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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the arrest of four young teens. a boy in the hospital after he was struck by a miami police car. >> the 6-year-old boy was rushed to jackson memorial hospital. >> that's where we find laura rodriguez tonight. what you havehave you learned? >> reporter: that boy is recovering. he is in stable condition tonight. we're also told that that boy was outside of his aunt's house. he was on a scooter. the officer was en route to drop off some paperworkkfor another officer just down the street when he hit the boy. we also want to warn you that a portion of the video you are about to see may be disturbing to watch. >> oh, god. >> reporter: chaos and panic captured on camera after a 6-year-old was struck a city of miami police car. the officer, family members and neighbors rendered aid to the
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according to multiple witnesses, the 6-year-old was riding a scooter on the northwest 5th avenue. >> he darted frr between two trucks. he was hit by a police car that happened up the street. >> everybody screaming and cry. >> i grabbed him. i was holding him in the the ambulance came. i was trying to talk to him. >> reporter: police say it does not appear speed was a factor in the case. however, the boy's mother disagrees. >> he shouldn't be riding down a street where kids play every day 60 miles per hour with no lights on, no sirens, no nothing. it's negligent. >> reporter: the boy was transported by miami fire rescue and several police cars followed. relatives say he has a broken pelvisis pelvis, broken leg and multiple cuts and bruises. sgli want to >> i want toee justice. something has to be done because it doesn't make sense the officers are speeding for nothing.
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he will come out good. >> reporter: police say the officer involved is shaken up. traffic investigators will now pick up the case. they are looking into th matter. as for now, police are calling this an accident. live outside jackson memorial hospital, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. another crash in miami-dade, this involving a motorcycle and a transit bus. the motorcycle hit the back of the bus in northeast second court and 183rd street. one person was rushed to the hospital. it's not clear if it was the motorcyclist. we're told no one suffered life-threatening injurieu here. so far, no word of any charges tonight. from land t# water. the u.s. coast guard responded to a pickup truck that wound up in a lagoon. chopper 6 over the scene of the pickup before it sank. you can see it there. the woman behind the wheel was trying to move it when it took a dive in the water.
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on the woman and gaveler aa lerher a field sobriety test which she passed. police say she admitted that she didn't have a license. the governor declared a plic health emergency. there are nine cases of zika in the case. these four counties have cases of the zika virus. jamie giruirola joins us live tonight. >> reporter: floorrida zika cases make up a third in the u.s. state officials are sounding the alarm out of caution. brazil is ground zero but south florida is also home to the mosquito that carries the virus. >> there's no evidence of infected mosquitos so that if they get businessitten, they shouldn't freak out. >> reporter: experts say there is no evidence the squitoes here are infected. governor rick scott declared a
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miami-dade and three other counties because nine people who visited latin america have the virus. >> we have to have a degree of respect. i don't think we need to be unduly alarmed. >> reporter: the united states has more than 30 cases zika. it causes birth defects with infants born with abnormally small heads leading to developmental issues. >> 40 weeks of pregnancy you are at risk. >> cruise lines are being very flexible with women that are concerned about their pregnancies. >> reporter: this man, the cruise guy, doesn't believe the explosion of zika will have a material affect on cruise lines. the caribbean is a key location for many ships that port from miami. >> they are making sure areas where mosquitoes would festered are being cleaned and recommend you pack insect repellent, similar to hotels on their operty.
