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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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anthony wilson broke the story earlier and joins us live the details. anthony: we learned it happened after the officer removed the handcuffs and was reaching behind him for what they later found out was a weapon. the gun went off as they wrestle for the gun. >> this morning, there are about six different charges alleged against you. anthony: jimmy lee mcmillan's face showed no emotion as the judge read the charges. the charges include assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer. the bullet grazed the officer's stomach. the shot was fired as mcmillan was drop -- was brought to the jail for this -- >> you are charges misdemeanor peeping that happen before you
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anthony: surveillance cameras caught all of this. but because it is a live investigation, it is not being released at this time. he will appear before a judge tomorrow morning. amber: thanks. breaking now, in cuba, the country is officially welcoming president obama. he and the first family arrived in havana for the first visit to that nation by a sitting president in nearly 90 years. it is the latest ad normalizing diplomate that diplomatic relations between the countries -- it is the latest in normalizing diplomatic relations. >> president obama visiting cuban president raul castro, a first step in trying to bridge the divide between the u.s. and this communist nation.
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i ain't raul castro understands that -- i think raul castro understands that. >> the first family greeted by cheering crowds. american businesses are starting to take advantage of newly relaxed restrictions, bringing more terrorism dollars to cuba. but opponents criticize the president's actions here, pointing to the ongoing arrests of political dissidents and other human rights problems in cuba. pres. obama: though we still have significant differences around human rights and individual liberties inside of kemah, we felt that coming now would maximize -- inside of cuba, we felt that coming now would maximize our ability to
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>> there will be a nationally televised speech here, but first, the history making meeting between two presidents. john: a sentencing hearing for the man who operated a ride of that went out of control at the this morning. this exclusive video shows the vortex ride starting back up while people were trying to get off of it. members of a durham family were seriously hurt in the incident. the judge postponed the hearing because the victims of the original accident were her and a car accident over the weekend. a teenager charged with a 2013 murder is due in court today. mark ezio barker was 16 when he was charged with killing geno
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a second man was also arrested. amber: rally police are releasing the information they hope will lead to the arrest of a suspect in a double murder. the victim has limited flexion in his left arm after being shot he is one of two people will charged in a double homicide earlier this month. another suspect is in custody. the suspect is armed and dangerous. if you know where he is, call 911. raleigh police still trying to figure out what happened at a brier creek shooting at a gas station last night. but officers are not looking for suspects. officers responded to the last night. a 57-year-old man was shot in recover.
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taken for observation. no charges have been filed so far. john: a fort bragg soldiers soldier. investigators say ryan walker shot and killed myles penix. both are part of the 82nd state police responded to lands end road late saturday. investigators say penix was shot hospital. amber: police are investigating a break-in at an abc store. police found the front door open and some liquor was stolen. gloria rodriguez is live. gloria: the stories -- in the store is open, but they will have to replace the doors.
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anything when they got inside. police think it was connected with another break-in. two break-ins and two abc stories. one in wake county and one in nash county. two men enter this store before it opened around 6:00 this morning. according to the police chief, the men were not armed and they did not take anything. about three hours earlier, two and also broke into the abc store about 20 miles away. the chief says they believe the same men committed the break-ins. there is surveillance video, but at this time, police are not they do not have a good saying they were wearing dark clothing. if you have any information,
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amber: a call for governor pat mccrory to call a special session. a group called keep and see safe once the legislature to stop a dissemination ordinance. these are live pictures outside the state capital, where the group is holding a news conference. part of the ordinance says restroom of their identity. governor mccrory says the issue can wait until lawmakers return from their regular session at the end of april. ed crump will have the complete report at the next half hour. the price you have to pay at the pump is going back up. john: just ahead, the reason for the increase. don: apple set to reduce -- to introduce new products today. amber: and why a pet adoption event in lee county had to shut down a day early.
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how long before the warm-up? don: it should have been quickly. tonight will be awfully cold. but after that, we go above average.
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we checking -- we are >> the big stories happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news
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john: a live look at fayetteville street outside the raleigh news center, where it is 39 degrees. don schwenneker is coming up with the seven day forecast. the intersection of carver and broad street is closed in durham for about six weeks. work crews will build a roundabout. the tray -- the changes made to improve safety. the work is expected to take up to nearly 45 days and will wrap up around the first week of may. at duke university, there will be a show of support for duke faculty who voted to unionize. the non-tenure track faculty say the move would lead to better job pay.
