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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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@ @ from tampa pay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay. @ ings. @>>". @>> new this morning deadly @shooting killed one person and @sends seven to the hospital. @we will have the latest. @ tomorrow is the super bowl. @we are seeing some big hon hes @for jameis winston. @the latest award the buccaneer @rookie just won. @ good saturday morning, @everyone, thank you for joining @us. @i am alcides segui. @anjuli davis has the day off. @we will have those stories in @just a minute, but first start @the morning like we always do @with your forecast with lindsay
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@good morning. @>> lindsay: good morning. @a nice start to the day and @started off clear but as he @mentioned looking over kennedy @toward the beaches and the gulf, @clouds on the increase. @still up 1 degree. @50 in tampa and 50 at the beach @and that's where eventually our @clouds will be moving in from @and thickening between now and @lunchtime. @a light wind today too, and a @windier day back tomorrow @windier day back tomorrow if you @are boating. @temperatures cool, right. @46 @46, crystal river. @50 in bradenton. @50 in wauchula. @52 degrees in st. petersburg. @to our west are some clouds, and @embedded in these clouds as they @lower. @eventually we will overrun this @moisture and bring you patchy @sprinkles. @some of these not reaching the @ground yet but will as early as @midday for some of the areas as @early as lunchtime. @70 miles to the west. @patchy light rain developing. @the best rain chance coming in @the second half of the day. @you can see it here by noon, a
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@by 5 p.m., a 40% chance of not @only sprinkles but light rain. @still only 61 for a high today. @what about some in any warmer? @we will discuss coming up. @ all right, new this morning, @one person is dead and seven @hurt at a shooting at a strip @club in tampa. @a story we have been following @all morning long. @fox 13's crystal clark is live @at the scene. @crystal, i understand tampa @police will be holding a news @conference some time this @morning? @>> reporter: yeah, alcides, we @got a hold of tampa police @spokesman james haser dee. @thank you for joining us. @we have been out here for @several hours and police have @cleared the scene. @where are you now with the @investigation. @>> we are still investigating. @that many people shot. @a lot to investigate. @and a lot to look into. @we have eight people who were @shot. @one fatality. @the others are being treated at @area hospitals. @we don't know if there was more @than one person shooting. @we haven't sorted that out yet. @>> reporter: what have you guys @heard from witnesses on the @scene. @some sort of confrontation.
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@weren't sure if anything was @happening prior to the shooting. @>> yes, there was some sort of a @disagreement or something going @on. @it was about 2 p.m. we don't -- @2 a.m. @we don't know the nature of that @but we are investigating all @this. @>> reporter: do you know if @specific people were targeted? @ @>> we can't say for sure. @as i said when you have @something as crazy as that in a @nightclub. @a lot of things to look into. @how many shooters, what the @argument was about and the @relationship between the people. @crowded nightclub. @some of the people hit maybe if @they weren't the intended @targets. @>> reporter: now this is a @fairly small club, but one @officer told us they believe @there were about 300 people @inside. @talk to us about the chaos in @all this with people trying to @get out when you all arrived. @>> there are also limits of how @many people you should be having @in a night club. @i don't know what the limits are @here, but my understanding it is @very crowded. @if i can add something, we had @another incident last night that @i don't think you guys are @talking about further down @nebraska down near columbus @where somebody was stabbed to @death. @we made an arrest in that we
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@>> reporter: do you believe it @was linked to this club shoot @something in. @>> we do not. @nothing that links the two, but @it was a tough night. @>> reporter: and lastly, we are @hearing word that there may have @been someone inside recording @cell phone video, a periscope @video rolling on this when the @shooting occurred. @can you verify that? @>> we are verifying that. @that would be helpful for us. @our understanding we have not @downloaded that and had a chance @to look at that but we are @pursuing that as well. @>> reporter: thank you so much, @tampa police this morning. @we will stay on top of this for @you as well. @as we mentioned earlier tampa @police have cleared the scene. @the crime scene tape is up. @the nebraska avenue is back @open. @the cars in this parking lot @this morning has been towed away @this morning has been towed @away. @unclear if the vehicle belonged @to one of the suspects or the @victims, they didn't want to @leave it unattended. @finding out if one of the eight @people shot was the gunman in @all this.
