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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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what you need to know and punishment you will face if you don't. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on this primary tuesday. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the big stories but first another stormy night. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning. we are starting with dry conditions. all the storms have pressed out of here and we are not seeing anything on radar. we will have a dry and warmer day. in the 50's, starting cooler. by 10:00 in the 60's and hrofrpblg lunchtime up to 70's. we will stay there this afternoon. current numbers, 53 in roxboro, 55 chapel hill. 57 sanford, 61 in smithfield. 61 in fayetteville, 63 goldsboro and 59 in wilson. looking at the day ahead in the
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by hroeufrplglunchtime and by afternoon near 80. warmer in the sand hills and warmer tomorrow. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. john: new this morning, overnight severe storms leave hyped -- behind damage. this home in the south hall subdivision was struck by lightning. flames were shooting from the roof and attic. the two inside made it out. barbara: meantime, strong wind is to blame for knocking down this tree on the durham orange county line. it was blocking traffic on old irwin road until crews cleared it. for a week north carolina voters had to sit on the sidelines while the rest of the nation decided the direction of the presidential race. not any more. barbara: it is one of five states in super tuesday round
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gloria rodriguez has the latest. gloria: good morning. it will open at 6:30 so it is quiet now but we will see more activity later on in the morning. we will be here and bring you the latest. many have cast ballots voting early. here in wake county 80% of registered voters already headed to the polls ahead of primary election. this is a record turnout for early vogtting. orange county registered a record turnout. you need to go to the assigned polling location. besides the presidential primary there are a lot of other state and local races on the ballot. that includes the big connect im improvement bond. it is a good idea to research before you go. you will see the congressional candidates on the ballot and you can vote but remember our congressional primary election
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don't forget you will need your i.d. to vote. this is the first election cycle for the voter i.d. law. for that they say it hasn't had a negative impact. to use a out-of-state license you need to have registered within 90 days but if you don't have a foulke -- north carolina i.d. >> let the precinct officials help you. gloria: here are the important things that you need to know today. polls open from 6:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening so there's plenty of time to vote. you need to go to your designated polling site. you can find that out on the ballot or online and take your i.d. we you are voting today. we have all of this on our website
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live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: north carolina is one of the top prizes for the presidential candidates and that was evident by the attention they are paying to voters. donald trump campaigning with new jersey governor and former presidential candidate chris christie at lenoir-rhyne in hickory. protesters interrupted the appearance three times. the clinton camp doing all it can to hold on to the state on the democratic side. this sis a state to clinton has won before. hillary clinton has a late night rally in charlotte and bill clinton was wooing divorce in greenville. the other democratic candidate bernie sanders also making a stop in charlotte monday. the vermont senator trailing hillary clinton in delegate count but not out of the race. the cruz campaign was in fayetteville. ted cruz initially set to appear at fayetteville tech community
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barbara: today could be make or break for marco rubio who trump in ohio and now ahead in other polls. abc11 is your headquarter. we have a hotline to answer questions and concerns today. amber has more. amber: good morning. volunteers from the league of women voters will be here to answer calls from 9:30 to 6:30 if you have questions before you vote or after you vote we want to hear from you. the hotline number is on and we are the election headquarters as barbara said for vote 2016. go to for more details about the photo i.d. law
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presidential delegate counter there. you can watch a question and answer session with an election official and get coverage of the primary when you want. tonight we are the source of election night. we will have all the results on abc11 and first alert weather app app. john: today the discussion on equipping raleigh police with body cameras is expected back before city officials. chief cassandra deck brown was going to make a presentation we a raleigh police officer shot and killed akiel denkins on february 29. today seal make the presentation at the city council meeting. seal she will provide insight on the technology and other equipment needed and cost. barbara: crews will return to look for a missing volunteer firefighters. he disappeared swimming sunday on the river. they were on the water when he
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authorities have not named him yet. john: 4:37 and march madness comes to raleigh. barbara: p.n.c. arena hosts first and second round games but we have a warning before you buy a ticket. john: the dog dos and don'ts. where you could face a big fine for forth cleaning up after pets. don, another rough night in the weather department. don: yes but an east day today. no rainfall today. maybe northeastern halifax county at the moment.
