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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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this little girl youeen your screen is missing. we're live with the details. awoman is in the hospital after being shot in dania beach. who deputies are looking for. south florida's only live radar, a line of storms coming in from the gulf side of the state. all is clear in miami and florida. all that could change as we head into the morning. >> w wre tracking storms in the west to the east side. what you're saying is we might have a couple hours here, between 7:00 and 11:00 is our best chance of getting so wet weather. >> the nasty cell we're watching is moving to the east-northeast. we're looking down the line at this, it's moving.
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palm beach county. immediately in the metro area, all is quiet. vernight watching this massive thunderstorm moving to the east-northeast. a lot of lightning, gusty winds and heavy rain off into at least southwestern palm beach county. this is nasty stuff across alligator alley. the trajectory will carry it to the north. western broward county and northwestern broward county generally north of 595 and likely north of commercial here as we get closer to 7 clock, radar for. we're just out side a tornado watch which encompasses the area to our north and west around the lake region is in effect until 8:00 a.m. this morning. the morning drive. a warm and humid start for the morning.
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outside our morning area. could see showers and thunderstorms winding down by 11:00 a.m. this afternoon lax great turning partly cloudy and 82. >> good tuesday morning to you, south florida, right now we're accident free and construction ree on all the major roadways in miami-dade and broward county. we had a broken down car blocking one of your left lanes, cleared out ofof the way about two minutes ago in your southbound d palmetto expressway. well. let's take you to 595. your eastbound and westbound lanes here around pine island road, no major issues. if you're headed out the door on the turnpike, traffic moving from 55 to 60 miles per hour leave you with a ten minute trail. on 836 eastbound is where we had construction at northwest 57th avenue. that's cleared out of the way. back to the breaking news out of little havana.
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reports of a missing 6-year-old girl. >> police saying she might be with a womama and they give us a small description, but not a lot to go on at this point. >> nbc 6 reporter michael spears is at the location where she was% last seen. i know you've been talking to neighbors. what have th told you? >> reporter: neighbors say the woman the 6-year-old may beith is possibly her grandmother. a missing child alrt issued overnight for 6-year-old ashley jade martinez, 200 plok of southwest 14th avenue in miami. officials say she was reported missing yesterday. that's the 1515th. no word yet on what she was wearing. police beeve she may be with 53-year-old lilly hatton, possibly her grandmother. i did leave a message with fdle to confirm the relationship. it's important to note that at this time an amber alert has not been issued, just a missing
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the difference is with the missing child alert, it's issued when a kid is in danger but there's no evidence of an abduction. we'll wait to get clarification on the relationship. it's not clear if they left the area by car. no vehicle description. we know the 53-year-old woman reportedly last seen wearing a blue floral dress. we've posted this the nbc 6 facebook page, across social media. we encourage you to check it out to share, hopefully spot the little girl and bring her back home. for now, live in little havana, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> okay. we'll check back in with you then. a garbage truck crashes through a guard rail plumb netting nearly 100 feet near a park below. nbc 6's julia bagg is lii on the scene. you talk about the people who
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time this happened. >> reporter: credibly, sheli, none of them were hurt. i want to showou something a little difficult to see. look closely with me. sou see a little piece of concrete right here that tells you about the impact of when this garbage truck went flying off i-95 yesterday afternoon smashing into the ground more than 100 feet below. there are chunks of this concrete, because the garbage with it. those pieces are scattered all along the ground here at jose marti park. the only person hurt, the driver of that city garbage truck, kassim smith. he was taken toto jackson memorial hospital, still in serious condition at last check this morning. meanwhile, investigators trying to figure out what went wrong. did something happen on the highway to send him off thqs exit ramp and where it is, if you're headed to brickell when you're on 95 southbound, it's
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that's the ramp he would take to get off the highway and come that to this area off downtown miami. investigators are looking into and what they hear looking for right now. >> any information from drivers as to how this happened.d. a lot of it will lie with the driver whwh we understand is starting to come around a little bit and will be ableo provide that information. >> reporter: we've been telling you this morning there were kids basketball. some had just finished up a game. in the next half hour, we'll hear from some of them about what they witnessed. also, this is leaving a big roadblock on i-95 this morning. let's check in with nbc 6's kelly blanco. she's going to help you get around that this morning. >> thanks, julia. good morning, south florida. as julia said that, is the exit you take into brickelel also the area you want to take if you ear headed into little havana. because the southwest 7th ramp
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boulevard exit, head south, cross the miami river and then go on to southwe 7th or 8th street. your alternates, southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne blevard. back to you guys. we will get another update from julia at 6:00 this morning. breaking overnight out of the panhandle, new pictures of the damage dawesed bay tornado that touched down in escambia county, about 40 miles north of pensacola. about ten homes were destroyed by this tornado. a who lot more were damaged. this storm knocked out power to nearly 19,000 homes as well. take a look at this video as well just in the wsroom, not very long ago, emergency crews and volunteers pulling a woman century. the crews that you're looking at here spent hours trying to get
