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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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ba da ba ba ba he. >> it's >> it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful. >> right now, donald trump sweeps south carolina and chmura hillary clinton sweeps nevada. >> what you need to get around the traffic mess. good evening i'm lloyd sowers. >> and i'm haley hinds. thanks for being with us.
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win in south carolina and former governor of florida, jeb bush dropped out of the race. >> for starters, the republican race is down to 5 and effectively at least for now we're looking at a three man race. take aa look at the numbers coming out of south carolina, donald trump, 33% but second place is a virtual tie there, marco rubio and ted cruz are fieding it out and then you fighting it out. john kasich didn't put up much of a fight in south carolina, he's focusing on the being northeast. carlos santana donald trump continues to win big, new hampshire followed by south carolina, now the race heads to other southern states about a dozen altogether on march 1st. donald trump goes out of south carolina with a big lead in the
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states, and he won with exception of charleston and columbia. marco rubio clearly has momentum, though he came in second is he gaining ground and with this marco rubio is making the case that he is in the best position to carry forward the reagan tradition. take a look. >> ronald reagan made us believe it is morning in america again, i.t. was, the children are there ready to assume the mantle of leadership. >> bet that marco rubio is trying behind the scenes to pick up money and support from team bush. bush knew that his goose was cooked when the results were coming in. after putting in a lot of time and money and the premise that your bush family name was golden in south carolina, that didn't
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he saw no path forward. >> craig, thank you. in the nevada race, hillary clinton won the state. how did she do it and how did it affect sanders? >> it is a caucus, organization, that played a role. in the entrance polls, hillary clinton did well among women, noncaucus goers, bernie sanders young voters where he won big. a narrow win for hillary clinton but you have to remember that she was up some 25 points in the polls just four or five weeks ago. the good news for hillary clinton is this may blunt bernie sanders momentum and the race then said south where she is strong in the polls. a good news for bernie sanders he got a good share of the delegates in this democratic race and of course long way from over. >> all right, never a dull moment. >> we've got a lot of ground to
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we've got to look at the blunders and gaffs and pivots in the race. va, investigation, a lot of calls from veterans in distress because they are not getting the benefits that they earn, sun night at 11:30. >> thanks greg. >> detectives searching for the perpetrator of a shooting at a hooka bar. police think an argument led up to the shooting. a 29-year-old man was killed, three others were injured, but they are expected to survive. witnesses say it looked like the shooter was firing at random. detectives are still searching for the gunman. if you have any information on this call crime stoppers. >> drivers may want to steer clear of ehrlich road, shut down for a bridge expansion project.
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veterans expressway. drivers can take gun highway and sheldon. it should be reopened by monday. >> new details in the singing of the cargo ship el farro. the captain warned the clock was ticking. part of the tape was played during a hearing. part of what he says, "i have a marine emergency." made to an emergency call center. the captain left the message for the ship operator, explaining the ship was taking on water, everyone was safe. the coast guard is investigating whether misconduct or other problems might have led to the shim's sink. killed all 33 crew members. >> politicians, friends family gathered in washington, d.c. to
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justice antonin scalia. >> scalia died in his sleep last week. he was 79. today, thousands attended his funeral. scalia was the 103rd justifies to sit on the 03rd justice to sit on the supreme court. he was also known as a devout catholic. his son a catholic priest said his father never felt the need to choose between his job as a supreme court justice and a father. >> the difference between one's faith and public service. >> the supreme court begins hearing new cases on monday. the president promises to name a replacement. instant majority leader mitch
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not move on appointment until a new president is elected. >> watch this guy running across the tracks, wow, he narrowly avoids being hit, as the train sweeps the tracks. >> dog stolen and dumped on the side of the road is back safe with her family. social media played a role in the happy reunion. >> they were able to reunite the dog with their family. a good samaritan found the dog after she had been abandoned. lyka the german shepherd amazingly was unharmed after someone likely stole her from the backyard near the lowery park zoo. dumped the dog near the side of
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a blue pickup leaving the dog. posted the picture on facebook. a neighbor saw the police department's facebook post and told them lyka had been found. >> i can't fathom how somebody would do that take an animal that is not yours, even if if it was yours, but especially what's not yours toss it near the side of the road. >> and never come back. >> i thank god that she's fine. >> brenda medina says she's so grateful for someone who saw lyka and called the police. investigators are still trying to track down the dog napper. lloyd. >> it can all be gone in a flash. >> starting over, from scratch again. >> hear a man's story of determination and how he's
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talent he loves. >> hey mike. >> hey lloyd, another day in the 70s, wall to wall sun but
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life can change in the blink of an eye... an orlando man's life was torn apart...after he was hit by a driv >> new tonight, your life can change in the blink of an eye. an orlando man's life was changed in a blink of an eye. >> hopes he can make other drivers stop. >> wrist up. wrist up. >> reporter: life is a struggle for joe latimer. these moments like many others now spent in a grueling -- >> it's very painful. >> reporter: physical therapy session. >> you're starting over from scratch again. >> starting over with the basics. >> basically i'll probably never walk again. >> reporter: joe's life was not always this tough. just a few months ago he was
