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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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they will not meet with garland or consider his nomination. many said it should be left to the new president elected in november. barbara: turning to the race for the white house, donald trump republican nomination. ted cruz is four-point shy. hillary clinton winning big last night with more than 54% of support. in the national races, hillary clinton and donald trump both picking up significant delegates. clinton gained 23 more from missouri. her home state of illinois giving her 88 delegates. add those to the winds in ohio and florida, she has more than 1500 of the 2380 needed.
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donald trump also grabbing lord delegates for the republicans -- grabbing more delegates for the republicans. ohio governor john kasich locked up a win in ohio. we have more now from new york. reporter: a win-win situation for donald trump and hillary clinton. both candidates victorious after voters made their choice. trump's focus now is to unite the party. >> there's a tremendous fervor out there. the third party guarantees 100% democrats will win. reporter: is overwhelming when in the sunshine state was enough for marco rubio to suspend his campaign. >> while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side.
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ahead of winning his home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and support the republican nomination. reporter: hillary clinton swept four of the five states up for grabs. the democratic front runner now has a major focus on donald trump. >> when we hear a candidate for president calling for rounding up 12 million immigrants, that does not make him strong, it makes him wrong. reporter: as for bernie sanders, and overall disappointing night as his path to the nomination is looking extremely grim. most of the candidates do not except for john kasich. the next debate is scheduled for monday in utah. it is a debate trump says he did
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john: a lot of big contests on the ballot across the state, including the race for north carolina governor which is down to two men -- governor pat mccrory besting his challenges to win the nomination. his opponent will be attorney general roy cooper who gets the democratic nomination with a big win over kim spalding. it is expected to be a contentious race. most polls have them very close. barbara: the governor is thanking voters. the new measure allows the state to borrow $2 billion for campus infrastructure improvements. the bond failed passage with two thirds of voters saying yes. reporter: good afternoon. the governor has been pushing
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but he has been traveling and getting the word out. jordan lake is one of the state parks that would benefit from this bond referendum. $3 million to upgrade the campground here. >> for taking this issue very seriously, listening to the facts, understanding the pros and cons and then saying yes. reporter: about two thirds of north carolina of voters said yes to the referendum yesterday. that means the state will borrow $2 billion for improvements. funds will be used for state parks, committee colleges, agriculture and more. the governor says politicians put away partisan differences for the bond. >> republicans and democrats working together in the state legislature. reporter: despite talking
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repeatedly refused to comment on the gubernatorial race. >> we have plenty of time for politics. this is a time for governing. i want to make sure the people know we are successfully getting bonds passed. reporter: a group called and see against the bond is urging voters not to vote for this bond measure. it also says the campaign watches physical practices and how the bond money is spent. john: stay with us for continuing coverage of vote 2016 and four election results at any time, go to our website.
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barbara: authorities are investigating the sixth homicide this year in durham after a man was found dead early this morning in the 500 block of party street. we understand that we know the victim's name now? reporter: authorities have told us the victim was fatally wounded right here in this parking lot and staggered into one of these nearby apartment buildings pleading for help. residents living at the apartments described hearing several gunshots cert -- shortly before 2:00. what came next 41 woman was sadly something she will never forget. >> when we put our it are up to the door, you could hear someone faintly gasping for help. i found him laying in a pool of love. reporter: that is when this
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>> i put my hand on him so someone would know they were there -- so he would know someone was there with him. you never think you are going to open the doors to something like that. reporter: as of last check, durham police are still looking into it and have not received a notice. coming up, you will hear what they knew about the man. barbara: a teenager is wanted for the murder of two men in raleigh. the bodies were found inside an suv last week. police are trying to find the man charged with two counts of murder in this case.
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and interest. winston-salem police revealing how deryl hunt died. john: new details on that case coming up. let's durham showing off its newest visitor center. barbara: let's take a live look outside on this gorgeous wednesday to the changes coming our way. don: we won't see much in the way of rainfall but temperatures will be much cooler by the weekend. as we had to break, we check on your first alert talk blur -- first john: tomorrow morning tournament time in the triangle
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don: it is about to get colder john: welcome back. here's a live look outside. don't get used to these real warm temperatures. authorities releasing new details in the death of deryl hunt. they say the 51-year-old died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. hunt spent nearly 20 years behind bars after being wrongfully convicted of rape and murder was found in the vehicle and a handgun was found near the body. the funeral service will be held on saturday in winston-salem.
