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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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mrs. robinson. the president has a very busy itinerary, and as you can expect the closer we get to the arrival the more security we'll see around the city. >> and the recent diplomatic ttw between both countries was started back in 2014 but it wili culminate in visit by president obama in havana. but let's take you back to when it all started december of 2014. president obama and raoul castro announced the normalizing of ties. ke freed alan gross, who was in cuban prison for five years. at the summit of the americas in panama in the first official leaders of the two nations since 1961.
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raised cuba from the terrorist list, and in the fall, a flfl was raised, and later, secretety of state john kerry carried the flag-raising in washington/ d.c. >> yes, jackie, there are many out here who sayhat president obama has not made significaca concessions since restoring the relations with the u.s. however, there have been a few notable changes, we'll get to some of those. just yesterday, the cuban government planned to do away with a 10% penalty on converting u.s. dollars. it will make it easier and cheaper for americans to spend time in cuba. they announced the plans regarding the international banking system. but just two days ago you saw this, the service and mail rtored for the first time since 1963. among those taking advantage is president obama who sent the letter to a 76-year-old woman in cuba.
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she wrote to the president last month asking for a personal meeting with the president. it's not clear if the president will meet with her. but she did receive his letter. now, c crnival is getting reaea to cruise into cuba. the south florida-based cruise line stated it will start service to the island in may. large cruise ships will not be able to be in the harbor until they do upgrades. in the meaaime, for the first time i have not seen a cruise sip here in havana -- >> we did. >> and the nbc 6 reporter amanda placenta is down there in havana, while hundreds are flocking to see the historic trip by the presididt here in havana. amanda? >> reporter: well, jackie and jawan, president obama is not the only o&e heading to cuba in next couple of days.
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going around the same time, and they gave us their stories. >> speaking in a foreign language ] >> she says it is incredible to see the president of the united state going to cuba. many travellers flooded miami international airport today flying out to havana. they weighed ins their trips coincided with the president's visit. this traveller lived in cuba for 28years. he is going to visit family but he believes that president obama's visit is positive. hehesaid he would welcome any change, even if it is minimama while some do criticize the visit many hope it signifies a new chapter. this woman said the presidential visit makes her happy and wants to see if thhgs get better. she says she wishes that this trip will bring changes and more nations. on sunday, president obama will be the first u.s. president to
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nearly 90 years. he will speak to the cuban audience which will be broadcast nationwide on cuban tv. well, jackie anan jawan, you all had plenty of company heading down to miami from here. reporting live, back to you. amanda, thank you very much. you know, there are reminders all over the place of this historic visit. as a matter of fact, jawan and i saw a billboard with raoul castro and president obama's picture on it. but some of the reminders of the first family's visit, vendors are looking to cash in with itits with the president's face on it. one item is showing magnets with the president and first lady. >> that is right, cuba's national team is busy also training ahead against the visiting tampa bay rays who will be the first major franchise to play in havana since 1999. >> and it's not just president obama that cuba is getting ready for.
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ready to put together a stage for a free rolling stones concert set to perform in cuba, the biggest act to perform there since the castros came to power, boy, in 1959. you know, obviously the cuban eople are so excited for that visit and excited for president obama's visit. i mean, you can really feel the energy here in the air in havana. >> you got that right, we did speak earlier to some on the island. of course we do want to know how they feel about president obama. and there is a lot excitement, because they believe that president obama will bring hope and change to the situation going on here. the situation is not good. and if you come here and you're a visitor for the first time, you see good and bad. and when you see bad you see bad. and many of them believe he brings about hope to the island. >> and speaking of hope, many believe that the president will be here to visit on sunday, to
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actually be part of the ceremony celebrated here in havana. we'll have more on that coming up later on in the weekend. but for now, live in havana, cuba, on this historic presidential trip. jackie and jawan, thank you. >> all right, thank you, jackie and jawan, great coverage down there. and for everything you need to know about the president's historic trip to cuba, visit the crossroads section on the nbc 6 news and weather app key. and another big story, the base is pumping, people are dancing, they're filling the air here, looking at that taking over bay front park in downtown_ miami. stephanie busier stephanie bertini is in the middle of that. >> reporter: well, i can barely hear you, that is how loud it is here, you can see them in the area of downtown miami, there is the potentialal for lots of things
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that is why the city officials and ultramusic festival heads are here. this is the place to be if you're into this kind of scene. ultra has grown over the years. >> some of the very first. when it was a lot smaller, the production was not as big. but still, incredible parties. so it's fantastic to see over the years, more production, bigger stages. >> reporter: the lights, music and crowds transform miami's downtown core. road closures and detours are in place. he park is blocked off unless you purchased a pricey ticket. city officials say have fun but make the right choices. >> no drug activity, no sales, if somebody is involved in that they will suffer thth consequences. security. >> reporter: police and the private security team ready. this man arrested along this
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and the problems associated with controlling this size of a crowd are all around. >> yeah, look, it's a no drunk zone. so that is by -- the faa rules so you can't come out here and fly drones. >> reporter: nl drones and first responders say no chance for your medical needs to go unattended. miami fire rescue is ready. >> we have about 70 to 100 fire department personnel staff out here. >> reporter: the message? have fun but be safe. and of course it will be much more like this as we get into saturday and sunday. ultramusic festival lasts for three days so this is day one of that big party that is going to shake up the downtown core of miami all weekend long. reporting live in miami, stephanie bertini. thank you, nflplayer tray walker who was critically
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and tonight, family and friends are remembering the baltimore ravens player who was from miami. more on the story. >> yes, it is always a very sad story when a 23-year-old loses his life, even when it could have been avoided. the agents confirm he was not wearing a helmet. the accident occurred at 7:50 p.m. on thursday, the motorcycle collided with a ford on 21st avenue in liberty city. the dirt bike was left behind while the ravens cornerback was rushed to the hospital. several hours of surgererwere not enough, and he was pronounced dead. the nfl has a zero tolerance policy on players participating in dangerous activitits. maybe they should stress it a little bit more. >> you're not supposed to sky dive or ride dirt bikes.
