into joined durham and temperature right now 53, 79% humidity. west weekend at two and we will check with a look on or camera. let's go to fayetteville. live look down there a hint of light in the eastern sky. 52 right now and winds calm. looking at what is happening farce the temperatures, 47 roxboro, 46 roanoke rapids, 51 in wilson. 46 smithfield and sanford. 53 fayetteville. 52 southern pines and 47 roxboro. clear skies above. one or two high clouds. most of it and all the storms out to the west. you see sours and storms in mississippi river valley and down into texas. that system will stay out this
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by lunchtime sunniment a few clouds in the sand hills and they person off. tomorrow morning it paints the pap white. i don't think we will see all of this cloud cover but we will have moisture in the air and sometimes the model do not foe how to show patchy fog but i think you will see thicker spots of fog through the day. today mostly sunny and warmer, 60's. by lunchtime 74 degrees. we will get near 80 with more sown on the way. across the region 79 in holly springs, 78 durham, 80 smithfield feel 78 siler city and sanford. around 80 fayetteville, 81 lumberton and 80 goldsboro. 75 roxboro and south hill. 79 rocky mount. 78 wake forest. tonight steps into the 50's for overnight lows. 54 raleigh and 55 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing
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and more cloud cover friday and 76. saturday for the st. patrick's day parade in raleigh i think it will be dry, cloudy, warm, humid and some showers in the afternoon but at this time the parade looks dry. saturday night into sunday we spring forward. sun 75, upon 74, tuesday 73 fplt73. these are temperatures we would formally see in late april. barbara: how are you? amber: when we went from winter to -- into no middle ground. early summer. amber: then it will be a chance of snow. i said that word. nobody wants to hear that. we will go out on a wednesday morning hump day and it is 5:52. we have clear weather this morning. no fog. as john said you pay see some in the morning but not this wednesday. near fort bragg no problems or delays.
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it has been not hitting 6:00. road weather index forth returning any issues on the road as far as weather. we have construction to tell you about. fors not part accident free so construction just this hour the shoulder closed on i-40 both directions between 64 and 440. same on the durham freeway near exit 2 davis drive shoulder closed and stalled vehicle. this is coming in an accident on capital near 440. i was checking speeds and this is right at 264 looks like it is on time 61 miles an hour for average speed. durham freeway and alston that pedestrian bridge lit up fine. sun coming up there. durham freeway fine at that area six minutes without delay who to 15 and then 540 westbound also on time four minutes capital to 70.
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barbara: the pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. john: 5:56 and 51 degrees. barbara: more trouble for chipotle. a massachusetts restaurant closed after one worker is diagnosed with a norovirus. it is a contagious virus and two other workers are also suspected of having it. no customers have been reported sick unlike in december when 150
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the chain is reeling from an e-coli outbreak in heart to reduce stroke and help protect skin. barbara: if it was only good for the waistline. john: you had to bring up that. barbara: still ahead, breaking news out of fayetteville a pedestrian hit and kid by a car. john: state laurels set it take up the hot topic of police body cameras.
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in the spotlight. john: we are following several breaking stories including the search for a genetic driver in fayetteville and double shooting in durham that is a murder investigation. barbara: shake run in vote 2016 donald trump widening his led but bernie sanders scores a big upset. where the race for the white house is now. john: good morning, carolina,
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6:00 and 51 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center with weather and traffic together. don: good morning to you. thanks for starting with us. we appreciate it. we will look at what is hag with the temperatures today. we will be in the 50's at 8:00. by 10:0060's in the 70's and we will be in the 70's. knees day ahead. looking it numbers 49 roxboro, 53 chapel hill. 46 roanoke rapids, cool spot with dismissed and sanford. 49 fayetteville and clinton. 51 goldsboro. 52 southern pines. hooking at the day ahead 52 now and partly cloudy. through the afternoon 79 with lots of sunshine. we will get near 80 today and top out at 80 tomorrow as well. but 10 we see a cooldown and i


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