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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  March 16, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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victory a message. >> i think a lot of people, from the farmers and hillbillies, two soldiers and families, it is good to see something come through. greg: volunteers say they will regroup here tomorrow morning and start mapping out a battle plan for the next to come. some say they will follow the trump campaign to other states. they say they also want to keep it open through november. tisha: trump supporters ready to move forward. hillary clinton supporters are celebrating her win and looking to november. angelica is live. angelica: the celebration continues.
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the 12th floor. supporters were elated to see that win. let's look at the video from earlier. [applause] volunteers for her campaign and supporters here on martin street. this is as the numbers rolled in. she won more than half of the boat from rival, bernie sanders. she had been leading a sanders for support in north carolina. earlier, she told our cameras she respects the sanders campaign and has similar views, just different solutions. she asked the voters to vote for the candidate they believe was the strongest democratic candidate going into november. how you feel about the win? >> so happy. >> i have been a hillary supporter for a long time.
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i feel strongly, then no one has the experience or position that she has. it is a great night for our country and for north carolina. angelica: as they are done cleaning up, the real work now begins as the race continues. tisha: today is considered a another super tuesday because it is filled with primaries in some big states. steve: voters and delegate rich states, all casting ballots. we're live in our downtown raleigh studio. jolt: the biggest price and i come state of florida. trump flouncing rubio in his home state. the scene in miami tonight, senator rubio in a difficult
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telling supporters he is quitting the presidential race altogether. >> i want you to know there is nothing more you could have done. you worked as hard as you could have come a work as hard as we could have. america is in the middle of a real political storm, a synonymy. we should have seen it coming. reporter: a much different seen 70 miles to the north. in palm beach florida, celebrating donald trump's big win this evening. trump winning all of florida's 99 delegates. he also won the state of missouri, illinois, but lost the buckeye state to john kasich, losing in ohio. on the democratic side, a very good night for hillary clinton. clinton is blowing out sanders in florida, taking home the lions share in florida, 107 democratic delegates. she also won in missouri and
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clinton at her florida headquarters in palm beach. >> if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday. thank you all, so very much. reporter: on the democratic side, we saw hillary clinton is stretching her delegate lead over bernie sanders. and on the republican side, a nether big night for donald trump. but john kasich possibly in in ohio, may stop trump from getting that lead he needs to read steve: the governor's race is set. they will challenge each other in november. tisha: pat mccrory easily besting his challengers. he served 14 years as charlotte mayor.
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steve: and roy cooper, getting the democratic nomination with a big winner over lawyer ken spaulding. he had 70%, to kansas 30%. mccrory and cooper are celebrating their wins tonight. we're live in downtown raleigh with more on that. reporter: he really did not comment on much tonight. the incumbent said there are complex problems that will be difficult to solve, and he is committed to rebuilding the economy. >> the competition is getting really strong in the rest of the world. but guess what, we will succeed if we follow this model of
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reporter: roy cooper, celebrated his win. attorney general says he wants to put more money into the pockets of everyday working families. he also wants education to be a priority. >> helping everyone in this improving economy, making affordable quality education. helping small businesses start up and grow. that is what the people of north carolina want. tisha: both now prepping for the november battle. most polls show mccrory and cooper very close. it has been a very expensive race. his campaign has raised over $5 million. steve: it will be an interesting
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governor mccrory celebrate in, as well. the connect and see bond -- connect nc bond has passed. in the lieutenant governor's race, linda won it tonight, she lost the race in 2012. tisha: back to those long lines voters experience today. people still voting right now. there are people still casting those ballots. this is a line at the east durham library. they were allowed to vote after the polls close, as long as they were in line, they were allowed to vote. many are upset. >> we were told that there were very few volunteers to help with the election. now we are concerned are but won't be counted because the numbers are in and people are winning elections and we have
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tisha: earlier tonight, they decided to keep the polls open in a couple counties. in edmonds county, they say a lockdown led to disruptive voting. some will say open until 8:00. steve: we will have more election results on eyewitness news. plus, what raleigh police want you to see in hopes it will help solve a double murder. plus, subway going dark more than 24 hours. the reason that so many people will have to find a new way to work tomorrow. let's take a look outside our newsroom. a really great evening. and, another warm-up on the way tomorrow. chris: we may get toasty. temperatures very mild right
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more raking coverage. steve: richard burr will fight to keep his seat. tisha: he will be on the ballot again in november. the senator on several powerful committees on capitol hill. 62% of the vote. steve: democrat deborah ross will try to unseat her in november. she got 63% of the vote tonight, to win the democratic primary.
