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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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go at it last night. tonight it is the republicans. we'll be talking more about all the candidates and what's going today. you all the information. w. first we want to get you out the door and get you going with meteorologist ryan phillips with a closer look at your thursday forecast. >> a good shutout to our educational institutions, university of miami, florida international university and miami-dde college getting lot of play in the national media with all the politics here in town. good recognition for them as well. local forecasts going this way. dry this morning, dry roadways, no rain shower activity overnight despite the fact we have an ocean breeze which would bring on an isolated shower, nothing in the cards this morning. let's take a live look down to the bay side area and aaa. visibility is just fine. the cloud decknot quite as extensive. that way we'll yield more sunshine.
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73. the southeast wind really regulating our temperature trend with partly cloudy skies above. we'll look for temperatures to stay balanced, 72, 73, 74 and into the lower 80s. a warmer day in your first alert forecast. still breezy on the beaches and a high rip current risk. we'll talk more about that in a bit. right now kelly and traffic. >> we have a traffic alert going on on the palmetto expressway. it's just around the area of northwest 17th avenue, three lanes completely blocked off. palmetto expressway and kendall drive, southwest 88th street, emergency crews on the scene of a car fire. construction northbound around tamiami trail that had all lanes completelelblocked off. that has finally cleared out of the way. you no longer have to worry about that. construction on the 836 has also
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we have the turnpike extension southbound completely shut down at red road. that should be clearing within the next five to ten minutes. i-75 drivers, w had construction, all nice and green and all clear, but we have a couple of lanes blocked off on i-95 northbound at hallandale beach boulevard. >> ryan mentioned our local university getting a lot of play nationally. this is w w. it's showdown time in the sunshine state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders slugging it out on national television in the fight, of course, for florida as our primary is right around the corner. julia is live in the newsroom with the highlights of what happened last night at that debate. very interesting few hours, julia, to say the very least. >> fewer fireworks than the republican debate but plenty of heat between the democratic hopefuls. last night hillary clinton attacked bernie sanders for
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comprehensive immigration reform bill. sanders fired back for. what they will agree is that while trump's wall building plan is worse than either of theirs, supporters found plenty of reason to praise them. >> hillary clinton has been a strong champion of fixing our brokekeimmigration system. >> he's more clear.. i like hillary and i'll vote for her if she's the candidate, but i like bernie sanders way better. >> this morning both campaigns are driving home points to south florida voters. with the sanders campaign trying to clarify the senator's brand of social democracy. it the clinton campaign touting the former secretarars record of working with president obama to
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erik and shelly, we'll hear more reaction in next half hour. >> we will talk to you again at the top of the hour at 6:00. in last night's democratic debate, one moderator had no problem being very blunt when talking about the issue over trust and transparency, sparking some high emotion from the former secretary of state as clinton was asked about that e-mail controversy. >> there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors. it was permitted. i didn't have to ask anyone. >> if you've been indicted, uld you drop out? >> oh, my goodness. i'm not even answering that question. >> there were a lot of cuban americans all across south florida also tuning into the debated for obvious reasons. it was also broadcast in spanish. they heard both candidates criticize the cuban communist government but the o agreed with obama's attempts to warm
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>> i hope some day there will be leaders chosen by the cube an ban people and i hope democracy will be deeply rooted in cuban soil. >> i think we've got to end the embargo. i believe that we should move towards full and normalized political relations with cuba. i think at the end of the day, it will be a good thing for the cuban people. >> not a surprise here, it turned out to be a very important night for both candidates. it was the last opportunit for them to get in front of a national television audience ahead of florida's primary, less than a week away. tonight republicans will have their own debate at the bang united center on the university of miami campus. all looking to shore up support before the critical florida primary including miami's own marco rubio. michael spears is live at um, the calm before the storm.
