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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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phillips with acloser look at your south florida winter forecast. >> we'll start things off on a very quiet note. warm readings take over here for the next few days. roadways are dry, skies mostly cloudy. no rain on live first alert doppler. rain-free for about 24 hours. keept that way for the next few days. extra clouds this morning that will certainly kind of takeway a little bit of the sunshine, but i think we're in for more sunshine as the day goes on. give it time. do take your sunglasses this morning. dark out there this morning. 7:04 sunrise on tap for you. passing clouds at the low levels and the high levels. a couple mixed layers of clouds up there. we'll get through that andnd get back to the sunshine. one thing you'll notice the moment you walk out, it's down right warm here into early february, talking midid 70s for the morning drive. then a quick lime into the lower 80s today. as i mentioned, more sunshine. first alert forecast high today,
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here is kelly with traffic. >> good wednesday morning to you, south florida. thanks for joing us. taking a look at your drive in miami-dade. we had an accident 395 westbound at watson avenue, that has cleared. here is i-95 southbod at northwest 151st streets. those lanes have not reopened. when they open, they'll bb 50 cents. let's take you on over totour maps. if you're headed out the door, we have a couple of construction issues. if you're headed out theoor on i-95 northbound at asbury road, stick to your right-hand side, the left lane completely blocked. 836 westbound at northwest 72nd avenue, two leans blked off as well as the ramp. here is broward county. fhp is reporting a couple lanes
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road. breaking news of of coral gables where police have one person in custody after a violent carjacking in southwest miami-dade. we first brought you this story last night at 11:00. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live on scene. just because we know they have oneeerp on custody. that doesn't mean they're this case. >> there's still two out of three of the carjacking suspects on the loose. police searching for them. one suspect was caught right behind this fence in coral gables. this came after a police chase that came to an end. the suspect bailed from the car and rannto the neighborhood but couldn't escape police. this is video of one of the victims coming here to recover
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he has a bandage on his arm. car jackers. a second victim,is friend, we're told was pistol whihied stable. the two unidentifiedvictims met up with the three men. unbeknowowt to them, they were car jackers. they met up on 135th court apparently to buy a car. this is video of the scene from last night. the car jackers immediately, after the victims showed up, shot one and pistol whipped the other and took off in their car. right now we don't have any suspect information to pass on about the other people. it's safe to say based on their alleged actions that they should be considered dangerous. right now we're still working to find out information about that. we have calls out and hopefully we'll have an update later this morning as far as the suspects. in t t meantime, as always, if you 2340eknow anything, call crime
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>> happening right now, a murder mystery on the streets of pompano beach as police try to find a killer on the run. a 911 caller alerted deputies to the scene near 6th and northwest 22nd avenue. they found the man who had been shot and killed early this morning. now they want to know who is behind this. deputies did not identify the victim. they say the suspect is in his 50s and not from the area. neighbors think he tried to knock on a door for help but didn't get any. >> i feel soror for the fellow. that's somebody's son, somebody's dad. i feel bad for him. >> deputies canvassed the area in hopes to figure out what happened. if you know anything, call police. nbc 6 learning much more about the woman behind the wheel of a car that hit a man and plunged into a canal.
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that driver was 42-year!old sepulveda. police say she hit a pedestrian in hialeah gardens and sped off before losing control of that car and l lnding in the canal. the driver told police that she didn't notice she had hit the victim and doesn't remember why exactly she was driving so far. miramar police need your help catching a thief before he preys again. where he's preying is atm machines. check out this photo. police say it captures the man behind a pricey theft. they think that he's the one responsible for stealing $700 from a woman account just minutes after she made a deposit on the that account. you think you can lead cops to this guy, call the broward county crime stoppers line, 954-493-tips. shoppers at a south florida mall getting more than they bargained for. police are looking for a man who exposed himself to women. on december 29th a woman was
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saks fifth avenue when a man pulled up, rolled down his woman and flashedher. it happened again on january 9th and then on the 30rh in the parking lot of nordstrom . new details about the zika virus hitting especially close to home. florida international university holding a panel discussion to address the outbreak. six new cases have popped up in the state of florida all of them believed to be travel related. nbc 6 reporter julia bag is live from miami international airport with what we need toknow. the big question is we talked about it being sprea by mosquitos. they think there's another way it's being spread as well. >> reporter: right. we fow know it has been spread through sexual transmission. we'll talk about that in a moment. the cases you mentioned, six out of nine total confirmed in florida. travel related, what that means
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outside the state of florida and traveled here to the sunshine state. mainly the disease is spread by mosquitos. the zika rye russ which has been linked to birth defects in regnant women. so far in the u.s. there are more than 30 cases of the zika virus including one case of a sexually transmitted virus. related. the trouble with this disease is it is linked to microcephaly. that causes abnormally small head sizes in infants. it's a real problem if a pregnant woman becomes infected with the zika virus because mike microcephaly can cause neurological problems, even death in infants. the world health organization has already declared zika an international emergency. >> the problem is the
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mild illness do have potentially devastating effects for families. >> reporter: zika case haves been reported in nine u.s. states including florida. coming up in our newscast, we'll talk about what's happening in the sunshine state to prrent the spread of the zika virus. live at miami international airport, julia bagg,bc 6 news. to stay ahead of the zika rus, head over to nbc we have a feature page to keep you updated lockly and nationally. on this wednesday morning, 5:08, a lot more ahead. coming up, the miami woman who chased down a police officer for speeding. now she's drawing attention for her not-to-perfect driving record. heavy storms sweep through mississippi. we're taking a closer look at he destruction next. >> a tough night in the
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in south flida, a warm start to the morning, no rain, no fog. warm temperatures. miami at 74. just a warm and breezy start. partly sunny, lower to mid 70s
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more on your first comedian bill cosby expected back in a courtroom later today for day two of hearings.
