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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. tisha: driving while black is a reality for black males in durham. steve: a new report reveals african-american males in durham are getting stopped i police at a higher rate than white males. tisha: the durham police department is taking steps to address the findings. we are joined now live with more. reporter: the police chief says they want to know that the public has been heard. in a conference, he said they listen to complaints of racial profiling and asked rci to be
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they looked at years of data and traffic stops. for black men behind the wheel, they were 20% more likely to be pulled over. those numbers were at their worst in 2010 and 2013 but improved over the last two years. that could be because of these two policies, but car cameras routinely checking traffic data may have helped as well. the research also found there is a focus on drug and gang violence with these forces. >> we know the vast majority of victims of violent crimes are african-american, and the vast majority of suspects are african-american males. yes, that means we are doing a lot of our policing. then we have a study like this,
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are not drifting over to making assumptions. reporter: the department is working on a permanent police chief. steve: thank you. now to the fallout from this sucker punch caught on video at a donald trump rally in fayetteville. one man is charged, five deputies are disciplined, and one week later, the victim says hes living in fear. reteam joreporter: the deputies will not be suspended all at once. the victim is more concerned about his safety. he never thought one of the worst moments of his life would be available for everyone to see. viral videos like this of jones being sucker punched and then escorted out by deputies, led to
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five of the 60 plus officers at the crown coliseum have been punished, three have been demoted and suspended for five days, to have been suspended for three weeks. >> the sheriff would like for us to revisit with this on our training on excessive force and in our ethics and morals service training. reporter: john mcgraw is charged with punching jones. >> he says, we may have to kill him. reporter: you are concerned for your life? >> my life, my family, my friends, they may be associated with this. reporter: jones is even scared to go out in public, especially
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>> the entire venue should have been cited, and i think mr. jones is now the target of a lot of hate. reporter: the sheriff's office did not want to comment on that. mcgraw is still out on bond. deputies have 21 days to appeal their punishment. tisha: thank you. more indications that we are still dealing with the flu. duke hospital temporarily restricting patient visitations. only two adults can visit a patient at any one time. these new systems are in effect today. steve: the governor is offering up to $10,000 for information and to separate murders in johnson county. rewards are being offered for both victims.
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shot. another murder case in benson is getting reviewed. the governor is offering $5,000 for information about the men killed in 2014. tisha: your input on a $3 million planned to extend -- plan to extend the road from western boulevard to centennial parkway. this would go right behind north carolina's new cathedral currently under construction. the city is working with the state. the road would include bike lanes, medians. the meeting runs until 7:00 at city hall. steve: rdu is about to take parking reservations and they are announcing parking increases. you will be able to go online
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this will be known as park rdu central. the two dollars hourly rate will remain the same. 1000 spaces on the bottom for will be called, rdu premier. park-and-ride lot, number three, the purple lot will be called economy three. a tisha: wrapper is attracting a crowd in fayetteville. tisha:tisha: 50 cent is hosting an event in fayetteville. he is expected to stick around until 7:00 tonight. a lot of people waiting. right now. steve: he is behind bars right shooting.
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bond. tisha: duke is moving on to round two. we are live in providence, less than hour away at tipping off at the arena. we asked some tailgaters out if they are enjoying the weather. chris: a perfect night for that or anything else you have planned. it is going to be very nice, temperatures in the 70's and falling into the 50's by tomorrow morning. we will be in the 60's through much of the evening, so a great
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steve: we hope you will join us on saturday for the annual match madness bone marrow registration drive. we will be there in durham from 11:00 to 2:00. we are looking for donors between the ages of 18 and 44. look for a link online. we will both be out there and it will help save lives. the class president at a raleigh high school is behind bars tonight after he shot at a man at a parking deck. anna: the judge refused to lower the bond. tisha: shocked visitors were in the courtroom.
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several violent crimes that led to a bond of more than $150,000. this was a shock to visitors. >> people are saying they cannot come visit their sick families were relatives. >> it is unfortunate that this happened. security has increased quite a bit. i am pretty shocked. reporter: he was visiting his mother and cannot believe the allegations that the 17-year-old , who said was here to make a drug deal. the prosecutor told the judge, he fired one shot. >> he admitted he broke out a car window with a baseball bat and stole marijuana from inside the car. reporter: his attorney says he has no criminal record and is a
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>> i believe he is the class president, and says he is waiting to hear back from tcu as to whether he has gotten into the school. reporter: no one was injured, but police railed against anyone that would come to a hospital and fire a bullet. >> you have doctors here, children, patience. you have a lot of visitors. >> terrible and i'm glad they got him. reporter: he is accused of five felonies that carry a maximum punishment of 37 years in prison. tisha: shocking situation. less than an hour from north carolina's first tournament game.