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>> reporter: absolutely. tonight's gop debate at um could be a deciding factor for many south florida voters. you mentioned the florida primary just five days away. a huge win for all the gop candidates. trump heading into tonight's republicanan debate with the sizable lead amongst the remaining candidates. trump saying if iget florida and ohio, it can all but guarantee the nomination. others not letting it stop them. still very busy in florida. the florida primary seen as marco rubio's biggest test. he made some stops around the area, hialeah which he made it clear he'll fight until the end. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as long and hard as it takes. we' going to the white house. >> rubio rallying the crowd in hialeah. we heard much of the same from cruz as far as his platform and
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of obama care and rebuilding the military. tonight's debate is the 12th debate of this political season and expected to be a huge one. doors open beginning at 8:30. check out the nbc 6 news and weather app. live in coral gables, michael spears, nbc 6 news. we continue to monitor breaking news out of pennsylvania. a shooting there in a neighborhood outside of pittsburgh left five people dead and injured three more. this is all happening during a back yard party. four were found shot to death on the back porch whihi the fifth victim died in the hospital. as of now police are searching for two gunmen who barged into the party and opened fire in an ambush-style attack. from what we know, the partygoers appeared to try to run inside the home when they started hearing shots being fired. >> it looks like right now they y were all fleeing towards the back door of the residence when
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side of the yard. they all seemed to get caught on the back porch. >> after the three injured tlr still in the hospital, two in critical condition while the third is stable. we're still waiting to get a motive how this happened and why. as soon as we get more details, we'll pass it along on air andnd on the nbc 6 news and weather p. take a good look at this face. police say terry fenelon is action cuesed of sexual battery and extortion. erika glover is live with details on what we need to know about this apparent case of sextortion. that term in and of itself needs a little defining. rrp 18-year-old terry fenelon is now an accused sexual predator. miami-dade police detectives say the crimes took place between november and december of last year but that the girls just recently came forward to tell
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administrators what was going on. he is a student here at homestead senior high school and the victims are between 15 and 16 years of age. investigators say he threatened the teenagers and forced them to perform sex acts on him. fenelon allegedly used the kik messenger app using the name dre and demanded nude photos. he threatened to share the pictures on facebook unless they got his way. the judge denied bond for this student. thihimorning officials are asking if anyone recognizes him because there couldotentially be more victims. fenelon now faces multiple charges of sexual battery by collusion and for allegedly threatening victims. the school district released a statement that this is a good reminder that parents need to monitor their kids' social media
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negative consequences when it is used improperly. wednesday the attorney argued the client should be able to bond out of jail. that was denied by the judge. live in homestead, erika glover, nbc 6 news. all right, erica. a man who police say assaulted a 5-year-old girl is b bing accused of another crme. why a mother believes an allegeg child molester is involved in her son's death. find out who pulled up right behind this taxi cab and just in the nick of time. we have dry conditions in place. no shower activity to contend with. here is a live look into hallandale beach. have brighter skies this morning, lower 70s will get you started at the bus stop. as it picks up, temperatures in the lower 80s. 'll talk about when we may see the breeze relaxes in my full
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welme back. a south florida mother wants police to look at a man just arrested. she thinks the man also killed her son. his maim is lamont mayweather. we told you about him earlier this week, he was arrested accused of sexually abusing a little girl, luring her with candydy he was once suspected of killing latara randall who was shot to death by two masked men while golfing with a cousin five years ago. that case is still open and his
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latest arrest will be a chance to get to the bottom of her son's murder. >> we're hopeful they will do what needs to be done and we'll get the result that we should. >> randall's photo hangs on the wall of his family's barber shop. a jacksonville police officer in the hospital after he was shot right in front of his son. this is what happened. the undercover detective still in critical condition as we're speaking this morning. he was shot three times. he was off duty when all this went down, taking s son to school. all this happened yesterday morning. he made an impromptu decision to pull over a man he says was driving erratically. the person stopped but then opened fire on him. after he radioed for help, other deputies chased that gunman, shooting him at least four times and sending him, also, to the hospital. the suspect's girlfriend says he might have been suicidal. this morning the widow of an
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murder in illinois is facing a new charge. in addition to 7hat she was already charged with, she faces conspiracy for helpinher husband, joseph gliniewicz, sign money from a police youth program in chicago. gliniewicz staged his suicide to make it appear he was gunned down in the line of duty. people forced from their homes in louisiana. torrential rains dumped more than a foot on the area near shreveport and they're expecting even more. crews are worried the rivers could overflow causing more damage. already three people have been killed as entire subdivisions were swalloloed up by the rising waters. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsord in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with % mcdonald's mccafe coffee, made just for you. mcdonald's, i'm lovin' it. 5:47.