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we have warm temp don: welcome back. let's talk about the morning commute. you may see a little patchy fog in wake of showers. partly sunny when the sun comes up.
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50's to the 60's by 10:00 a.m. current numbers, a little cooler this morning. 54 henderson, 53 roxboro. 5 55 hillsborough. 57 siler city, 60 sanford and lillington. 62 roseboro. lunchtime we are 70 degrees under partly sunny skies and through the late day the clouds move out and sunshine is around and temperatures near 80. it will be warm today. tomorrow warmered a then a lot cooler. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast up next. john: raleigh's new dangerous dog ordinance is now in effect. here is what you need to know. it makes it easier for animal control to declare dogs dangerous and create clear restrictions for keeping a dog that has been chaired declared dangerous. barbara: the county is going after owners who do not pick up after the pets.
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appear eye roll or stare down. now it could cost you hundreds of dollars in fine largely in part to eloise johnson who fought for and around to force people to clean,. >> it is camp tphaeubgt the water and -- contaminating the water and making it unhealthy, period. barbara: under the around if you are caught leaving a mess you could pay from $250 to $500. durham county is giving people a six-month grace period to get in the habit of cleaning up. john: raleigh is hosting first and second round games of the ncaa tournament and attorney general is urging you to be on alert. the p.n.c. arena is hosting four games thursday including the tar heels and two saturday. the a.g. says you need to be on guard when it comes to buying tickets. if a deal sounds too good to be true the attorney general roy cooper and staff say it is
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barbara: 57 degrees and 4:42. a new threat from north korea. john: promising a new direction for the nuclear ambitions. why it has the world on alert. barbara: sarah palin's husband in the hospital in serious condition. what happened to him and the latest on his recovery.
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for the barbara: welcome back. 4:45 and 57 degrees. it is super tuesday round three. that is one story making headlines. you are looking live at the
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on martin luther king jr. boulevard. polls open at 6:30 and close at 7:30. besides the presidential primary there are state and local races including the big n.c. connect bond issue. you need to go to the designated polling site and bring an i.d. lightning blamed for igniting a house fire this on knights bridge way was hit just before 11:00 last night. two inside the home made it out. one person has died as a result of a double shooting in fatal fayetteville. attorney shot in an argument with a third person. they are related. their identities have not been released. john: a new warning from north korea korea, its leader saying they will soon conduct a nuclear warhead explosion test and test launch rockets capable of
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this is an escalation of threats north korea reacting to annual military drills between south korea and u.s. experts say they do not have a reliable missile capable of hitting the u.s. stunning development in syria, according to vlad merchant putin russian forces are set to start withdrawing from there today. it started air strikes in september in support of the syrian government. that government has been fighting syrian rebels and isis in a five-year war. barbara: a foulkenorth carolina teenager accused of helping isis will face murder. he is accused of killing his neighbor months before he expressed support for the group. prosecutors say it was practice for a large scale terrorist attack. his father turned him in when he learned what his son was planning. john: sarah palin's husband in the hospital after a stphoerbl crash.
