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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> see what is happening right this instant. from the raleigh news center, news it starts now. steve: and we begin at 5:30 with breaking news. live on the scene over highway 64 east. a motorcycle crash. you can see the vehicle on the side of the road. major backups right now because of this along eastbound lanes of 64. they are investigating the accident, ems vehicles and fire
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it is estimated at three two four miles. no reports on injuries. we will have more details as it comes in. anchor: a crucial day for voters in the north carolina primaries. as people get off work and head to their polling sites to cast their votes. anchor: they take advantage of early voting, and we have seen long lines across the triangle this binary day. joining us from a busy polling place, trinity united methodist church in raleigh. reporter: it is an busy throughout the day. there is a long line snaking through the hallways area about 1000 people have come here today. 100 people in the last hour.
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have cast a ballot. about two hours before the polls close. the county board of elections say folks are showing up to early voting locations. look what happened to this woman who recently moved. >> when i got here, they said if i moved i needed to change my address here and go to my other polling station. when i looked it up online, it told me to come here. so i came here first but now they tell me to go somewhere else. reporter: she is running a car pulled today, so she is running a bit behind. we have information on where to go on our website on, there is a link on our website. anna: the congressional race is
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but that does not mean lawmakers are steering clear of the polls. >> people are so frustrated with the eight year obama administration, and they think not enough is getting done in washington. i am frustrated as well. i think donald trump is sending a strong message and i voted for him today. anna: she announced her vote and greeted voters outside, asking them to vote for her in june. congressional primary set for june 7. joel: our voter hotline is open for business. teaming up to answer your questions and concerns about the election. diane wilson is in our newsroom right now with your calls that are being answered. diane: they are being answered. we have had volunteers here for
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we want you to call us, the number right there on the screen. they have been fielding questions all day. where is my polling place? if i don't have an id, can i still vote? what is important, is that you do get out and vote. the polls are open until 7:30 this evening. most of the questions we are getting revolved around the polling places. you need to find out what your polling places. just go to this easy website, that has all the information for you, even maps and directions to the locations.
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elections will hold a special emergency public meeting via teleconference, if it is going to extend any of the polling place locations beyond 7:30, because they have had some delays. they could possibly extended. so we will find out if that is going to happen a 6:30 tonight, hopefully. but if you have questions call the number on your screen. we will be here until 6:30 to answer any questions you may have. joel: troubleshooters and volunteers there to keep them busy. and we will have continuing coverage of the presidential race on "world news," with david mure. anna: new revelations about o.j. simpson. many are reliving the trial of the century on american crime
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prishe gave me a dirty look and then smiled and shrugged it off. reporter: dallas ryan smith reporting. anna: a funeral today for a 15-year-old killed in a drive-by shooting.
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blotters -- globetrotters. joel: a man hit by a car on capital boulevard has died. he died trying to cross between capital and i-40 last night. he was crossing the middle of the street. the driver will not face charges. anna: family and friends said goodbye to a 15-year-old boy, gunned down in a drive-by shooting. he wasn't shot and killed at a home on maplewood drive. his cousin was also hit by gunfire, but survived. the shooting remains under investigation. no one has been arrested and no charges have an file. joel: a member of the harlem globetrotters dribbled his way into a hospital.
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center and put smiles on the faces of several cancer patients there today. he posed for some pictures. he took the court -- he will take the court on march 24. anna: the pain of losing an animal is just as dramatic as the death of a family member or friend. joel: millions of americans have already filed their federal tax returns. how much the average person will receive, and what is coming up at 6:00. >> lesson two hours before the polls close. it is primary night across north carolina. all eyes on the presidential race. and new ways to get around
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anna: some 48 million americans the government this year. $3053. many plan to save or invest it. many say they intend to pay down debt. remember this years filing deadline. joel: a technical glitch on the dating app, tinder. some users getting heartbreaking news, their matches have been accidentally deleted. no word tonight on how many users are looking for love again after their account was wiped out. anna: back to the drawing board.
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anna: it can be hard for some to even imagine going back to work. that is why some companies are now allowing mourning for pet owners. pet owners need the time for closure after the loss of a pet. most owners say they felt grief and sadness for at least six months after losing an animal. if you don't have a pet, that may be hard for you to understand. joel: i co-anger the news with a woman who treats her pets like family members. anna: a very nice woman. a mother and father found shot to death inside their own home.
