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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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cameras could be good evening, i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. the jobs of four workers at a facility where two teens escaped could be on the line right now. and they have been suspended while investigators try to figure out what happened and where the teens are. and aaron mesmer is here in the studio. let's start with the teens. any idea where they are? >> reporter: we asked a family member he doesn't know where they are. they escaped through a hole in a fence. investigators will not say if there are leads but something went very wrong here. >> more than 48 hours on the run and still no sign of anthony cook and anthony bays. meantime four workers at the
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three youth care workers and supervisor. this adds a new wringle. on sunday they escaped from the facility. this were there on grand theft auto charges. the department of juvenile justice said law enforcement was immediately contacted but it was not until 10:12. an hour later that the hillsborough sheriff's office received a call. the djj said it's not sure why there was a lapse and correct directed questions to the youth service as company that runs security at the facility. and a spokesperson said in a statement our initial investigation raises questions whether the proper procedures were followed. four members have been suspended. rare they can then when working with at lake youth. we work quickly to ensure any changes a implemented to prevent a recurrence. >> the deputies say the hour
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escaped and when the investigators were notified every minute counts. a review is i don't ongoing. the company and juvenile justice is working0en a plan to correct any mistakes that were made. >> let's hope so. >> thank you. developing right now the florida supreme court has delayed the execution of a contempted inmate. he argued that his execution should be put on hold after the ruling earlier by the u.s. supreme court; january. the death penalty procedures are unconstitutional. this paves the way for 390 people on death row to make the same argument and throws it into unconcernsy. we'll talk about the isn't in a moment. sex is not worth losing your life over a defendant texted days before he beat his ex-girlfriend to death. that's what the jury heard. and fog going was in the
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tell us what happened. >> reporter: kelly the jury heard a lot of evidence, including the defendant and the victim's sex life. now during the opening statements prosecutors say the defendant and the victim were swingers and they met people through a swingers web site. they invited another man into the bedroom. at one point she had sex with him without including field. that made him jealous. she wanted to break things off and that's when it was have the. , she was alive when she was beaten about the head with that block. and she was alive while she was choked. the murderer, whether he choked
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head first committed one type of assault on christina. broke that assault off at some point and then decided i need to go back and finish her off. >> but the defense said that fields had nothing to do with it. he found her body and he immediately called 911. he cooperated fully with the police. the defense said her risky sex life may have put her in danger. >> she was pursuing the relationship she continued to pursue her other sexual encounters. sometimes with strangers. >> some of the couples involved in the parties are expected to take the stand tomorrow. the trial will last a week. we will be there to cover it all. kelly back to you. >> and a man is charged tonight
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in a maserati. he was found passed out at 1:30 in the afternoon. he was involved in a hit and run crash where he rear ended somebody and drove off. they say that he crashed into the macdill air force base gate earlier in the day. they hope to spread the word about immigrants who are trafficking victims can get help. authorities held a training session for law enforcement and a number of community groups. human traffickers are argumenting immigrants promising them is a better life. they try to scare the foreign systems by threatening them. this should not stop them. there are programs that can help them stay in the country and providing valuable information to law enforcement. >> with what all of us working together. victims wild have a path to res tensy and move fjord with their lives. >> andthere is nor information on
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site that's we have a link on and new at 6:00 now coming to all 8 of clearwater's fire stations cameras inside and outside it is a big step ardorred after three cases of sexual -- seem all misconduct. cameras were recommended regards the first case came up. two more reinforced the recommendation. >> themen an gallings in the station 51 were shocking. a lieutenant the day to day supervisors of other firefighters took sell phone video of a liasion with a non-employee female in a fire house bathroom. that was 2012. and investigators recommended installing outside cameras to monitor comings and goings. and the city manager decided. >> appreciated the recommendation.
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two more faces in the fire house behaviors and the latest in station 49 where, again a lieutenant and female subordinate are under investigation for a questionable relationship. there are text message nos explanation of the beef cake photo of him. this time the recommendation is for cameras inside and outside fire houses. >> clearly outside cameras are something that we do have to support and implement. >> inside is trick er. fire stations have shower rooms, bedrooms. maybe none there. >> in the common areas. like hallways and they have orders to work out the details. >> there has to be accountability associated with who controls them. and what do we do with the video that is produced. >> all those details.
