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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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privataty-owned restaurant here in havana. it is here in this area, so they have closed off all the streets. it was surreal. it was a beautiful day all today day. air force one is about to land at jose marti international airport and all of a sudden it started pouring. once the first family landed and they got here in havana, the rain didn't stop them from strolling the streets of old havana. they actually had their umbrellas out and they went to the cathedral where they met a cheering crowd. once ininside, he met with a cardinal. the catholic church plad a huge role in pushing for the restoring ofelations between the u.s. and cuba. i had the opportunity to speak with a bishoh of havana about this trip. i'll have that coming up tomorrow. earli, the president and the first lady met with the staff at the newly opened u.s. embassy in havana. he spoke with officials at the hotel and here's some of what he had to say. >> this is an historic visit and
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engage directly with the cuban people to forge new agreements and commercial deals, to build new ties between our two peoples, and for me to lay out my vision for a future that's brighter than our past. >> reporter: mr. obama singled out three cubans who have worked at the u.s. diplomatic mission in cuba for decades. a guard, driver, and a worker from the visa section. hu said they bring the cuban and the american people together. before the u.s. reopened its embassy, it only had a u.s. interest section in havana. >> reporter: upon the president's arrival, tensions were -- havana. i had the opportunity to speak with some dissidents. you can't report on the normalization of relations with cuba without talking to the opposition like the ladies in
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>> one of the trouble of the situation is a lot of people have a great fear and join us in this march because they now what are the outcomes. >> reporter: today at a small church in havana, a peaceful demonstration. president obama said he wouldn't visit cuba if human rights didn't improve. the obama administration is set to meet with key members of the opposition movement. >> if a meeting takes place, i would tell president obama that it is important. the fundamental rights need to be the main position. >> repopoter: fear is not a part of their vocabulary. >> they can't scare me anymore. i've been living in fear for 48 years. 's useless. >> reporter: he was on a hunger
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release of over 100 political prisoners. what will be their message to president obama on tuesday? >> translator: i would like president obama to talk about human rights, freedom of expression, bipartisanship, talk about democracy and tolerance of diverse ideasas >> reporter: i talked to him last time we were in cuba. today he was detained. >> reporter: protests not only happening here in havana. also in south florida as well. our live team coverage continues now with laura rodriguez. she joins us live with more. laura? >> reporter: jackie, jawan, good evening. shortly after local cuban americans protested here and called out the importance of human rights, dozen of dissident
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among them notable names. sending a message of solidarity to the opposition movement in cuba on the day of president obama's arrival, cuban americans in little havana marched from the bay of pigs monument to a building that commemorates political prisoners. >> we will be thinking of the countless numbers of families that were uprooted and separated. >> reporter: the miami group chose to assemble on a sunday to pay tribute to the ladies of white in cuba. while president obama was en route to the communist nation, the dissident group tweeted president obama, while you travel to cuba, about 40 ladies in white have been arrested. during therrests in havana, you hea someone in the crowd say, easy, easy, the press is heje.
