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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to the world new details of the restored diplomatic nations. >> this is a new da this is nueva dia between our two countries. >> reporter: the president addressed the humum rights issues many in t t exiled community have been waiting to hear about. >> i made it clear that the united states will continue to speak up on behalf of democracy, including the right of the cuban people to decide their own future. we'll speak out on universal human rights. >> reporter: the president addressed the people of cuba and what his trip could mean to them. >> our growing engagement with cubas guided by one goal, advancing the mutual interests of our two countries. >> reporter: as you saw in those talks, they discussed several issues from diplomacy and democracy to the embargo and political prisoners. people in both countries listening intently to what happened today because it could change the course of history
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>> president obama did talk about the stark differences between the two countries. he talked about differences in democracy and human rights. but there's the other side. there's the poverty side of cuba that many people believe that president obama will not see while he is here. despite that, many people here still have a lot of hope. despite the protests by some in cuba, many cubans believe president obama brings hope. cubans like 72-year-old dora. >> translator: when i was born, the u.s. and cuba were one. >> reporter: she@ welcomed us into her neighborhood showing us just how difficult her life has been for her and her family in her small home where the walls are very narrow. her kitchen is small. she has no fridge, a sink with no faucet or running water, and a tiny stove. and the only running water is used for the bathroom and
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to clean, but she is still hopeful because she remembers the old cuba. >> translator: we are one government. everyone got along. i don't understand why this change. the united states and cuba are brothers. you're in the united states. we're in cuba. it's almost one country. >> reporter: even though many pele across cuba are very excited about president obama's visit, many of them believe in this neighborhood that the president will never see the other side of cuba. she says that's fine as long as things get better on the island. >> reporter: he come >> translator: he comes and there's this friendship between the u.s. and cuba. maybe things can change. not for me, but my kids and the grandchildren. i desire a change because we are very needy. they t tell us a special period doesn't let us advance. i'm an old la.
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i have mychildren, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren. not for me, but for them. i want this special period to end. i want to live like we lived before. >> reporter: driving through the cuban ghettos, you see just how difficult some have it here, but some would argue this is the real cuba that is often forgotten, so there is more hope that will change. >> translator: the cuba was like it was before. the u.s. and cuba were the same thing. >> reporter: now it's interesting. that neighborhood was named after an old hotel that was back there in the early 20s, but they had a difficult time saying timberland hotel, so they called it latimba. >> there are many neighborhoods like that one throughout cuba. going back to the cuban exile community in south florida,
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the normalization of relations between cuba and the united states. today, more protests in little havana. >> a lot of people still very upset about the president's visit. let's check in with steve litz. >> reporter: you're right. they were vocal aggn today. live tonight outside versailles restaurant here in little havana. soetimes debates break out here over what is best for cuba. the protesters did show up. it wasn't the biggest of groups. about 20 people mamamum. they were pretty loud though. the woman wearing the red t-shirt wasn't welcome at the rally in little havana today chased away`by a handful of screaming people. anti-castrond obama protesters used a steam roller to make their point, crushing pictures of obama. highly offended over his visit to cuba.
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accustomed to these protests. tourists apparently aren't. this woman is visiting from switzerland. >> i thought the cubans accepted it and like it that obama is coming over to cubaa to open the door. americans can go over there without any problem and the cubans to america. >> reporter: almost everybody here shares in their disdain for the castros and obama expectcept for this woman. >> obama is going to help to open cuba. then we have to help ourselves. >> > porter: while anti-castro rallies happen regularly outside of the versailles restaurant, today protesters stepped up their game. calling president obama a coward
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with president raul castro. nobody was hurt out here and no arrests were made. you can bet these protesters will be back outside this restaurant making their point even after president obama leaves cuba. so jackie and jawan, a spirited day here in little havana. let's send it back over to you guys in havana, cuba. a very awkward moment happening today at that joint press conference beten president obama and president raul castro. raul castro was asked about political prisoners. he asked the reporter to give him a list if political prisoners. >> he's not used to receiving questions from the international press. we go to laura rodriguez who spoke to a former political prisoner. >> reporter: raul castro wanted a list.
