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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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stolen. good morning, carolina, welcome on march 16. i'm barbara gibbs. i'm john clark. full primary results in a minute but first meteorologist don schwenneker talking near record warmth today. don: the record is 86. i don't think we will be that warm but we are mid 80's. right now let's look at the jump in temperatures you will see. we are in 60's and fall back to the 50's by 6:00 and then 70's by lunch and 80's this afternoon. warmest day of the year so far. temperatures right now 50's and 60's. 57 roxboro and 54 smithfield and goldsboro. 62 fayetteville. 58 clinton. looking at the day ahead. right now in the 50's and 60's. by lunchtime 77. late day we will go 84. a couple of degrees shy of the
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isolated thunderstorm cause problems later. we have a marginal risk for steer weather -- severe weather for part of the area. john: here is where we stand in vote 2016. donald trump comes out on top in north carolina winning the republican nomination with 40% of the vote. ted cruz four points shy of that with 36%. barbara: hurt winning big with more than 54% of support to bernie sanders's 40%. we have baeking results from -- breaking results from national races. donald trump and hillary clinton getting significant delegates. clinton gained 23 from moss, illinois gave her 88 and those two wednesday in ohio, florida and north carolina she has more
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win and pwaorpbdz is 800. john: donald trump grabbing more delegates for the republicans taking illinois with 39% to ted cruz's 30%. he edged out cruz in a tight race in missouri. the biggest prize, florida, went to donald trump as well. ohio governoron kasich got a win in ohio. and you can see the total delegate count. donald trump with 621 of the 1,100 or so needed to clinch. barbara: here at home hundreds of you sharing our facebook posts this morning about within man's kind gesture. travis felt had papa john's to deliver pizza for divorcevoters. how late did some people have to wait? gloria: good morning. some people were in line behind me until 11:00 p.m. still waiting to vote.
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elections if they were prepared for the large turnout. we hadad record number of primary voters in north carolina leading to very long lines at some sites like the community center in raleigh. those here at 7:30 p.m. when the polls were scheduled to close were allowed to stay to cast their ballot. they waited well after dark at forestview elementary in durham. this was east regional branch of the durham county library around 10:15 p.m. due to special circumstances the state board of elections decided to keep polls open until 8:00 p.m. at one site in cabarrus and one edgecombe. some expressed concerns about voting so late. >> we are told there were very few volunteers to help and we are concerned if our vote will be counted because the numbers are in and people are win elections appear we have to the
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gloria: some waited until 11:00 last night. still waiting to vote. we will relay that woman's concerns to state election officials today and we hope to have answers for you later on today. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: gloria, thanksgiving you. in the next half hour we will lay out the results of key state wide races and the members we will likely here going forward. >> president obama could announce his picker the next supreme court -- pick for supreme court justice today. they have reportedly completed the vetting process and he has to make the final decision of which candidate he wants to nominate to replace antonin scalia. caitlin: we are following minute-by-minute developments surrounding a deadly bus bomb ing in pakistan. peshawar.
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hurt. pakistani government employees were on board. officials believe an i.e.d. planted under a seat exploded. here you see severe damage. crews cutting through the wreckage. no one has claimed responsibility so far but we will monitor it and update you as we learn more. barbara: a cumberland county pan doing the wrong house to rob. he ended up in the hospital after being shot by a man inside. this was in the 1600 block of eureka avenue. billy taylor called after the man came in the house with the gun and told him to get on the floor. taylor's brother heard it and came out of his bedroom and he saw taylor face down on the floor with a deputy pointed at his head. he went and got his gun and shot the suspect.
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20-yard line20 20-year-old murder case. johnny bell is accused of the death of mark blackmon with first agree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. one of the largest subway system closes for the day. john: "eyewitness news" first on the scene of this double murder off glenwood avenue. the teenage suspect police are looking for. barbara: as you head out we have dry conditions on the first alert doppler network and forth seeing any -- not seeing any
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could see a stray shower in don: welcome back.