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can do in our regular daily lives is to wear repellent and protective clothing. jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in the democratic town hall. w just a two person race. both are paincampaigning hard. new hampshire voters questioned both candidates about their top concerns. steve litz is joining us live with more tonight. >> reporter: tonight in new @ hampshire, sanders and clinton, they squared off. they clash over who was the true champion of progressive liberal politics in america. the first question to vermont senator bernie sanders came from a manaking $41,000 a year, worrieded about sanders raising taxes. >> we will reduce your healalcare cost by $5,000. you will pay moren taxes but
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to pay private health insurance premiums. >> reporter: in one qui[k sentence, he ticked off how his brand of sociaiism will benefit americans. >> we will raise the minimum wage. we will have healthcare for all people. we will make colleges and universities tuition free. >> reporter: it pitted sanders against clinton who takes issue with sanders' doubting her progressive kra shen dalcredentials. >> i know where i stand. i know who stands with me. i know what i have done. >> reporter: sanders' message is resonating with young voters in a way clinton's is not. tonight she admitted she has work to do. >> i accept the fact that i have work to do to convey what i stand for, what i have accomplished, what i want do for young people in our country. here is what i want young people to know. they don't have to be for me. i'm going to be for them. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: both talked about
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>> we work with a large coalition led by on the ground muslim troops. king aboutdullah of jordan made the point it will be troops there. >> will not send troops to iraq or syria. that is off the table. that was would be a mistake. we will continue to use special forces. and we have to, because of the kinds of threats we face. >> reporter: one more democratic debate to go. msnbc. the republicans will wrap up their debate saturday night. then the new hampshire priries, the first in the nation, happen tuesday. >> steve, within the next 24 hours, candidate sanders will travel with secret service protection. last week, the campaign requested the protection with the department of homeland security. the new security will likely be an adjustment for the 74-year-old sanders who keeps a low profile while travaving and adjusts his schedule on the fly.
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candidate for president. the former pennsylvania senator is stepping out of the race and throwing his support behind someone else. >> a real understanding of the threat of isis, real understanding of the threat of experience. one of the things i wanted is someone who had experience in this area. amar marco rubio. >> santorum won the 2012 caucuses and was a a challenger to mitt romney. since announcing in may, he never caught momentum. donald trump may have lost the iowa caucus, now the candidate could win one of the most prestigeious awards in the rld. according to the head of the peace research institute, trump has been nominated for the 2016 nobel peace prize. just because trump received a nomination doesn't mean he is in the official run for the award. other nominees include peace negotiators and edward snowden. the winner will be announced in october.
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decision 2016 right now on the nbc 6 news and weather app and live reports from new hampshire start monday ahead of tuesday's primary. an accused peeping tom may bond out of jail but not if prosecuteors have anything to say about. they ruled he may be released on a $155,000 bond after heassport. he was arrested on several charges. police say that he would approach rear bedroom windows of his victims and masturbate while looking inside. investigators have linked him to 25 incidents dating back to 2013. he could bond out in the next day or so. prosecutors are hoping to find morf evidence to keep him locked up. the man serving a life sentence without parole for killing hi best friend when both were 14 could be released from prison. the murder of the 14-year-old is a crime many will never forget. his killer now 26 years old is
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that could a a change in a new sentencing hearing. a 2012 u.s. supreme court ruling banned automatic life terms without the possibility of parole for minors convicted of murder. still prosecutors are pushing for him to stay locked up. sentencing will resume tomorrow. we're in the middle of a three-day dry stretch here in south florida. big changes are coming. the roller coaster of temperatures plus rain chances. stick around for the details. trying to sell stolen pigeons. that's what hialeah polii say they just arrested juveniles for. it's a story you have got to ss. friends and family are ramping up the search for a missing south florida couple. where they were last seen. a crash caught on camera.
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first saut\ olive oil, vegetables, and sausage, simmer until ready. now add the fresh florida shrimpand clams. things are getting delicious! once the shrimp is ready and clams have opened, add the final touch of creamy butter and juicy tomatoes; garnish with parsley and serve over rice. and that's how easy it is to create a seafood delight. visit for more recipes. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. a group of four south florida teens is behind bars. they are accused of a theft ring involving pigeons.