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tisha: another gorgeous day here in the viewing area. this is a live shot coming from fayetteville. you can see the folks out there enjoying tennis. soaking in all the sunshine you can before things are going to change shortly. it is an action-packed game today. hello, all of you in from out of town and enjoying the ncaa tournament. steve: upwards of $4 million coming in as of the nca doubled -- ncaa tournament. a lot of people spending time in
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opening up a one-day pop up, the popular restaurant closed its donors back -- doors back in november but they cannot help themselves and celebrating. >> so many of these types of shops, why not a pop up pub. we want to grow and will be here about six times a year. steve: this event shuts down at 1:00 a.m. five dollars to get inside the pop up pub. you do not have to be our best to go. tisha: put your green on and go over there. steve: you are going to be in trouble with your girls. tisha: no, i have green airings on. steve: usually you keep me organized. tisha: i had to use the green screen.
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chris: i cannot wear the green type. my dog had a green hat on today. i put it on facebook. we had a gorgeous day out there and a beautiful evening. things will change dramatically as we go into the weekend. it will get a little worse into sunday, temperatures, will fall to the 60's this evening. it'll be pleasant if you're going to be a for st. patrick's day. let's jump ahead to saturday, basically dry, but the system we are tracking will come sunday, later saturday, maybe 1:00 in the morning, the whole pressure system develops over the gulf of mexico and rises up the east coast, spreading rain. our models show it coming in during the evening hours, if not sooner as it blows offshore, spreading a shield of rain as we had entered into saturday in the
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for sure. look at the snow. that could be some heavy snow across pennsylvania and headed toward new york city. we start to clear out a little bit sunday afternoon. part of the weekend definitely looks to be on the website. a gorgeous st. patrick's day evening right now, 77 degrees with a sunny skies at the airport. humidity is very low at 22%, a hour. that has been a bit of an issue with one brush fire, and could be an issue tomorrow. 73, louisburg. 76, chapel hill. virginia, 77. 80, fayetteville. we are still about 12 degrees
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there are some clouds along the coast, but we should be generally fair tonight. stormy weather hammering central and southern mississippi and alabama. they could not get a break they are after all the terrible weather. severe thunderstorm wanting and one tornado warning there. -- severe thunderstorm morning and one tornado warning there. overnight lows, fair skies and high clouds possible, mid to upper 40's, still above average but you will need a light jacket early in the morning. 66 batman. so that the sun and a mild -- 66 afternoon. soak up the sun and mild temperatures tomorrow afternoon. durham, 70. temperatures still above average one more day. 73, fayetteville. 69, henderson.
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if this for january or february, we would be worried about a winter storm with low pressure and colder air moving in, but it is going to be too warm, temperatures well above freezing. it turns colder, and you may see a light freeze early next week, but looks what happens to the end of next week, temperatures surging back to where they are right now. there could be some rain or a sprinkle late in the day saturday, more likely evening and overnight into the first part of sunday, and by sunday afternoon, moving out. still cool on monday, and by this time next week, we are right back to where we are, mid to upper 70's. tisha: a little bump in the road and then we will be back to our nice temperatures. here is a look at what is coming up tonight. a man finds his home covered in her feeding and police are investigating.
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steve and i will have this story coming up at 11:00 right here on abc 11. steve: it is a beautiful evening for some march madness tailgating. tisha: mark is live. mark: one of those nights it is a shame we do not have a retractable roof. picture-perfect weather outside. inside.
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providence live.>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealer. mark: welcome back everybody. live with you outside the arena. and little weird to see streams, oceans of carolina blue filing in, and for carolina the regular acc champions and the top seed in the east region and their goal tonight is to go out and show everybody why they got that top seed. it will not be easy against for
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>> we are playing close to home, because we had a great regular season, and it doesn't matter if you are playing raleigh, if you win or lose. >> everyone is looking up at you. i think we are ready for it. we do not want our season to end. >> we know things that most coaches would not go, rather than just scouting and he gives some insight into how we are going to play them. mark: that was christian carol speaking, formerly an assistant at kansas. a big story itself from up at providence, marshall plumlee makes it at halftime and was going to be a beast and he followed through. reporter: you know duke likes to make it interesting, especially in the first half of the ncaa tournament.
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they needed to in the first half and then at duke wrapped up the defense. the junior had 18 points. he showed toughness, helping the seahawks grabbed an early lead. he got tougher on the defensive. marshall plumlee started rejecting shots. duke turnovers led to some easy buckets. duke moves on, 93-85. >> although some of us would not admit it, i think there was some nervousness. coach at halftime made a good
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>> that was a big difference in the second half. we played defense. it shows. reporter: plumlee says he wanted to show some toughness, and he clearly did that physically and with his emotions during halftime. yale knocking off baylor so they will face that team come saturday. back to you. mark: i like your chances of seeing anaheim. usc coming up shortly. steve: we will see you later tonight.
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our news continues online and tonight, the new backlash after donald trump warns of riots at the convention if he's blocked by the republican party. leaders now calling his words unacceptable. breaking now. the new video. the young american captured, accused of fighting for isis. you will hear his explanation, right here. now saying it was a bad decision. lead in the water. the grilling on capitol hill. our reporter, tracking down authorities. why didn't they act sooner? and the new report that this is far beyond flyntint. locations in 4 the states? the tearful plea. the young american sobbing, begging to be free. now we see the alleged prank in north career ya that landed him 15 years in hard labor. the effort now to get him home. sea change, bowing to public


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