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the bud so they don't have these types of accidents. i i on't believe that tray knew he was not actually supped to be riding bikes. and it itwas unfortunate i didn't get a chance to advise him. >> the head coach said i'll never forget that smile. may he rest in the peace of christ jesus, and quarterbac joe flacco said i canmot imagine what his family is going through right now. all of my thoughts are with his family. and through the official twitter account the dolphins express their wishes to the ravens and the north miami high school. live, nbc 6 news and two men are being sought after an armed robbery. police want you to help find this guy.
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northwest 7th in miami-dade, police say shotsere fired in the air by one of the suspects while announcing the robbery. one of the managers closed the door and allowed the manager to enter the bank. both suspects fled in a red nissan. nobody was injured. if you have information pleaea call police. and today, a driver crashed right into an apartment building in northwest mimi-dade. police say 27-year-old woman was speeding when she lost control, miami-dade fire rescue crews declared this building unsafe after the crash. the driver tried toalk away from the scene but was later arrested. and today, a fire breather accidentally set himself on fire during a practice. it is against the rules to have
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but ricky was hired to do several shows four times. the 52-year-old suffered second degree burns to his face and thighs as well as a smoke inhalation injury. i take full responsibility. i should have practiced. i didn't practice. >> seven students from atlanta community high school were briefly hospitalized after breathing the fire extinguisher dust, no school participants were disciplined as of yet. and it has been warm, now you can see moisture is on the rise, i have details on the weekend forecast coming up. only on 6, a 10-year-old, and a boy threatened at school. why he may be allowed to return to the classroom. and the verdict in hulk hogan's gawker sex tape, how much the jury awarded the former
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and emerging, one fuzzy bird tonight only on 6, the mother of the threatened boy is speaking out to why she believes the student is only getting a slap on the wrist. >> i was scared to did. >> when crystal vadares picks up her 11-year-old from school, she always asks how is day one. last thursday she was not prepared for what she was about to hear. >> told me his friend had threatened him in school, him and his other friend to murder him with a knife the nextday. pulled out a pocket knife from his book bag and put it in his pocket. >> in the pocket of a 10-ye-old who attends gateway environmental k-8 learning center in homestead. >> i don't want to go to heaven early, please help me.
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found the knife, she says, the next day. >> with the size of t knife that i saw i would probably you know be talking to you under different circumstances. >> that student received a 10-day suspension. >> and how did that make you feel? >> to me, it's unacceptable. >> even though according to the district's own code of conduct, a student with a weapon is supposed to face a mandatory expulsion, the state says it has been their practice not to expel or suspend students in grad k-5. due to the circumstances surrounding this case we have recommended the student be removed from the school setting. he has been recommended to a success center and will receive counseling. the incident along with future consequences remains under review. >> and i haveveen days to make sure that this kid, the very kid who threatened my son doesn't go back to the school. >> she was also upset the school
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about what happened. well, shortly after we started to make phone calls today the district sent out automated calls to let the parents know what happened on campus. we'll let you know what happened. and the search for a missing 16-year-old teen continues. here is a look at the new flier provided b the investigator handling the case. he has been missing since december of last year after he was allegedly kicked out of the car by his father in plantation. police say the teen has vanished before. one reported case in hawaii and another unreported case in south florida. there i ia $5,000 reward for information leading to finding him. nine seconds of hulk hogan having sex will cost gawker media at least $115 million. that is the number he was
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name is boboea, was shown having sex with his friend's wife. the jury awarded him $55 million for economic injuries and 60 million for emotional distress. and it's not over, the same jury will then return next week to then consnser punitive damages. now, first alert weather. with eriri delgado. on this friday night, things are looking good. the live radar is quiet although it doesn't seem that way where it looks like we'll have return on the west coast and out to the florida keys. some good news as we head into the weekend. let's jump right in and take a look at the weather headlines. we're expecting changes coming our way, we'll see them in the next 12 to 24 hours. the only thing we'll continue to see, temperatures remaining above average. there is a cold front well on
