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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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happened at rock island road. take a look at map. this gives you an idea of where we are. according to the broward county sheriff's department this all went down about a couple hours ago. that informationtill coming in. invest investigators still actively working the scene. you're looking at the vehicles involved in that wreck.h this is a video we shot when we got to the scene. we have been here since 10:00. >> that was stephanie with the live report. pope francis is in mexico.
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mexico city with a huge celebration. >> the two met in cuba and signed a joint declaration. >> julia bagg has the tails tonight. >> reporter: tonight, havana witnesses the start of a new@era that echoes around the world. it began with an embrace and a since of relief at long last. we're brothers pope francis told russian orthodox, the leaders of the rival branches of christianity put aside their thousand year old differences for three hours. it's a spirit of reconciliation and renewal. >> things will be betterhan before. >> i think it's great. more of the religions can get along, the better off everybody will be. >> reporter: they signalled tpey are not competitors. they highlighted a shared concern for the persecution of all christians in places like
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cuban leader helped make the meeting happen highlighting his country as place to end grudges whether they last for decades or centuries. this doesn't mean the churches are uniting or even backing down from diverging doctrines. it does mean they can celebrate a new bond. >> the unitetestates and cuba will sign an agreement next week to restart commercial flights. cuba noweceives 15 daily charter flights from the u.s. flights are expected to begin operating by fall. a barrage of bullets flying in the streets of miami gardens.
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>> reporter: three days all coming with separate scares of gun violenceutside of local schools. the first one wednesday afternoon here at carol city high schoollhen two alleged gang members got into a shoot out. they are behind bars. police need your help getting the other gunme off the street. schools are ral ratttled by gun violence. three miami schools went on lockdown as shots rang out. >> it was a few shots, boom, boom, boom and pow, pow, pow. i ran outside to see what was going on. >> reporter: gunfire came so close to carol city high school and francis tucker elementary wednesday and thursday, bullets hit both buildings while students were inside. no one was hurt but local leaders want to make it stop. >> we're t ting to get our communities to stop these shooting and make our young
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it is for us to say it's got to end. it's got to stop today. >> you don't have to look at yourself as a snitch. you can look at yourself as a community servant. you're doing a service to get the bad guys off the street. >> come tolgtgether to pray for the children. >> reporter: two teenagers are in custody for wednesday's shooting. 19-year-old stanley reagan and 18-year-old cedric adams. concerned residents are calling for people to tell police what they need to know before someone geges hurt. >> i get sick and tired every time i turn onmy tv a child or
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it's now time for that to stop. >> reporter: there hasn't been any arrest but there is a $3,000 reward for anyone with information. smoke was already coming out of factory collision center by the time crews rooifed on the scene. oakland fire rescue called in back up from other fire departments to help contain the liquid to explode. miamimiolice fear an alleged killer would be back in south florida. years. he's accused of fatally shooting atlanta resident in the head. detectives say he was attempting to rob him before hehe shot and killed him execution style. he`may have gone to central america, but think he may be back in south florida.
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where he might be call miami-dade crime stoppers. a show of support for miami garden police officer david starling. several of his colleagues in court as the man accused of trying to take his life pleaded not guilty. police say he shot him in the leg for no reason as the cop sat in his patrol car and fired more rounds at other officers as they pursued him. his brothers in blue want justice. >> we are here for support. mainly for support of the officer. we are always here supporting each other. >> t e injured officer still hasn't returned t/ work. friends say he's doing much better and is walking again. the florida primary may be a little more than four weeks ago but that didn't stop donald
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sunshine state. >> he's asleep at the wheel. can you imagine jeb with china. >> he took shots at all the presidential candidates before a packed house in tampa. florida showed trump 200 points ahead of the next closest challenger, ted cruz. they will be in south carolina tomorrow for their last debate before that state's republican pre primary on february 20th. it's not just republicans who are infighting. one day after they debate, the democratic cant candidates were back on the trial. sanders voted for the act but sss he wants to go further. the primary is set for february
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we have beautiful day today. now the question is will this beautiful weather continue into the long holiday weekend? the forecaat is next. up next, could your pictures and information fall into the wrong hands? why selling your old smart phone anan making a few extra bucks could leave you vulnerable to hackers. video captures a crook letting him slip through his fingers. police are looking for this butabling b bglar. if you're looking for holiday weekend plans, miami has it.
