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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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this apartment complex is where we responded to breaking fusenews. reports of shots. when authorities arrived they found a deceased male. it is a very active scene. investigators are here. there's a car in this parking lot. it looked like they were processing that. then on the other side of some brown brick buildings there is an active scene. so it is hard to determine what happened and where the body was located because they have it sectioned off and keeping us back. a number of officers are here and crime scene investigators processing. all we know is there is one man found dead when authority arrived and at this time no arrests have been made and no information on a possible suspect nor any information on the person killed but we will continue to gather details and let you know.
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couple of minutes so i have been walking around to gather information. we hope to have more in the next half hour. reporting live in durham, caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: let's go to meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: we have brighter colors on there because we will be in the 80's today as heyou head out. 80's by 2:00 this afternoon. right now 56 in roxboro and 55 chapel hill, 54 goldsboro, 61 fayetteville, 52 in wilson. 50 in roanoke rapids and 57 oxford. looking at the day ahead. we are clear and 60. by lunchtime 77 and through the late day partly sunny and 84 degrees. today by far the warmest of the
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by weekend we are 30 degrees colder. we will have that in the complete forecast next. night. amber: and american college student arrested in north korea in january received a harsh sentence. the last time we saw him he was in tears possibly apologizing before cameras in north korea just last month. many felt his statement was coerced and this morning the university of virginia undergrad was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. he allegedly tried to steal a political banner with a political slogan from his hotel in pyongyang. the government claimed he was working for the c.i.a. there is no response from the state department or white house. barbara: now to vote 2016 and the results from super tuesday. donald trump an hillary clinton scoring big victories including here in north carolina. on the other end of the spectrum bernie sanders's campaign losing
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the road for marco rubio. the race for the white house is clearer. john: donald trump an hillary clinton extending their leads thanks in part to voters in or state. we will look at the unless. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders 55% to 41% want. donald trump got 40% to 37% for
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qualified. john: it was forth all about the white house -- not all about the white house. we have the race for north carolina governor which is down to two men. governor pat mccrory bested his republican challengers to win the nomination. his opponent will be state attorney general roy cooper who nation. the win was over ken spaulding. that sets up an expensive and contentious election. most have them close. mccrory a former charlotte mayor elected in 2012 says he is putting the state on stronger financial footing and made government more efficient. cooper has been critical of republican policies pushed by the general assembly and signed into law by mccrory.
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this model of working together as a team. this is the best offof north carolina. making affordable quality education better than ever. helping small businesses start up and grow. that is what the people of north carolina want. john: in another closely watched race senator richard burr will fight to keep his seat in washington after he handily beat his challengers. democrat debra ross will try to unseat him. she got 63% of the rote to -- vote to win democratic primary. barbara: governor mccrory thanking north carolina voters for approving the connect n.c. bond referendum. he was pushing it.
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billion for campus improvement and infrastructure. it got 2/3 vote. stay tuned and go to and you can see the results of all local races and a living at the top of the home page. john: wake county schools asking for more money. barbara: how it tornadoes on primary day. don, pretty nice weather here. don: we had a gorgeous day yesterday, today better although warm. some will crank up the air for the first time today.
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an w don: welcome back. looking at the bus stop forecast --ish put some -- i should put some leaves on the tree. we will do the poll,forecast in a bit. mostly sunny and short are a must today for the kid because this afternoon in some schools if the air conditioning is not on it will be hot with temperatures in the 80's. current numbers, 50 roanoke rapids, 52 rocky mount. 58 louisburg. 58 hillsborough. 57 raleigh and 55 lillington and cary 59.
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54 goldsboro and 61 fayetteville. mainly clear and 60 now. by lunchtime upper 70's. through the late day we have mid 80's under partly sunny skies. we will talk more about a rain chance for this afternoon in spots plus the seven-day forecast. barbara: to the must-see video and we start in illinois. the state where they were headed to the polls on super tuesday but some were dodging tornadoes. it touched down in a largely rural area west of peoria. 20
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there blimps making a comeback but gone like t and seven stories high. $45.6 million. john: a bike share program in raleigh. 300 bicycles will be set up to rent at 30 locations. users will pay a daily fee or yearly subscription for a chance to schlabachchance to schlabach bikes. schools want more money to ask the board of commissioners for $421.7 million for the next school year. that is a $35 million increase from this year's budget. he wants to use it to raise salaries for each others and other employees.
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morning. john: how you can help police catch a serial bank robber. barbara: don't plan to see one of those self-driving cars in the driveway soon.
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jo john: good morning. 5:15. here is a look at the wednesday headlines. donald trump and hillary clinton big winners from super tuesday 3. clinton got four of five states including a big win in north carolina. missouri too close to call. donald trump winning in north illinois. he lost ohio to that state's governor and he is in a close raise with ted cruz in missouri. an american college student sentenced to 15 years of hard
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a university of virginia skrpd grad was accused of stealing a political banner. it could be a rough commute for hundreds of thousands of washington, d.c. works because the subway is being shut down the next 24 hours for safrt -- safety inspections following a series of electrical fires. barbara: a crime alert the f.b.i. on out lookout for serial bank robber hitting banks in some areas including our area. he is heavy-set 6'2" with a mole on the right cheek. latest was knoxville. he is suspected of robbing two banks in raleigh and one in greensboro. today former charlotte mayor patrick cannon is due back in court on charges of voter fraud. he cast a ballot during the 2014 early period something you are
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he lost the right to vote after pleading guilty to accepting bribes from skwrpd cover f.b.i. agents. john: an investigation is under way after drones were seen flying close to the charlotte duties international airport. two of them missed flying into them when trying to land saturday. air traffic controllers warned pilots as they approached the runway. drones are banned from flying within five miles of appear airport or higher than 400 feet. barbara: c.d.c. urging doctors to avoid prescribing powerful open @painkillers for parents with crankhronic pain. officials say the risks from the drugs far outweigh the benefits for most people and the federal reserve is expected to take a wait and see approach as it decides whether the economic picture warrants another rate
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it could provide cluesor the timing and pace of future rate hikes. john: local technology expert cars. the director of the robotic program says they are "absolutely not ready for widespread deployment" despite a rush to put they will on the road. she says they can't handle rain or snow and it is easy for hackers to take control of the g.p.s. navigation system of self-driving cars. barbara: two sibling cougar cubs have found a new home in north carolina. the brother and sister were introduced to their new home in grandfather mountain. they were fond wandering -- found wandering around in idaho because they are forth wig enough to -- not big enough to catch their own. john: have some barbecue.
