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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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end this. harvey: i do the n't don't. i just want to see where it goes. >> you guys enjoy. thank you very much. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 ((jen developing this morning: severe weather batters the south. including a tornado... that just tore though an alabama town. 3 ((vanessa plus: new developments with the *zika virus.. two more cases in hillsborough county.. and reports of it being sexually transmitted. 3 ((jen and: "swim at your own risk" takes on a whole new meaning, at one florida beach. why people didn't need a sign... to scare them away. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm jennifer epstein. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for walter allen. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at the forecast with dave... including that severe weather in alabama...
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3 3 and take a look at this wild video take from aliceville, alabama. a strong tornado was spotted sweeping across the western part of the state... last night, causing damage to homes homes were damaged, and a double-wide mobile home torn reported at the federal prison there, too, but the full lextent is still not known. even the county emergency management building was damaged... and several cars in the parking lot, destroyed. our fox crew in alabama caught up with 3 and here's a closer look at that storm damage... this time from mcmullen, alabama... just north of alicevlle. we're hearing the trail of damage... could be more than a *mile long. officials will begin *formally assessing the damages, at daybreak. but thankfully... no deaths or serious injuries reported right now... just minor injuries. our fox crew in alabama caught up with one of the tornado he
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3 3 3 3 new this morning: a tampa woman has filed a lawsuit... *against the city of tampa and a tampa police officer. u-t student caroline (ta-desh-ee)tedeschi claims the officer unlawfully arrested her last year and used excessive force. the lawsuit claims the arrest happened on january 25th of 20- 15 when tadeschi and a female friend started walking from the vintage apartments on rome avenue. the women saw an unmarked car slowly following them. fearing for their safety, the women say they hid behind some bushes. they say the officer got out of his car... *not wearing a uniform... and *not identifying himself. when they tried to run, tadeschi says the officer grabbed her, pulled her hair, and *slammed her to the ground. she was charged with resisting arrested, but the charges were later dropped. 3 also new this morning: the pasco county sheriffs office is investigating a
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three men arrived at an area hospital with gunshot wounds around ten thirty last night. deputies say two of them appeared to be in critical condition, while the third man wasn't as serious. it is still not clear *where the shooting happened, or *who pulled the trigger. investigators believe the shooting may be related to gang and drug activity. 3 3 jen today in tampa: the trial continues for a man accused of *killing his ex- girlfriend. and one of the biggest pieces of evidence, could be a text message. 3 prosecutors say "michael fields" sent a text to his ex just days before her death, that read: "sex is not worth losing your life over". that was presented to the jury tuesday... during opening statements. prosecutors say fields and the victim, christina mahz-a-mani were swingers. but proesecutors say fields got jealous, whe mahzamani started seeing another man. they claim christina wanted to break up... and that's when he
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3 the defense claims fields death. they even turned the tables on the victim... suggesting her quote "risky" danger. 3 an update now on the "zika virus" outbreak. more cases have been confirmed in florida. in the past week.. there have been six new cases reported ... and two of those in hillsborough county. these are all travel-related... from people who were in a country known to have the virus. that brings the total number of cases in florida up to nine 3 the good news: none of those cases involve pregnant women. the mosquito-borne virus has been known to cause birth defects... especially in brazil. on tuesday... the first case of someone being infected *inside the u-s was discovered in texas.. and this person was *not bitten by a mosquito. they had sex with someone who had traveled
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contracted the virus there. fox 13's doctor jo... says it really wasn't a big surprise: 3 3 pregnant women are being advised not to travel to latin american countries where there is an outbreak of the zika virus. there is no vaccine.. and researchers are scrambling to make one. but it's probably still years away. 3 3 ((jen)) today in tallahassee: the florida house is expeced to vote on a series of bills, that would give gun owners more freedom. including one controversial one... that would let people with concealed weapons permits... carry guns on college campuses. 3 the bill is opposed by many faculty members, university and college presidents. the house is prepared for a final vote ... but the senate version has
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likely *not come up for a vote this session. the house is also set to vote on a separate measure ... which would allow people with concealed weapons licenses to carry their sidearms *without concealing them. 3 also on today's agenda ... a house bill that would let florida lawmakers carry guns on the chamber floors. under the proposed legislation, lawmakers would have to conceal their weapons .. if passed, the bill would still need senate approval. 3 3 (vanessa/ we've now reached day four, in the search for two teenagers... who escaped a juvenile detention facility in hillsborough county. still no sign of 18-year-old anthony bays...and 17-year-old anthony cook. detectives say they got through a hole in a chainlink fence at the falkenburg academy on sunday. three youth care workers and a supervisor are now facing disciplinary action. the department of juvenile justice is investigating why it took the workers about an *hour to call the sheriffs office. 3 and an update on a dog *stolen from a family in lakeland. we are happy to
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is finally back home safe. the little pup was stolen from their home last week. deputies say three men took the dog, along with food and electronics. the owner says someone returned him tuesday. his fur was a bit matted down, but the vet says he is healthy and fine. the men who stole the dog have not been found. 3 3 with the weather warming back up... a lot of floridians have been hitting the beach this week. include one very *scary swimmer, in south florida. 3 a 12 foot crocodile -- appearing at a housing complex in cape coral tuesday afternoon. folks who live there say the gator was just lounging on a their beach ... catching some rays. thankfully no *humans decided to swim that day. wildlife
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3 wildlife officials didn't take the crocodile away. it was reportedly *tagged before it was found on the authorities had contact with it in the past. across america: a big payout, for the people of flint, michigan. coming up next... the governor puts a pricetag... on all those water worries. 3 and: it might be warming back up here in florida... but the rest of the country, won't be getting out their flip-flops anytime soon. we'll have a look the winter blast... out west.