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lookout for a bank robber -- this is who authorities are looking for. he is described as a heavyset man in his mid-40's and a mole on his right cheek. the latest happened at a bank in knoxville, tennessee. john: durham is showing off its new convention and visitors euro. it's located in the 200 lock of main street and is equipped with thensit system cut -- shutdown. the inspections now underway.
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the spring home event is happening now.
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barbara: former charlotte mayor patrick cannon is due in court on voter fraud. the disgraced mayor lost his right to vote after feeling guilty for accepting bribes from for political favors. john: as of today, the obama removed restrictions on travel
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the move comes just days before president obama makes a historic trip to havana. can now make trips to cuba on their own instead of an extensive group tour. americans can legally go to cuba as long as they assert it is for educational purposes and not tourism. cuban athletes can now play major league baseball without having to defect. americans can now buy cuban rum and cigars here. barbara: a student arrested in north korea accused of stealing a political banner from his hotel has been sentenced. the north korean government claims he was working for the cia. no response yet from the state department. millions of people in our nation's capital are having to find alternative ways of getting around after the metro system shutdown. it's going to last until at
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delays and metro officials discovered the same part that caused the train to fill with latest fire. john: the justice department is one step closer to a deal with ferguson, missouri. the city council unanimously agreed to accept the plan. unrest led to a federal review. approval. the fbi has joined the search john: for a missing texas girl. she's not been seen since saturday. investigators found the burned body of her father and his car was located as well. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward answers.
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is getting a $100,000 reward after helping police capture to inmates. he saw the fugitives at a whole foods parking lot. two of the three escaped inmates from the orange county jail. he learned about the manhunt from a newspaper at a local mcdonald's. he says he will use the money to start a new life and help his grown children get through some tough times. $50,000 will be split among others who provided relevant information. john: high water halted an attempt to get a car that plunged into a river yesterday in a crash. search crews are still trying to figure out how many people were in the car when it went off the bridge. police want to hear from anyone unable to account for friends traveling in that area yesterday.
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watch alert. barbara: workers and washington, d.c., are eagerly awaiting the birth of two eagles. here is a live look. the mommy and daddy bald eagles have then at the arboretum since when he 14 and are taking turns incubating to a. the daddy is called mr. president and the mom is the first lady. a number one was expected to hatch as early as yesterday. the american eagle foundation is warning anyone who wants to watch that this is a wild nest and anything can happen. we put a link to this live feed on the homepage. kind of a scary warning. john: that is pretty cool. i didn't know the daddy eagle would help incubate also.
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don: a lot of times the alaskan ones will winter in the southern part of the u.s. they winter in iowa and we had one fly along with the car and my kids were just shocked. they are so neat to see in real life. lotstsf blue skies and sunshine. pretty much the warmest day of the year. we will talk more about that in just a moment. as far as the next 12 hours, we've got a big warm up coming. 84 degrees by 4:00. we will stay in the 80's through 6:00. then we will see temperatures fall back into the 60's. 85 and 86 degrees and then temperatures falling back into the 70's. the temperature right now
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southwest wind at eight miles an hour. a live look into durham with blue skies. it is a gorgeous day out there. 40% humidity. a southwest wind at nine. 77 and roxboro, in the 80's in fayetteville. 76 in sanford. look at the 24 hour temperature change. 16 degrees warmer in roanoke rapids. just five degrees warmer down in fayetteville. the latest satellite radar composite with a few clouds working through -- looks like i forgot to turn on. here is the week cold front and you can see the cloud cover extending and kind of falls apart and extends back into alabama. that is the front that will work through today. i don't think we are going to
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5:00 showing a chance of a shower and i don't think we will see anything in the triangle. as you go through the evening, some severe storms through the virginia border and then push out of here. the storm predictions center had the northeastern county in the chance for severe weather but they have taken that away. here is the front that works through. for the rest of this afternoon, mostly sunny. 83 and chapel hill. those northern counties, 83 and lewisburg and wilson. temperatures fall back into the
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temperatures back into the 70's. on saturday, below average for
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barbara: today is national kick but day. it allows you to stand up to big tobacco. according to this group, more than a thousand events are planned today. the first was held 20 years ago in 1996. we know daylight saving time can mess up your sleep pattern, but
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john:she said you can be what you want to be. john: president obama announces his nominee for supreme court. barbara: and an intense rescue on camera.