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@that with us either. @a lot of questions left, and we @will try to get you answers @throughout the day. @alcides. @>> alcides: crystal clark in @tampa. @thanks so much, crystal. @as steve haggardy mentioned not @too long from that shooting was @a deadly standing at east 20th @avenue after 11:00 last night. @nebraska avenue and floribraska @are closed as police @investigate. @police do say they have someone @in custody. @ the martial arts instructer @is under arrest accused of @apparently touching two young @girls. @pinellas county deputies @arrested andre jin kim for @molesting a 6-year-old and @7-year-old. @the owner where he worked had no @idea what was going on until @deputies called him and said one @of his former employees with a @being arrested. @23-year-old andre kim worked at
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@he was fired for poor @performance by the owner who @also happening to be his -- @happens to be the cousin. @he followed two girls into the @bathroom and touched them @inappropriately. @then deputies told the girls not @to tell anyone. @>> i am deeply sorry for the @families and the victims, and i @am glad he got caught and in @custody. @and just -- i feel so bad. @we teach our students to defend @themselves from people like @this. @>> reporter: deputies say one of @the girls told her mother last @week months after this happened @which is how this investigation @started. @deputies say he admitted to the @crime. @ could it be a first step in @a move across the bay? @hillsborough county officials @are beginning their the tampa @bay rays. @the two sides sat down for the @first time on friday. @laying out their vision for a @potential new stadium site. @the rays want a new home to be
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@major roadways and population @centers and close to existing @and future mass transit options. @hillsborough county commissioner @ken hagan said they didn't @discuss specific locations or @funding. @hagan also says this is just the @beginning of a process that @could last at least a year. @most importantly, he wants to @keep the team here in the bay @area. @>> when you have the economic @engine to the magnitude of a @sports franchise, continue @incumbent on business leaders to @ensure that economic engine @remains here and we are very @fortunate to have one of the few @communities that have major @league baseball. @>> hagan says the new stadium @will have to be primarily funded @by the team and the private @sector. @pinellas county leaders are @expected to deliver their first @big pitch in the next couple of @months. @ the cdc is issuing a new @guideline about the zika virus @and infection primarily spread @by infected mosquitoes.
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@travel-related infections here @in the u.s., there has been only @one case where a person spread @the disease to someone else, @presumably through sexual @conduct, but the cdc is asking @men who lived in or traveled to @an area with zika and had a @pregnant partner to abstain from @sex or if they have sex to @prevent the spread last month @the republican led house passed @a by to prevent local @governments from placing bans on @fracking. @the oil and gas drill method has @been blamed from poisoned oil @supply to earthquakes. @no democrat supported the @measure. @the passage kicked off protests @statewide. @a miami-dade county commissioner
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@we don't want to be preempted by @the state for this matter. @we know best and this law will @entirely preclude us from ban @entirely preclude us from @level. @>> alcides: many opponents call @for an outright ban on fracking @but their measure will develop @regulation norse process. @ big news out of one buc @place. @jameis winston has been named @this year's nfl rookie player of @the year. @aide great rookie year passing @for 42 yards, 22 touchdown. @he was you voted for rookie of @the week in weeks 2, 5 and 11. @winston now has a chance to @double up our rookie of the year @award as he is also the @candidate for the associated @press offensive rookie of the @year. @that award will be named for @tonight. @ speaking of football, did @you hear?
