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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 3 3 ((dave))
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3 developing this morning: something *every driver hates... and you find them almost anywhere you go. we're talking about potholes. we already knew they can do a lot of damage to the roads... but today, we're learning just how much damage they do, to our *cars. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live from tampa, with more.
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3 ) - heavy rains and storms pound florida roadways throughout the year and begin to compromise the asphalt, resulting in potholes. potholes are formed by water intrusion in the cracks of the asphalt. as a result, the material laid underneath the road softens causing weak spots to collapse under the weight of constant traffic. aaa cautions drivers to remain alert to avoid pothole damage and urges state and local governments to fully fund and prioritize road maintenance to reduce vehicle damage, repair costs and driver frustration. according to aaa's survey, pothole damage has cost u.s. motorist approximately 3 billion annually in vehicle repairs over the last five years. "this is definitely a concern," said montrae waiters, spokeswoman, aaa - the auto club group. "it's critical that state and local governments focus on road maintenance to reduce cost for motorists, but safety should be the number one concern. potholes can lead to car accidents when motorists are forced to swerve to avoid them leading to a crash with another vehicle, putting their lives and the lives of others at risk."to minimize vehicle damage and loss of life, aaa advises motorists to make certain tires are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth. if motorists can't avoid striking a pothole, it is important to slow down, release the brakes and straighten steering before making contact with the offers the following recommendations: to avoid striking a pothole, remain alert, scan the road ahead and drive at least 3-4 seconds behind the vehicle ahead. since tires are the only "cushion" between a pothole and a vehicle, it's important to ensure tires are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth. check to see if your vehicle is equipped with a spare tire or a tire inflator kit. ensure the spare tire is properly inflated before trouble strikes.key survey findings:15 percent of u.s. drivers (16 million motorists) report sustaining vehicle damage that requires repair as a result of hitting a pothlelest pncin th st ive y. noast 1 pceof- pen odrrsinthst 3 0 eof drivers in spds to more tanr pmllonls ftir asstnc, theesof 3 amgasedby oholes. pe ir aimor ptinfl ks av pled he sp tire in - elimination of spare tires in new models.when eangwih-3 vehicle damage, it's critical elcthi-qal epair faitsu as an a- meets aaa's high standards, including certifications, technical training, cleanliness, insurance background checks, it becomes part of the aar program where it's re-inspected annually and monitored for ongoing customer satisfaction. aaa members receive unique benefits, including priority service, a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty,
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resolution assistance and more. to find an aar facility near you, visit if faced with roadside trouble, including a flat 3 ir a ivalable thep u.svigiisds mt pillno ad esot a 3 poionof iniana. acg belongs to the national aaa federation with more than 56 million members in the united states and canada and whose mission includes protecting and advancing freedom of mobility and improving traffic safety. 3 four reveals 3 3 3 a bunch of *pets are recovering this morning, after surviving a house fire in tampa. hillsborough county fire rescue sent us this photos... showing all the damage. the home is on north 50th street... near east hanna avenue. firefighters managed to save two dogs and *five cats from the blaze. they are all doing okay... and no *humans were hurt either. investigators think a bad
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3 3 a shocking search in one orlando neighborhood. police are trying to find a missing newborn. they've already found the mother, but she *won't say what happened to the baby. 3 it all started monday afternoon. orlando police found evidence someone had given birth in the parking lot of the willow bend apartments.. but there was no baby. they searched the neighborhood and tracked down the mother: 30-year old susan richardson. they say she told them she had a baby girl.. but she won't say what she did with her. that prompted a massive search through all the homes... waterways...and even trash cans: 3 richardson is charged with aggravated child neglect. police say they need the public's help to figure out where she was monday morning after she had the baby. 3
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supporters of a new child abuse bill will hold a news conference. but the victim of this abuse isn't the child... it's the *parent. senate bill 12-96 would help protect *parents who get mistreated by their own kids. the bill would expand a current florida statute to include aggravated abuse, emotional abuse, and explotation of a parent's assets. 3 state senator "geraldine thompson" is sponsoring the bill. and she'll be joined at the news conference by *this woman... alice flowers. alice has been *biking to tallahassee from her home in orlando... to raise awareness for the issue. alice has seen the effects of parent abuse first hand. her sister was *killed by her teenage son , after he abused her for *years. the bill is still active in the current legislative session. but it *died last year in the house. 3 3 today in st. petersburg: a three-day conference on world affairs kicks off... and *everyone is invited. the conference includes 30 different panels, featuring experts from all over the globe. including a former c-i-a agent, military
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professionals. the topics will range from the isis threat... to cuba-america relations. it's all taking place at the u-s-f campus in st. petersburg... starting at eight this morning. 3 3 in case you *needed another reason to visit orlando this summer... seaworld is giving us another one. the park just gave us another sneak peak, at their newest roller coaster... "mako." they showed off the car design... and talked more about the experience. the coaster will take riders up to 70 miles per hour... in what's being called the next generation of rides. it will also be part of a new *shark-themed area of the park. the ride is set to open, this summer. 3 and in other theme park news... disney just announced a *cool new character meet and greet. starting this spring, you can take photos with *olaf... at hollywood studios! the snowman from "frozen" has already made *appearances at the parks... on stages and in parades...