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house -- john: tomorrow morning tournament time in the triangle
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don: it is about to get colderannouncer: the only station with three newsrooms -- downtown raleigh, downtown newsrooms and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. barbara: president obama nominating u.s. appeals court
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will be a tough road with on their side in this battle. john: straight off of his big win in florida, that state's governor is endorsing donald trump for president. rick scott made the announcement on his official facebook a. trump's rival can only hope for a contested convention with an outcome. it takes a majority to win under party rules. hillary clinton still celebrating her impressive win over bernie sanders in the primary races. clinton's victories left her with 1132 pledged delegates and she won in primaries and caucuses.
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the quest for the presidency is over for senator marco rubio. he announced he would suspend his presidential campaign. rubio was considered one of the early favorites when he entered the presidential field last year. barbara: governor pat mccrory is celebrating the nc bond referendum. he spent the last few weeks pushing the measure that allows the state to aro $2 billion for campus infrastructure improvements. mccoury talked about what his next a short while ago. reporter: jordan lake is one of the parks that will benefit from the referendum. today, the governor was here to thank voters for passing this bond measure. >> for taking this issue seriously, listing to the facts,
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reporter: about two thirds of north carolina voters said yes to the referendum during yesterday's election. that means the state will borrow $2 billion for improvement. the funds will be used for state parks, committee colleges, agriculture and more. politicians put away partisan differences for the bond. >> with republicans and immigrants working together -- did you hear that? republicans and democrats working together. reporter: the republican governor refused to comment on the gubernatorial race. he and roy cooper one the primary elections easily yesterday. >> we have plenty of time for politics. i want to make sure the people of north carolina no we are successfully getting bonds passed.
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not to pass this bond and said those who voted against it, they say they hope the campaign will empower others to watch and see this goal practices and how the bond money is spent. john: durham police investigating an early morning murder. a man was found shot to death on hardy street. we have the details about the victim. reporter: according to one of the eyewitnesses who asked us to protect her identity, the victim went door to door searching for help. >> when we put our europe to the door, we could hear somebody faintly gasping for help.
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shortly afterwards. reporter: they spent hours processing the crime scene. at last check, they had not made any arrests and are asking the public for information about what happened here overnight to come forward. the resident we spoke to said she had never seen him here before. barbara: police are looking for suspects or a suspect who broke into an apartment overnight. no one inside the unit was hurt. john: now to severe weather slamming the midwest. storms and twisters ripping through the region overnight. 20 million people caught in the
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that drivers had to take shelter. >> here, we will continue to see sunshine and 80 degree temperatures, but it cool down is on the way. don has your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. john: what happens on facebook doesn't stay on facebook. barbara: how this uploaded video
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john:john: barbara: be careful what you post on facebook -- it could come back to on you. a colorado man uploaded a video showing him cutting through private property on apartment complex. he was visited by a local police officer who gave him a ticket for reckless driving and running a stop sign. he was also cited for harassment and trespassing due to a separate incident at that same complex. if you are caught on camera breaking the law, you could face charges. >> we begin with a life-saving rescue in illinois last week. a police camera here showing an officer running to help a toddler who is choking. the girls friend that grandmother is heard crying.
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arrives. they worked frantically to save the girl and perform cpr. after some tense moments, she regains consciousness. the girl made a full recovery. a close call here in ohio. watch as this work man becomes stuck on a railway line as the train is approaching. the man get out of the van and is waving for him to get out of the way. look at what happened seconds later. a freight train slams into the van. no one was hurt. this looks like a hollywood movie but it was caught on camera in canada. this clip shows to inmates at a detention center in quebec dangling from a rope by helicopter he and other inmate
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with two accomplices who forced the pilot to fly to the jail. they climb the rope when the chopper took off but were recaptured a few hours later. a couple of kayakers decided to take on a waterfall in kentucky. they got a hefty fine. going over the waterfall was a goal for the extreme poor -- the extreme duo. they were slapped with a trespassing fine. the two say they hope to do it again, but next time, legally. barbara: you can see those must-see videos by going to abc or using the eyewitness news mobile app on your phone or tablet.
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what this one through in the trash that has she and her husband digging through tons of garbage. barbara: a live look at fayetteville. it is beautiful out there. don: sunshine and blue skies. we are going to get a lot colder. we will talk about the cooldown coming up in just a bit.
