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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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keys. you'll notice the line of storms across the gulf, moving in at least into west central florida, intt north florida this morning. we have a risk for tornadads. the tornado watch box here, the line extends to the south and west across the gulf waters. that's the portion of the line we'll track later this afternoon. warm and humid to start our morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies. about 75 across the area. i thihi we're mainly dry for the morning commute. could see a stray shower. the emphasis on that very warm sunine up above. after 2:00, 3:00, showers and storms developing and moving in. we'll watch the radar. you can stay up to date on our nbc 6 news and weather a. roads are dry. let's see how they're moving. here is kelly with more. >> a brand new accident on the turnpike. first i want to make sure the construction on i-95 northbound has completely cleared up.
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northbound and southbound lanes moving up to spd. most of the construction has cleared up in broward and miami-dade. the ramp is blocked on the turnpike southbound at quail roost drive. no word on any injuries just yet on this crash. we do have the construction on 826 northbound at southwest 88th sseet. that should be clearing. that's the off-ramp at kendall drive. broward drivers, we're cident-free. be aware pembroke road is shut downwnetween dixie highway and northeast 1st avenue. take hallandale or hollywood boulevard instead. donald trump sweeps nevada. marco rubio beat out ted cruz for second place. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. good morning, tracie? >> reporter: good morning. so while they arectually still counting some of the last votes
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donald trump swept nevada and is miving forward, like many of the candidates, now focusing on super tuesday. >> it's going to be an amazing two months. >> reporter: donald trump already looking ahead to super nevada. hours. >> how long have you been waiting? >> about two hours. >> reporter: interest polls show trump scoring high with voters looking for outsiders and looking for change. >> because weeed change and we need trump. we really do. >> i'm paying attention. >> reporter: second place is ill as to-up this morning. so is super tuesday. 12 stateses including texas, home of ted cruz. >> let me tell you sosothing, you look at those super tuesday statesthey like their guns, too. >> reporter: the midwest gets its first chan to vote on tuesday. marco rubio --
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to friends who are fans of ohio state. that too far? is that too much? >> reporter: many michigin polls show john kasich in second place with trump still a clear leader. now it's really all about the math. let's talk about why super tuesday is such a big deal, such a big prize. for the republicans, they've got more than 600 delegates to be decided just on that dayith a dozen or so states that are voting on or by super tuesday. that's more than half of what's needed to win the nomination. sheli? >> tracie potts reporting for us. thank you so much. we have a full rundown of the nevada gop caucus on the nbc 6 news and weather app. you can find results there, speeches from the candidates and more from the campaign trail. breaking overnight out of kendall, we got brand n n details on a police-involved shooting at a very popular mall. leles go to nbc 6 reporter michael spears with the latest.
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having d dner last night, right? >> reporter: that's righgh we brought this to you as breaking news last night. we knew ththe was a shooting at dadeland mall. what we didn't know is it was an officer who opened fire. have a look at this video from last night. a busy, busy active scene here at dadeland mall. we learned this involved a domestic situation that, as you said, escalated after a family dinner. police say around 9:40 last night, a man, 36-year-old michael guzman and his wife were having a fafily dinner at the mall with other family members at a restaura when a fight wife. we're told by police at one point he tried to remove the woman her arm from the table. that's when they say a relative of the woman who was driving away stopped and tried to help her, but things didn't end there. investigators say guzman then put his wife into that person's car, the family membe's car and drove off. she jumped out of the car.
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officers were here on an unrelated case and saw what was going on and went over there to try to help. they say guzman started driving towards officers. that's when the detective opened fire at the car. no one was hit, no one was struck. guzman did temporarily get away. we spoke to people who say they were eating din never. they heard what was hatching. as you can imagine, they cut those dinner plans very short. >> the waitress told us there was a shooting outside, there was cops around hehee. so we decided to leave. >> reporter: now, miami-dade police say they did eventually catch up with guzman in the area of southwest 88th and61st avenue. they say he had gone to another person's house, a relative, tried to ditch the car he had, get into that relative's new car and leave, but investigators say they arrested him. he complained of chest pain. he was taken to the hospital to be treated. we're looking to get more
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his wife was also taken to the hospital to be checked out. thankfully she was not seriously hurt. right now charges are still pending. live at dadeland mall, michael spears, nbc 6 news. it's 5:36 now. breaking overnig, a tornado hit pensacola. it's part of a huge storm system that ripped through the deep south and continues this morning. julia bagg has been tracking all those overnight developments and joins us from the breaking news desk. without a doubt, something really intense ripped through here. >> indeed. let's show you this video just into our newsroom from the panhandle. this is where severe storms pounded pensacola. we know one tornado there was confirmed. storms trashed a florida home where two people went inside. you see them here. this is their video. they went looking for survivors. >> hello. hello.
