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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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first it was first on 6, breaking news from miam tonight where a little boy was struck by a police cruiser. the accident said to be very serious. the scene happening at northwest fifth avenue and 58th street. the victim is just 6 years old. he was rushed to the hospital as a trauma alert. >> we're told he remains in stable condition at this hour, but has very serious injuries, even maybe some broken bones. we'll continunuto follow this story on air and online and bring you updates. more breaking news for y y from miami gardens at this hour. chopper 6 over the s sene of a motorcycle-bus accident. details still preliminary at this point, but we'll continue to follow this story and bring you updates on air and online. now at 5:30, under arrest.
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one of the men believed to be behind a brazen carjacking in custody at this hour. his partners this crime still on the lam. this gutsy holdup started last night in southwest miami-dade and ended in cral gables. that's where we find bobby brooks live tonight with the new developments on this one. boby? >> reporter: trina, good evening. the young man arrested just 17 years old and police say that he is part of the crew who first shot a man, pistol-whipped another, then stole their car, only to find out it was a rental. this is 17-year-old deondre johnson and now he's in jail. this is his mug shot. he is one of three suspects being blamed for the heavy police presence in coral gables this morning. johnson and his buddies are accused of carjacking this blue ford, shooting this man, pistol
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whipping another. johnson was busted. gonzalez says the chase for hnson ended on his front doorstep. right here another look at one of the two men hurt by johnson and his accomplices. >> he was shot in the shoulder area. >> reporter: this started out in southwest miami-dade when the two victims went to meet johnson and two others. >> the two victims went out to meet unknown subjects at an abandoned location. three black males approached the victim, produced firearms, and began shooting at one of the victims and pistoowhipping the other. >> reporter: after the attack, the rental blue ford was stolen, but tracked down. johnson, the driver, ditched the car but was quickly caught. as for the other suspects, they're gone.
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we've tightening our security in our home. >> reporter: johnson the 17-year-old is facing a variety of charges that includes grand theft. as for his accomplices, if you know who those two are, hel investigators in this. call miami-dade crime stopperc. bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. new tonight, a double shooting at a shopping plaza in central florida. it happened this afternoon just north of coooa beach. we're told two people were shot while a third was injured by flying debris. one of the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but no word on their condition. three boater stranded rescued by the coast guard today. they were five miles off the coast when their 18-foot boat capsized leaving t tm with no option ubut to wait for help.
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a new york thrill seeker killed in a tragic accident. the man was hang gliding when the craft fell to the g gound nose first. his hang glider rotated right then turned downwards shortly after takeoff. it was his third ride of the day. he was part of a new york group that trained in florida. governor rick scott tried to gain support for his proposals with a little tailgating f f here. he tossed a few bean bags in a game of corn hole with big name lobbyists and the senate president. he's hoping that some rotunda fun will get lawmakers on his side. governor sott wants to cut $1 billion in taxes and satisfy 250 million for economic incentives. >> we're making sure that tax cuts we do are going to be tax cuts that will get more jobs in this state. that's the most important thing we can do for a family is make
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>> the senate has included funding for business recruitment in its initial budget. a big endorsement for senator marco rubion tonight's decision debrief. he now has the support of pennsylvania senator pat toomey of his third place finish in iowa. rubio moves ahead of jeb bush with six senate nods. tim scott announced he's behind rubio as the florida lawmaker and presidential hopeful prepares for the presidential primary. rubio is tryininto persuade some of rand paul's voters to redirect their suppopo toward him. the two have stark differences on foreign policy. paul announced today he would suspend his campaign for presidency.
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democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders will soon have secret service protection. sanders will begin traveling with secret service protection within the next 24 hours. last week the sanders campaign requested that protection. the new security will be an adjustment for the 74-year-old sanders who adjusts his schedule on the fly. we have full coverage of the 2016 presidentl election on the nbc 6 news and weather american people. there you'll find in-depth stories from the campaign trail. thank you. hundreds of at&thletes are having their college dreams come true. new university of miami coach mark rick only had a few weeks to close out his first recruiting class at the u. a lot of u fans want to know. >> reporter: maybe we didn't get off to a start right away, but
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get as much talent from the state of florida as possible. there's no doubt the message coach rick is trying to send to his current players and also to the future ones. >> this is truly a cane for life philosophy. >>reporter: that was his pitch to the 18 recruits brought into the u today by mark rick. the canes new head coach got off to a le start in the recruiting trail, but that didn't effect his game plan. >> by the time i got here, i had a very good feeling of what i wanted it to look like and what i think it t tkes to build the right kind of championship team.. >> reporter: there is always a lot of competition for the talented plalars in the football hotbed that is south florida. over 90 players have signed division 1 scholarships. rick k s able to get a few big ones from st. thomas. >> i'm be playing in ft.