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and the fire chiefs who have orders to drop by and checking up on the lieutenants. in clearwater, steve nichols. >> the president of the union tells fox 13 they want outside cameras in part to protect their vehicles. the union is studying the idea inside. >> we have a us in alert on the scene of an accident with a mo ped and st. pete beach. they are not releasing information but we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more information as we get it. avoid the area for the time being. and in polk county tonight, hope is fading for hope now. the non-profit that provides residents treatment for drug abuse may have to shut down. leaders voted to pull the finding. why and what what happens to the
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>> they are caught in the middle of this that's a great question we don't know what will happen. the commissioners voted to eliminate funding because of concerns over how the money was spent and misspent. here is the background. polk county started giving hope now about a mimon an hullly to provide services to residents battling substance abuse. september complaints of mismanagement surfaced. the inspector general started an investigation and last week released a scathing report and keeping. conflicts of interest by board members. violating the contract can the tnt and spending by the executive director who was fired three weeks ago. based on that. the commission decided to review its contract and they heard from
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>> they taught me how to live and achieve goals and be enduringed not feel like a natural or a criminal or a drug addict. >> i spent three days reading it. i'm not comfortable with moving and the organization and the state they're in. >> so the commissioners voted 4-1 to void the contract which guts the program because the contract accounts for about 85% of funding. that's another flaw that the inspector general found, it had done no fundraising on its own as it promised to do in the contract contract with the county. what happens to the men and women who are going through rehab? >> it will work to transition them to another agency. that will make sure they get the money they need. >> thank you very much, chris. next, wire tell you about
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lightning was talking to students today about jobs. that's going to be interesting what he said. a beautiful warm day. once we got through the fog. a warm day. 80s forsome tomorrow.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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he's one of the biggest names in bay area business. ment he is one of biggest names in tampa business. he made a pitch to the school system and a number of students. he and 40 businesses joined forces for a job fair and trade show for kids interested in skilled careers. he said with the redevelopment there is a great demand for professionals. a 700 students invited for the field trip have shown an interest. it show ways a wealth of opportunitys post graduation. , >> they have the skill set. us what we know there will be
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and other parts of the region, we want to make sure our kids are aware of those opportunities. >> the mayor said $2.5 billion city of tampa. that's a boom. >> it is great they spend the time and the mayor to talk to the kids. >> a lot going on downtown. we're seeing that if there is building. let's find out more a little up and down this week. >> we're on the temperature roller coaster. they move in and move out. the models can not keep up. 5, 7, 9 days out and picking up on the system. yesterday we talked about rain for sunday. it has shifted more towards
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we'll what the thatch one. and the camera shows the fog. really heavy dense fog across the area. a lot of sea fog. >> it felt more like fall than middle of the winter. and the second day of february. by the way that sea fog set up. water temperatures now in the upper 50s. >> that's over the waters. , you can see that and clearwater beach camera. it will expand to the coast now as we head through the overnight hours. no dense fog advisories. that may change though as we head into the overnight period. the fog forecast shows it off shore. expanding a little bit closer to the shoreline.
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flow going that could bring that to the coastal areas. it may retreat before heading back in before thursday morning. thursday afternoon the front is working through we get rid of any fog. the almanac and 64 is the low. above average shy of that record of 84. the current temperature. dew point of 66 relative humidity of 71%. winds out of the southwest. barometer other temperatures and wesley chapel. 81 in brookingsville. 74 in sarasota and 73 in venice. and mid-to-upper 70s and most of the state and across the
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some winter warmth out there. across the southeast. the cold air is locked in back to the west and the north. look at this 65 in dallas. 74 in houston. that's fueling storms. there are reports of tornadoes on the ground across portions of alabama. for us not a lot happening. can you see the sea fog back to the west. the weather three active watches now. several active warnings already six reports of tornadoes on the ground from this afternoon. and it will be eventful. and across portions of the southeast. on the north side of the system piling on the snow as we head through the rest of the evening hours. as far as our forecast goes. let's get back to that.
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we're farther away from the energy. i don't see a big threat more likely a heavy rain threat out there thursday and thursday afternoon. that pushes by. we are cooler. it does not quite clear the area. we'll watch it developing say saturday, saturday afternoon that could bring us wet weather. it is wet out there the afternoon. not bad in the low 70s. look out for the storms and the rain. tonight 69. mild and muggy. and warm 79. a shower possible. the closer to the coast you get. 73 on thursday. down to 63 on friday. back up to 70 on saturday.
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showers over sunday morning and cooler to start next week. chip? >> all right, buddy. ready for hockey season. lightning and red wings tomorrow at amalie arena. lying are back to work not only for the first game of the break but the first push to the playoffs.