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they were digging as fast as they could. what they ended up having to do is actually form a human chain to pull this unconscious woman out of there. no word on her condition. hospital right now. the tornado i'm talkinin about was part of a large winter storm that was heading across south florida. in fact, it still is. that storm willll be over ft. myers by this morning. luckily there were no serious injuries reported outside that one woman that was pulled out. she's unconscious but expected to be okay. crews for the national weather service will be out today to do an official survey of the damage caused by that tornado. good news for people in northeastern states who battled a freezing valentine's weekend. a warmup is expected for today. it won't be all sunshine. although temperatures can be from five to 20 degrees above average, forecasters are predicting lots of rain which could lead to flooding. some states are still thawing out this morning after seeing
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including boston hitting minus nine. in western new york, negative 37 wow. states facing the aftermath of the storm system which brought a fresh coat of snow, tornadoes, power outages and tons of traffic. in mississippi several communities there saw severe thunderstorms. some people suspect several rnadoes touched down destroying trees and forcing students at some schools to take cover. the nional weather service has yet to confirm the tornadoes in these areas. so far only minor injuries report tld. >> when you see those fountains freezing mid air, you know how cold it is. your time is 5:40. nbc 6 making c cls to find out how one woman is doing after she was shot. bso says a man and woman were confronted by two men in a dark colored v who tried to rob them. as the suspects drove away, we're told at least one shot was fired at the victims. the woman was hit and is in the hospital right now. her condition is unknown. we are making calls trying to get an update here.
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keep you updated on the air and of course using our nbc 6 news and weather app, we'll be posting information there on that case as well. this morning police are investigating a double shooting that happened in miami. two women were found dead in a duplex near northeast 75th street and miami court. we brought you the story as breaking news. this was last night. police still have not confirmed the victim's identities. family are saying one is 44-year-old shalonda lynn. investigators are asking for the public's help to figure out exactly what happened here. if you think you know anything that might help investigators 305-471-tips. a terrifying ride for a lauderdale woman who somehow reversed he honda straight into her neighbor's garage. she claims she was pulling into her driveway when the car just started revving. all of a sudden, the honda went
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landed into the garage. a neighbor heaea what sounded like an explosion. >> i ran in there like g.i. joe, kicked the door in, kicked the window in and dropped her out. >> he was so brave that he jumped in. ran and jumped in and kicked the windshield out and got me out. >> kudos to him. claudette says she has small scrapes and bruises but she's going to be fine. a tow truck already removed the car. 5: now. we're following breaking news that we've been following for the last couple hours or so. nbc 6 reporter michael spears has been following that for us. a missing 6-year-old girl from little havana. on the left-hand side you see the picture of the 6-year-old, ashley jade martinez. the woman they believe she is with is on the right-hand side.. it might be grandma. if we get new information during
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on. watching the radar, live first alert doppler is quiet but nasty storms moving along i've. this cell in particular has a history of tornadoes. apparently a xornado touched down near mile city. the entire push of thunderstorm activity moving off to ourr north into palm beach county. we're not out of the woods.
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onur nbc 6 news and weather app, you can track the rain and see what is just above you there. late they are morning you can possibly expect a wet commute. we'll have ryan's full forecast in a minute. >> a lot headed in our direction. before we talk to ryan, pope francis l lking forward to a busy day ahead as he begins to wrap up his visit to mexico. he's been there for a couple days. late they are morning, the pope will visit a prison and hold a mass there. whi he's been on this five-day visit, the pope tk time to meet with individual families. he was listening to testimonies at one of the stops, some members of the crowd actually lifted a child in a wheelchair up onto the stage. that's what you're seeing there, the pope blessed that child which as you kim imagine was met by a huge round of applause. the pontiff expected to leave mexico to go back to rome some
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now, first alert weather with meteorologist ryanan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> he it is. again, very interactive. the nbc 6 news and weather app, you get live first alert doppler on your smart phone, the same thing i'm looking at here that we're going to go through. nasty storms along i-75 and points north. the immediate metro area, not a whole lot going on. we'll start to see pop-up showers this morning. the nasty stuff will head to the north but a little too close for comfort. we'll get to kelly's traffic in just a moment. live first alert doppler watching the storms riding along and just to the north of i-75. this little appendage extending to the south-southwest away from i-75 where the storm is elongated here. if that continues to move to e west, then we'll have more to be concerned about in the immediate metro area. these storms are slowly creeping