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amber: if you have filled up the tank in the last couple of days, you may notice that gas prices have continued to take upwards. the national average is now $2.05 according to the lundberg survey. the average in the triangle is $1.89. experts playing the hike on higher demand for gas and higher crude oil prices. john: apple is set to reveal its new was line of products at its silken valley headquarters. while it has been mum about its plans, analysts expect it to introduce an upgrade to the iphone. the eyewitness news smiley stock report now.
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the nasdaq is up two points. the s&p 500 is down one point. amber: a weeklong effort to find homes for -- because all of the animals were adopted to the owners of an unlicensed facility were charged with animal cruelty and possession of a controlled substance. what his campaign says it
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are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. john: another round of states hold their 2016 primaries and caucuses tomorrow. arizona, utah, and idaho go to the polls tomorrow. rested.
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campaign manager, who is seen grabbing a protester by the bernie sanders is trying to make up ground in the delegate count. he has been campaigning in washington state, who holds its caucuses this saturday. sanders' rival hillary clinton has a lead of almost 300 delegates. rescued after falling into a 30 foot hole. the boys found a soft spot and jumped on it until it collapsed beneath them in maryland. one boy was able to climb out, while the others suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. the other boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution. it took about half an hour to extricate the children. over the weekend, a giant glass slide was listed in took place in one of los angeles is tallest
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one it is in place, building visitors can slide from the 17th the 69th floor. sale today. i would be afraid to do it. but of all people, john clark was like i would do it. john: or not the first. but don: he would do that? i am shocked. the thing about los angeles is that you may not be able to see anything because of smog. it depends on the day. around here, we have a clear day. you can see for miles. taking a look from our camera and a moment area let show you what is going on the next several hours. it is a cool day. only in the 50's this afternoon. temperature stay in the 50's through 6:00, falling through
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60 in spots. midnight hour. raleigh. 49 now. the dew point is 24. north wind at nine miles per hour. working through. 49 now. 30 3% humidity. wind from the northwest at nine. everybody in the upper 40's. 48 in morrisville. in wake forest. 49 in sanford. 51 in fayetteville. 45 in roxboro. sunlight-radar shows clouds over the northeast on counties. down here, one or two thin clouds. but look what happens when we zoom out. this is a big dome of high
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lots of clear air from our area back into the dakotas and texas. we are on the front edge of this . so it is putting cold air now, -- and pull in warmer air. we get into the 30's tonight. a frost advisory for the entire viewing area. by tomorrow afternoon -- 50's today, tomorrow 60's. by wednesday, back in the 70's. still cool today. mid-50's and raleigh. about 5:00, 55 degrees. 55 in glendale and durham. 57 in smithfield. mostly sunny skies. 56 in lillington. 58 in fayetteville. 57 in goldsboro. 52 in henderson.
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tonight, with clear skies and these frost -- and of the frost advisory in effect, overnight lows around freezing. it will go below freezing in roxboro. your abc 11 first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow is 65 with lots of sunshine. wednesday, lots of 70's. we see rain thursday night into good friday. saturday, there may be a chance of a shower. drying out towards easter. but today the coolest of the next seven. tomorrow morning the coldest of the next seven. amber: thank you. john: dancing with the stars
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amber: what one contestant h >> abc 11 is keeping you connected. like us on facebook and click notifications for the latest updates. amber: march madness continues. the sweet 16 is set. unc and duke will be there. john: unc faces indiana and duke faces oregon thursday. the ducks survived in the late
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they were down by seven in the last five minutes and rally back. saint joseph's still had a chance, trailing by two with 11
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wisconsin faces notre dame in the sweet 16. athletes from various sports, along with duke energy, will provide reading to elementary children. the annual event was held at smith elementary school in raleigh this weekend. this event encourages children to be active readers by providing role moderate
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>> i am running on adrenaline, especially at this point. it has been so much fun to get into the dancing, and then to come back to work and take care of the baby. but like any mom, you set out to accomplish goals and you will do it. john: and our own anna laurel is she will take us behind the scenes for a look at rehearsals and interviews with the stars. you can follow her on twitter and facebook for exclusive access during the show. one of tennis's biggest stars is speaking out this afternoon. amber: the comments made by an executive that has angered many female players. john: and a call for governor
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scenes with moments you didn' announcer: the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. amber: happening now, a call for governor mccrory to call a special session. a group called keep n.c. state -- keep nc safe wants to stop shallot from passing -- from passing an anti-lgbt discrimination ordinance. ed crump is live. ed: there is plenty of concern about the ordinance that would allow transgender people to use the restroom of their choice. the group gathering is called keep north carolina safe coalition. they envision transgendered men showering with women in public restrooms. the starlet ordinance, which covers only public facilities, is not only dangerous but on
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they want the governor to call a action. the representative says state representatives are ready to come -- some at the rally say it is a must. >> while i am not saying transgendered people are predators, but there are plenty of men who would take advantage. public bathrooms are one of the most prevalent laces where sexual assault and rape occurs. ed: you are taking a live look at boxes filled with 13,000 signatures, asking for governor mccrory to call a special session of the legislature. it takes a 3/5 vote in both sides to call a special session. the house are it that majority.