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been detained so president obama lands in cuba without a visible opposition. >> reporter: different groups and different generations stood together with a different stance. >> we need to stand up for democracy and never take for granted what this country stands for. >> there should be opening up democracy, freedom, elections. that comes first. >> it is a sad day for america. it is a sad day for freedom, happiness. >> reporter: important to note there are others of course who agree in t miami area with the cuba. that being said, however, also important to note, as you saw in that video, this trip has struck a nerve with the cuban american
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since i've been covering on decemberer17th, this is the biggest demonstration to date. back to you in havana, cuba. >> reporter: laura, thank you. even tough we are in havana, we have to talk about presidential politics in the united states. senator t cruz being a cuban american, he had something to y about president obama's trip here to the island. he called this a dissvice to the dissidents here on the island. he said he will visit cuba when cuba is free. >> for decades, leftists and hollywood liberals have made the pilgrimage to cuba to pay homage to fidel castro and raul castro. leftists celebrate vicious
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>> reporter: senator cruz not the oly one blasting president obama for this trip. >> reporter: donald trump tweeting out, wow, president obama just landed in cuba. big deal. raul castro wasn't even there to eet him. he greeted the pope and others. no respect. speaking of president obama, many cuban americans as well as cubans here on the island believe the president won't see the other side of cuba that so many people talk about. we spoke with a family who showed us their day-to-day struggles. driving through cuba, you say paved roads and what looks like clean streets of f well kept neighborhoods. maybe a different image of what the cuban government wanted to present to the president obama on the island. but this is the other side. a wake-up call to reality. cubans living the deplorable
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living in rotted wood homes and bathrooms. he welcomed us into his home and introduced us to his family. they live in a neighborhood where they struggle to live day-to-day on about $30 a month. he goes on to say what i can tell you here that a pair of shoes are very expensive. a worker here, for example, minimum salary 800 pesos and cuc 425 by the state. it's not enough to buy pair. other areas of the community split up into several homes made of alumium panels and wood planks. and if you lived on the second floor, that meant climbing a broken ladder to get to your home. side the conditions as bad as some of the homes below. this is t bathroom right here. this is pretty much the kitchen
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somebody is sleeping right now. the roof on many of these homes with little protection from the weather. here's a look from above. it gives you an idea of how small and how unsafe many of these homes are. many of the cubans here still have their faith. the outside of this door reads in spanisis, god protect our home. but despite the struggle, many here are still joyful, happy abouttlife, family, and something they always carry withh them, hope. hope is what they believe president obama brings to the cuban people on the island. >> translator: yes, i believe it. i think he will chang this life we're living. >> reporter: now, the family that you heard from in that story says that the government will or does plan on moving them out of that particular area, but no date or time has been set. coming up tomorrow, we're going
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heard, the last woman in the piece right there. she's going to show us the struggles she's dealing with every day, which are very difficult to look at. >> reporter: coming up tomorrow, another first. a south florida mayor travels to cuba as well. miami beach mayor phillip levine. we'll tell you what he has to say about the presidential visit coming up on the nbc 6 news tomorrow. also coming up, we have so many stories. one including the church here in cuba and how it's preparing for this presidential visit as well. that's also comininup in the next couple of days. jawan, for me, i never thought in my lifetime that i would see an american sitting president come to this island and i've and that history was made here today. >> we did sre throngs of cubans very excited to see the
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we saw them standing in the rain. packed, just to see the motorcade coming by. many just hoping to get a glimpse of president obama. >> that's do it for us here this evening. from havana, we take it back to the studio with keith. >> thank you. we'll catch up with you again tomorrow. tomorrow, there is a busy schedule for the first family. the first lady will meet with some young cuban girls in the morning. president obama will meet with raul castro. he plans to address human r rhts head on during the private talks. tomorrow niit he'll attend a state dinner at the revolutionary palace. the televised address will take place in the same theater where calvin coolidge, the last american preside to visit, spoke 88 years ago. then mr. obama will attend the major league baseball game
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cuban national baseball team. the stajum underwent tons of im improvements improvements. for most fans, it is invite only. the rays will become the first major league baseball franchise to play in havana since 1999. the tweets pouring in from people around the world using the hashtag obamaencuba. click on the cuba crossroads sections. a rain day in parts of south florida. here's chief meteorologist john morales watching the radar for us. >> the rain should taper off tonight. big changes with aig drop in
