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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in connection to that incident. >> we are joined live from the miami police station with more on that narrow escape. sharon? >> reporter: well, trina, the chief telling us just a while ago this all started when the officer pulls over a suspicious vehicle in an area known for prostitution. and that's when bullets started to fly. >> there are no physical injuries on him but he's obviously shaken. >> reporter: miami's top cop speaking out after one of his own at a close call with a gun-toting suspect during a traffic stop. >> before the officer was able to get out of his car, he was attacked with a barrage of gunfire from the vehicle. >> reporter: during an afternoon news conference, chief ridalfo detailed the scary moments when a miami police officererwas shot at by one of four people traveling in this vehicle. an alarming wake-up call for residents in the area.a. >> it was like, bang, bang, bang, real fast. then you heard the cops immediately chasing somebody. >> reporter: the intense scene playing out shortly after 4:00
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southwest 43rd avenue and fifth terrace in miami. >> the assailant got back in the car and took off. >> basically, this was a very chaotic situation. >> reporter: a chaotic situation that ended with the gunman and his passengers running from the law coming to an abrupt end.d. >> the outstanding men and women of e tactical robbery unit picked up the vehicle in the area of 42nd avenue and northwest 9th street and was able to apprehend the driver and the other three passengers of that vehicle without incident. but i think it's important for this community to knkn that it has brave, wonderful men and women who protectctheir safety at all times. >> reporter: and back out live, the chief would not say theame of the officer shot it a. only saying he's doing well resting at home. as for the suspects who were taken into custody, you will not
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of those connected wii a slew of charges. reporting live in miami, sharon lawson, nbc 6 news. an international connection to a death mystery that originated right here in south florida. the skeletal remains found on sunderland keys were identified to a man from norway. he traveled to new mexico and then to the keys but failed to stay in contact. detectives believe that he committed suicide. a gun was found near his body and family members say he was having money oblems. now to a first-alert traffic update. the venetian causeway finally reopening on monday after being closed for renovation for a while. the makeover project cost almost $12 million. it took nearly nine months to complete. miami-dade county decided on the repairs after a holepened on the causeway in 2014. that bridge connects the mainland t t biscayne island. president obama making a stop in jacksonville today to
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stimulus package. the commander in chief visited a batteryylant giving $95 million in stimulus money back in 2009. >> this was an example of the proofs of those investments that we made. jobs that america needs done getting done right here in florida. >> the president called the staff at the battery plant a success of the recovery act. the company was applauded for creating 300 jobs and hiring many veteran. shortly after taking office, prident obama pushed through the legislation during the recession. there were many gop lawmakers who opposed the effort. tonight new numbers show hillary clinton's dominant standing in florida. a quinnipiac university poll shows clinon has a strong lead among democrats in the sunshine state. the former secretary of state leads bernie sanders 59% to 33% among likely democratic primary voters. the poll shows that the momentum
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help make end rows of clinton's long-time florida base. clinton overwhelms sanders 59% to 54%. a super pac for rubio unveiled new ads to target trump airing in key states. the billionaire front-runner is said to know nothing about foreregn policy and the other accuses him of bankruptcy laws to avoid paying workers. while the republican presidential contenders were landing blows on each other@last night, lindsey graham unleashed a few jokes about his own party. >> my party has gone [ bleep ] crazy. if you killed ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the could convicttyou. >> the comments were made at a dinner at the washington press cb foundation.
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calling himself the dr. can kovorkian of the republican party. you need to bring a driver's license, passport or student i.d. with you to vote in tomorrow's democratic primary. coming up at 6:00 wewel have a live report from steve litz. a somber memorial in new york city. hundreds gathering at the 9/11 memial to honor the victims of the 1993 world trade center bombing. family members and servicemen laid roses on the panel of the names there, those victims were being read aloud. on february 26, 1993, a truck bomb exploded below the trade center's north tower killing six people and injuring more than a thousand. adam, an update on jamaica's general election.
