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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 developing this morning: one family's fight... against the florida state fair. it comes two years to the *day... after their son's death. they've already filed a *lawsuit... and today... they're planning a protest. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from the fairgrounds, with more: 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 making headlines across florida: letters will be
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of central florida today. u-c-f says about 63 *thousand social security numbers were stolen, along with the names of current and former students and employees. the school first discovered the hack last month, but just announced it to the public this week. the fbi is now investigating the case. the f-b-i is also warning *other schools across the country... to be on alert for similar attacks. 3 3 a woman in seminole county is going through one *costly breakup. a judge just ordered her to pay her ex-boyfriend... almost three hundred *thousand dollars. and it's all because of a scratch-off ticket. 3 lynn poirier won a million dollars off that scratch off back in 2007. she was living with her boyfriend at the time -- howard browning. *he says he paid for the ticket, and they agreed to share the prize. but poirier had a different story. she claims they had previously broken up... and just ran into each other at the store. she also said *she paid for the ticket. the jury believed the ex-boyfriend's version. so the judge awarded him 291-
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3 although browning was awarded the money, the question now is... whether poirier has any of that lottery money left. 3 3 the "great american race" will be roaring again in daytona beach... later this month. but one famous nascar driver is now *officially out, of the "daytona 500." 3 tony stewart just had surgery on his back wednesday, following an a-t-v crash in california. and we're now getting more details on that injury. he actually suffered a "burst fracture"... meaning he shattered one of his vertabrae. it's still not clear *when stewart will return to the track. he turns 45 in may, and plans to retire from the nascar circuit, at the end of the year. 3 and check out this video.
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county have quite the fish 3 tale... after spotting what appears to be a great white shark! they were fishing off the coast of ponce inlet when the shark swam right by their boat. those familiar with the area say they've seen sharks in the inlet before... but never anything quite this big. thankfully, nobody got hurt. 3 3
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3 3 3 ?are your tax troubles over? well... the *filing part at least. an update on the i-r-s network glitch, after the break. 3 plus... mister sea-lion... party of one? the *wild discovery for some restaurant workers out west. 3 3
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3 in the headlines this
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thousands of u-s taxpayers. the i-r-s says it is started processing returns again... last night. 3 electronic filing came to a halt on wednesday night after some type of hardware failure shut down the i-r-s's computer system. several features on the website were not working, including the one that tracks refunds. about ten percent of filers were warned that their refunds could be delayed. but everyone is up and running today. and filers who got a specific date for their refund... should not be affected. the agency is still trying to figure out what caused the glitch. 3 a legend in the world of extreme sports... has passed away. b-m-x biker "dave mirra" committed suicide on thursday. t-m-z sports says the 41-year old's body was found in his truck in greenville, north carolina with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. mirra won two *dozen x-games medals in his career... and more than half of them were gold. he later started his own bmx bike company, hosted several m-t-v
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legendary skateboarder tony hawk tweeted late last night... "a true pioneer, icon, and legend... thanks for the memories, we are heartbroken." 3 another famous death on thursday... maurice white... one of the co-founders of "earth, wind and fire." the group produced hit after hit in the 70s and eighties... including "september" -- "boogie wonderland" -- "shining star" and so many, many more. they've sold more than 90 million alubms. the band in 1995, after he started suffering from parkinsons. but the band is *still touring today. 3 and the band posted this tribute to white on twitter last night. a photo of him walking by the pyramids in egypt with the caption... "our brother maurice white has sleep. the light is he...
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maurice white was 74 years old. 3 and... in some happier news... could be the *video of the day. apparently this sea lion was pretty hungry in san diego. he grabbed a chair, at a local seafood restaurant! workers at the "marine room" had to call seaworld to help relocate their cute little customer. they think the sealion pup was 3 there overnight. 3 ((walter/jen)) 3
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3 3 3 some all-star advice ... for this super bowl weekend. don't drink and drive! this new budweiser super bowl commerical starring helen mirren is pretty persuasive. ((take cg3)) 3 and if you're *still not convinced... budweiser has a really great offer for you. they'll give you a *free ride
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program returns this weekend. a partnership with triple-a that will get a tow truck driver to take you and your vehicle anywhere within a ten mile radius. the program starts today...and it ends at six a-m on monday morning. 3 and don't forget to meet *us out at the florida state fair this weekend! the fox 13 tent will be up again on saturday. 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. we'll be in the south dome! 3 ---the gates open this morning 3 at ten. 3 still ahead: what *color are you wearing today? why the answer... could help save some lives. plus: the next issue of playboy magazine revealed. we'll reveal the *not so revealing cover.
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3 3 the time is now 4 xxx. here's a quick check of the top trending stories this hour. and we begin with a pretty serious trending story. lets just say you'll be seeing a lot of *red on your social media feeds today. 3 that's because this is national "wear red day." it raises awareness for women's heart disease and stroke. there are lots of ways to take part... other than just wearing red. you can even buy one of these special t-shirts... chosen by the stars of the new romantic comedy "how to be single." they range from 19 to 23 dollars.... and *all the money supports the fight against heart disease. there's also a red day *walk planned today, along bayshore boulevard. it starts around 7-30 a-m. you can also share your "red" on social media today. just include the hashtag: "go red." 3 it was another milestone for american idol late last night. they announced the final "top 24"... in idol history. 3 and just like past seasons... the list sparked plenty of debate among the idol fans. especially
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far... 3 "jessica cabral... *didn't the cut. there are also no finalists from the tampa bay area on the list. but there *is someone from florida. 16 year old "emily brooke" from wellington. that's just outside of west palm beach. and next week, things get *really interesting for emily and the rest of the top 24. they will be split into two groups of 12... and get mentored by *former idol winners and finalists. they will be cut down to *ten. *that group will perform in the live shows. 3 and finally, it's the end of an era... for one of the most famous magazines in the world. the march issue of "playboy " is going into circulation starting this weekend. and the biggest surprise... is what it *won't be showing. 3 and that would be... nudity. this is the cover of the march edition... featuring the magazine's first *non nude playmate. it's social media star "sarah mcdaniel"... playboy says social media is the theme of the issue. and while there's no nudity on the cover... there are some women
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nude. but they are another new aspect of the magazine... none of the photos are air-brushed. 3 up next: how you can get a piece of mafia history... right here in tampa bay. plus: dave has another check on the friday forecast. 3
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ba da ba ba ba 3 ever wanted a real piece, of *mafia history? it can be yours this weekend... for the right price. st. joseph's auction house in st. pete is auctioning off several items from the "santo trafficante, junior estate." trafficante was a legendary mafia boss in ybor city. among the one *hundred items to be auctioned: crystal chandeliers, several oriental rugs, even an unopened 1975 bottle of dom perignon champagne. there are no
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will be accepted. there are previews starting at ten a-m today. the auction is tomorrow night at seven. 3 and finally... this is the day on the calendar when we thank our favorite forecaster. it's "national weatherperson's day." and do you know why it's celebrated every year on february fifth? because it's also *this guy's birthday. this is "john jeffries" ... one of the *first weather forecasters in american history. he started taking his measurements back in 17-74 in boston. and who would have thought... 242 years later... *this is the face
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3 3 ((//2shot)) toss to dave... 3 3 3 3
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