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deborah ross focusing on the fight against senator burke. >> it won't be easy, but i am confident and hopeful. and that is because i believe in the north carolina people, and a promise of our country. steve: sell -- celebrating her victory with roy cooper. tisha: buck newton and jim o'neill going head to head. buck newton winning with 55% of the vote, to jim o'neill's 45% of the vote. steve: on the democratic side marcus williams and josh line. josh stein, a state senator who served as deputy attorney general, 54% of the vote, williams getting 46%. and abc11 is your election headquarters.
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your mobile device. you can check out and the mobile news that. tisha: two men were found dead inside an suv last week. alan rodriguez and another shot last -- police ask you to call 911 if you know where he his. steve: police officers will soon the program will cost as much as $5 million over five years. the bulk of that cost is for data storage. the council was supposed to pick up this issue two week so -- ago, but a police officer shot and killed someone in southeast raleigh shortly after was
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the subway closed until midnight tonight until 5:00 p.m. on thursday. a fire on the tracks led to major delays on monday. a electrical component caused the fire and the malfunction. steve: a raid in belgium turned violent at a house in brussels. police found a man dead when they stormed into the house today. it is not yet clear if that is the man police were after. four officers were slightly wounded. tisha: mother teresa will become saint teresa soon. she is known across the world for her work with the poor and the slums of india. she died in 1997. she will be canonized on september 4 of this year. steve: we have some up and down to talk about in weather tonight. chris: go up even more tomorrow and then cool way down.
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nice evening out there, pleasant temperature wise. look at our readings, well above average. the average low still about 40 degrees. it jumps quickly with that bright sunshine. nice compared to last night, when we had numerous showers, storms, and hail. faced it -- posted on my facebook page, this image of lightning. much quieter across the region. record high, potential 86. i think we will be shy of that. good news, not a sudden change. we will ease into it, as opposed to a sudden change. rain chances stay low until we get to sunday. should be a chilly rain developing.
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a soaking rain, maybe by sunday. downtown durham looking good. officially, the airport at 63 now. a southeast wind at three. 62 in oxford, 54 at roxboro. maybe the upper 40's to mid 50's. 62 in fayetteville. we had a gorgeous day. these thunderstorms moving in on chicago very quickly there. a line of storms that did produce several tornado warnings to the south and west. now, severe thunderstorm warning in northern indiana. that energy is going to stay to the north of us, even though the cold front causing that is coming our way. it is so dry, there will not be a whole lot of rain at all. tonight, temperatures drop to lower mid 50's.
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67, 58 around the triangle. 74 tomorrow. the warmest day for a long time. low and mid 80's for highs tomorrow. that is more like a early or mid june than the middle part of march. head of this front, southwest winds will kick those two near record levels. the record is 86, we will be a little shy of that. no more than a sprinkle with this front. the air warms and drive does it come down off the mountain. when you get a west wind, nothing more than a sprinkle tomorrow. thursday, st. patrick's day, the weather looks nice. still above average, but cooler in the mid to upper 70's. you will notice changes into the weekend. 83 in durham, maybe 87 in
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temperatures way above that average of 63 degrees. seven day, nothing more than a sprinkle tomorrow. 56 tomorrow night. st. patrick's day, lots of sun, 76. friday, partly cloudy, cooler. 68. saturday, clouds increase, around 50 degrees. could be that we welcome spring in officially on a wet note, with rain and temperatures that may not get much above 50 degrees area than a chance of frost early next week. grass is budding, trees are budding. tisha: it is fine if it does not stay that way. chris: it will warm up again. tisha: an action hero returning
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steve: time to break up a doggietisha: "indiana jones," will rise again. he will be back for a fifth
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ford with steven spielberg. harrison ford will be 77 years
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steve: better than the best in the west. a good measuring stick game tonight. a good lesson for the former hurricane, justin williams. jordan staal, bullying his way into this one. eventually collects a rebound, his 18th of the season. 1-1. a stunning event, overtime.