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@are getting a pretty good idea @of that halftime show and who it @will include. @big names and familiar faces and @participating the show. @we will tell you who it is, @plus, the lightning take on the @penguins at amalie arena. @a look at your morning sports @headlines coming up. @ at 8:10, nice to see the sun @mixing through extra clouds. @remember how bright it was @yesterday. @by the end of the day yesterday, @cloudy skies and even some @raindrops. @as you head to the beach, @mornings are your time do so. @coolest point, 50 in clearwater @beach and clouds thickening in @the distance. @lunchtime, sprinkles and light @rain is here. @primarily the second half of the @day, so look at sky tower, the
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@ @. @ and again we are following a @morning. @police are on the scene of a @shooting at a strip club. @it happened at club rayne on @north nebraska avenue. @details still filtering in, but @we know there is a total of @eight victims. @one person is dead. @seven others taken to a @hospital. @nebraska avenue is now open, but @nebraska avenue is now open, @but, again, this investigation @is still ongoing. @we will have a live report @coming up in about 18 minutes. @ in sports this morning, the @lightning face off against the @penguins at amalie arena and @build the-up to super bowl 50 is @on. @here is fox 13 sports director @chip carter. @>> chip: good morning, three @weeks ago against pittsburgh the @lightning started, five goals @against the penguin and needed
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@overtime. @last night the bolts again, @still having that scoring touch @against pittsburgh. @it just like that game three @weeks ago, they needed every one @of those goals. @the perfect pass from johnson to @straman. @he is wide open this if game @tied at 1. @still in the first. @parked right in front of the @net. @he picks up the deflection and @now it is 2-1 lightning. @how about this. @lightning shorthanded. @the turnover. @the shorthanded rush. @and finds a hole. @3-1 ballots. @still in the second. @lightning on the power play. @that really has been clicking @lately. @watch top of the screen, tyler @johnson laser perfect right @there. @4-2. @mark andre fleury 14 shots, four @goals. @he gets pulled less than a @minute into the third, how about @this pittsburgh passing -- matt @cullen finishing off, and @lightning up by one, 4-3.
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@buries it. @lightning ends a empty neter and @they end this one 6-3. @good game for the lightning. @ all right, this weekend is @when the nfl hands out their @awards for the season. @we will find fought jameis @winston is the rookie of the @year. @i think it will be jameis @winston and john lynch will find @out tonight if he gets into the @we will be going into the bucs @ring of honor next weekend and @would love to add a trip to @canton along with it. @he certainly deserves a spot, @but a bit of a long shot to make @it this year. @a lot of competition. @comes down to numbers which is @why he won't make it. @ meanwhile, tony dungy hoping @that the third time will be the @charge. @his third year on the ballot. @the hall of fame voter also gath @the hall of fame voter also @gather to determine who gets in @with canton. @ira kaufman is among the voters @and he has to stand up and gift @case of lynch and dungy to his @fellow voters.
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@that is the first thing. @then the great coaching tree, @and, of course, a tremendous @advocate for minority hirings. @he took the pod yes, ma'am when @he had it. @spoke up when a lot of people @wouldn't, and more importantly, @i know he only won one super @bowl, but he is a historic @winner and the winning @percentage is off the charts and @we all know what he did in @tampa. @>> chip: i think ira just put @that perfectly. @all right, that is a look at @sports. @have a good morning. @ all right, i have a question @for you, what is better than a @super bowl halftime show star @super bowl halftime show @starring coldplay and beyonce. @there. @adding bruno mars to the mix. @the "uptown funk" singer @confirmed his announcement on @social media. @bruno headlined the halftime @show back in 2014 and wowed @everyone. @it. @now the question is, how -- how @are they going to work it into @the mix. @lindsay, i know you are a big