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him. he will be set up in the park's new "celebrity spotlight" area... near echo mouse will also get a new "meet and greet" at the park, theater. 3 3 3 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3 3
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3 ?watching out for war? why the u-s just sent some high tech help... to south korea. 3 plus: the city of lights... rocking again. the concert several *months in the making.... from the band
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but first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. no big winner in the mega millions last night, so that jackpot rolls over to 104 million dollars.((change cg3)) and tonights powerball jackpot is up to 189 million. good luck, and good day is back in less than two. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 in the headlines this half hour: growing tensions... between north and south korea. the u-s military is preparing... for the worst. 3 at least four f-22 stealth fighters were spotted flying over south korea earlier today. the high tech planes were seen near the u-s air base in seoul... escorted by south korean jets. the u-s often sends powerful warplanes to south korea in times of tension with the north. last month, the u-s sent a nuclear-capable b-52 bomber to the area, following north korea's fourth nuclear test. 3 in france: the rock band "eagles of death metal" performed again, in the city of lights. this was their first show, since the paris
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the band's original concert was one of the targets. this time... the venue was surrounded by police. and this concert was a tribute to the 89 lives lost in the attacks. some of the *survivors actually came out for this show. they say it gave them some closure. 3 and... on this day in history... back in 1968... the naismith basketball hall of fame opened its doors in springfield, massachusetts. it was named after the man credited with *inventing the sport... "james naismith." as of today, 345 people are in the hall... including players, coaches... and contributors. and some members never even *played basketball. including "phil knight"... the founder of nike... and "chuck taylor" , who invented those famous converse "all star' shoes. 3 and *yes, there are *women in the hall of the fame. the first one was inducted back in 19-85. it was "senda berenson" , she became known as the *mother of women's basketball. back in 18-92 she was a high school teacher who wanted to adapt the sport for her female
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rules which made it less *physical... but a lot more confusing. you had to stay in assigned *zones... couldn't *touch your opponents... could only dribble three times... and you had to shoot at a hoop... with *no backboard. 3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 ((dave))
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3 coming up in the 3 next hour of good day: we met one local man who -- even as early as childhood -- has looked at the world as one big obsticle to overcome.... and that preperation has set him up to possibly win a fitness competition that is exploding in popularity... this week's extraordinary ordinary... ahead at 5:20. 3 and after the break:
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you can start... with just one tweet. just ask jeb bush. 3 plus: it's time to dust off that grey suit and white loafers. pee-wee herman... is hitting the road again! up next... our first *full look, at his next adventure. 3
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. 3 look at the top trending stories this hour. and we begin... with a jeb bush blunder. and it's the perfect example of just how *powerful a tweet can be. 3 it all started with *this... a photo jeb tweeted out yesterday, showing a gun, with his name engraved on it. the caption only read: "america." and social
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angry about his pro-gun message... others, really had fun with it. just look at the cover of today's new york daily news... "dolt 45." some *really creative tweeters changed the engraving on the gun... to phrases like "please clap"... a line bush said during a recent rally. by the way, bush received the weapon after visiting a gun plant in south carolina. 3 it looks like the "live tv" trend has caught on, with another popular show. but this one... seems a bit more complicated. that's because it's an *animated show. 3 during an episode of "the simpsons" later this spring, there will be a three minute segment featuring a *live homer simpson. he will talk about events of the day, and answer questions from social media. so how will they do it? the show's producer says they will use motion-capture ... for the 3 man behind homer's voice... actor "dan castellaneta." so his voice *and motions will all be displayed *live. the episode airs on may
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sending their questions to homer, a few weeks earlier. 3 and finally... yet *another remake coming to netflix. you may have heard about pee-wee's *new adventure. well we just got our first *full preview of it: 3 well we know the *ladies will probably have to check this out. that's "joe manganiello" guest starring in the new film, called "pee wee's big holiday." paul reubens recreated the character he made famous in the 80s... and can you believe he's now 62 years old? the film starts streaming on
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3 still ahead: where you can see some of the best soccer teams in the *country, this week in the bay area. plus: dave has another check on the foggy
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3 again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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ba da ba ba ba 3 tonight in tampa: you can see one of the hottest young pop stars in the country... in concert. carley rae jepsen is performing at the ritz in ybor city. she's best known for her 20-12 hit, "call me maybe." along with this new
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3 some of the best soccer teams in the country are all in pinellas county this week. the tampa bay rowdies are hosting the "suncoast invitational tournament", starting today. it's a preseason exhibition series... featuring six major league teams. there are two games today... at al lang field in st. petersburg. the d-c united play the philadelphia union... and n plays the montreal impact. the other two teams are the new several games over the next week and a half at al lang field in st. pete... or the joe dimaggio sports complex in clearwater. tickets start
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3 ((walter be careful on the roads... there's a pricey problem out there that could empty your wallet, and threaten your life. 3 ((jen where's baby willow? the desperate search this morning to find a newborn in florida... 3 ((walter and... why go *away on vacation... when the best is right here... the new honor for a bay area beach... look out... here


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