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the all right tomorrow night the lightning start the season again this time it is a national game. rivalry night. the red wings and lightning game. the bolts are tied for second in the division it is a game out of the gate that needs to get their attention. and jon cooper's team is rested and ready to go. >> with fresh legs they are ready for the ice ed it did not take long to notice a difference. >> year were joking on the ice after the first two drills we look sod good i wanted to end practice there. fresh legs, fresh minds. >> it is only 4, 5 days off but much needed. >> the top two are not feeling
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but they have a good excuse. >> and we have been to the all star before was it different? >> i had fun good to go and experience it. >> we were able to have some fun and the game was good, good time. >> when the calendar flips to february it's an alert to amp up their game. they not a jump start on the post season push they want to continue that climb. >> compete every night. some nights you play better than others. , we have talked about that. and it was to compete level.
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are and we can play and be dynamic. we figured that out. >> the effort will be tested quickly. they hoped at home on wednesday against the red wings who they are currently tied with for second place in the their division. >> in brandon, kevin o'donnell. fox 17 sport -- fox 13 sports. >> and claiming that title which is absurd. i mean vegas has the favorites. players they line up and into the pro bowl. computer simulation games like madden super bowl pick them as the winner. they are getting a lot of respect but not denier t is hard to find anyone picking the broncos. >> as i coach if i have to mention every article or everything that is written every day i don't have to go there. they're smart. they had had it for a long time. i would say, we have been in the situation before throughout the
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we have great respect for their football team and what they are capable of doing and how they got here but we have confidence in your team, too. >> yes so i'm -- i mean carolina they are not the underdog. drop that title. we'll see what happens. >> it will be a good game. speaking of good games congrats. academy of the holy name they are in the state championship for soccer for the first time in school history. they're playing right now and we need to find out what the score is but we're so proud of them. the ga imis in melbourne. it has been incredible for the team. they have done so well. and we're just proud making it to the state championship. >> that's a lot getting there. >> just getting there. and so, they're very proud. >> fingered crossed. >> follow that up. here at 6:30 a crazy and i mean crazy night in iowa.
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a razor-thin margin that. the case against bill cosby that was dropped today. >> i get asked this around this time of year every single year s the super bowl the best time to buy one of these? >> the answer is yes, no, maybe, it depends. the answer is not that quickly.
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in 1934, the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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good blesses great state of iowa. and ted cruz defies the polls and comes out on top at the iowa talkouss. thats with one of one of the surprises coming out. the race did not have a winner until this afternoon. and hillary clinton won by .2 of a percent. and sanders campaign said they're not ready to concede some contests may have been decided about acoin toss. and hillary clinton won six back
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so they're looking into that. on the republican side cruise and titan 24 and marco rubio in third. as john roberts reports the candidates are focusing on the next battle. that's new new hampshire. >> the winner of the iowa caucuses ted cruz is wasting no time. >> what a victory last night. >> reporter: pushing past donald trump, he hopes to build err build on the momentum, you treat politics weekd we treat football in six. you understand there are millions of americans who are underring on you to wet the candidates. >> mike huckabee dropped out, chris christie are not really to call it quit. >> i want to be your top one ; iowa he did not make it.
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s number three went to marco rubio who earlier today received a key endorsement from south carolina senator tim scott. >> i put my confidence and trust in marco rubio. >> on the democratic side. a winner has been declared. at first too close to call. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders in what is called the closest caucus in history. >> i'm so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! >> now in the around the world again. >> clinton faces a more daunting task here where bernie sanders leads her in the hols by trouble tickets -- digits. and the mayor is heading to new hampshire on his own dime this weekend. to help campaign for hillary clinton. eufpblgt right now at 6:30 a person in texas is the first to
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the us they got it through sexual contact. the patient was affected after having sem with a sick person where zika is present t is spread through mosquitos. after the spread of the vie louse they are coming up with a vaccine. as we report, that's a process that could take years. >> the spread of the virus prompting the world health argues to on to make a vaccine t and they are acknowledging the process could take years. >> if we were lucky and found a vulnerable part of the virus to get a vaccine in. the procedures would take, i think years not months. >> fall companies and institutions here are rushing to
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>> it's our home we can develop it for existing diseases like zika and that would be prepared for the next disease on the horizon. and officials say 4 million could turn up in the americas in the next year. it is spread and causes no more than mild illness. >> and talking about women living in southern america. in africa and asia being at risk if it moves from south america back to africa and asia. >> the health officials say there are vaccines in stages of development for viruses in the same family. that may create something similar to fight this virus.