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senate. amber: we want check back in and will definitely follow that. ed crump live in raleigh, thank you. john: the all clear given at a hazmat incident at triangle park. response team investigated a report of a powdery substance. authorities say a worker found a letter addressed to the college foundation of north carolina with a powdery substance inside. the letter was addressed to a person not employed there. hazmat crews say the substance was not a harmful but have not said what it was. there were no reports of any injuries or anyone needing medical assistance. amber: now in durham, and investigation is underway to figure out how a police officer was shot in the booking area of the county jail. as anthony wilson reports, the
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anthony: it happened around 3:30 this morning in the booking area of the county jail. officers are bringing jimmy mcmillan in on a domestic charge , and suddenly found himself wrestling with a gun. the gun was in the back of the suspect's pants. the officer is out of the hospital now. mcmillan is now charged with several crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon on a government official. in the original charge, a domestic charge, secret peeping. security cameras captured the scuffle, but the video is not being released at this time. from the durham county jail, anthony wilson. john: now in cuba, president obama and cuban president raul
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president castro welcomed mr. obama and the first lady this morning at the palace of the revolution. it is the next step in struck a deal to expand wi-fi and broadband internet on the island. amber: happening now in rolesville, police are investigating a break-in at an abc store. police found the front door showers. gloria rodriguez is live. gloria: the suspect went into the store but did not take anything. police believe this is connected to another break in. two break-ins at two abc liquor stores of this morning. one in wake county, the other in nash county. two men enter it this store in rolesville before it it opened
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according to the police chief, the men were not armed and did not take anything. around three hours earlier, two and also broke into the liquor store on east nash street a few miles away. an employee at the springs hope stores say that the suspects also broke their front door to get in. police have not released surveillance pictures at this time, only saying they were wearing dark clothing. if you have any information, contact the rolesville police department. amber: this afternoon, there is outrage in the pro tennis world. john: an executive of a popular u.s. tournament saying that women are riding on the coattails of male players. amber: top athletes, including serena williams, are firing back. >> these comments sending
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>> in my next life, i want to be someone in the -- of a ride on the coattails of men. if i were a lady player, i would and thank god there would be a rock jerk that are and a rafael nadal born. >> it sparked a firestorm. firing back. >> women have come a long way. we should not have to drop to our knees. >> the comment igniting an international discussion about
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>> we have much more spectators then men's tennis matches. one of the reasons why maybe we should get awarded more. >> a bitter battle of the sexes in tennis directing on twitter, as the controversial comments play out. raymond morris say -- did apologize. the founder of the wt year took to twitter, saying that he was wrong in every player contributes to the success of the sport. john: a ton of snakes rounded up in florida. amber: details just ahead. and a formula one car crashes in
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john: a formula one driver race recovering after a spectacular crash. amber: it happened at the australian grand prix about one third of the way through. the right tire collided with the left rear of another driver. the car launched at high speed into the trackside concrete barrier, going into a barrel roll, flipping twice before coming to a rest. this id violent force, he was able to crawl out and limp away.
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that is a mall easter bunny throwing punches. this video shows the easter bunny, missing the head of the costume, in the middle of the scuffle. this all in front of children. no word on what started the fight. amber: in south florida, more than 40 burmese pythons, weighing about one ton, has been rounded out by researchers over the last three months. among them, a snake measuring 16 feet. researchers believe it is the largest male python ever documented in south florida. look at the size of these. some of these capture pythons will help researchers learn about the ecological implications of the invasive species. they are tagged with radio trackers. john: and check out these bring a seen in death valley, california, of all places.
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a decade, the typically buried terrain is bursting with color. the fields of does a gold, patches are purple, and wisps of white are due to unusual october storms. park officials say the super blue should continue for some time. amber: it is pretty. you can see all of the must-see video's at any time by going to or using our mobile app. john: the calendar says it is spring, but tell that to the folks in the northeast. amber: meteorologist liz horton joining us now.