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declined to bring sex crime charges against cosby a decade ago testified yesterday saying the decision was expected to forever close the door on prosecuting cosby for anything. the newly elected district attorney insists there's no record of any promise, anything like that. in today's hearing, the judge is expected to rule on whether or not to t trow out this most recent case. turning to decision 2016 thth morning. today the presidential candidates are swarming around new hpshire as you can imagine as they try to woo voters. nbc's edward lawrence reports for us from washington, d.c. >> reporter: new hampshire is one of the smallest states in the nation. this week it's the center of national politics. >> i'm pretty excited ababt where we are, because i believe people in new hampshire will make the right decissn. >> republicans see a crack in donald trump's armour, finishing second in iowa to senator ted cruz. >> we are going to beat hillary clinton and it won't be by a
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>> senator more co-rubmarco finished third. >> the biggest vote ever in the history of a primary in iowa by like 60,000 people came out extra. i'm not going do say that was me. believe me, it was me. >> repepter: political expert credit cruz's incredible ground game for e win in iowa. >> we're going to continue doing what we did in iowa, here on the ground in new hampshire and south carolina, building the grascroots army. >> senator bernie sanders raised more than $3 million. >> we bring out large numbers of people, we are going to win next tuesday >> this is the first in the nation primary. nobody takes that responsibility more seriously than granite staters. >> clinton trailed sanders in recent polls byouble digits but hopes to turn that around. hillary clinton considered focusing on the races after new
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sanders' lead. she decided to stay and fight this week to try and close the gap. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. a ft. lauderdale attorney claims his banner that suorts donald trump was torn down and vandalized. on monday bradford co-ens employees found the mangled and torn signs outside his office. cohen suspects foul play is involved. he says it's suspicious because earlier he appeared in a news article supporting trump. >> during election season, people are really in favor of one candidate over another. in this area i think it's very democrat heavy. >> cohen says he has plenty of backup just in case. breaking overnight out of mississippi, people in the central part of that state a a cleaning up this morning after some pretty severe storms left a
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take a look here, this back ard, the victim of the storm. a huge tree from a neighbor's yard fell into a neighbor's yard. the homeowners are saying the materials things can be replaced. they're just happy no one was hurt. >> 5:15. a quiet morning here in south florida. we are rain-free. we arefog-free. it's a very warm and humid start to the day. if you're looking for winter, i've got it in the extened forecast. we'll show you the numbers in just a second. no rain in sight. live first alert doppler available any time on our free app. no rain in sight today or tomorrow. we'll talk about when our next rain chance will come. as we look outside right now in ft. lauderdale, the clouds ar riding in on a strong southeast breeze. thatreeze keeping temperatures
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eventually i think the sunshine will win out and break through some of the clouds. as we take a look at your commute forecast going in, partly sunny skies, maybe more clouds than sunshine. take your sunglasses. we have more sun throughout the afternoon hours. bright and breezy on the drive home. temperatures in the upper 70s. as for the traffic volumel i claim nonoesponsibility on kelly's shoulders. she'll tell you what's going on in just a moment. rain-free across the peninsula. these are mid and high level clouds. the overnight satellite reflects those asrighter here. just clouds passing on by, not producing a a rainfall. again, no umbrellas needed for today or tomorrow. how about temperatures? a very warm start with the southeast breeze into the mid 70s, 10 to 15 degrees above average. seems like that's been the story all winter long. i'll talk about cooler weather in just a moment. southeast winds at 20. the only problem this presents will be for the beachgoers thth afternoon.