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@i want to see more bruno than @beyonce. @that is my opinion linkedin lynn @last year missy elliott stole @the show. @she was just a sideliner. @excited to see it. @are you ready for a cool day. @>> alcides: i am ready for a @cool day. @40% chance of rain. @i am not ready for that though. @>> lindsay: rat rain will be @light. @sprinkles, patchy light rain. @we are talking about the rain @chance and so many events and a @lot of people concerned that we @-- may cancel it. @the answer is no. @we can handle that light, patchy @rain. @the thing we are doing is the @clouds, clear. @you went to sleep last night, it @was critical clear and clouds @are on the increase and these @will lower and thicken @throughout the morning hours. @downtown tampa looks somewhat @cloudy, but the further inland @you live, we are seeing more of @the break. @that is the case in riverview. @cool with a peekaboo sunshine. @those clouds in bradenton beach. @dry at the beach and we will see @many dry hours near the coast, @but the day rolls along we will
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@of the day. @chilly, 52 in st. petersburg. @49 degrees in westchase. @47 in plant city. @good morning to you. @47, dade city. @now you are at 48. @crystal river, cracking 50, @inverness, brooksville still at @50. @not warming yet in venice. @up 1 degree in englewood. @48 in lakeland and bartow. @52 degrees in sebring. @here is sky tower nice and @quiet. @even offshore. @notice in nature of the rain is @broken. @it is very light. @our air mass, it is still dry. @while these showers are 60 @miles offshore, it is not until @second half of the afternoon @where we really bring in @measurable rain. @we call this an overending set @we call this an overending @set-up. @the surface and a light @northerly wind. @and here comes the moisture from @the west. @you see these light returns @offshore, those are sprinkles. @giving way to them in the @coastal county as early as @midday, light day, is the key @and it will be a cool day. @64. @today we hit 61 thanks to you @guessed it more clouds.
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@down to 57 degrees and hang on @to the jacket today. @you will need it most of the day @you will need it most of the @day, but further south and @inland you live, you may be @closer to 70 degrees because @your rain moves in latest. @futurecast and into the lunch @futurecast and into the @lunchtime hour, watch what @happens. @the showers they are on the @move. @these are more in the way of @sprinkles. @this looks a little more @pessimistic than it actually @will be as the afternoon @progresses. @here comes perhaps steady rain, @inland and south as we have this @upper-level energy riding @overhead and deepening high @pressure over the area. @as it strengths the skies scour @out and by sunday morning, we @are dry and somewhat cloudy @early. @sun is out and as the windows @get bigger, the sign of those @winds going up. @a windy day tomorrow more in the @way of sunshine. @rain, this model handling it @perfectly. @most of us seeing less than a @10th of an inch. @polk county to highlands. @up to a quarter of an inch.
8:19 am
@it is poised to be ejected into @the plains over the next few @days. @as this pushes down, this will @keep our forecast cool through @most of the week. @yesterday. @here are a few lake-effect snow @showers as this east of us deep @showers as this east of us @deepens, that could bring @interesting questions for anyone @who lives right along the coast @or parts of new england. @today 61 degrees. @yes, a 40% rain chance and light @in nature. @sprinkles and clouds thickening. @tonight, staying cloudy. @that is chilly. @that patchy light rain as well, @but some days we are back with @the sun. @a cooler day. @57. @that's it for our high. @our average high is 71. @boating, today is your day. @even with a light wind. @winds are lightest. @seas 2 to 4 feet. @moderate chop. @low tide. @high tide at 2:09. @another reinforcing part tuesday @morning. @that will give us a few showers. @behind it, it stays cool, and we @-- we notice several day where @is
8:20 am
@windy is sunny and wednesday. @tuesday. @by friday, we are back to normal @70. @ while the national pollsters @blew it or our fox 13 pollsters @had national headlines for @nailing the outcome in iowa. @>> the polling showed cruz @adding to its numbers. @>> our pollster will reveal his @predictions for new hampshire on @"money, power and politics" @sunday night at 11:30. @ looking for something to do @this weekend? @a bunch of hot happenings going @on around the bay area including @your chance too meet some of our @fox 13 favorite personalities of @the florida state favor 11:00 in @the morning until 1:00 -- so @1:00, we will talk about where @it is at coming up next. @ but before we go to break, @are you having birthday today? @you are in good company. @there is a look at the famous @people born on this date. @"good day tampa bay" continues @after this. @ @ the people that you find @ whatever people they meet @
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@ the jungle