6:32 pm
on the vaccine made it first dengua. build cosby is accused of drugging and raping in woman in 2004. >> he said they had sex but it was consentual. there was an agreement with the former strict attorney not to prosecute him. the current d a a said there is no evidence an agreement ever exited now it's up to the judge to decide what to do. >> at the same time a model drops her lawsuit against cosby. she atuesdayed him of abusing her. she was 17 at the time. lawyer lawyers kennedways in la at that i'm -- sim. congress weighs in on the decision to open up a units to women. the issue debated at a hearing today before the armed services committee. as it is now reported no
6:33 pm
make way for women. >> the defense secretary announced in december the military would open all of its combat rolls to women. it was a historic change greeted with skepticism by lawmakers on captiol hill. the senate now asking hard questions about how the rules will be implemented and if standards will be accommodated to help the troops. >> if they are operationally available. job related then gender ought to be irrelevant. >> a question whether they should register for selective service. the programmed that's used to determine who is eldeductible for the draft. women are exempt by by law. >> asking them to register as we ask men to register would open up more recruits. >> i'm concerned that the department a going about things backwards. >> this significance was made
6:34 pm
imimplications. >> but the officials say they believe that the women how old have to register. the chief is standing by the plan to hope all military roles security. >> it is my dude to make sure they are ready to defend the great position and to do so we need qualified men and women. >> the army said it will take three years before women are independent greated into the units. >> to let women compete that opens up the final 10% to woman that's 220,000 jobs. and it allows them to serve in camdening jobs a ed special operations forces. delta and the seals.
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this is andres avalos. he's accused of a triple murder in manatee county. p this is a man accused of triple murder. they are seeking the death pen penalty but they asked the judge to take that off the table because of a u.s. supreme court decision. that rule that the process was unconstitutional. just today the state supreme supreme court issued a stay for the
6:38 pm
was set to die. what did the court decide. and they said that in america the government must charge with you the crime and the punishment must be decided by a jury of. florida had a unique where the jury did not make that decision it was there to make a recommendations that they should or did not. >> and so the security is said that that process is unconstitutional. what do we do about the cases that are in the system from now forward because right now we don't have a system in florida. there is no death penalty
6:39 pm
what about the cases there on death row and sentenced under a procedure that is unconstitutional, they have to figure that out. and the judge did not make a decision another judge said he will not allow prosecutors to seek it because there is no death penalty in florida. he is correct? >> that judge is judge andrews in pinellas county. he is correct. i applaud him for saying there is no death penalty in florida right now it is declared unconstitutional. there is a statute in florida that says if the statute is declared unconstitutional the sentence is life. the judge is correct. i talked to my colleges who believe that the judge is correct. the question is whether other judges will follow suit add say the same thing which is, listen. there is no death penalty f someone wants to walk in and
6:40 pm
i'll do it. the state supreme court is trying to decide if the ruling it let retroactive f it is. what happens then? >> so the florida legislature is looking to see how to fix the viewings from now going forward. what is the new law they're going to create that will take effect in florida. there is a big question mark as to what do do you with the pending cases there is no statute forethe penalty. what is it that the legislature will come up with for the death penalty in the future. are they going to follow the guidance that says that the decision must be made bay jury and proven beyond all reasonable doubt. are they going to follow what most states have done which is to say that decision must be unanimous. now, there is an argument in the state of florida that although they agreed the jury should make the decision and proven beyond a
6:41 pm
there are some saying it does not need to be unious. we'll have some litigation. >> when could this be fixed, for the cases of people on death row from a statute that's unconstitutional you think that could be quick and say they are all life sentences. that's going to take time. that's the decision that the florida supreme court is looking at right now so that may take time to figure that out. the legislature. how long will it take for the new law for florida. they say they are working on it. there is an argument whether or not florida will have a system with a it must be unanimous. that's the question, how how long will it take to come up with the new system.
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>> interesting to stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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3 sleep is something everyone seems to sleep is something that everyone is chasing in the world where electronics are taking over. we'll tell why you 30% of the population have symptoms of insomnia and how we can help ourselves overcome the disorders.