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across the area. we're breezy to start our morning, but dry. we'll be in and out of cllud cover. here comes our next front. this front as erica just showed you across the mississippi valley, violent weather with the system last night, now a wet start to our day from atlanta into the northeast, could be some travel con serns here, could be some delays with the rains moving in. this front, though, as it sweeps into south florida thursday night will probably lose some of its punch. we'll see what it does in the days ahead. let's talk about what lies ahead for today, mix of supp and clouds as i mentioned. first alert forecast maybe mostly cloudy this morning. but a rapid climb into the lower 80s, partly sunny this afternoon. highs at 82, well above average. today 82. enjoy the sunshine this afternrnn. same thing tomorrow. a few more clouds around. then late thursda\ night into friday morning, that front brings us some showers. then we clear out on friday. highs only at 74. saturday looks great.
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strongng front as we get into the tail end of the weekend and early next week, lows in the 40s and 50s. highs mondays and tuesdays highs in the upper 60s. here is kelly with how the drive is shaping up. >> good morning, south florida. i-95, a lot of cars out there. no delays, no accidents on all our major roadways which is good news as you're making your way out the door at 5:18. let's take a look at the palmetto expressway, southbound and northbound lanes. no issues makingyour way towards northwest 122nd street, maybe heading towards the 136 or towards the grat any. all things clear on the palmetto. we have construction going on for ten to 15 minutes. if you're headed out the door, dolphin expressway drivers around northwest 72nd avenue, two lanes completely blocked off as well as the ram. i'll have drive times for you in a couple minutes.
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this morning a pilot being hailed for his savvy landing skills. passenger tim allen says he was on his way from nassau t freeport and heard a bang. the prop peller stopped right the middle of the flight. the pilot was able to turn the flight around and land safely back in nassau. two passengers were taken to the hospital for shock and high blood pressure. this morning we're learning new details about the miami wowon who turned tables on a police officer last week and lled him over. everything fine. >> you're speeding. >> i apologize. i'll be sure to slow down. headlines. the woman, claudia castillo flagging down that officer for driving about 100 miles an hour r on the highway. it turns out castillo has actually been cited at least a dozen times, the latest one
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allegedly causing a crash. the incident involving the officer is now under investigation. this morning a family is pleading for answers and support as they try to find her missing daughter and their boyfriend. take a good look at 21-year-old alexander picone. they haven't been seen since cadillac ranch near the town and country mall. they both y need help. police want you to keep your eyes out for the couple and the red 2014 toyota corolla with tag aggi88. >> whatever it is you're doing, i am not mad, i will not be mad. i a waiting for you with open arms. we love you, need you. my life is nothing without you. please come home. please. the family set up a gofundme page to help pay for a private investigator.
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welcome back. it's 5:24. 2016 definitely started off right for the florida lottery. the florida hotry had a record setting january reaching $716 in ticket sales. lottery officials say the record in parts thanks to sales during the rollovers from the $1.5 billion jackpot. it was the best january on record for scratch-off tickets with sales of more than $333 million. the day is finally here. the nominations for this year's latin billboard awards will be announced later. telemundo's morning program will show the nominations live. the hosts will host the event at miami's gibson theater joined by
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they'll broadcast liveve on april 28th on telemundo. today is the day high school seniorshave been waiting for. dreams will come true for some of the football stars in south florida as they sign letters of intent to play college ball. nbc 6 will be liviv covering the big day throughout south florida. some of the best from right here make the big decision on where they'll be playing next year. hopefully to the gators. i'm going to get the e-mails. >> you'll get the tweets. it's okay. stick with your guns. a new resident in a tam p community. >> unfortunately this new member of the community isn't making real nice with the neighbors. in fact, it's really ticking them off. this guy looks innocent, right? an owl on the prowl. it's targeting residents. they say he's down right dangerous, swooping in towards anyone that she perceives as a
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>> i saw this shadow come up p against me, bump into me. i said he, obviously it's a she. because the owl is protected, neighbors c c't do much about it other thaha watch out for each other and try to aoid going outside at all after dark. apparently that's when mamma gets real mad. you go to the neighborhood and you see arms flapping everywhere. >> brook handles. 5:26. mumu more ahead. coming up, florida ramping up efforts to put a stop to the ceika virus as six morecases emerge in the sunshine state. find out what's being done to end the spread. >> scare on the sand.
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