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welcome to the @ @. @ this song always gets me @jamming a little bit. @>> lindsay: always doing a @little dancing. @>> alcides: looking to get out @of the house. @>> lindsay: a lot of hot @happenings in the bay area. @>> alcides: you like little @dance. @the fair is back for its 112th @year. @this year's theme is "so much @more to explore." @this year the fair guarantees at
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@admission is $9 in advance. @$13 the day of. @you can actually make a donation @to any good willow occasion and @you will get a coupon for $2 off @admission. @and later on today, we will all @be out there are, a meet and @greet. @on air personalities come by to @say hi. @we will be there from 11:00 in @the morning until 1:00 at the @south dome. @everybody will be there. @>> lindsay: should be fun. @looking forward to seeing @through. @ we have 200 independent @businesses coming together for @this year's localtopia and this @year's theme is a community @celebration of all things local. @there will be art, culture, @shopping, food, plenty -- taking @place at williams park, and we @will have a full preview. @>> alcides: that sounds like @fun. @get ready to pillage the village @get ready to pillage the @village. @pirates and wenches for the bay
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@mosi. @20.95 the day of. @doors open at 10:00. @ a beachfront festival this @afternoon. @clearwater uncorked is going on @at the hyatt regency on @clearwater beach. @there will be chefs and world @there will be chefs and @worldwide wines. @proceeds will benefit usf school @of technology and technology @scholarship. @if you want to pay an extra $30. @they open at noon with exclusive @food and drink. @regular tickets start at $65. @the festival kicks off at 1:00. @ and monster jam. @backing to raymond james stadium @tonight, grave digger, medusa @and scooby-doo is out there and @you can turn up early this @tailgate. @take pictures with the truck @drivers and party at the pit. @always great fun.
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@the show is at 7:00. @ @ @ . @>> lindsay: country music fans. @i know you want to travel down @i-4 to see this guy, hunter @hayes performing at mardi gras @at universal studios. @the event will have a mardi gras @parade, beads, and cajun food @and admission is free, but the @park admission is $100. @>> alcides: i am jealous that i @am not going to that. @>> lindsay: pushing our bedtime @if we went to orlando. @>> alcides: call in sick. @>> lindsay: uh-oh. @>> alcides: just kidding. @the state fair. @>> lindsay: sweaters need them @the next couple of hours. @you will want to stay cool. @bring in more clouds. @not yet. @many more dry hours. @48 brookdal ebayshore. @and the florida state
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@those gates open. @busy today. @we will see light rain around @but nothing that will defer from @you coming. @showers in the distance.
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@we will time them i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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@ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @hanging continue to cool @temperatures. @cooler temperatures were back @friday and not just through this @weekend but most of the coming @week. @changes first the clouds and @then eventually some sprinkles @and light rain. @still many more dry hours, but i @do want to show you those clouds @and where they are coming from
8:29 am
@from our west. @it is 50 degrees here in tampa. @that is below our average low of @53. @some breaks in the clouds. @not as breezy on our sirata @beach net cam in st. petersburg. @if you have beach plans today. @keep on the layers. @it will be cool. @48 degrees in lakeland. @50, brooksville. @50, sarasota. @and 53 in sebring. @first we are watching the clouds @we have light returns, some @sprinkles embedded in these @showers offshore, but this air @mass is still kind of evolving @from the dry air that was in @place yesterday. @we will up the moisture, up the @clouds. @by midday at the early @by midday at the earliest and @patchy sprinkles. @by late afternoon some of the @sprinkles will be in the way of @light steady showers. @60 miles to the west becoming a @little more broken. @again, i am still convinced that @most of the first half of the @day will still be dry. @the rain chances 40% today. @and again very light rain and @sprinkles. @61 for today. @the sun is back and the winds
8:30 am