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party claimed victory winning 33 of the 63 seats. the party's leader is vowing to create jobs, grow the economy and improve education and health care. the win is a sign voters are weary of the years of austerity put in place but the incumbent portia simpson miller of the national party. new tonight the miami heat on the forge of adding a new all-star signaling they are preparing for life without chris bosch. joe johnson is committed to signing with the team. he was once the top scorer in the league. this year he's averaging 12 points per game but could come in handy with chris bosch sidelinededue to blood clots. no word on when bosch will return this season. i remember when you used to start slow.
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the greatest tv sitcoms of all time. "the honeymooors." todayackie gleason would have been 100 years old. he left a big mark here on south florida. amanda has shown you how fans honored him around the world today. >> reporter: a bagpipe rendition "the honeymooners" theme song icked off a tribute for a momentous occasion. >> his 100th birthday. >> reporter: fans of the comedian and actor gathered for what would have been gleason's 100th birthday. >> jackie filled the space. hehewas big, larger than life. >> he was a special person, a real original and shouldn't be forgotten. >> reporter: the entertainer known as the great one made a big contribution to south florida.
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gleason show" and brought glitz and game more to the beach and opened with the famous words from the sun and fun capital of the world, miami beach. it's the jackie gleason show. helso called several places in florida home including lauderhill. he also never wanted to be far away from a golf course. today his fans camee out of the woodworks and went all out. they even read all the parts of the script from "the honeymooners." in true fashion these included popping some bubbly and f fns brought out 25 carnations, jackie's favorite flower that he ten wore on his lapel. fans say today was a trip down memory lane. >> i'm one of those people who grew up with him and i just % thought he was very funny and very original. he's somebody i wanted to celebrate. >> he just had that certain something. he just had a a gift for showmanship. how sweet it is. >>. >> reporter: this tribute had a lot of jackie gleason flare. and to show the lasting legacy
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sweet it is. reporting from durrell, amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. a popular car seat recalling more than 50,000 tonight. >> what parents need to know about this. us, a former top model calling out her colleagues. why she says the first of its kind cover is anything but worth celebrating. and change of heart. why a thief in texas returned the stolen goods. burger bash is celebrating beyond the delicious burger here tonight. they just brought out cash and a trophy. we'll take you behind the scenes into their kitchen coming up. it's going to be a great weekend for all kinds of
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i'll have the details including an update on a story after a reporter. >> no, you need to get out. >> the university has fired right there. last november she was seen on camera trying to block a camera camera. she was yelling for someone to muscle him and remove him from demonstration. the rally came after a series of racist incidents at the school. ahistoric home inin rhode island destroyed by a
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that house known as stoner lodge in the heart of newport with several other mansions d touristt attractions. flames engulfed the house almost 100 years after another massive fire took part at that estate. the stone lodge estate was about 9,000 square feet with nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. no injuries have been reported. a toddler tragedy in pennsylvania. a 23-month-old girl spent 13 hours in a car seat before dying at the hospital. it's unknown why that child was ft so long in the vehicle. investigators say the toddler's father was home during the time that child was in the car seat but never checked on her. the home had no running water and conditions were just deplorable. no charges have been filed so far. now t@ a recall parents need to know about. evenflo is recalling 56,000 booster seats. the company is concerned children may be able to reach a button and loosen the arness. the recall involves evenflo's transitio 3-in-1 booster seat
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the company will send out free remedy kits to the owner who is have registered their seat. if you haven't done so, you can do that online. a former super model taking a swipe at "sports illustrated" for putting a curvy model on the swimsuit edition. earlier this month the magazine celebrated putting ashley graham on the cover. but now a 68-year-old womanays that type of body is unhealthy and that a woman's waist should be smaller than 35 inches. she appeared three times on the cover of the issue. watch closely to this, you see a man walk into a domino's store in groves, texas. he calmly grabs one of the st. jude boxes and takes off.