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actor's jennifer lawrence made unwanted headlines when hackers leaked their personal @nfo onto the internet. your information could fall into the wrong hands easily and you could become a hacker's next target. the internet makes it easier to sell your smart phone. the transaction could leave your vulnerable. he posted his ippne 4 on ebay being sure to wipe it clean. >> i did a full factory reset. he accessed my password and information. >> reporter: the buyer unhappy with the purchase changed the pass word on his new iphone and apple laptop. >> within a few days everything i had was just in lock mode. i can't get into it. >> reporter: the laptop prompted him to enter a pin code he never said. an eerie message appeared.
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4 end quote. >> that guy's e-mail and his password that he set on my phone to unlock it. >> reporter: the buyer had access his i cloud and used the find me phone app to declare it asas stolen so he could no longer use them. computer science professoso said it's possible password information was left behind making it possible for the buyer to cease control of his devices. >> technology that makes it easier for us to access could make it easier for someone else. >> reporter: iphones aren'the only vulnerable devices. security researchers purchased 20 used android smartphones and within hours were able to collect 40,000 photos, e-mails and one completed loan application. apple let him unlock his phone and happenlaptop. from nowown he and his family
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>> i will never sell another product on it again. >> he neglected one important step when he sold his phone. you have to log out your i cloud account. there are other measures you can take before selling or giving away your old device. you can find them on the nbc 6 and weather app by searching the word smartphone. a crook with butter fingers is caught on camera. video from the las vegas restaurant captured the suspect throwing a cininr block through the drive through window. after clearing the extra glass he grabs the register but loses his grip and drops it. he stole the register, two bottles of wine and a smal black bag before running off. broward county sheriff deputies hoping to return
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jewelry and handguns havebeen linked to eight sepepate burglaries. deputies have arrested four suspects in connection to some of the crimes but they want to reunite the stolen property with the rightful owners. three separate events squeezed into one holiday weekend. an eventful weekend here in south florida. >> reporter: yes. it's a jam packed president's day weekend. there's a whole lot going on in miami. just so much more. oorload. >> i think it's a great outside event. it gives a lot of exposure. there's a lot of miami galleries featured in this exhibition or project. i think it bringssnd promotes a lot of attention to local galleries. reporter: from paints to sculpttures and more.
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>> i's contemporary. there's some great photography, a lot of great sculptture. >> it's a great event for all of uth florida. it's locally great for artists that don't get to show at the big events. it's great to support all the people that come out. >> reporter: if that's not enough art for you, the festival is back for its53rd year. it's place where artists can showcase their work. >> everybody interchanging thoughts anddeas and cultures. good things to do and experience. >> reporter: artists are setting up about a mile long in the art of coconut grove. >> it's going to be a great vent event. we have the miami boat show. they have known the event for so many years. it's going to be great and dynamic. >> reporter: if you're more into water side fun, last but not least you can hit the docks and chchck out the miami boat show on key biscayne.
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don't want to miss out on fun. >> reporter: it's clearly not a weekend to sit on the couch. you want to check out these exciting events. get ready for a nice weekend here in south florida. we'll see a lot of this. a radar with no rain on it. as we take a look tarts in south florida, they are quite comfortable at this hour. it's down att this hour to 60 degrees in pompano beach. overnht we will get into the 50s everywhere in the main landd and seeing closer to 60 degrees across the florida keys. comfortable weather for this weekend. highs will be in the 70s. we'll continue wi@th this rain free stretch we've been on since the start of this week.
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rain free stretch of the dry season. the next significant chance of rain won't be until tuesday once the weekend is over. there's a front nearly stationary across the georgia-florida line. this system is expected to resume its south ward motion. it will come through south florida late tomorrow not oducing a drop of rain. it's going to be mainly clear. lots of sun expected across the area. temperatures will rebound from start in the 50s ending up in the 70s in the afternoon. there's lots of dry air in place. no worries about any rain. here's a look at the forecast as we go into the next seven days. it's oking good. we'll start off with tomoow and give you details for your saturday. 7:00 in the morning we'll have a light to northwest wind.