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going to bring changes. behind the cd front, though, we're expecting even bigger changes to come. wouldn't see those changes up until the upcoming work week. right now temperatures not as warm as we saw, 77 in miami. the high today in miami was 89 degrees, that left us about a degree short of tying a record that was set back in 2004, 76 in ft. lauderdale, were seeing upper 70s down into the middle and lower keys. so we're dealing with just a few clouds but other tha that we have been dry so far. the majority of acvity remaining over the gulf of mexico plus isolated showers to the south of the florida strait. now, we do have winds coming out of the south. so the pressure will push towards the north. we could see overnight showers tonight and into the morrng. taking a look, we'll have clouds and the majority of the cuds will be further to the north. we should wake up to multiple close. now, our in-house models are having a hard time picking up on
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then we have showers picking up in the afternoon. but as you can see throughout the afternoon hours we'll see an increase in the moisture swinging on through from west to east as the action goes on all ahead of acold front that will bring the major changes. the forecast calling for warmer temperatures, peaks of sunshine, keep the umbrellas close tomorrow because we'll definitely need them with showers and of course we can't rule out the chance#of a thunderstorm or two. that lingers until sunday, and nicer conditions for monday, cooling down into the lower 70s. all right, still ahead, a
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what these thieves are atlanta approximatepolice are investigating a takeover inside a mall. the robbers smashed display cases, no word on the amount of cash and other valuables the robbers stole. the getaway vehicle was later found and police say it was stolen. so far investigators say they don't have many leads in this. tonight, a u.s. astronaut is on his way to record-setting jouey. >> turbo pumps at flight speed standing by. and liftoff. >> astronaut williams will land at the international space station about six months from today.
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to the space station, an american record. when his mission is over, williams will also hold the record for the longest cumulative days an american has were spent in space, surpassing scott kelly who recently returned to the earth after a year in space. >> he is there somewhere behind that swinging owl. all right, it happens every year. first two days of the tournament and everybody's bracket ls busted already, including mine. now, we'll focus on the miami hurricanes hopefully making a big run in the tournament.
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against wichita wcome back, despite being a three-seed in the ncaa tournament, the miami hurricanes come into tomorrow's matchup with wichita state as a 2.5 under dog, but the canes are not worried about being on underdog, angel rodriguez led the canes with 24 points, miami finishing five scores double digits. while the odds-makers may not favovo the canes, they have the confidence to advance in the tournament. to a lot of people we have not done enough to prove ourselves. but at the end of the day, you know, we don't play to prove otker people wrong. we play to prove ourselves right because we know we belong here.
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lebron james and the cleveland cavs, last time they visited miami won by 15, so lebron james didn't play. this time the heat are coming off a tough loss to the charlotte hornet. and missing a game-tying shot at the buzzer. tomorrow's matchup will challenge thh heat. >> there is not much margin for error for either team. you know, it's competition at its finest. and you not only have to compete at a hi level you also have to play well. and make plays under duress. >> all right, the m)ami dolphins continue to make off season acquisitions, this time signing griff waylon, the guy who botched the play there. we're confused, toooo what is not confusing is the colts honoring peyton manning, the future hall of famer spent 18 years of his career with
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the team announced they would retire the sheriff's number and plans to b bild a statue of manning outside lucas oil stadium. not sure these guys had a tee time, and the play continued here as you can see behind the champ there adam scott. putt. so rude.
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to re the sand traps whenpresident and the firsr lady today. this is live. but we're not talking about the obamas, in this case, mr. president and the first lady are bald eagles. and yeah, you're getting a live look at the webcam capturing every moment of the family newest edition, keith. >> yeah, freedom has never been cuter, right? this morning, the eagle that hatched in washington, d.c. >> and another egg is expected to hatch in a few days, the first lady and the eagle chewed on fish today while dad had a fresh kill.
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the bacon, pop. >> and they raised one last year successfully, so -- >> you know, this is the first time eaglets will be born at the national arboretum since harry [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonit, join jimmy and his guests -- john krasinski, melissa benoist, musical guest mike posner. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 436, ibiza! >> steve: and now, here he is,
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[ cheersnd applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hello, everybody. hi! [ cheers and applause ] that's what i'm talking about right there. that's what i'm talking about. hot crowd here in new york city tonight. [ cheers and applause ] hot show. welcome, everybody. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you made it. [ cheers and applause ] this is fun. you're going to have a good time tonight. here's what everyone's talking about. i saw that trump tower in chicago was struck by lightning -- -- during the illinois primary -- [ light laughter ] -- which donald trump went on to win. yeah, nobody was hurt. while god was like, "crap, i missed."


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