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3 making headlines across america: a new plan to help the water crisis in michigan. the governor of michigan is about to propose a huge payment... for all those affected homeowners and businesses. 3 later today, governor rick snyder will propose that the state pay people of flint about 30 *million dollars. it would help cover their water bills. the governor will first run the plan by flint officials later today. he will outline it for state lawmakers next week. flint residents have been forced to pay their water bills for the past year... even though the water has been contaminated with lead. it happened after the state switched water sources to save money. 3 today in philadelphia: bill cosby and his laywers are expected back in court. they're trying to throw out a criminal proceeding. a former district attorney who declined to arrest cosby a decade ago, testifed tuesday that he basically granted cosby a lifetime immunity from prosecution. but the *new district attorney insists there is no record of any such
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is expected to decide whether to throw out the case. cosby is charged with drugging and assaulting a former female employee from temple university... at his home back in 2004. 3 in minnesota... the state department of transportation is warning people to *avoid travelling today in the southwestern part of the state. there have been blizzard conditions all night, and near *zero visiblity. dozens of roads have been closed... even the interstate. as of last night, more than ten inches of snow had already piled up. of course this is part of that same storm system that brought including that tornado in
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3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3
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3 3 still ahead: decision day... for dozens of high school athletes. why it could make or break... their future in football. 3 the ice, for the bolts. why the team...and the fans... have reason to be excited, for the second half of the season.
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3 in sports this morning: the all-star break is officially over today, for the tampa bay lightning. they're hosting the detroit red wings tonight... in a big division battle. both teams are tied for second place. and as fox 13's kevin o'donnell shows us, jon cooper's team is eager to start that second half of the season, and *secure a playoff spot: 3
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3 now to nascar... where legendary driver "tony stewart" is in the hospital. he was riding around in a sand buggy over the weekend, when it flipped over. he reps will only say he has a back injury... and no word on how long he will need to recover. this is going to be stewart's last nascar season... and it kicks off with the daytona 500 in less than three weeks. if he misses daytona, nascar would have to give him an injury waiver, which is what they did last year, when kyle busch broke his leg and foot. and that worked out pretty well for busch. he ripped off a bunch of wins, including the cup championship.
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and... a big day for college football. this is national signing day. that's when most of the big high school recruits formally pick their colleges. for some, it's just a formality, but other kids... say they're *really waiting until the last minute. and tampa bay has two high rated recruits. including tampa catholic wide reciever "nate craig-myers"... who will decide between north carolina and auburn. there's also plant city high wide receiver "t-j chase." he's expected to sign with clemson. the selections begin... around seven this morning. and expect to hear "florida state" a lot. f-s-u is expected to have one of the nation's *best recruiting classes. 3 when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. 3 plus: going online.. in the afterlife? why more and more people are looking to the *web... when filling out that will. good day is
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3 3 3 ((dave)) 3
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3 3 it's a sign of the times. something more and more people are asking... when planning their will. ?who's in charge of my *facebook page when i pass? that's actually the subject of a bill making its way through the florida legislature. and so far, it's getting a great deal of support. fox 13's haley hinds explains how this affects almost everyone who uses a computer. 3
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single post increases our digital assets. they have no cash value. but, when we die, who gets them?that is very 20-16 kind of topic. i feel like it would just go away. () i've never really given much thought to it. the florida state legislature is. there's a bill making senate that would allow floridians to designate an caretaker for social media, care accounts.for some people, i would want them to have my to have my facebook. i think i would just prefer that deleted completely, not be carried on after a similar because internet service force them violate privacy agreements with customers. the updated version now requires account owners to sign a document making it clear, who has control of their passwords."my digital assets shall be distributed as designated in a separate writing on this will" attorney joseph pippen saw the need years ago... so he updated the wording of his will and estate planning documents.we put language in passwords to be used by the personal representatives. moving along... so that a password will be one less worry, in an already difficult situation. i've had a number of people who died who did all of their banking online and nobody knows their password to their computer much less their accountsso it's very important
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3 sites like facebook already have the option to choose a legacy contact... someone who can oversee your profile, without being able to post as you or access your messages. this bill would give custodians full control. on tuesday, the bill passed unanimously in the state senate. a companion bill is now on its way through the state house. 3 someone dumped a box of puppies on the side of the road.. and those puppies have a long road ahead of them.. fox 13's shayla reaves is *live at the humane society today, with that story: 3 3 3
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