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and people for years. >> i knew where i was going to go and i knew my decisisn was right. so when the coach came in, it was just a plus we were getting a great coach. >> reporter: the defense was also addressed with three players from central florida, including the guy who laid this hit from earlier in the season. >> i was like okay. this must have been something. >> reporter: of the 18 new players, 9 of themere from south florida. rick trying to recreate the ate of miami. >> he's the new coach, but he's really showg me that things are going to change, but it's fpor the better. i think it's going to have a positive impact on us and. >> reporter: miami finishes signing day ranked 19th. if you want to see the full list of players that are committed to
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page at the bottom of your screen. live from the university of miami, nbc 6 news. a new top cop now running the show i miami-dade. just last week juan perez was named director of south florida's largest police force. >> reporter: juan perez has wanted to wear a badge since he was a little kid. >> i was brought up with that mentality that we should serve and do something better and protect others and be in a position to fight whenever you can. >> repoer: he joined the miami-dade police department in 1990 coming up through the ranks as interim director. now he's the top cop. his department faces violent challenges. 24 children were killed, most of them shot to death, in this county last year. director perez is already trying to change that culture. >> our effort is try to develop
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the clock that they feel comfort with us, but we're just a piece of the puzzle. >> reporter: his officers are working with ministers and community leaders coming up with a strategy to mentor local children and offer them a way out of violence.. >> so we can capture those kids that are truly at risk.k. they're easily identifiable. >> reporter: then there's the politics side where sometimes the department is at odds with the county mayor, perez's boss. >> we both ackckwledge there's going to be disagreements and things and we've just got to work them out. don't fococ on the politics and the rhetoric that's been thrown out there by different individual pss individuals. don't get caught up on that. focus on your job, our mission, and personal safety. i'm not inin it for myself. i just hope that the department is in a better place when i leave. >> reporter: perez replaces the retiring director j.d. patterson. at the miami-dade police
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headquarters, nbc 6 newsws still to come on 6, another bid for freedom. >> he rose to fame on his hit podcast "serial." today he had his case in court. talk about a crash landing and it's all caught on camera. what caused this plane to plunge from the sky in hawaii. a major credit card breach reported at dozens of restaurants. what diner need to know next on 6. sunset is about 25 minutes away and it's looking pretty nice out there across south florida today, but there are
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in time for the i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing
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but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. welcome back. a convicted murderer who was the focus of a popular podcast back in court today. he argued that he deserves another trial and a chance at freedom. the podcast "serial" revolved around him. he was convicted when she washe was just 19 of strangling his girlfriend. the hearing to determine whether his conviction will be overturned is scheduled to lastt three days.
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sparked a nationwide manhunt last summer was in court today. his escape sparked a three-week manhunt. chard matt was shot and killed by officers looking for the pair at the time. sweat was captured a few days later. he was already serving a sentence for life without parole for the 2002 murder of a sheriff's deputy. he did address the court to say that he was sorry. a scary day for a pilot. he couldn't get the plane's landing gear to work. he crashed in a nearby lagoon. the coast guard, ems, and fire departmtmt rushed to the scene. he was the only one onoard that plane and was able to swim
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hackers accessed payment processing systems acroro the country. they were able to lift credit card numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes. to see a complete list of eateries affected across florida, head to taco bell is bringin the mystery to its menu. the fast food chain launched a new ad campaign with nba baller james hardin. on game day sunday, taco bell
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in the mystery item in an ad. second day we get a chance to dry out here in south florida. no rain on it at this hour. looking pretty nice outside as we take a look at wat's's going on near downtown miami. temperature at 8. we had some record warmth today. i noticed that generally speaking the clouds we're seeing out there are f and far between. here's your record temperature for today. 74 degrees. the low in miami so far is likely not to dip below 74 before midnight. that ties the record warmest minimum temperature for the date. ft. lauderdale, 75 so far. the record was 74 set back in 1990. we've got a cold front on the way. this is a front that's been
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a dozen tornados yesterday in parts of the south. ahead of the front, we've got these southeast winds which at times have been gusting at well over 20 miles per hour. that's what kept our nighttime temperatures so warm and then today allowed us to get into the 80s here in south florida. now, this evening the chance of rain is pretty low. about 5%. we had a couple sprinkles last night. same deal for tonight. as we head out the door tomorrow, muggy. breezy. very low rain chance, but those temperatures 70 to 74 could be flirting with record warm minimums yet again. the future tracker does show the possibility of a sprprnkle or two moving through tonight keeping those southeast winds in place all the way through tomorrow morrng, which looks to be pretty quiet. and throughout the day on thursday, a mixture of clouds and sun again. rainhances will be low. but rain chances will increase rapidly as we get into the day on friday. rip currents are a possibility