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the story. >> reporter: hialeah police say they actually caught these four teenagers allegedly trying to sell 39 peons earlier this week. it was really an incredible story. we watched the four teenagers leave the police department just a short time ago. now they're on their way to the juvenile detention center. we wanted to pass this on from police, because they say this is just kind of a very odd thing. these four teenagers suspected of five burglaries over the last two days. detectives say that they were trying to sell these expensive pigeons. they go for $100 a piece. are very important to the owners. they say the teens were trying to sell the birds for $5 each. >> instead of being in school and studying, this is what they're doing. they are jumping into people's backyards in the middle of the night or while people are away working, the homeowner, and they are stealing pigeons from cages,
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it's very popular in highlight ya hialeah to keep them. >> reporter: here is a picture of one of those alleged birds. very nice lookingng white birds. they're to be in good condition. again, 39 of them allegedly trying to be sold to one pet store owner. that owner apparently sensed something wasn't right and went ahead and called police. again, these four juveniles now being charged with dealing in stolen property. there could be more charges against them as this investigationontinues. we didn't want to show you the juveniles because, of course, they are minors much live in hialeah, i'm marissa bagg nbc 6 news. friends and family of a south florida couple begging for help to find the wearpair. they hope the community can help find them. the coule hasn't been seen
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cadillac ranch in the mall. they want you to look out for the couple's car, a red 2014 toyota corolla with aggi 88 tag. we posted photos. go there and share them on your social media pages to help spreaeathe word tonight. miami-dade pice are looking for the man who carjacked a victim in a late night victim. they have napped one. this man here accused of targeting a treeio then attacking. this began in southwest miami-dade where investigators say johnson and his accomplices shot one man, pistol whipped another. they arranged the meeting to buy a car whenthey were attacked. they are in stable condition. a militant group is the lead suspect in the mid-airi bombing of a commercial flight over
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the air bus was heading from is a somalia when the explosion happened. the plane was able to return. the body of a man was found on the ground. it is believed he was sucked out of the plane. there a a reports the militant group al shabab may be to blame. no one has claimed responsibility. the second airlift of stranded cubans in costa rica will resume tomorrow. it will take them to he will sanel salvador. the group is made up of 184 people, 109 adults and 75 children, including four babies. authorities have given priority to pregnant women and families with children. mexican aututrities have issued them 20-day transit visas to reach the u.s. the weather has been warm of late. the high today was 81. the low tonight, probably no
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lower than the lower 70. it's expected to remain quiet tomorrow as well. our minimum temperatures this morning and so far today actually into this evening have been setting records. 74 in miami. 75 in fort lauderdale. both represent record warmest minimum temperatures for this date. unless it drops below that reading before midnight. we're pretty close. it's 74 and 75 respectively at this hour. we will watch this closely to seeef indeed we are still setting those records for tonight. it's 70 in kendall. that's the cool spot. 76 inkey west. in addition to these records, which were you caused by southeast winds, we are seeing two fronts headed our way. when they get here, they are going to send`our temperatures to below normal levels beginning this weekend and into next week. there's the first of the fronts. it has been producing severe weather in parts of the south, even tornadoes today in southeast georgia and heavy
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yesterday and into last night, about a dozen tornadoes affected the south, especially in alabama where the tornadoes did produce quite a bit of damage. for us, the weather tonight is quiet. the front is a slow moving one. it's not going tooet here tomorrow. it's going to take until friday before it affects south florida. for nn, just partly cloudy to occasionally clear skies and the weather will indeed be quiet tomorrow. should be a mostly sunny day. before we get on this roller coaster of temperatures, i want to show you tomorrow first so you can plan your day. expect a partly cldy day. you can see the southeast breeze with us. it will be a muggy, somewhat balmy day. temperatures into the lower 80s. at times, more clouds than sun. the rain should avoid us throughout the day tomorrow. before the rain does arrive the day after tomorrow. temperatures five to ten degrees above normal for your thursday. friday, cold front arrives. showers possible. otice the contrast in high temperature temperatures. tomorrow, 82. friday, 6
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by beginning saturday evening into saturday night, rain at times heavy which could last into sunday morning before it clears out again. sunday with that stronger front, the high would be 67. sunday night, we drop to 48 degrees. look at this. three straight day of temperatures with highs in the 60s. unusual for south florida. cool to cold depending on your point of view. back to you. >> good point there, john. high school seniors from as kro across the country have signed a letter for college football. adam kuperstein is live with the big names on national signing day. how about it? >> only a few surprises today. plenty of emotion out there. nbc 6 we were everywhere to bring you t best of national signing day. >> university of miami.