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many locations are reporting waum calm winds at this hour. all in all whenn you look at the day tomorrow, looks to be mainly sunny with the northerly breeze. not a drop of rain. high temperature near 77 degrees. we'll be seeing temperatures over the next couple of days near 73. nighttime lows in the 50s. close to 64 by monday morning. tuesday, a front will come through. a couple of showers, maybe thunderstorms moving through the area. after that front another stretch of dry weather starts. wednesday being sunny. thursday and friday mostly sunny and you can see temperatures will be quite comfortable by the time we get to the middle of next week. really nice forecast for south florida if you're visiting our area you've`come here at a really good time.
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65 million americans racing as the polar vortex unleashshs. there's warning of dangerous freeze. wind chills will make it feel colder out. record low temperatures are possible for minnesota to the mid-atlantic and as south floridaooks ahead to a beach weekend, boston is eyeing temperatures at 4 below zero on sunday morning. >> wow. the state of florida trying to do its best to stay ahead of the zika virus. officials activated a hot line. that number 855-622-6735. florida has 20 confirmed cases of zika. all are travel related and none involve pregnant women. one woman layed down in tanning bed and came out with two fingers missing.
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a big wave surfing competition off the coast of northern california. what forced the waves to be even bigger than normal. we continue to follow the breaking news that we brought you at the top of the show of a multi-car accident. this is what we know. this is according to police that the accident happened at 8:30. it involvedthree vehicles. a juvenile was ejected from the vehicle and died on the scene. again, we'll continue to ollow
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you can go to our % a tennessee woman is raging war for a bloody accident that she claims happened as theshe bronzed her body. she and her lawyer argue that a cooling fan inside the bed was missing a screw allowing her fingertips to slide straight into the fan. she wants them to take responsibility and pay for her % medical bills. >> i threw my hands up and grabbed my fingers. i thought i just cut them until i was trying to get dressed and then when i looked down and i can see my finger on the floor. >> she said she was anan avid tanner up until the accident.
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lady gaga were to have a dpoll it won't be like barbie but monster monster high. the singer and her sister e designing the doll. it will encourage girls to be their most unique self. mattell says the do will be available this fall and all proceeds will benefit the born this way foundation. we're talking waves ranging from 25 to 30 feet this year all thanks to el nino. there were some pretty big wipe outs with one surfer suffering a
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spectators are no longer allowed to watch from the bluff. 13 people were injured by a rogue wave back in 2010. >> those are some scary waves. >> they are. >> i don't want to get injured when i just watch a sport. >> definite. chris bosh, something came up. he's not going to be a part of all star weekend. we have details coming up. something i've never seen
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they got the attention they miami heat down to one haul star this weekend, just dwyane wae. chris bosh pulled out the night before he was supposed to be in the ree-point contest. he has a calf strain. he wi take it easy in toronto this weekend. no three-point contest tomorrow. no game sunday. he is already there.e. he was signing autographs. in statement he said he is using the weekend to quote, try to heal and focus on the second half of the heat season. the florida panthers still in first place buthe lead is shrinking. the cats hosting st. louis tonight. derick mckenzie scores. the blues get three in the third. roberta goes to the bench. same is a results. he gives up a goal the second period. the panthers now come back in third. jonathan scores a beautiful
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it's a one-goal game. moments later, panthers fans. st. louis scores again. that's 5-3. that's the final score. panthers lose the second in a row at home. two players let loose. defensive end quentin also released. will anyone notice him. he did so little in his six games with the dolphins this season. we couldn't find any video to show you. he's there somewhere, i think. marlins broadcaster he was so good it's taking three guys to replace him. they will share color commentary duties. they relace hutton whose contract wasn't renewed after 19 seasons. two raaom dudes stealing show. watch what they do behind thew(d announcers. there's no words to describe
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they just kept going this. kind of awkwardly staring into the camera and feeding each other french fries. you don't do that? is that weird? i shouldn't do that with my iends?
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. in tonight's can't miss clip, meet ginger, a sheltered pup. this dancing video has gone viral on social media. you'llllever guess from her killing moves but she tested positive for heartworm. >> she's found a new dance partner and a new home. she's expected to leave animal services on monday with her new owners. i think it was the dance, maybe that got her adopted. good for her. good for ginger. way to go. >>he knows how to market herself. is she doing it or is this video looping? >> i think so. i hope it's not looping.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, )t's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ray romano, lucy hale, musical guest, brandi carlile, and featuring the legendary roots crew.. >> questlove: 401, rhode island. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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