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one list from the cuban american national foundation. on this list 47 names and there are more political prisoners who are on other lists of course. we spokkto a former political prisoner who works here at the foundation. he calls castro's comments absur what political prisoner? tell me a name or the names, said castro in a visibly aaitated manner. he a awered an american journalist's questions about political prisoners and why he doesn't release them. when the meeting concludes, give me a list@with the names. if we have those political prisoners, they will be released before tonight ends. >> i think it is like a message to the world we will never admit anything or we'll never rececsider or we'll never say it with regret what we have done. >> reporter: when he was a
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2003 to 2010, he calls raul castro's response absurd. >> it's a joke. it's a very black humor joke to say there are no political prisoners in cuba. he works with the foundation for human rights in cuba. the organization is part of the cuban american national foundation which released a list of 47 political prisoners who received support from the foundation. >> i remember many occasions in which political prisoners have been released for important visitors. i guess this time is another occasion. it doesn't mean they will not continue incarcerating people. >> reporter: for more on this list by the cuban american national foundation, log onto
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back to you in havana, cuba. there you go. now there is a list. during the president's speech today, he touched upon a few topics that have been gone viral as you can imagine. one of those topics is the postponement of the rolling stones concert. >> a lot of people were looking forward to that big concert here in cuba. let's check in with julia bagg. >> the stones were supposed to rock their way into history yesterday, but their show ended up postponedor five days because of a certain someone's arrival in havana. that someone being president obama. now they're considering him their opening act. the band brought in 61 shipping containers with 500 tons of speakers, lights, and oer things for friday's show.
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banned by the communist government. they called it ideological deviation. another historical step will happen in june with nba legend shaquille o'neal. that's when he'll head to havana for a sports program focused on youth. a lot happening. thank you. >> another thing that president obama said in his speech, h gave a shout-out to a cardinal, the cardinal here in cuba. the church played a significant role in getting these two countries to the table. for more on that tonight coming up on the nbc 6 news at 11:00, i speak to some of the higher ups here in the catholic church in havana. >> great reporting. we also posted a list of the cuban political pridssoners we've
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news and weather app and our website. since then, it's become our number onelicked item. click on the list there on the right-hand side of the home page. we're following other news for you this evening. a case of road rage turns deadly leaving one man dead. tonight, we're hearing from a friend of that victim. today, a cool day in south florida. we're headed for the coldest night of the week. actually coldest night since february. details coming up.
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the death of a young college more breaking news out of havana and as well as the united states on the easing of the relationship between the u.s. and cuba. it has to do with carnival cruise line. >> carnival cruise line will be taking trips from the u.s. to cuba. their first ship will set sail on may 1st. an incident on the road leads to fights and a shooting outside of a ft. lauderdale house. one man is dead. this after a case of road rage deputies say could have been avoided. >> bobby brooks spoke to a friend of that victim. he joins us live from the broward sheriff's office. >> repoer: good evening, trina and keith. we're going to get to that friend in a second, but new tonight i'm hearing this shooter is not going to be charged in this, that this was an act of self-defense because tempers got out of control. this is a picture of 27-year-old don alvarez and his girlfriend,
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don was shot and killed yesterday in ft. lauderdale. this is the scene. bso deputies say it is a road rage incident gone wrong. today, we found out the soter will not be arrested. that it was alvarez's own actions that led to his death. >> he was actually the aggressor. >> reporter: cell phone video arrive around 6:00 last night. it all started when the shooter, a 28-year-old named jack belino, may have cut alvarez off accidentally. >> they were driving in opposite directions. the shooter may have swerved over into the other lane. >> reporter: according to a witness, alvarez didn't like that. the man who got shot went by the house and then threw it in reverse and went back. there was a fight right outside
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>> he lets them know i'm amed. he pulls out his gun. he instructs someone nearby to call 911. >> reporter: after being rushed to the hospital, alvarez was pronounced dead. >> he's a hard worker. he has a little girl. of don, his girlfriend, and their daughter all holding hands. law enforcement adds this family wouldn't be broken up if people just took a second to think. >> i i people can just take a moment and let cooler heads prevail, we wouldn't find ourselves in situations like this. >> reporter: back out live there. obviously some great advice there. the shooter, he also has a concealed weapons permit. part of the reason he's also not facing charges. nbc 6 news. a cold front moved through very early this morning.
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in the day, but the main feature of this monday was the much cooler temperature readings we had. as you can see right now, there's nothing on the live first alert doppler radar. now, let me show you this image along the coast of hollywood beach. this is the diplomat hollywood resort and spa cam. there's the risk of rip currents. rip currents begin tomorrow and continue for the next several days. here are your weather headlines now. first full day of spring today. and we'll have our coolest night since february for tonight. better enjoy it because heat and humidity will be back very quickly. no later than this weekekd. it is 63 in kendall at this hour. the dew point temperature reading below freezing right now in pompano beach.