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the spring storm also forced school district to close today. you can see this picture of the huge storm barreling up their new england coastline. it looks like most of it is pushing out of eastern massachusetts in two main -- into maine. bangor is getting hammered. some places could get six to 10 additional amounts of snow -- six to 10 inches of additional snow. but things will dry up and warm up in the coming days. we will also warm up. don schwenneker will have more about that, coming up. amber: the ski resorts are probably happy. john: new details on a deadly bus crash in spain. amber: and the black boxes from
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but why it will take time for. officials to access the data. john: a live look into downtown durham. don: we could warm as early as tomorrow, but it will be cold tonight. we are checking on a frost
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john: north korea testfired more projectiles this morning. amber: all five landed in this sea. south korean officials say it is a contagious ration -- a continuation of a response to south korea-u.s. drills that it calls provocation. these are the first photo showing the black boxes from the fly dubai jet that crashed saturday. you can see they are significantly damaged. russian officials say that is why they cannot immediately read the data. all six are two people on board died when the pilot tried to land in strong winds and low visibility. terrorism is ruled out as a cause. john: our strong arrays are looking to these guys for the
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-- twin comet flyby. the larger twin will pass near earth today. the smaller one tomorrow. they are 2 million miles away, but it is still be third closest flyby in history. amber: sometimes we just -- don: a lot of times it is not that good. i am looking out the window -- look at the flax standing straight up. amber: it is like a wind tunnel. don: and the wind will stay up through the daylight hours. during the nighttime hours, they will die down a little. let's talk about the next .4 hours. today, sunny and cool. tonight, clear and cold. tomorrow, 65. 49 in downtown raleigh.
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north wind at nine miles per hour. from there, we take a live look at the wrightsville beach. a beautiful shot. 51 now. northwest wind at 14 miles per hour. we had from the reach to the mountains. they have snow at the top. 22 under a blue sky. very low humidity as well. we talk about what is happening as far as the temperatures. 48 at roanoke rapids. 49 in chapel hill. 46 in louisburg. fayetteville, 51. 50 in sanford. 50 in smithfield. looking at what is happening across of the nation, chicago is only a degrees colder than us.
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for this time of year. new york city up to 44 after seeing snow. 50's to the west will work their way in the next couple of days. so much clear from here into nebraska and kansas and oklahoma. a giant dome of high pressure. the snow pulling away from us towards the northeast. the next 24 hours, the low will pull away with the clouds. clearer skies. wind gusting around 35 miles per hour until tonight. by tomorrow, high pressure slides east. mid-60's tomorrow. 70's on wednesday. this afternoon, more sunshine. cap out degrees below normal. 55 in holly springs. 54 in chapel hill. normal high for this time of year is a 60 five.
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the afternoon temperature in goldsboro is 57. you struggle to make 50 in the -- tonight, temperatures back in the 30's under eight clear sky. frost advisory in effect. your first alert seven-day forecast powerback you weather, wednesday, mid-70's. thursday, partly sunny. good friday will be what do we dry out towards easter. the rest of today, awfully cool with gusty winds. amber: wednesday is the pic day of the week. don: it is. and the wind will not be bad. john: and there is that frost advisory tonight. amber: even though it is spring, you need to think plant protection. killing can it has the advice from efforts.
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>> you want to be sure you wait until the last frost. you cannot predict the last frost. so probably the next thing to do is to go with the average last frost, which in the triangle is april 1. caitlin: but if you are ready made purchases and planted them in the ground, just cover them. >> the best thing -- caitlin: you can use plastic backs to cover your plants, but that comes with a warning. >> it is easy to mess up on that. the next day when it is sunny, around 9:00 a.m., make sure you take it off, or you will trap heat inside their -- inside. caitlin: do not forget about
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and lilies. cover those up if they, boswell. >> try straw or anything. anything to hold what he is there in -- what heat is there in. amber: good advice. and your potted plants, you may want to bring it them in tonight. john: a durham police officer
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county amber: we are working to find out more information about a man charged with shooting a durham area of the durham county jail. danny leigh mcmillan faces a number of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon against a government official. the officer was released from the hospital. john: and in raleigh, a call for special session. a group called keep nc safe once president in nearly 90 years to
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david near will have its -- david muir will have an exquisite interview tonight. one last check in with the weather. don: 50's today. tomorrow, 60's. night into friday. john: the jew is next. amber: i am amber rupinta. for the entire eyewitness news team, thanks for watching.
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