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anna: now to a look at headlines across the state, including a couple shots of death inside their home. joel: a former mayor headed back to court, after a child was left behind. anna: a manhunt underway for the suspect in a double murder. police say a couple was found shot and killed inside their claremont home last night. investigators think an intruder forced their way inside the home and murder the couple. family members say they have a 10-year-old daughter who was not home when the parents bodies were discovered. joel: a former charlotte mayor, patrick cannon will face a judge tomorrow on charges of voter fraud. he passed an early voter.
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the mayor lost his right to vote after pleading guilty to accepting bribes from undercover fbi agents in exchange for political favors. anna: in the north county, a nine-year-old spotted in a parking lot, after he fell asleep on a boys and girls club bus. the president of the organization says it is standard protocol to be -- the boy told his mom and dad he was scared because he did not know where he was or where anyone else was. joel: poor little guy, i'm glad he is ok. we have highs in the 80's, lows in the 30's. anna: last night a crazy storm, tonight perfect. chris: fortunately, that is history. but we have another chance of
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pretty heavy, with all the warm weather the past couple weeks. just want to show you again, the average day, the first and second day in april for much of the region. we are still in the season of frost and freezing temperatures that are common. we may see just that happened by early next week. so you may want to hold off on doing any planting. you may want to bring them in early next week. 79, downtown durham. 77 officially at the airport, southwest wind at seven miles per hour. a bit cooler to the northeast, 75 degrees at roxboro. 80 and fayetteville. the average high is in the low 60's, and we will be below that by the weekend. a few scattered clouds during the day.
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up and down the east coast, pretty good. the only major delay, new york city laguardia, some delays of half an hour. but the others are good. if you are heading out, the weather is good this evening. temperatures tonight on the low 60's, 50's. tomorrow it surges in the 80's again. low mid 80's by afternoon. 60's at 8:00. a great day to be out and about and enjoy the beautiful weather, if you can. that is the average, 63. mid 80's triangle, mostly sunny skies. only an isolated shower, at best. low pressure here. an outbreak of severe weather
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several tornadoes, damaging wind gusts. look at tomorrow, lots of sunshine to start your day in the early morning hours. this front had some showers, maybe a storm in the mountains. then it all dries up, except for a spot or 22. basically, a drive front coming through. at most, an isolated shower. better coverage of showers of north. cooler for st. patrick's day, and noticeably cooler into the weekend. a spotty shower tomorrow. otherwise, sunny. st. patrick's day, back to sunshine and cooler but still above average at 76. friday, 50 eight. saturday, clouds increasing. first day of spring is the coolest day on the seven-day. 50's, some rain. if it rains all day sunday, it
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anna: just bringing it on for all those flowers to plant. chris: gradually. anna: still ahead, a local girl in the triangle featured in a
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but she was notjoel: getting girls to embrace math, science, and engineering. it is not always easy, but this apex of girl is starring in a super bowl commercial, she's got girl power. anna: she had a little encouragement from her mother and a teacher who helped the local girl break into the boys club. this is a doctor, director engineering at uc state. that is her in this super bowl commercial, encouraging girls. always know they can. have that spark and that ability, but are afraid to access it, because it looks funny or someone might comment. >> the mad scientists is always
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and girls are held to barbie standards. anna: she wanted to be a model or actress when she was younger. but then that she met dr. bottomley. because she is a star science student, she is on the way to engineering. bottomley explained how scientists use music to reengineer the brain. now, they represent women, shattering the glass ceiling. >> she is an outstanding representative. she does not look like a mad scientist, right? she is a beautiful, articulate woman.
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anna: she plans to go to nc state and major in engineering. she believes teachers are key. joel: eyewitness news continues. anna: it is primary night. the polls close in 90 minutes. joel: and live team coverage. hillary clinton making a final stop in wake county today. plus, can donald trump build on his delegate lead? anna: scattered delays and problems. the latest on the biggest primary in years.
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making a plea>> see what is happening right this instant, news at 6:00 happens right now. anchor: a big voter turnout. good evening, i am steve daniels. anchor: primary night in five states, including north carolina, florida, illinois, and missouri. steve: and a big focus on north carolina.
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also, the gop primary -- gubernatorial primary. and we are keeping an eye on the senate primaries. tisha: live team coverage with the polls in washington, both parties anticipate the first results. and take a look at this shot just minutes ago at the community center in raleigh. the line stretched through the parking lot. angela is at the community center as we approach the final hour of voting. i see the line behind you is still pretty long. angela: it stretches all the way down this side. there is a charter bus dropping off students right now as we speak. more than 8000 people are registered to vote at this site. early there -- earlier this


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