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ultimately, could not be a worse person. 2-1, caps win. the fight for the right to face carolina on thursday. over before it began. 11-0, out of the gate. a straight trampling from there. final score, 96-55. they will not be taking the eagles lightly. wichita state still going on that one. 60-48. the tickets i'm sure are flying off the shelf. if you would like to see them for free, tomorrow is the day. there open at cnc arena, from 4:25-5:05. i will be there.
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cody roberts, the suicide squeeze. eli sutherland, making it to-one. he will lash one to the base. absolute blowout. 17-4, north carolina wins it. arnold palmer is opting out of his traditional opening at the masters. he is 86 years old, and his body does not allow him to hit it the way he would like to anymore. in recent years, he has been joined by jack nickless. so we will see you at the arena, tar heels practice.
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tisha: and the gorgeous weather stretch continues. chris: temperatures tomorrow, low mid 80's. cool on the st. patrick's day. and the weekend will feel more like late february than early march. you knew it had to change. tisha: 84 and sunny, that is tank top weather. thank you, chris. steve: jimmy kimmel live is coming up at 11:00. they are on the way, next.
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skateboarder is flying like a broom. the moment he hits a heck in a road. hungry lions spot a rhino stuck in the maybe think -- >> maybe we'll take a chance. >> see why they're about to lose their lunch. oh! >> it's st. paddy's day rowdiness. and rahad gets a little help from some young pranksters -- >> do you copy? >> yes, we copy. >> the high setup that makes fortune telling a cinch. >> one of your favorite trips to france? >> how did you know? >> you never know what's lurking around the corner. we'll start first in russia. this fella on his skate board, a little kick push.
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he is in the car following him and he's moving and grooving. comes around the corner and -- >> oh, wow. >> he has -- okay. >> what do you expect? you're long boarding on an open road. you don't think there's going to be traffic? >> and he went around a blind corner as well. >> and swung wide, too. >> doesn't matter what you're on, skate board, motorcycle, bicycle, same thing will happen. >> the guy in the car gets out. the skateboarder you can hear him moaning. he was wearing a helmet so he will be okay. does have scrapes and bruises ancon cushion but it would have a lot worst. this motorcyclist is taking in the view and he spots a -- no, no, no, no. >> the taurus was driving on the wrong side of the road.
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luckily the person driving the car saw the motorcyclist. this could have been tragedy. >> it's easy to happen because there are some really quiet roads in new zealand, you're getting hypnotized, haven't seen anybody for half an hour, oh, wait, other side. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> i don't drive in england anymore. >> i did that in japan. >> [ bleep ]. >> this looks like the beginning of an animal rescue video. what you have here is a black rhino in the cougar national park. this poor creature is stuck in the mud. this isn't a rescue video. this is an opportunity for three lions lions. >> you see the three lions and compare sizes, it's not a fair fight. but these lions decide, maybe we'll take a chance. even though that rhino is stuck in the mud, they're still a little intimidated. >> it will so exhausted if it
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>> i wonder if that is just the little extra motivation to get out of it. >> the rhino gets out. >> run, guys, run! >> after that, it wasn't really even a contest and eventually the rhino is like -- anybody else? and walks off to applause. now, this next video comes to us from australia, imagine that, a baby alligator being born and this one we get to see as it hatches taking its first steps. this is at the australia reptile park, it's still cute. >> we need some pop music. >> they start opening doors. >> that's incredible that that thing was jammed in that tiny little egg. its head looked like it could barely fit in the egg. >> a face only momma alligator


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