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the store owner posted the video on facebook and the next day the thief called the store, apologized for takin the money investigators. caught o o camera, a fireball lights up the skies in spspn. that fireball was spotted over the spanish city of cordova on/ wednesday. according to experts, that fireball produced a fragment miles per hour. two other fireballs crossed the spanish skies in the last few days. rz. hope you're ready for a great weekend here in south florida. nighttime temperatures will be such that we need to bundle up a little bit for our standards. but then daytime highs are going to reach the 70snd there's no rain through sunday and into next week. there's no rain right now on the live first-alert doppler radar. as we look towards downwnwn
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that it's mainly clear above and there's still a little bit of sunshine. the sunset is still about 45 minutes away or so. we'll take a look at the current temperature, 69 degrere in miami. the lows this morning were generally in the 50s. 53 in kendall. i did see a 50-degree readng out at ft. lauderdale executive airport there in the oakland park area in ft. lauderdale or right outsidede ft. lauderdale. 54 degrees is the current morning temperature there. and 61 for key west. right now it's 71 in ft. lauderdale and 68 degrees in key west. but the humidity is really low. we are talking values under 40% in some places. ft. lauderdale right now at 39%. with the dry air tonight and not much of a wind, i do expect temperatures to drop pretty swiftly into the upper 50s by midnight. mid-50s by 1:00 in the morning. and the overnight low is going to be close to 50 degrees butt
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here's the forecast heading out the door tomorrow. sweater weather here in south florida. 48 to 52 degrees. clear skies. a nice, crisp start to your saturday. here's the future tracker. you see a little bit of a line of instability here to generate some showers inhe bahamas. but not across florida or the florida keys. looking pretty nice for us tomorrow. the showers remain offshore. you're going to see one pop up here close to keyargo late in the day into tomorrow evening. but overall i'm not going to forecast rain tomorrow on the threat tracker that is green. weekend. we don't have much of a risk of rip currents. there i a moderate risk of rip currents on the west coast of florida close to naples and fort myers. weekend. remember, temperatures in the morning in the 40s and 50s. but with full sunshine tomorrow, our temperature will rebound to 71 degrees, which is about the same reading we had today for a high here in south florida. morning.
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but i don't expe any 40s sunday morning. the east wind returns. our temperatures rebound to 74. and we'll have a mixture of clouds and sun. again, should be a fantastic weekend in south florida. as far as looking at next week, i'll have the seven-day forecast coming up during the 6:00 back to you. john, thank you so much. food, fun and wine on the menu in south florida over the weekend. people from all over the world flocking to south beach for the annual wine and food festival. sococl 6 captured all the photos and videos posted about thehe event. look at the food prepared by top chefs from around the globe. roxanne vargas is covering all the food and fun live at the burger bash on the beach. hi, rox. >> reporter: hi, trina. i just saw al ker from the "today" show competing here delicious bites here. stake. i'm holding onto the trophy --
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we earned this, so sorry -- >> reporter: so you mean you don't -- go to work. i guess you don't get a trophy for eating, right? but we actually had a local restaurant, pedro factory, take the title last year. so we got into the kitcheno see what pedro is working on this year. take a look. happy birthday burger bash. tonight we celebrate a decade of serving the best bites between two buns. rachael ray is back to see earns the coveted pepele's choice. last week pedro factory back at burger bash to depend it, taking on michael simon, bby flay, al roker. >> we officially qualify as a big name now that we won?