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air down to 30 degrees fahrenheit in pompano beach to reach full saturation. it's a very dry evening despite these high clouds. the front is well off to our southeast. high pressure will control our weather for the next couple of days, but eventually we'll start to see humidity return as the wind becomes more southerly by the end of the week. that's goig to lead to not just humidity, but an increase in temperatures. today was a little bit on the cloudy side due to those high clouds streami through. but tomorrow, you'll see that despite some patchy clouds and even a couple showers offshore, we're expecting to see more sunshine as we head into the midday and afternoon. looking pretty sunny at 3:00 tomorrow. as we end the day, again it will be partly to mostly sunny across the area.
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a chilly start to the day. 74, six degrees below normal for this time of year. tomorrow the last day in which temperatures will be below normal. these are seasonal temperatures for this time of the year. above normal beginning thursday and really, really hot friday, saturday, and sunday with highs near 87. lots of humid air around. a chance of showers thursday through sunday in my forecast for south florida. the streets in downtown
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>> the event wasn't without a ultra music festival attendees bidding ingding farewell t t the annual concert. some saying what a fantastic time they had. a few bad incidents that happened during or after the festival hours are now casting a dark cloudver the ultra name. one of those incidents a death of a university of miami student who had to be rushed to the hospital from the music festival. >> despite two high-profile incients, the organizers hailing this year's show a success. >> reporter: one person died.
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crews are breaking down from the weekend still and organizers are doing a postmortem. reporter: ultra 2016 is in the books. everybody from organizers to fans to@ police say the weekend long music festival was a success. >ith any big event, you have to sit down and do a debrief and after action and look at what issues did you have, what can you improve on. >> reporter: this year set records for ultra. attendance soared to over 170,000 people. 67 arrests this weekend in total. >> i think that is part of the preparation and the logistical impact we had prior to the event. >> reporter: the number of fire rescue calls also down. no more than 70 each over the ree days. >> it is tremendous when you have 45,000 to 50,000 people
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>> reporter: there were a cupouple of major incidents, including the death of a university of miami incident. adam levine died after being taken to the hospital. his obituary says he died from complications from a seizure. this event sold out really early and aaain had record attendance. crowd management was the biggest concern for ultra. overall, security and police
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everything turned before we go, we're heading back tohavana, cuba, with jackie and jawan. >> hey, guys. >> hey, guys. we are live from the museum of the revolution where there is a lot of media out heree right now covering president obama's historic trip to cuba.
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the word around cuba is that the cardinal cardinal, ortega, will be stepping down soon. >> so many stories to be told here. we're going to have a lot more tonight at 11:00. we're going to continue our team coverage from havana, cuba. for jackie nespral, i'm jawan strader. more on "nightly" with lester hot. >> we say good night and we'll see you tonight at 11:00 on nbc 6. breaking news tonight. history in cuba. the american and cube ne president side by side. an angry raul castro challenged over human rights raising president obama's arm in an awkward embrace.
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republans as hillary clinton and elizabeth warren go on the attack agast him. airport bust. 60 pounds of cocaine found hidden in carry-ones after a woman ran from screeners. you won't believe who investigators are looking for. hitting back. serena williams leading the charge against a powerful tennis executive who said women players should get on their knees and thank the men. and getting money. even with bad credit or debt piling up, how people are getting the loans they need at rates they can actually afford. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" withthester holt reporting tonight from havana. good evening. it has been a day rich in historic symbolism, brass tac diplomacy and a silver anniversary of raising
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mistrust will be tough. president obama met face-to-face on cuban soil with 48-year-oldd president raug castro. the first meeting on cuban soil since diplomatic ties were re-established. afterwards they emerd for what turned out to be a tense give and take with the press, ending with this awkward clasping of the hands showing this relationship is still very much a work in progress. our andrea mitchellll was among the few called on at the press conference and joins me now. it was uncomftable to watch this. >> reporter: it's uncomfortable and it's clear raul castros does not do press conferences. that's was part of it. the two leadede agreed to disagree on the u.s. and cuba, chiefly the u u. trade embargo which president obama would like to end and cuba's treatmentf dissidents, testing the boundaries of a new relationship. it was a day of historic firsts. the handshake on cuban soil. the cuban military band playing "the star


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