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to rush home to be with todd following what is described as a seursrious snowmobile crash. to bonus of $2,000 after posting the tape. barbara: an abc exclusive. o.j. simpson's former jailer
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simpson's life of relative best friend. barbara: jeffrey felix is the author of a new tell all book how o.j. simpson became my prison b.f.f. he said seven years he was his closest confidant where simpson is serving a sentence. he said o.j. is far from the cocky and confident athlete most consider him to be. the former star is battling weight gain and arthritis and even behind bars is still living a life of privilege. you can hear more on this interview on "good morning america" at 7:00. john: i know we had hail at my house last night. i could hear it hitting the window. don: i was out cold. barbara: i heard storms but i
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don: some places didn't see much and we had reports in durham and roxboro and we will talk more about that through the morning. out. look at the temperatures today, tomorrow, even into thursday we stay well above average for this cooling trend. by the weekend we are down below average for the first time in a while. we have a live look in raleigh and temperature right now 57, dew point 55, 93% humidity. we have a -- wind to speak of. a live look into downtown fayetteville and temperature right now at 6 1161. west wind three miles an hour. 54 sanford and 61 smithfield and fayetteville. 62 in goldsboro. we look at the latest satellite and radar composite and showers
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and they are moving out of here. skies clearing. in the wake there's a lot of moisture left so you may see patchy fog but it will burn off. look at the dry weather over the southeastern portion of the united states. sunshine today will happen in tennessee, alabama, mississippi and it will clear out and we will be warm. by lunchtime a few high clouds, partly sunny to mostly sunny. about 70 this afternoon. very sunny afternoon. clear overnight tonight and by tomorrow this is a weak front that will bring cloud cover. some models indicate a sprinkle. we will have to watch for that. i think we will see sunshine and clouds for sure on wednesday. behind the frontal passage with clear skies working into thursday it is cooler around here. this is the front that worked through overnight now off the coast. we have high pressure shoving the warm air ahead of the next
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we will take a day or two for cooler air to get here. once it does we have cooler temperatures through the weekends. for today in raleigh palmer -- partly sunny and 70's. this afternoon mid to upper 70's, well above average. you will be at 78 in garner and holly springs, want smithfield. 77 siler city. 78 durham. 78 sanford. 74 in south hill. 77 rocky mount, 77 wake forest. tonight temperatures back into the 50's for overnight lows. 58 raleigh. 60 fayetteville. 57 durham. formal low is 40 degrees so we will be well above that for overnight. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow 82 degrees. could be the warmest day of the year so far tomorrow. but don't get used to it. by thursday we are 76 and
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60's friday and we are below average on saturday and saturday of course match madness in south point and make a donation to the bone marrow ledge industry.-- registry. nice stretch the next seven days but a little cooler through the weekends. john: thank you. 4:52. spring is in the air. barbara: so are the freebies. amber will so you how to snag free ice cream and guided tours in her money saver report. john: has everything you need to know before you go to the poll today. go to for details about primary day and how to make it as smooth as possible.
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barbara: welcome back. john: with this warm-up it feels like spring in north carolina. barbara: that is another type of march madness and there are freebies that tie it in. amber: good morning. free is a great price as you know and today think spring and freebies to go with the warming temps. freebies are the name of the game this march just in time for all the mad. staples has a free way to keep up with bracketology leading up to the national championship april 4 by handing out tree poster size brackets. >> you can get one of them you have to go into the local staples store but it is tree through wednesday.
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primary is tuesday but it is national cone day. you can cast the vote and snag a free ice cream at three triangle d.q. clinical and kwfpltq. chill and if you are going to the nation's capital for the cherry blossom festival a little known secret you can get free tours with national park service rangers. there are morning andvening tours and all guided by park rangers from march 18 through april 3. march can bring showers and if you plan to stay in for a rainy movie night you can score a rent box by sending a text message. we have the code on we put up links with more info including the red box code. we have one of those bracket posters outside.
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barbara: it is 4:57 and 57 degrees. john: the polls still about 90 minutes from opening. what you need to know before you vote. barbara: tragic details about
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john: right now on news news primary day in north carolina. weeks of hard pitches building to this. now time for you to decide. barbara: the key races you will decide and what you can expect
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and on the abc11 mobile app. "eyewitness news" is your covering it all. john: first, here is a live look at the raleigh sky line. strong thunderstorms. the rain and hail gone. ahead? meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. we know it will be a warm day across the region. we will see temperatures jumping across the area going from the 50's this morning to the 70's this afternoon and we will be in the upper 70's and you will get near 80's in the sand hills. current temperatures 51 roxboro, 53 chapel hill, 61 in goldsboro. 60 fayetteville. 54 in louisburg and 55 in roanoke rapids. looking at the day ahead patchy fog. where it rained and no wind a little bit of fog. by lunchtime partly sunny and


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