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and make art. >> he just everything that he does is so creative. >> reporter: lots of, by all accounts, incredible art away from work. this piece called thoroughfare of assention. girlfriend tracy remembers seeing it for the first time. >> it's truly amazing some of the art he comes up with. >> it's when i feel the most happiest in the sense i'm doing what i want to do. >> reporter: that changed december 17th, 2015. at this tuskawilla road intersection. joe had a walk signal, traffic had a red light but as he
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a car ran that red light and nearly hit him. but another car ran the red light the other direction and this time it hit him. >> i knew i couldn't move. >> paralyzed. >> i basically don't feel anything from the chest down. >> reporter: movement but no feeling in those incredibly creative hands. >> i can't pick anything up or move my fingers. >> i knew this would be devastating for him. >> so that's really disheartening for me to accept that i might not be able to do the things that i love again in my life or follow the passion he that i have. >> reporter: but all who know him say the best medicine will be finding a way to create his art again. >> i'm willing to try something,
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paintbrush to my hands, so be it. >> reporter: they have no doubt he will do it. >> reporter: tom johnson. fox 13 news. >> now your skytower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist mike bennett. >> kind of a deja vu out there today. river view time lapse shows a little bit of cumulus clouds this afternoon, but all in all, this looked pretty similar to yesterday, the day before that, day before, about eight days in a row now of pretty similar weather. temperatures in the 70s and plenty of sunshine. almanac, 74 was our high maybe a little warmer than we have been, 54, our low, pretty much where it should be. last friday actually nine days
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really not a whole lot of precipitation either since then. we haven't seen a whole lot of rain so far this month. weather headlines pleasant weather, what do you know, continues on into sunday. another four days of these temperatures in the 70s before we finally see the next cold front droppings us into the 60s. wednesday's front is going to pack a little bit more of a punch and it's behind that that we'll see those cooler temperatures for the end of the week. current temperature, 59 in are brandon, 52 in crystal river, lake placid ar cad arcadia, still inin the low 60s pence coyle to panama city.
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pensacola. tomorrow, eventually into tomorrow as well. pleasant conditions over head, tomorrow few more clouds but still beautiful, likewise into the day on monday, parting to mostly cloudy. wednesday we're watching this system back to the west here that starts to work through brings us some showers some storms and some cooler weather. that's the most noticeable thing cooler weather behind it. as far as fog goes you see a little bit forming tonight mainly inland, again tomorrow night mainly inland if we see any fog developing. should be patchy i think at worst, tonight, 57 , tomorrow, back into the mid to upper 70s, 76 , mostly sunny skies, few clouds, likewise during the day, still pleasant 76. seven-day forecast, temperatures i told you mid to upper 70s
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beautiful weather for the daytona 500 distance classic. 77 on wednesday little more on the way of showers, 61 on friday and 65 on saturday. so big changes guys by the end of the week. >> all right mike thanks. if you live to be 110 you can pretty much do what you get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin. pay for a day, dive all year, splash all year,
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>> trending tonight, you can train your puppy to do all sorts of tricks, sit rollover play dead. but what about meow? you may think she's teaching her dog to be bilingual. first he barks, that's wrong, the owner directs the dog to say meow, the dog has got to be so confused, why are you making me do that? remember the bucs player, he said his dog spoke spanish. you would like to see that one, right? >> and tomorrow, a cat that barks. finally, a 110th birthday calls for a big celebration when you've been alive that long.
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you feel like doing, that includes a live tv interview. >> are you excited for your party? >> not one bit. are. >> it's great! >> this is flossy stick dickey. fox reporter learned she was a woman of few words. what is flossy's secret to live so long? she says she doesn't fight it, she just lives it. she does not care. >> her favorite show must be on the tv somewhere. she's glued to that thing. coming up in sports, chase
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3 sign that the lightning are ironing out their >> well, maybe this is the sign that the lightning are ironing out their issues. the bolts beat the penguins for the first time in the regular
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they gained two points on what is really a crowded race to the pennant. no one is on anton, rips it from the blue line, one-nothing tampa bay. another long range shot, stephen stamkos, 300th goal, behind vivianie lecaviller. matt carl with another long shot. the bolts get 1 early against the penguins. the lightning putting on a passing clinic and tyler johnson finishes it off with a big lead. can the lightning learn from thursday's let down? ben johnson, 37 of 39 shots he turns away and the lightning sweep the penguins 4-2. chase elliot will have a chance
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winning the daytona 500 won't be as easy as running the poll of the xfinity race. he's in a position, though, to do it. just a kid out of high school a custom years ago, he takes out bonnie la bonte, the wreck of the day, really mild, just four cautions. wekit's whether they restart joey logano gets pushed aside, and elliot would get hold of logano and beats him. he ran out of track. we'll find out coverage of the daytona 500 starts at noon.
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that's it for the fox 13 news. >> good day starts tomorrow at 6:00, until then have a good night! crtion carlos santana realtime closed captioning
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