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news. >> stocks take a tumble. the dow down is 300 dropped from the falling oil prices. the nasdaq is down. s&p down 36 a rough day. if are you not a fan, the super bowl is a great excuse to up grade your tv and perhaps pay the lowest price of the year f that's the case. we ask our numb cruncher to check it out. should we buy it now. we bought these are couple of months ago. we're shooting ourselves in the foot here, we have the super bowl this time of year and the door buster deals and other times of the year so when do you score the touchdown as far as the prices are concerned. i wish i had a better answer for you. we spent time today doing research you know what i could not come up with an answer, we scoured the sources that we used all the consumer experts, right
6:45 pm
start with the people there say january, february. and the theory address a good time to buy some tvs. but real simple said no, wait until march after that hype subsides and there may be clearance items. but then popular mechanic said wait until the demand subsides in july. okay. fine. you know what. consumer reports that's where i wanted to see the deal. they said january, march, november and december. so, that does not help us at all. you will gets the chris chmura version. the best time to get a tv is when are you ready. >> when you need it. i say are you after you have done three things. researched the models to make sure you are getting the set that fits our home. you have comparison shopping to make sure you get the right
6:46 pm
when you have saved the money. for us a couple hundred. thousand. that's more than a couple of days on the job. it's an investment. >> the technology market and the 4 k thing has people freaked out. nobody is doing that yet. what about the idea i know some people do it. buying one for the super bowl and returning it. it has been done. >> and. >> that is a thing though i will warn you if you think that's a good idea the retailers have gotten smart. there is a restocking fee. you figure if you borrow that tv and costs about $2000 at 15%. you will pay a 300-dollar rental fee, could you have taken that outdoors. deal with it the way it is and save the pennies. we don't like debt.
6:47 pm
so you don't put it on a card. research it. this is the best time to do it. but that's a individual decision. >> great information, thank you, chris. let's go to mike now to find out about what the weather is looking like. it will be busy for you. >> maybe a good time to have the tv as well. if you are stuck inside. >> this is the bay shore view. and it was a foggy start to the day. plenty of sunshine. all in all a really nice looking day. especially if you like the warmer weather. we had plenty of it. 82 in in fact the toasty high at the airport. not a record. still that's warmth for february.
6:48 pm
highs and 82346 brandon and 84 in arcadia. 81. the weather headlines not as widespread for the commute. more sea fog and expanding closer to land as well. the front arising. i don't see the severe threat like to the southeast. some areas 2 inches. and a storm the potential for rain on sunday. it's sped up a bit. looking like saturday afternoon for the rain to arrive. 76. and relative humidity at 71%. winds out of the south-southwest. most areas still in the mid-to-upper 70s. 79 now in wesley chapel and brandon and wauchula.
6:49 pm
incredible as we head to 7 on february 2nd that we have 80s. 81 in st. pete. the dupes it is humid throughout the overnight hours. mild and muggy. mild and muggy through the tay as well. satellite and radar not much happening over the state but we expand the view. this is where we're seeing the weather. three active watches. several reports through the afternoon of large tornadoes on the ground. as it works east ward, it takes the energy about it. by the time we get the front threw it is more of a heavier
6:50 pm
at a weather threat, the fog is developing and sea fog expanding to the coast line. as we head to the morning hours and into the day tomorrow. notice by 6 p.m. the future cast not showing much but there could be showers lining up. by thursday we should sigh showers work in. the heaviest of the rain looks to hold off until thursday morning. into the afternoon. take a look at the state care forecast. 69 by 1 p.m., overall mild out there. with the threat not going to be the best of days. 69 for tonight. areas of fog for the day it will be warm and muggy. the couple of showers popping up to the north later in the day. the 7-day forecast.
6:51 pm
the roller coaster ride. 63 on friday. a breezy day. s system next one on saturday
6:52 pm
breezy and coming up tonight at eleven... tonight at 11 a father-daughter shopping day took a turn for the worst. the crime he committed in front of his daughter that has police looking for him. grant money denied. jay mond james missed a deadline to get up grades. what it means for a renovation. and chris, thank you. ed cading curious minds. and the booker creek preserve program is connecting preschoolers to the wonders of nature. that's what is right with tampa bay. and today, boys and girls.
6:53 pm
gets its say. and jacky teach as class to preschooler called book time at brooker creek preserve. >> they get into it. ive read the story to them. they look they want to point to the pictures of the animals. >> a week maybe. >> parents believing the stories help the children better understand the world around them. >> we learn about what is the environment around them and how they protect it. i think they kind of have that connection they love to come here. >> vicy anderson loves bringing her granddaughters to the class. i enjoy coming. >> five deer we saw on the way here. a couple ran across us. you never know what you will see. >> people love grounding toos0 or the environment each week.
6:54 pm
a good place for adults and children to learn about nature. >> and that is good. the program is starts it is free. it starts 10:30 a.m. every thursday. >> and it is great they are into it. they want more,.
6:55 pm
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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