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>> hello. >> i don't think anyone -- i mean it's all gone. >> it appears nobody was home. elsewhere louisiana two people died when tornadoes touched down there. another person died from severe storms in mississippi. still ahead, we'll show you what else these killer storms tore apart. it's not over. in a few minutes we'll check in with ryan phillips with what the system means for us and the rest of the east coast. heavy storm knocking out power to a city in alabama as well. incredibly the street lights and traffic lights stayed on luckily, so it wasn't total chaos. fire officials say power went out for more than 3,000 customers in dothan. a better survey expected late they are morning as the weather clears up. people in southwest miami-dade are looking for three teenagers who opened fire on a group of friends. the shots hit 16-year-old boy.
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and 114th court. we're told a group was outsidee when they heard shots go off. one of them, a 16-year-old was hot in the elbow and rushed to the hospital. we're hearing he's going to be just fine. police say the shooters did get away on bicycles. we're working the find out if the shooting was random or targeted. if you have any information, call 305-471-tips. the man police say was behind the wheel in a hit-and-run crash. simion boykin was behind the eel of the car thatatit javier valdez. the 6'4" teenager and his brother were trying to cross the street to catch a bus. valdezemains in serious condition as of this morning. the 33-year-old suspect is a relative of city of miaa commissioner keyon hard mann. he's facing several charges
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an accident with serious injuries and driving on a spended license. florida's top health officials are working to stop the spread of zika in the sunshine state. a murder on trial for a murder plot against her ex-husband is in the courtroom. the bombshell accusations she's making against the south florida police department. we're dry, ry warm morning across the area. 75 in pembroke pines and pompano beach. winds out of the south, free and clear of any wet weather at this hour. that will change this afternoon, watching the line of storms across the gulf waters.
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know what we welcome back. your time is 5:43 on your wednesda morning. as the world continues to fight the zika virus, united states officials are gearing up to fight it here in the u.s. on capitol hill a senate committee hearing will talk about the fight. floridstate attorney general and secretary of health dr. jonathan armstrong expected to testify about florida's specific response and preparations for the zika virus. he's one of many in the medical communi who are expected to testify at some point today. meantime the cdc is investigating 14 new cases of zika here inin the united states and allof them appear to be sexually transmitted. this revelation is leading officials to believe that spreading the virus through sex is more common than previously thought. several of these new cases involve pregnant women and the effects on their unborn babies are not yet known, although it's likely not good. hereren florida officials have
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all of those are travel related and none involve pregnant women. >> out of cuba, state media are reporting that fidel and raul castro's older brother has died. ramon was the second of seven children in the family. he supported his brother's revolution but didn't take an active role. ramon was 91 years old. u.s. secretary of state john kerry may soon visit cuba to speak about human rights. he says concncns on the island about human rights still remain. >> not everything is going to change overnight. and there are still human rights issues. i, in fact, may be down there in the next week or two to have a human rights dialogue. >> the secretary's trip comes ahead of president barack obama's storic visit to the island next month. he'll be the first sitting american president to visit cuba
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kerry says president obama plans to address concerns by directly meeting with cuban objectors. you can follow the latest developments out of cuba in the cuban crossroads section in the nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll be live in havana when the president makes his tis torque trip to cuba. starting at 11:00 this morning, the remembrance will happen at the opa-locka airport where there's a memorial to those men and later a mass at the shrine of our lady of charity starting at 8:00 tonight. in 1996 the two brothers to the rescue aircraft were flying in international airspace when cuban piloted jet fighters shot them down, killing four menen in the process. keep it right here on nbc 6 as we will be live from that memorial during our midday
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a.m. if you don't have it already, great day to have the nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll watch the radar into e afternoon hours. we've got nothing going on out here this morning. it's a fairly,dry and quiet start to our day. florida keys and into the two-county area. no overnight rain, just an overnight breeze. our roadways are dry. kelly wi briri us up to date on traffic in just a moment. let's talk about the day and split it in two as you get the kids ready. i think op-off and bus stop, no problem. lower to mid 70s. we get into the afternoon and seeing different schools release at different times and you've got different schedules for your after schoolactivities. be weather aware this afternoon as we watch a line of storms moving out of the gulf waters and towards south south florida. it's going to be warm and humid. lower to mid 80s. keeping an eye on the skies with storms moving in later this afternoon. if the line i'm showing you holds together, we'll still lead
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a lowow risk for tornadoes. the main concern would be wind gusts greater than 45 miles s r hour. not worried about heavy rain. when the rain is coming overhead, right as the line comes through, sure it will be heavy then. not looking for a prolonged period of rain to stick around. that's your threat tracker. we'll talk about the line in just a moment. early morning walkers and runners, it's almost like a may morning. mid 70s and a little humidity in the air. winds out of the south. they'll increase as the day goes on. enjoying light winds right now in marathon. future radar, again, this is not what's happening now. this is what we're forecasting to happen later this afternoon. the severe weather threat from tampa to orlando and points north. we're not watching this activity. we're actually walking what's developing further down the line into the gulf waters. it's just a matter if the compont and ingredients are in place ahead of the line to sustain it if it moves through. if that's true, we will see the
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in the meantime, though, wet weather moving in as which dig deeper into the afternoon after 3:00 and certainly into the evening commute. that's my main ncern. all of us leave for work at the same time and storms move in. we'll keep you up to date as the line evolves this afternoon. john morales and adam berg on standby to keep you abreast of what's going on. stray shower is possisie. the front end of our wednesday looks great. 82 by midday hours. 84 degrees around 2:00, 3:00. then we turn our attention to the chance of storms unfolding. showes will end by 10:00 or so tonight as lows dip to 63. the line right now extending into the gulf waters. this is a huge system. the main ingredients will be up the road across the carolinas. that's where we've got the real severe w wther threat today. we're on the tail end of that with a marginal threat for severe storms. we're still on guard and playingng it safe. next few days look great.