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alert dopplerbarbara: a former charlotte mayor pleads guilty to voter fraud. he entered the courtroom around noon and was sentenced to a term to be served concurrent with his current term. he violated voting laws. it was his first time back in charlotte's and zero ported to prison in 2014. he pleaded guilty to taking bribes while in office. john: concerns about lead poisoning and nearly half the schools in newark, new jersey. 17,000 children will be tested after high levels of toxins were found in the drinking water.
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city leaders are urging calm because they don't appear to be as great as those in flint, michigan. barbara: health officials are reporting zika virus in cuba. a woman was reported of having the symptoms and she had not
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burglars in los conservation group labeled it a disaster. the architect is defending it. john: a missouri woman is of trash. with the help of workers and in less than 30 minutes, they were able to find the ring. barbara: well. if i had a 12.5 carat ring, it would not be off my john: finger
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don: $400,000 on a ring? barbara: yes, please. don: i can't imagine spending that on a house. we have a gorgeous day out there today. it is beautiful. the old chicago cub would say that on a day like that. we will talk about this nice weather because it doesn't stick around. a look at the next 24 hours. mostly sunny and tonight we will fall into the 50's. in the mid-70's and that's the start of a cooling trend that will last several days. a live look into downtown raleigh.
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southwest wind at eight miles an hour. not a cloud in the sky. we will check the current numbers in a moment. 78 in rocky mount wilson. 76 in chapel hill. 80 in sanford and fayetteville. 81 and clinton. smithfield checks in at 79. look at the cool air back to the west. 49 in chicago. that cooler air will settle across us over the next several days and a big cooldown on the way. doesn't look like much because it is him but you can see this line of clouds here -- that's a cold front that will work through here. your first alert predictor forecast model as we go through
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of showers in mecklenburg county in virginia. even some of those northeast counties pick up a stray shower and it moves out through the evening hours. things clear out and earlier today, the storm prediction center had part of our viewing area under a risk for severe weather and a have moved that off to the north and east. we don't see anything in the way of risks as far as severe weather goes. low humidity and 84 degrees in raleigh as we look across the region. you see temperatures running to 84 and 85 in smithfield. chapel hill, 83. 86 in fayetteville. 86 and clinton. to the north, 82 in henderson. 84 and wilson. temperatures dipped down into
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other than a stray shower to the north, temperatures will drop into the 50's. that still 15 or 20 degrees above average. tomorrow is st. patrick's day. it will be in the mid-70's. sunday on the first day of spring will be wet. 56 degrees and we will stay below normal into next week. john: thank you very much. barbara: eyewitness news is following several developing stories.
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john: eyewitness news following several stories. andrea blanford has the follow from the widespread voting delays. some people still voting at 11:00 last night. what officials can do to prevent this from happening in the november election. barbara: and duke energy neighbors with contaminated drinking water speak out. residents claim the governor's norton -- is ignoring hundreds of families. the latest coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. you can stay connected by going to abc or to the abc 11 mobile app.
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sunshine and tomorrow for st. patrick's day, a little breezy. saturday and sunday it gets colder with temperatures in the 50's.
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barbara: for the entir john: tomorrow morning tournament time in the triangle how the games impact our region. don: it is about to get colder >> announcer: ready to break out of your tired, old routine and try something new? then you're in luck, because we're bringing you an hour of "chew" firsts. clinton's taking the stress out of entertaining with his mind-blowing tips every first time host needs to hear. then it's his first visit to "the chew" kitchen. the incredible william h. macy is here, and he's cooking up a dish that's shamelessly delicious. plus, we visit an amazing restaurant in an unusual location. >> the location is slopeside,
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ski down to us. >> announcer: the foodie fun starts now here on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." we've been wondering what's the best way to spice up your week. it's by trying something new. for every fearless food explorer out there, and even you picky eaters, there's a first time for everything, and today, we are digging in. it's our first time foodie show. [ cheers and applause ] hey, guys. >> hey. >> hi. >> hey, clinton. >> happy wednesday. >> so nice to have you back, buddy. >> i'm happy to be back. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i was at a style seminar in chicago yesterday. lovely town. everybody in chicago talks just like michael symon. they say salad -- i love chicago. it's a great city. it is a wonderful city.


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