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coming up next, house party horror. a night of fun ends in a hail of gunfire inside of a home packed with hundreds of people. hear from the people who made it out alive. south florida college student now missing after a freak accident on a caribbean island. it's another "sports final" sunday night in miami. the heat crushing the first place cavaliers last night at the aaa. the kanes are moving on to the sweet 16. a video goes viral and the basketball player from right
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we'll recap ken spacey's night
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missing boater on key biscayne. we're told a boat got caught up in some bad weatherearly, began slamming into some rocks. that's when two people from another boat jumped in to push out and one of them disappeared. he is identified as paul flowers from new york. violence erupts at a packed party in plantation. a manhunt is under way for the shooter who opened fire on hundreds inside. >> reporter: from music and dancing to panic and chaos. >> i heard a couple screams. i heard one shot and then two shots right after. >> everyone was just running, just running for their liv honestly. >> next thing i know everybody is in the street. >> reporter: what began as a noise and parking complain at a home on northwest fourth court
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death investigation saturday night night. for five bucks, guests could join in on the house party advertised in this flier. officers say they were on the scene and outside of the home when the gunshots rang out inside. >> i saw one of the girls that got shot. i saw her bleeding and everything. >> reporter: the teen says he hit the floor for safety. three woman and one man were transported to broward general with gunshot wounds. detectives found 28-year-old dumas deceased in the home. >> everybody was trying to get to their car, but the police wouldn't let us out. >> it's traumatizing because someone died. it could have been you, you know? >> reporter: reporting in plantation, erica glover. right now, a desperate search undnd way for a local college student who is missing at sea. savannah ray fin fell into the
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vacationing in st.t.thomas. fin and her boyfriend were on some rocks. that's when she went in. highghurf and choppy waters hampered the rescue effort. her boyfriend was able to climb out on the rocks. she never surfaced. it's been that kind of day where we've seen clouds all day. we've had a little bit of rain, but i tell you what. for the most part, this entire weekend we've missed out on heavy precipitation in most communities in south florida. we'll take a look at what's going on and zoom in first to the metro area and set the radars in motion. there is a chance for some rain during the overnight hours as some of these showers that you see right here move towards the east, possibly into the metro area. in the florida keys, you'vee had rain around you just about all
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patchy areas of light and moderate rain moving through. take a look at the weather headlines here. it is the first day of spring todayay it started at 12:30 a.m. rain and clouu will depart later tonight. then it becomes drasticallll cooler tomorrow. now, it was not cool today. 87 the high in pembroke pines and opa-locka. also in marathon. 86 in miami. 71 kendall and homestead. 73 ft. lauderdale and miami. take aa look now at the weather map. you'll see this front almost set to arrive here in south florida. this is the front that's going to bring the coooodown and we'll see our temperatures drop rather quickly tomorrow. i tell you what. the high temperatures tomorrow will struggle to make it to 70 degrees after us having been in the upper 80sor all these days. you see all the rain, by the way, down in cuba where it's rained a lot more than it has up here in miami. it's going to be dry and it's
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tomorrow's high only 71 degrees. there's going to be some high clouds around. there you see them at 7:00 in the morning. then those high clouds filter out. we should see plenty of sun. again, a very cool day. 61 in the morning. thenhe high in theheafternoon only 71 degrees. again, plenty of sunshine filtered by those clouds. the sunsetting at 7:33. tomorrow night, the coldest night of the wewek. dropping to 56 degreeee tuesday afternoon a high of 74 still pleasant out there in the afttnoon. then look how quickly temperatures warm up for the second half of the week.
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finally tonight, glassy skies in los angeles this weekend. a helicopter delivered the sky
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u.s. bank tour. riders will glide 45 feet from the seventh floor to the 69th floor. tickets for the sky space deck will cost $25 and it's going to cost you $8 if you want the ride the slide. it is expected to open up in june.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> hey, everybody. the hurricanes are back in the 305 with an eye on the sweet 16. welcome to ports final." i'mtefano luc. in the college ranks, a lot of ncaa bracketp are busted. miami is ready to keep busting them up in the sweet 16. a lot of action on the football fields in coral gables. the hurricanes open spring practice under new coach mark rick. a video goes viral. is he the real deal miami used to be a good
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since he bolted south florida for northeast ohio, the cavs number 23 is winless on biscayne boulevard. can you say karma? last night was no different. miami dominated the team winning by 21. up bys much as 31 at one point. it was exactly what the heat needed after a loss to charlotte ononthursday. he knocked down four more. it was also a littlee bit of history at the aaa. dwyane wade a good 20,000 points for his career. there's only one difference between those guys and that record. >> for me,o coolhe coolest thing is i've been wearing this one jersey. i got all 20,000 of those in a miami uniform. you've got tohoot a lot of shots. guys have to do their job to allow you to shoot those shots,


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