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storms this afternoon, clear and cool, low 70s with lots of sunshine. out of the workweek and into the weekend. it will be several days of beautiful winter weather. in the meantime today just staying weather aware. 5:49, here is kelly. a traffic alert out of t t palmetto expressway. so 826 drivers, as you make your way out the door after northwest 154th street, miami lakes drive, you'll have two lanes of traffic completely blocked off. we can see red on our first alert traffic maps. down. emergency crews on the scene of this accident with injuries. this is the only accident we're keeping an eye on at 5:49 a.m. should anything change, we'll keep you posted on air, online and on our nbc 6 news app we'll be sending out a push alert on this accident that just happened. in broward county things are looking good, cypress creek roa to 595, eight minutes. flamingo road to 441, a ten-minute drive.
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here is a look outside at northwest 103rd street. the boynton beach woman who made international headlines to kill her husband says the plot was all fake. talking dahlia dippolito. she testified in court for the first time as part of a retrial and told the judge she faked the 2009 plot. dippolito claps she was only imitating an episode of "burn notice" to get an acting gig. an appeals court had reversed her 2011 conviction. her he trial is set for may. >> ten minutes to the top of the hour now. people without homes this morning after an apartment fire in broward county. take a look. chopper 6 overhead at the fair ways complex in lauderhill. maybebeou watched our live stream as crews are battling the intense flames. the fire started in the first floor unit, then quickly spread to the second floor before
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as i mentioned, it burned all the way through. investigators think an unattended iron might have been what starard the fire in one of those units. two apartments completely destroyed. four others ended up with heavy damage. >> everything lost. he has nothing at all but what he was wearing, his shoes, t-shirt, boxers he was wearing. a toelt, total, total loss. >> given the damage, nobody was hurt, hard to believe. about 23 people lost everything. they told us the red cross is assisting all those people. this morning some information that could change the way you think about e cigarettes. researchers at brown university are trying to tackle the issue of e cigarettes. they say vaping is not a safe alternative. in fact, some flavors are more toxic tan standard smoke. they say if you really need help quitting, you can always call
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>> only in florida -- you know when we say only in florida -- >> something strange is going to come out of your mouth a bizarre series of events ends in an even more bizarre way. it all started a a gentleman's club and ended with a hysrical naked woman in the back of a police cruiser. coming up on nbc 6 news at 6:00, after a miami woman was allegedly beaten there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra.
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they put the remains in paint cans before ditching them in a quarry. the four other people involved in the killing have been given life sentences urks one of them getting the death penalty. >> we promised you an only-in-floridstory this morning. this is it. miami-dade police say they were drive ag naked woman to jail for disorderly conduct when she allegedly decided to kick out the window of their patrol car.: the woman is ideified as 24-year-old yanos. she forced police to change their route and take her to the
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police say it staed at the gentleman's club, they say she was screaming profanities at them and ripping clothes off. >> a deputy's dash cam caught a 21-year-old driving therong way on the highway. his blood alcohol test registered three times the legal limit. he was eventually arrested and luckily no one was injured. >> at least he wasn't in the main lane. four minutes to the top of the hour. we continue toollow multiple breaking news stories on this wednesday morning. police rush to dadeland mall after shots were fired. c 6 in contact with miami-dade detectives this morning. we'll hear what they say happened that sent some people at the mall running for safety. new images continue to pour into the newsroom as severe weather makes its way across the northern part of florida.
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what we can expect here at home. >> ft. lauderdale at 75. watching a line of storms not here in south florida but moving into the west coast. >> you are watching nbc 6 "south florida today." >> more news, weather and your
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good morning everybody. right now 6:00. we're covering multiple breaking news stories this morning. donald trump claiming yet another win even though they're still counting the votes in nevada. the race for second between florida senator marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz is still too close to call. the panhandlele getting hammered with more severe weather. multiple tornado touchdowns have been confirmed throughout the southeast. the national weather service continues to warn about more taesds and severe thunderstorms in that area for the rest of the day. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the show in our nbc news and weather app. good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us. >> i'm eric harryman. it's wednesday, february 24th. if you haven't stepped outside, you'll step into warm and humid air this morning. >> that's the worst. meteorologist ryan phillips is here. it's dry in south florida today. >> we'll keep it t tat way for the front end of the day.


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