@60 for a high on sunday. @ right now a story we have @been following all morning long, @one person dead, seven hurt at a @shooting at a strip club in @tampa. @fox 13's crystal clark has been @there most of the morning. @good morning, crystal. @>> reporter: good morning, @alcides. @tampa police just cleared the @scene. @we spoke to the police officers @just a moment ago and they are @telling us that the next step of @this investigation today is @finding as many witnesses as @they can and also taking a look @at that video that we are @hearing what is inside this club @that showed that shooting. @we were able to view some of it @posted on periscope. @the video doesn't show the @shooting but you can definitely @hear those gunshots as they were @going off. @this all started around 2:00 @inside club rayne. @we are told by police there were @close to 200 people inside the @gentleman's club at the time @when someone came in and open @fired. @knew woman who worked here tells @us it seems like the person came
8:31 am
@she didn't see or hear any sort @of argument, but police are @saying they believe a con on @from station what led to the @shooting. @unclear if that confrontation or @argument was going on prior to @the club shooting or an ongoing @dispute. @a lot of questions unanswered @yet. @we know that eight people were @injured inside this club. @seven of them taken to a local @hospital. @st. joseph's is the major one @for gunshot bounds and one @person is dead. @it is a 2 1-year-old male and @witness say it was complete @chaos and really just terrifying @chaos and really just @terrifying. @take a listen. @>> i saw all three of them -- @one of them did get off of my @body because 19 people on me. @there was a guy slumped over @with a bullet. @a lady with -- shot in the leg @and a guy laying down on the @ground. @petition. @>> reporter: the woman you just @the club.
8:32 am
@for a friday night, the busiest @night, is to have everyone @frisked at the door to make sure @they don't have any weapons on @them. @normally not problem. @arguments in the past, issue @where is people had to be taken @out of the klun. @but in her memory she it not @recount another shooting @happening at the club. @something went wrong where @someone was able to get a weapon @inside of this club and open @fire on at least eight people as @you can see so far this morning. @again, eight people injured. @one person deceased as of right @now and police are hoping anyone @who knows something will come @forward. @alcides. @>> important to note that tampa @police not telling fuss there is @a suspect in custody or if they @are currently searching for one. @we have been following this @story all among long. @thank you so much. @ a missouri couple being @called a modern-day bonnie and @clyde is found and one them is @dead. @police spotted blake fitzgerald @and britney harper thursday @night near pensacola.
8:33 am
@kidnapping and robbery across @the @across thes state. @there was a chase, a stand off @and. @he the shootout. @fitzgerald tried to use harper @as human shield. @she was hurt. @>> the couple attempted to exit @the vehicle and enter an @occupied dwelling. @the pso units advised that shots @had been fired. @fitzgerald was @fitzgerald was pronounced dead @at the scene of and the she was @wounded and taken into custody @to a local hospital. @>> alcides: the pair may have @been involved in several @unsolved crimes here in florida. @ a remarkable story is making @headlines around the world after @more than 80 years, a spring @hill woman finally met her birth @mother. @the search for her mom lasted @almost 50 years, but ended last @month with tears of joy. @great story. @betty morell was born in 1933 in
8:34 am
@her mother at the time was just @13 years old, so betty ended up @with adopted parent. @after they passed away, she @started looking for her fifth @mother. @the search went cold for several @decades until a break in @december when she and her grand @december when she and her @granddaughter seen right here @found her mom. @she was 96 years old an living @in pennsylvania. @and in january, they flew to new @york. @not only did they meet her mom @but also several siblings. @she didn't even know she had. @>> she was just -- she broke @down and cried and lives in just @smiling. @it was a thing. @>> it was a great experience @because finally felt complete. @>> keeping this close contact @with her mom and sisters on a @nightly basis. @what a great story. @ a festival dedicated to all @things local. @we heard about it a little while @ago and soon this week's earth
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@earthwatch, lindsay gets a (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, r where are you?r are you taking at
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@ @ if you were looking for @something fun to do this @weekend, have fun and support @the local st. petersburg @community at the same time at @localtopia. @the founder of keep st. @petersburg local is with us this @morning. @>> i am really happy to be here. @thanks, lindsay. @>> lindsay: so happy that you @are here 37 @are here what year is this for @you guys. @>> third year. @third time is the charm.