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we'll kick off our thursday with dry conditions in place. live first alert doppler, the only live radar on the air in south florida. sweeping clear, no rain in sight. this type of pattern with high pressure hanging on and just squeezing the atmosphere down, keeping us rain-free. that will continue for the next few days. we'll talk about when we could see a rain chance in a few moments. on the roads this morning, another quiet and breezy day. here is the one thing we have going for ouelves, brighter skies. fighting a lot of cloud cover yesterday. this time around partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. breezy on the drive home, a lilile warmer, too. temperatures holding steady. no weather probobms per se in the local forecast to get you out the door early this morning. that'she 836. weird not having any ponies out here, kelly. that was the highlight yesterday, seeing the ponies in
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if you live towards the beach, it's been ooh breezy night. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. unfortunatelylyhat will continue throughout the daytime hours today. very breezy out near th beaches. out west, not so bad. homestead with winds around ten miles per hour. pembroke pines in west kendall, 15-mile-per-hour breeze, 72 to 74, consistent temperature trend which you typically get in a breezy weather pattern. the focus that high pressure is still hanging around, keeping us breezy and keeping us dry. less cloud cover this morning. plenty of rain to go around as shelly and eric just mentioned in texas, louisiana and arkansas. this is staying off to our north, this ridge of high pressure. even though it's providing a breeze, it's keeping us dry. up to 80 for the lunch hour. todod's high 82, a little above average for mid march. that's oka the rip current risks staying very high on our beaches. i think t at continues the rest
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next few days, though, weekend forecast looking good. we'll see gradually a chance for isolated showers to sneak into the afternoon hours. i i n't think it's going to have a big impact on the event. as we get into the weekend, temperatures stay consistent. mostly sunny. don't forget to spring forward. as kelly reminded us, we'll lose an hour of sleep. that will move our sunset to closer to 7:30 at night. more daylight to end the day. >> for you guys. >> yeah, it won't affect us. >> good morning, south florida. if you're headed out the door, maybe headed westbound on the palmetto expressway, this is where we have problems. but the problems are getting lighter because we have three lanes blocked off, then two and now only one. so hopefully by the time you head out the door to work or school, it will be better. major issues as you're making
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golden glades interchange. the earlier car fire we had has cleared up a couple a construction issues at 5:50 a.m. on i-9595, the on-ramp, you'll find a couple of lanes blocked off in northbound lanes of i-95 and hallandale beach boulevard, the turnpike extension still completely shut down at red road. ve a great day. a bill that would restrict access to abortions and planned parnt hoooois heading to governor scott. the bill has the same p pvisions already being challenged in other cases in other states. the bill prevents stateollars from going to any groups that perform abortions. a big name in the boxing world on hand later today for a
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riddick bo will be part of a bye back that will happen at the jordan grove missionary baptist church from 10:00 to 1:00. as i mentioned, no i.d. required, no questions asked. in return, you'll get a gift certificate e nging from $50 to $100. talk about poor timing, or maybe good timing depending on who you are. a would-be robber got into the wrong taxi in pennsylvania. >> video from inside the cab shows xactly what happened when driver. >> give me all your money, man. give me everything you got, now. >> all right, all right. >> you're seeing that video that happened at a traffic light. take a look at the vehicle behind the taxi. you probably can't see it. that's a police car, because the driver didn't move when the light turned green, the officer got out to see what was wrong. he was able to get the
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car and arrested him. apparently this taxi driver, his first ckup, only had about $20 and his cell phone. really worked out for him. >> did y see the 18-year-old's neck snap around when he saw those lights go on. nowhere to go at his point. that is the wrong place at the wrong time. eight minutes to the top of the hour. still ahead this morning, you heard of driving under the influence, right? what about teaching under the nfluence? that's what one south florida substitute is accused of doing
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principal said she was a accused of an armed robber police are on the hunt for two others they think are also connected. 18-year-old jonathan valenzuela is accused of robbing two 15-year-olds. police set up a perimeter right away around that area, eventually caught up with valenzuela and arrested him last last night. investigators continue to say the victims were confronted by three young robbe who demanded their belongings and they did it at gunpoint. once these robbers took off with their things, the victims called 911. out of all of that, nobody was hurt. >> this is one of those only-in-florida stories.
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teacher behind bars. police say she showed up to class drunk. 52-year-old holly joel faces a number of charges including disorderly intoxication. achool secretary and another staffer gotuspicious of joel while she was supervising a class of second grade students in sanford. school staff say she was struggling to stand and was not able to answer what day of the week it was. police say when they caught up to joel, she had a bottle filled with pink colored booze. >> not exactly sure what the pink colored booze was. >> apparentl it was something that makes you lose what day it is. >> working on a whole lot more for our next hour of ne today. we'll hear from witnesses from the back yard shooting in nnsylvania that killed five people and injured three more. >> a south florida hgh school
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ick if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> they sure didn't hold back last night. the candidates getting heated in south florida. decrats done playing nice. they're bringing out some of the big guns at this point as the fight for the white house continues. tonight it will de the republicans taking the stage and perhaps the last chance for florida senator marco rubio. we have team coverage on
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nbc 6 reporter julia bagg breaking down what the candidates had to do in the war room following the debate. >> just as interesting as what happened during the debate. michael spears live on the university of miami campus where tonight republicans will be taking that stage. >> good morning to you, thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. your time is 6:00. all that political coverage of what happened last night, that's coming yoyo way in two minutes. first let's get you over to meteorologist ryan phillipssith a look at your thursday. a very, very close to friday forecast. >> very close. i don't think the weather will change much going into the weekend. that's good news if you're stuck in the office. dry conditions across the area. live first alert dooler sweeping clear. no rain in sight until the weekend. we'll talk more about the timing of that. cloud cover has been an issue at least pour the last few days. this time around we'll see more sunshine. mid and at least high level


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