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miami. cook surprised the crowd choosing usc over fsu. sglielt >> i felt like it was the right choice for me. i will be starting. >> signing day isn't just about football. scholarships were secured in soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, even lacrosse. young men and young women chasing their dream and getting an education, too. at great schools like florida, michigan, ucla. one tradition we can't escape, that lebron james phrase from six years ago. a whopping 68 seniors signed, ininluding two headed to the u. they will fit right in. you have proven you have the swag. >> yeah. it's swag. i'm dripping, i'm muddy.
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why did you choose that one? >> i thought it looked cooler than everybody else's. >> reporter: in coral gables, the first recruiting class not ranked in the top ten. all but two players coming from ffrida. >> talented bunch. everybody this time of year will say that. but we believe that we have guys that can help us win. >> i like the swag and the bucket hat better than the taking my talents thing. the university of miami ranked 19th according to espn. one. that's coming up. >> can't wait to see that. still ahead, bashrbie got a makeup. what about ken? what the re-imagined ken doll
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what happened to the family, barbie got a makeover. ken may get one, too. lift has come up with its own designs for what it calls a more modern ken. they are proposing others. it's doubtful they are taking whe ken designs too seriously. however, the company is considering an update to the boyfriend. so stay tuned. a family miraculously escaped injury when their car flipped over and skidded down a
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the incident was caught on camera. look as the car flips overer skids down the highway on its roof and narrowly misses a truck before hitting another car which hit the median. a baby survived withhis parents upside down in the front seat. smooth sailing. some people will find a way to make anything work. taking off on frozen lakes today where temperatures topped out at around 22 degrees. >> you sure that's not coop? >> i don't quite ski like that. not quite. great news. an impact tonight. see what happens. it comes down to the nal shot in the game. it goes down to a final shot for
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we will get reaction from the the return of whiteside after missing six games with a hip injury paying off for the miami heat. he did not start in dallas tonight. but he made the most of his minute. check out the spin move an dunk. ten points, nine rebounds, five cks. he made all five of his shots. fourth quarter, tight game, chris bosh giving miami a 787875 lead. the heat were one for 14 on threes until this. just in time for that three. miami up by five. final seconds, dallas down three. a chance to tie.
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felton shoots it and it's no good. the heat hold on for a 93-90 win. bosh had 20 points, dwyane wade had 18. >> put everything in perspective. when i get to the basket, i think i missed nine layups early on in the game. you want to get those shots. obviously, in the second half i needed to put the ball in the basket more for us to win. big second half for wade. big win for the heat. hurricanes back at home after a tough loss on the road over the weekend. trying to prove they belong in the top 25. they did just that against notre dame. the 17th ranked team they haveve mcclelland, he had jump high. freshman, anthony lawrence junior had 18 off the bench. the point guard angel rodriguez finds murphy.
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clincher. that's still anthony lawrence, he couldn't miss. um winin the national signing day rankings are out. florida state number one. alabama two. lsu three. florida is down there at 12. miami way down at number 19. has bomb bombalabama at the top, florida state number two, with florida 14 and miami's class at 21. hard to fault mark rick. he got a late start.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just whei think it's just nonogoing to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have excted would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy mama my day share your story.
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in youmouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. welcome back. check thisout. police went above and beyond the call of duty to comfort a toddler found the streets of cincinnati. the image shows the officer playing with the 2-year-old boy. >> officers bought him clothes and waited for his parents to claim him. the child's mother came to pick him up three hours later and admitted she had been drinking the night before. >> it's great seeing what the officer is doing. we hear negative stories but
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out there doing great things.
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