8:38 am
@event and what people can expect @when you come out. @>> we have nearly 200 vendors @from st. pete's favorite @independent businesses and @organizations. @we have more of the year than @you can imagine. @even closing third street to @house the beer semi and plus @others. @we have local music on two @stages on the park bandstand and @a new second stage. @family village, indy market @village, the rowdy @village, the rowdies, skate ramp @with skate tricks. @and just more than you can ever @imagine. @a celebration of all things @local in st. pete linkedin local @artists and eco-friendly, that @earth-friendly twist. @you brought several examples if @that is your thing. @>> exactly, exactly. @i wanted to start with basics. @we are talk about organic s, @sustainable hand-crafted @products for people and their @pups, and they actually upcycle
8:39 am
@is using the lard if federal @bodega which is some of our @favorite cuban places. @and then you got even spectra @dimension. @handcrafted item using eco @handcrafted item using @eco-friendly materials and tools @eco-friendly materials and @tools. @we have st. petersburgbark which @is pet treats and a natural pet @market. @you will be feature @you will be featuring them later @this month linkedin i will be
8:40 am
@featuring them in earthwatch+++no carrierringring r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
8:41 am
@. @ we have been following a @of tampa. @police are on the scene of a @shooting at a strip club. @it happened at club rayne on @north nebraska avenue. @details still filtering in. @we know there is a total of @eight victims. @one person is dead. @seven others transported. @nebraska avenue in the area, and @this area of that strip club was @shut down at one point as tpd @investigated. @it is now open. @as we know right now, no arrests @have been made. @crystal clark is there. @she has been live all morning. @we will have a live update with @her coming up at 9:00. @the next 15 minutes or so. @ all right, are you looking @-- well, what are you going to @do for valentine's day, right? @why not go to the folks and have @them cook, have them clean the @dishes. @>> absolutely. @>> alcides: tell me your name. @>> brandon mikolich. @>> alcides: tid written down. @from fleming's.
8:42 am
@>> thank you. @>> alcides: chef, start with @you. @>> filet mignon benedict for our @sunday brunch in valentine's day @day. @we are open for dinner as well, @but if you were looking for a @special thing to do for sunday @morning, come on this, we will @time. @>> alcides: is it hard to make? @>> they are not too difficult to @make. @a little bit of vinegar and a @water. @>> alcides: why. @>> to hold the eggs together in @vinegar. @>> alcides: s they always stand @apart. @a slow heat. @>> nice slow heat for a minute @and a half to two minutes. @and pull it out and we will @assemble our dish. @potato cakes with basically mash @potato cakes with basically @mashed potato with green onions. @roasted red peppers and crusted @with a panko crust. @we will heat those. @>> jorge, talking a little while @ago, valentine's day, the @busiest of the day year for @restaurants across the board.
8:43 am
@one of the busiest days of @industry. @this year it falls on a sunday @and we are doing a valentine's @day brunch. @>> alcides: my goodness, let me @get my stuff out of the way. @>> give those wonderful people @an opportunity to take advantage @of of the day and night to @celebrate with a significant @other. @>> alcides: the fact it is a @sunday you will be very, very @busy. @reservations critical no matter @where you go, right. @>> it always is. @every year, a great opportunity @as everybody gets ready for the @big game not to forget those @significant others that put up @with all of us through our @football pools and fantasy @football. @to think that the next sunday @when there is no football to @celebrate their day, this @valentine's day and enjoy that. @>> alcides: you know what @happens when you forget. @>> yes. @>> alcides: it is not good. @it is not good. @>> they will pick up your tablet @and go to @and make your reservations. @don't be that guy. @>> alcides: don't be that guy.