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welcome to the nice weather. it will be here a little bit and be hot. don: the weekend at grandfather mountain they could see snow. the potential is there on sunday at the higher elevations. it might be more like idaho. today we've got the potential to see mid 80's across the region. look at the precipitation chances. really the next six days we are to the seeing think rainfall chances -- any rainfall chances today. if i factor in tonight it would be about 20% but during the daylight mostly rain free. tomorrow, through sunday that is the day we could get showers and raleigh 60 degrees and dew point 52, 75% humidity and sunrise a minute early at 7:24. looking live that downtown fayetteville. 62 right now with south wind at
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56 roxboro, 55 chapel hill. 49 sanford, 63 southern pines. 61 fayetteville. 60 clinton. 52 smithfield and 50 roanoke rapids. we are clear for now and we will see lots of sunshine today. we see the next system is very weak. this frontal boundary working east. a little precipitation with it but not much. as we go through the evening that is chance of a thunderstorm. by lunchtime the first alert predictor forecast model shows nothing but sunshine. in the afternoon high clouds and doesn't look like much and the model is not showing much. you could see a thunderstorm mainly in these areas. because of that the storm prediction center has the northeastern quadrant under marginal risk for fear weather. -- severe weather. high wind or hail is the biggest threat in those areas but for
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roanoke rapids and rocky mount and tarboro we will watch that. the rest of today in raleigh lots of sunshine to start and you will see temperatures warming quickly. 62 at 9:00. by lunchtime we are at 77 degrees. then through the afternoon a few high clouds and 81 the temperature today in the capital city at 2:00. mid 80's by 5:00. looking at the region this afternoon, the temperatures will climb 84 in garner, 84 cary and 85 dismissed and 83 siler city -- 84 holly springs. fayetteville 86. 85 pinehurst and 85 lillington. 85 goldsboro. 84 tarboro. 80 south hill and wake forest 83. tonight temperatures back into the 50's. 55 durham and 57 southern pines and 58 fayetteville and 57 goldsboro. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather severely temperatures tomorrow into the mid 70's.
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exercise. on saturday 58 and nothing but sunshine. sunday the first day of spring 56 degrees but overnight lows in the 30's and it will rain on sunday and mountains could get snow. monday 55 and tuesday pack to 61. feeling cooler. 30 degrees colder by the weekend. john: interesting. don: first day of spring was like winter and first day of spring will feel like went. >> north carolina set to begin the road to file four tomorrow. barbara: we will reveal their first round opponent and how you
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...all day long. i want what he has. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. john: north carolina tar heels begin their quest for another basketball championship tomorrow. this morning we though who they will play in the first round. in the play-in game florida gulf coast coasted to a 96-65 win over fairly dickson. barbara: tickets to p.n.c. arena are flying off the shelves but if you want to see them for tree today their open practice session is 4:25 to 5:05 and everyone is welcome. john: there are major changes
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barbara: sales continue to slide for chipotle. here is kendis gibson and reena ninan with our financial and consumer news. >> topping america's money a queasy feeling for chipotle investors warning it will post the first quarterly loss. sales off 26% last month. customers have been highway to return after -- slow to return after food related illness outbreaks. the door to cuba is open to athletes playing major league baseball without having to defect. >> for some they can buy cuban cigars and rum overseas and bring them back here. >> disney our parent company says there will be a fifth offhand jones movie -- andy jones. they have earned nearly $2 billion and the new one will
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after harrison's 77th birthday. john: wow. 35 years ago is when the first one came out. 5:27. till to come -- still to come a murder investigation in durham. we are live on the scene. barbara: super tuesday not so
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john: breaking news, a murder investigation developing in durham. looking live at the scene on hardy street. the call was around 2:00 and officers showed up to find a man shot to death. barbara: also breaking raleigh police looking for the suspect or suspects who broke into there apartment. video shows the officers at carolina terrace apartments on lake wheeler road.
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we constitution if anything was stolen. we will push out updates as we get them on the abc11 mobile app. it is 61 degrees right now and 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. full primary results in a minute but first meteorologist don schwenneker talking about near record warmth. tkpwhrao good morning. record is 86 for this day and i don't think we will get there but we will be in the mid 80's, 84 not out of the question. we look at temperatures as we head through the day jumping quickly from the 50's this morning at 7:00 to the 60's by 9:00 to the 70's by 11:00 and into the 80's this afternoon. current numbers from across the region, 56 roxboro and 55 chapel hill. 49 sanford, 52 smithfield and hey goldsboro and 6161. by lunch mostly sunny and 77.


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