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as you drive in sunshine will be the only problem. you will want the sunglasses. temperatures will be in the 50's and jumping near 70 by 10:00. current numbers 55 south hill and 57 roxboro. 57 raleigh, 58 louisburg. 52 rocky mount and 58 hillsborough and 52 sanford, 62 pinehurst, 55 lillington. 62 fayetteville and 54 goldsboro. right now 59 and by lunchtime we go 77 degrees under paupbl skies and through the late day 83 degrees and partly sunny. warmest day of the week and of the year. we cool down significantly by the weekend. we will talk about that in the complete forecast next. john: millions in our nation's capital bracing for what could be a day of commuter chaos. barbara: amber is showing us the impact of the d. shutdown.
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tough in washington, d.c. now take away the subway. it would be like shutting down i-40 through wake county. the emergency shutdown will last until at least 5:00 a.m. neral manager said they want to make sure there are no more fault yy cables so this morning riders trying to find a above-ground way to get to work. john: new details about a crash with a motorcycle in wake county. the biker was hurt but not kehr how badly. this was just after 5:00 last night on highway 64 at north arendell avenue. chopper 11 h.d. over the scene
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firefighters arrived. the portfolio cycle is on the side in the median. the cause is under investigation. barbara: a teenager wanted after two men were murdered in raleigh. their bodies were found in a s.u.v. last welcome. allen rodriguez and pedro reyes were shot to death in the parking lot of the panera. they are trying to find denzel dancy charged with two counts of murder. if you know anything about there call 911 and they say this man is considered armed and dangerous. detectives in fayetteville want you to look at this murder suspect. authorities are looking for 49-year-old david seouls. two men were shot during a fight with him monday night. the older porter was killed. john: a father and son duo turned fuselage teufrls. barbara: one killed in a police shootout a officer shot.
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. barbara: donald trump and hillary clinton come out on top in our presidential primary. trump won the republican nomination with 40% of the vote. ted cruz had 36%. the democrats, clinton took 54% to bernie sanders's 40%.
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with 98.8% the races between donald trump and ted cruz and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are less than a half percentage point. that means the losing candidate with request a recount north korea's highest court sentenced an american tourist to 15 years in prison. he allegedly tried to steal a propaganda banner from a restricted area as a souvenir. he was convicted and stepsed eded -- sentenced in a one-hour trial. john: the justice department one step coast are to a deal with ferguson agreeing to accept the plan to overhaul the police force and municipal court system. up rest over the shooting of smoothly brown led to the review. from here the plan feeds court approval. a shootout in fort worth leaves
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critically hurt. he was wanted on three felony warpbts and he was with his 20-year-old son when officers tried to arrest him. mciver was killed in the exchange and his son took off before being captured later. doctors are staying close to the officer. barbara: a neighborhood in belgium will try to return to normal after a major anti-terror operation. belgian and french police transformed a home after they were shot at. they killed the suspect who was armed with an assault rifle. four officers were hurt. police continue looking for other suspects who may be connected to the november terror attack. >> concerns about lead poisoning in material half of the schools in newark, footage. 17,000 children will be tested after high levels of the toxin were fond in drinking -- fond in drinking water.
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it can affect their development. officials jr. calm. they say the lead levels don't compare to the crisis plaguing flint, michigan. and a lot of finger pointing on that water crisis in flint. at this hearing yesterday former city and federal officials blamed each other for failing to protect citizens. committee republicans targeted an e.p.a. official who resigned as the crisis got worse. flint's former emergency manager said he relied on environmental experts to advise him about the situation. barbara: cuba reporting the first case of zika. officials say it is the first in the accountant. a 21-year-old woman from havana was diagnosed. she had not traveled outside cuba. the virus has been linked to birth defects. a train derailment in southwest kansas. a investigator said a truck
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shifting the rail. they stopped short of saying it was the cause of the accident. he said the impact moved the track more than a foot. 32 were hurt on the train. here is something to get your attention during the morning fuse. >> a california weather pafrp losing his cool during the force. >> skies are mostly clear -- a bird. i've been attacked. john: you can see it coming in for a landing on the station's sky camera appearing to take aaron pearlman. it was in the screen lined him. he was dell afinitely a little spoofed. barbara: it sound like he planned it. don: i have seen him on other feeds and he is rather eccentric. barbara: seems like he did it.