8:44 am
@you are going to cut that to @make it look pretty. @>> the end? @>> alcides: yes. @>> we will set that on top of @the potato cake so when you cut @into it a nice creamy, yemeniy @yolk. @>> alcides: i love it. @running out of time. @>> we will put that together. @put on our arugula. @potato cake right on top. @>> alcides: get the egg. @you get the egg. @i know we are running out of @town. @are you going to get it. @>> we will be there. @>> alcides: lindsay, we are @talking to you but either way a @big steak, so we have plenty to @eat today. @that looks beautiful. @that looks beautiful. @beautifully done, guys. @>> egg on top. @and -- @>> alcides: oh, my goodness. @>> finish off with a little bit @of bernaise.
8:45 am
@ now your sky tower radar @forecast with fox 13 @meteorologist lindsay milbourne. @>> lindsay: look delicious. @maybe some of you at home trying @to re-create that morning. @and weather-wise this morning @cool and clouds are on the @increase. @coming in from the west and @while there are some breaks as @we move in, our cloud deck @thickens and lowers becoming @cloudy and giving way to rain. @second half of the day @especially. @in the distance sirata beach @showing cloud cover. @the usf sky cam show breaks. @a slight breeze. @if you have boating plans, this @morning the best time frame @probably all weekend because by @windy. @clearwater beach looks fantastic @if you don't mind a couple of @extra clouds in the mix. @take to you brookdale, bayshore. @more of those breaks in the @clouds. @the further inland you live. @we are seeing more breaks and @the chase in polk county over @lake mirror @lake mir, no lakeland. @cool and storming to warm a bit
8:46 am
@52 in sebring. @52 in tampa land only warm into @the low 60s for highs today. @dew points are on the rise. @so with numbers in the 40s, @those are still low readings but @higher than yesterday. @that is giving way to the @moisture that will overrun @across the area and give way to @some showers. @but 50 to 60 miles offshore and @these are light in nature. @as they move in between now and @midday, a few -- a better @chance, though, between lunch @chance, though, between @lunchtime band 10 p.m. tonight. @and that's when we will @introduce that 40% rain chance. @we are overrunning the moisture @and waiting on upper-level @energy that is right about heres @that across the gulf meets up @with the moisture. @you guessed it. @40% rain chance cool day with @high pressure in control over a @north light east wind. @highs are cooler, cooler than @yesterday for some of us. @upper 60s in highland. @61 in tampa. @and 60 in st. petersburg. @overnight, when you bottom out, @near 41 in brooksville.
8:47 am
@and upper 40s in lake placid. @highlands county may see the @most steady, measurable rain. @but that comes out tonight. @on futurecast between now and 2 @p.m. isolated showers. @steady lighter rain. @the east. @as it moves to the east, skies @clear. @winds pick up, and we set the @stage for a really chilly sunday @night. @the weekend itself will feature @sweaters and boots for a lot of @us. @61 degrees. @if you are headed out to the @state fair. @leave the rain gear at home. @sky tower radar checking with @it. @tonight, chilly, 45 degrees. @that patchy light rain will move @in while we are sleeping and we @wake up it is pretty much gone. @sunday morning the sun is back. @the winds are back whipping out @of the northwest. @today they are out of the north @a little breezy. @not rad chop at moderate chop. @the jet stream buckles and we
8:48 am
@upcoming week. @coolest morning is wednesday @morning planning ahead. @we have a bunch of first @birthdays this morning so let's @start with our first one, which @goes out to london. @she loves chasing her puppy, @being mischievous, uh-oh and @fingerpainting. @hope you have a wonderful day. @eli. @my goodness. @he loves chasing after his big @sister, dressing up, eating and @playing ball. @his mommy and daddy also like to @watch "good day" every morning @as they get ready for work. @special viewer. @i love it. @happy birthday. @loves to eat yogurt, go out for @walks. @be outside with his dog timber @too. @enjoy your day, pudy. @a first birthday wish goes out @to julia beach bum. @a florida girl that loves going @to the beach. @loves watching mickey mouse club
8:49 am
@clubhouse and doing a dance aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch.
8:50 am
crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. only when you book direct
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@so adorable when she w,, during this extended visit from your extended
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