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for tomorrow. threat tracker is yellow due to that. now friday, as i said, a front crosses our area. there'll be a chance of rain. saturday starting late in the day continuing that night especially and into sunday morning showers and perhaps some thunderstorms. this due to a second front that be moving through our area. notice the contrast in temperatures here. 70s on saturday. the highs on sunday would be only in the 60s. low temperature sunday night into next week would be in the 40s. back tyou. >> did you say 40s? mattel is giving ken a makeover. it's come up withts own designs for what they call a more modern ken. balding ken, hipster ken. it's unlikely mattel is taking
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but mattel is considering an update to barbie's boyfriend seriously. i thought they had broken up. ricky martin and marc anthony are celebrating nomimiations at the billboard music awards. >> roxaxae vargas takes a look at the show heading to miami. >> reporter: the singer/producer leads the way as finalist at the billboard latin music awards. he took home ten billboas last year. still can't get the song out of your head? ricky iglesias finalists in three categories. this year he's a finalist for
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latin song of the year for his collaboraion with nikki jj. nikki jam takes on his clab singer both up for artist of the year. sunset also recognized. another song is up for hot latin song of the year. marc anthony seems to make the list each year. up in six categories including solo artist of the year. ricky martin up for top latin
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album of theyear. ricky also up for solo artist of the year. i want to dance jennifer lopez a finalist in one category. she's up for female artist of the year. you know mr.350 pitbull made the cut. solo artist of the year nominee. >> looks exciting. next on 6, a brush with death. >> yeah, the scene looks like something out of the fast and the furious, but for a family in england this was real life. and a baby was at the center of this entire ordeal. it's national burn awareness week. we have some tips to keep you safe. i'll explain coming up. then all new tonight on the
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>> shakespeare welcome back. take a look at this right here. amazingly a family escapes
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over and skidded down a busy highway in england. the car flipped over, skidded down the highy on its roof, and narrowly missed a truck before hitting another vehicle which hit the median. the shocked truck driver pulled over to find that a baby had survived with his parents. >> incredible video. it's national burn awareness week. tonight patients are opening up to nbc 6. >> yes, they are. some of them sharing their unfortunate personal experiences while others included safety tips. >> amanda plasencia has the story from kendall regional hospital. >> reporter: just ten days ago, he had a scary accident. he got second-degree burns. >> i run to the kitchen. i saw all the blood coming from the skin off his neck and chest. >> reporter: vincent's mother says her husband was cooking a chinese hot pot and left a bowl
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of boiling water on the counter. it happened in the blink of an eye. >> he accidentally touched the edge of the bowl. all the boiling water files down his face. >> reporter: his face and neck were scalded by the hot liquid. he is his rambunctious self again. >> in one day he was back to the normal baby. >> reporter: for years, people who were burned suffered from chronic pain, but new technology is changing the way burns are treated. >> it helps the face heal very quickly. >> reporter: it is national burn awareness week, here are some tips to keep you and your child safe. >> keep your kid away from the kitchen. try to keep the handles away from the edge of the stove. >> reporter: if you should get burned, you should immediately call 911 and never put ice on the blister.
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>> you cannot apply cold water or clean the burn area. >> reporter: they hope their personal stories will help prevent others from going through this. reporting from k kdall regional medical center, nbcbc news. that'll do it for the news at 5:3030but you don't want to go anywhere. more news is straight ahead. the man who murdered a classmate when he was just 14 years old returns to court hoping for a new sentence. they left a restaurant, headed out on the road, and haven't been seen ince. police are asking for your help trying to track down a missing young couple. they might be the next big thing in college football. south florida sports stars are signing their letter of intent for national signing day. lend me your ears and your eyes.
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really coolhakespearean stuff coming up. good evening. i'm jawan strader. >> and i'm jackie nespral. >> what can you tell us5 >> reporter: we're on northwest 58th street and fifth avenue. we know according to city of miami fire rescue that that boy is in serious, but stable condition at jackson memorial hospital. there at jmh there was a very heavy police presence. when rescue arrived, people were trying to render aid. according to police, that boy was riding a scooter. i spoke to the public information officer with the city of miami police. she tells me that the boy was riding a scoot. one officer was en route to meet another officer down the steet. apparently the officer tried to swerve to avoid this boy on the scooter, but unfortunately the officer struck the 6-year-old
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