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barbara: you didn't say what you think. john: i think it caught him off guard. and he played it out. certainly don would never do anything like that. barbara: no. don: just wait. i want to be on a national news feed and everything oh! it will be warm today. barbara: 80's? don: and everything is exploding. yesterday every bart letlet pair tree was stinking up the place. barbara: we could play 1980's fuse. today is the only day in the 80's. we are above average then below average as we go into the weekend. 30 degrees colder for highs by sunday. downtown raleigh temperature
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point 52 and that is 78% humidity. wind out of the southeast calm this hour. r.d.u. 63 and 61% humidity and southwest winds four miles an hour. from across the region 57 roxboro, 49 sanford, 54 smithfield. 62 still in fayetteville. 54 in goldsboro and 52 roanoke rapids. we are kehr -- color for now. this is a weak frontal boundary that will work through and bring as you few clouds. it could bring a little rain. watch this. it doesn't show up as much on the model. by lunchtime we are sunny and not much to so you. this evening, right here, this area of green that popped around roanoke rapids is the best chance of rain. most of us will not see rain. when that presses through skies clear out. but because there's the
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thunderstorm and it could turn severe the storm prediction center has our northeast quadrant in the marginal list from raopbdzoanoke rapids to rocky mount and tarboro. they have the risk of high weekends or hail later on. force is like there -- force sunny warming quickly. by lunchtime 77 degrees. through the afternoon high clouds and mostly sunny and very warm. 84. a couple shy of the record high of 86. from across the area today, 84 durham. 84 in cary. 85 smithfield and 83 siler city. tonight the temperatures across the region back into the 50's for overnight lows. 57 sanford, 58 fayetteville and 55 rocky mount. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 70's for highs and the
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for st. patrick's day it will be nice, 76, a little breezy but dry. if you are heading to any out outdoor st. patrick's day activities tomorrow you should be fine. 68 friday and saturday 58 and first did i of spring it will -- first day of spring rain and in the 50's. colder sunday. barbara: thank you. it is 4:52 and 61 degrees. breaking two the boys club. john: coming up, the triangle
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commercial barbara: welcome back. john: getting girls to embrace math, science and engineering is
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girl is showing the girl power in the field. barbara: as anna laurel it took a little encouragement from her mom and outstanding teacher to help her break into the boys club. reporter: this is dr. laura bottomley director of women in engineering. >> also an expert. reporter: that is her in this super bowl commercial encouraging girls in stem. >> they do remarkable things with stem. reporter: bottomley is trying to make them though they can. >> a lot of kids have that spark, that have the ability, that are afraid to access it because it looks funny. somebody might call me a nerd or look at me funny. >> the mad scientist is the guy with crazy hair and what girl wants to look like that. reporter: she wanted to be an actress or musician when
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she was the super bowl ad. >> i love biology. reporter: because she is a star science student they met at an engineering camp at n.c. state. bottomley explained how scientists use music to reengineer the brara. >> i can combine music and engineering. john: they now represent women in stem field shattering the glass ceiling in stem. >> she is on outstanding representative. she doesn't look like a mad scientist, right? she is a beautiful articulate very nice young woman. who happens to be extremely intelligent. barbara: that was anna laurel. sydney wants to attend n.c. state and believes teachers are
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john: still to come, our primary results coverage continuing. governor pat mccrory and attorney general roy cooper preparing for a big november battle. the issues they are focusing on. barbara: expect more
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it strengthens weakened enamel 4x better by replenishing it with vital minerals. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. john: we begin with breaking news. durham police investigating a murder. barbara: caitlin knute is on hardy street gathering the details. caitlin: sorry, we just got here so let me tell you. i'm out of the picture so you
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this apartment complex is where we responded to breaking fusenews. reports of shots. when authorities arrived they found a deceased male. it is a very active scene. investigators are here. there's a car in this parking lot. it looked like they were processing that. then on the other side of some brown brick buildings there is an active scene. so it is hard to determine what happened and where the body was located because they have it sectioned off and keeping us back. a number of officers are here and crime scene investigators processing. all we know is there is one man found dead when authority arrived and at this time no arrests have been made and no information on a possible suspect nor any information on the person killed but we will continue to gather details and let you know.


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