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>> that cheeseburger was returned into a croquette. it was a long, complicated process but it was a lot of fun. we here in miami have a gift. and the party does notot officially start in miami until the cquettes show up. so we decided to@ emerge it. >> reporter: so how will pedro factory raise the bar this year? we asked. >> so this year's burger, thehe strategy going in in is -- that's the final tip for the award-winning presence. >> reporter: wait, what? that will the reigning champions take the title again? we'll taste and see tonight. so nadal didn't take the trophy away from me, but what is on the
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a b brger with homemade barbecue sauce? your mouth is watering. a big event tonight with big judges behind me. the judges judging burger bash will be taking these, neil patrick harris' husband will be there as well. nathalie morales from the "today" show. her flight wasunning behind but she's slated to be here. it's a blind tasting because h%r coworker al roker is competing tonight with patty melt for burger bash. all the fun starts at 7:00. more fun all weekend long. we have you covered on what is happening when. live from south beach, nadal, set me a burger, will ya? roxanne vargas, nbc 10 news. >> we'll take your leftovers, roxi. whatever you can bring back. i always want to try the croquette. it's been five years since her tri made worldwide headlines. >> but her name far from flrgotten. >> so i was kind of the person they never saw coming. >> up next, a look at some of the key p pyers in the casey
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up to now. > and looking for good shopping deals? look no further than it's name for this one. it's called a steal of a deal beginning this weekend. details next. then all new tonight on the nbc 6 news at 6:00 -- >> i'm ari odzer, take a look at
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we'll have moror coming up. talk about a deal. jcpenney is slashing prices down to a penny. get your money's worth. they hope this promotion will bring much-needed foot traffic into stores and hope the huge savings will temp shoppers to try out new products. now on 6, a look back at a court case that captivated the country. it's been almost five years in florida when casey anthony was
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her 2-year-old daughter caylee. jose baez was the attory from the very beginning. >>. he's from here in south florida and his life has considerably changed since the trial. >> so i was kind of -- the person they never saw coming. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty -- >> reporter: five years after winning a stunning acquittal for casey anthony on charges of killing her daughter caylee, he remains unapologetic as those who say the jury got it wrong. >> this was one of the rare situations where the system worked. >> reporter: baez credits jurors for not buckling to immense public pressure and seeing reasonable doubt in the state's death penalty pursuits. >> this was clearly not a death penalty case. never has been, never will be. >> reporter: in recent months some minor members of anthony's defense team have made big news. san diego attorney tom beccaluso
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florida on a private jet himself is now suing for client mistrust funds. in january mitigation members from the anthony team saw her husband put to death. and thth jacksonville attorney brought in to spare anthony if she would into convicted. dorothy cay sims still specializes in medical cases. anthony's legal guardian remains a fixture in legal circles. fast-track. >> i've lectured in, i think, six different countries. >> reporter: and at harvard he's taken cases nationally, internationally in state and federal court. when asked if he files like the guy who took down the giant -- >> i always felt like i had them right where i wanted them.
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the center of it all, casey anthony has opened a photographer business called case photography in west palm beach. there are also rumors she's pregnant once again but those have been rumors that have turned up on and off and always appear to be untrue. >> we'll see what happens. >> that's it for the news 5:30. >> don't go nywhere, more news straight ahead. tonight new details concerning the man behnd the deadly mass shooting in kansas. nbc 6 uncoversis ties to south florida. a child truck by a police cruiser is now out of the hospital. and i'm here at the school library, do you got swag? >> yeah, i got swag. >> we'll show you swag coming up. i thought it was important
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because somehow as s said before, this becomes routine. these sort of mass shootings that are taking place. we cannot beco numb to this. >> president obama speaking about the latest@ mass shooting in kansas while paying a visitit to the sunshine state. and the gunman has many ties to south florida. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> i'm jawan strader. the police say the man was given a restraining order just before the shooting began. cedric fordd opened fire in the city where he was an employee. he injured 14 and killed three others before deputies shot and killed him. authorities are continuing the investigation in kansas. nbc 6 has uncovered ford's ties to south florida. dan krauth spoke to some family members and joins us from homestead with more tonight. dan? >> reporter: jawan, this shooter had a troubled past that started
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his very own mother lives in the homestead community behind me, a community finding this tragedy very hard to talk about and to understand. despite his criminal history, cedric ford posted a video of what appears to be him shooting a gun on facebook. and justt earlier this month a picture of him holding other. a friend wrote under the photo, leaving florida was the bast thing. ford responded, 305 for life and recently wrote he wanted to return. yesterday in kansas and hour after police served ford with a proteteion from abuse order, the florida native went on a shooting spree killing three people and injuring more than a dozen others. >> didn't matter who it was, he had no specific target. he just shooting anyone that got in his way. >> reporter: ford has a troubled past in florida. arrested a handful of times in miami-dade and broward counties for charges ranging from burglary to carrying a concealed weapon. back in 2000 he admitted to


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