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the bulk of the activity will head north into palm beach county. one cell moving east of saw grass into coral springs. most of this activity really heavy rain, a lot of lightning and wind gusts. the rotation within this entire line could kick off a tornado at any time. we've been watching this carefully. look in the last minute how much lightning is popping up here. quite a light show. getting out the door with dry conditions in the immediate metro area. a sign of all the rotation here within the storm, picking this up here right along alligator aley near the collier county-browawd county line. even those conditions are quiet right now andthis main cell looks to be moving to the north away from the two-county area, later this morning we will bring rain in across the south florida metro area and eventually get brighter weather this afternoon. right now we're quiet in the keys. several more hours before you
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preparing for school today, miami-dade out of school today, but broward public back in session. at the bus stop this morning, lower to mid 70s. the threat for storms likely after 7:00. we've got pop-up showers this morning. we want you to stay weather aware. there's a good look there at the lightning that we're seeing across interiorouth florida and palm beach county. skies are cloudy. a warm and humid morning. take your rain gear. we're not in the tornado watch. there's a line to our west moving through collier county and southwest florida. one way or another, we'll get wet. it will be later. i'm hoping we can avoid the nasty stuff that will move to our north. first alert forecast for today, splitting the day in half. best rain chances and to be weather aware on the front end
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showers and storms possible during the morning drive. we clear things out this afternoon. 82, partly sunny ies, front moves through, fast forwarding to the weekend, looks gre, mid 70s, we're dry after today's rain. let's check traffic with kelly. >> the southwest 7th streeteis still completely blocked off because of an incident that happened yesterday involving a city of miami waste truck. it appears the driver was traveling southbound when the vehicle came off the exit ramp anddfell more than 100 feet below into a parking lot here jose marti park. this morning we have julia bagg on the scene as well. the southwest 7th street ramp is going to be shut down for some time. this is a very busy exit ramp. let's take you over to the maps. you'll want to head over to the biscayne boulevard exit, south
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towards the brickal avenue area at nats, southwest 17th avenue brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard. eight minutes to the top of the hour now. armed activist and cattle rancher cliven bundy is set to appear in court facing charges relating to his armed confrontation with officials back in 2014. at that time he forced them to release cattle being rounded up on federal land near his ranch. his son, ammon bundy was recently arrested after leading a month-long armed occupation of that wildlife refuge in oregon. today there will be a series of coast guard hearings in jacksonville to try to fige out answers as to why the el faro cargo ship sank. that boat went down near the bahamas last fall. we covered this pretty extensively after it was ovrwhelmed in a category 4 hurricane out in the storm in open water. all 33 crew members on board died. now the coast guard wants to
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people have, among them, whether misconduct, negligence or shoddy safety inspections contributed to that trip's demise. checking the clock for you
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6-year-old girl is missing state troopers are trying to put the brakes on hit-and-run crashes. florida highway patrol start a new initiative hoping people will come forward when it comes to these acciden. last year just in florida more than 92,000 hit-and-run crashes happened. miami-dade and broward were the worsr. they had the most resulting in death, too. we happened to be in one. people are urging you to stop your respective crime stoppers. we're fourinutes shy from being at the top of the 6:00 hour. wire continuing to follow a lot more for our next hour of news beginning at 6:00 including the breaking news we've beeee following for the last cocole hours. the search is on for this 6-year-old little girl missing from little havana. neighbors say the child may be with grandma. reporter michael spears is live in little havana. we'lhave his report minutes away. breaking overnight.
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sunshine state less than 24 hours a ter severe weather rolls through the panhandle, another round of storms moving across florida. sheli, let's go hour by hour first thing we're dry, cloudy, warm and humid at about 74. rain showers are catching up with us. as showers and storms move through, we're not in a tornado watch. we have cloudy skies, warm and breezy conditions. a tornado watch in effect up the road in the lake region. the strongest storms heading into palm beach county. we clear out.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just t going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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continuing to follow this breaking news out of little havana. that's where a 6-year-old little girl is missing. we're told ashley jade martinez might be with the woman pictured here on the right-hand side, eugenia hatton. they believe that might be grandma. reporter michael spears is in that area, in little havana where that little giflrl was last scene. our nbc station ft. myers out in the rain early this morning. this video shows heavy rain
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the weather expected to play a part in your morning smut. a look at south florida's only live radar. tracking a string of storms coming from the golf course. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. one minute past the top of the hour. let's get you over to meteorologist ryan phillips. pretty decent weather size tell moving from weststto east. >> we're watching the radar very carefefly. first and foremost, not much happening in the two-county area. we've had a few popup isolated showers. that will be thrule. west. the good news is we monitor the trends here, this entire system lifting offfto the east-northeast. i would saybroward county, northern broward county stands the best chance to see active weather as we get close to 7:00. a lot of this transitioning into palm beach county, on the front end of nasty weather.


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