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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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found in the car when the car crashed on u.s.-19 several minutes later. now police obviously did not find the boy so they started a wide search. here is the scene of that crash. and when the police were told the car had a boy in it they tracked it with gps it was going the wrong way. the car was stopped by a cruiser. two people will be charged with filing a false report. >> the exchange may have some drug nexus. it was something that was i i think got out of hand and obviously a complete inappropriate statement by the mother. we'll count our blessings that the child was safe and deal with >> reporter: obviously, the police started a very wide search for that young boy
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he was missing for an hour but he never knew it, he was at the center the entire time. police went and checked that out. we're told that dcf will evaluate the situation and visiting with the boy's mother when she gets finished up dealing with the police. several people will have to answer for several charges here for failing those false reports. we are waiting for the names involved. the boy is safe and never in any danger. >> that is good news. >> thank you, evan. the storms that moved through this afternoon left a mess. and the damage in harper heights. >> reporter: crews have been here trying to fix downed lines and i counted homes with the damage. many homes had their roofs ripped right off.
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were inside, the next their phone alarms alerted them and before they could take cover, the damage was being done. >> the wind came up howling i said get the wind dough closed. we had to hold the shutters. we would have lost our heads. >> the house did shake, i think it happen sod fast i could not process what was happening. you heard the gust of wind when you looked out could you not see anything it was gray. >> we have not been told about any injuries, a lot of the families i spoke with say they went through hurricane charley and the fact they may have to rebuild again is very unsettling. this was not the only damage done. coming up at 6:00 i'll show you more of it. kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> it was busy for paul all morning and the team.
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>> on schedule we woke up this morning watching a line out in the gulf at 3:00 then it was to the east with the front. we had heavy rain and there was a lull and stuff was going south of us. two confirmed tornadoes. one was near duette, people who work for mosaic saw the tornado in the distance and it stayed over the open field. that's good considering what happened there last month. there is the confirmed tornado down by charlotte county, now the front is pushing the bulk of the rain well south of us down by naples and into west palm. this rain will slide from us.
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weather up to dc, can you see the warnings. one getting close to washington, dc with strong winds. the front is moving south and now we move away from the rain. and a long stretch of cool weather. they are not done yet. there is another storm on the way. we'll talk about that in the forecast in 10 minutes. back to you. >> across the southeast people are cleaning up the damage left from the storms 7 touched down killing three people and injuring dozens of others. and the powerful force of the storms. >> it came behind and ripping the trees apart. it was terrible. can you imagine it was behind the house we could not see it. it was east across the lake.
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crews have been working to restore power to thousands in pensacola. the storm damaged homes and a number of other buildings. the governor got a look at what was left behind. the winds damaged 70 homes. they are working so residents can get back to normal. developing this evening, three new cases of zika virus involving pregnant women now confirmed here in florida. they tested positive for a history of the virus after traveling the affected countries. we're not getting other details but that is bringing the cases to 32. of those only three people are still showing symptoms. let's bring in dr. jo to talk about this, what do you think that means? >> yesterday the cdc said they were investigating 14 possible
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>> they traveled where zika was circulating. they did not have symptoms when they came back to florida. it showed they had a past infection. that is triggering close monitoring with the doctors, they will be watched carefully we hear about the cases each of those cases it is going to require personnel. they will have to test them and respond to the patient and trigger follow up. that means mosquito control. testing now is being covered by the state, the outbreak is clearly requiring resources. victim of the findings, they say that they're performing about 300 test as week. today dr. armstrong, the surgeon general of florida say they are working for the cdc. >> we have to manage the
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know and what we have appreciated is guidance from the cdc now that is acknowledging uncertainty and helping us to provide insights for people so we keep them safe. >> keeping them safe is the key. they do expect we may have small local outbreaks here in florida but they think that the caution is going to prevent any significant outbreaks. >> cynthia. >> dr. jo. >> developing tonight authorities in colorado say a deputy is dead and two wounded after a shooting in bailey. that's 45-miles southwest of denver t is a rural community. they were shot as they served an eviction notice at a wooden two-story home. the man lost ownership. they returned fire killing the shooter. the man who was killed had served ten years on the force.
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over, the wedding plans in ruins and millions of dollars in gold and diamonds are missing. there is no happily ever after for this couple. going going says this is the -- gloria gomez said this requires two courtrooms. >> the breakup could get ugly. one of them could face possible prison time. >> most brides to be are busy booking their photographer, mary katherine hunt was busy taking a booking photo. >> very ugly break up. >> it is playing out in two courtrooms. >> can it get uglier? what is a gift, what is his. >> a billionaire businessman no longer feels the love. he accuses her not of breaking his heart but of breaking into his home and stealing millions of dollars worth of diamonds, jewels and gold. he said she had some of the loot
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virginia and her parents, he says, helped her do it. now he is taking all three of them to federal court to get his items back. an expert believes that mitchell has a good case. >> because you want your property, you think it is yours does not mean you go in and take it. that sets you up for criminal and civil liability, the lawsuit may be the least of the troubles. she is facing criminal charges of grand theft that could send his beauty away for a long time, she thinks that the jewel the gold diamonds were given as a gift. she he could have sued him in court to get it back. she took the law and matters in her own hands with that dollar amount she is looking at 30 years in prison. >> she is back in court on monday on a pre-trial hearing. we will be there and let you know how this plays out in court. >> incredible story. >> thank you. a polk county woman is
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and she is charged with being an accessory in his murder. he was shot in their home. she did not kill clark and she doesn't know who did. she was charged because she brought her brother over to the house and asked him to bury the body. >> there is tamario clark dead. he said what happened. >> i don't know he is just dead. she said did you call him a ambulance or call the police. no, i didn't call anyone i was afraid they would ask too many questions. >> i'm sure the detectives did when they got there. >> the body stayed where it was and it was found. 7000-dollar as month that's the judgment. >> she was paying her ex 7000-dollar as month alimony. was that fair. the fight to change florida's alimony laws. we don't want to be in a situation because of the complaints we have to do
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big changes coming to a skate park. why it is closing earlier than usual add pay a fee. chip cart ser retiring after 28 years. his last day is friday. starting today you will see special good buys and tributes like this one from a familiar face. >> chip, congrats on a fabulous career. i understand are you retiring or rewiring whatever you do i hope
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exciting and gives you great ((cynthia vo)) the city of lakeland opened a state of the art the city of lakeland opened a skate park a few years ago one of the best in the state but things are not rolling along as smoothly as they expected. ken suarez said big changes are now in store for the park. [music] >> reporter: what an adrenaline rush, to skate like this or just to watch. here it is free either way. skaters from all over are drawn to the new skate park because it is known as the cream of the crop. a gem. >> the majority of the people throughout are out there to get exercise, have fun and you know have the camaraderie that we have out there. >> reporter: there is more than sick moves and balance here. >> we had a number of fielded
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there you have to do something. >> reporter: in the last few years it has had 60 complaints many about what is going on in the parking lot. police have made dozens of drug arrests, taken people in for stealing and threatening violence. starting monday, the park will be closing at 8 p.m. two hours earlier than usual down. the city is thinking about hiring someone to pay that salary for the first time ever the city would charge an entrance fee, we worked hard to get this built years of hard work and for a few to come in and spoil the fun for many is disappointing. >> a bump in the road for a place that was supposed to be smooth sailing all the way. >> some 300 people have signed a
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now your sky tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto. tombly for a timed today, we had a bit in the way of bright skies but we were watching a squall line. and dave on good day tampa bay was tracking it. and then walls of water coming in from the gulf and in the bay area. there is no severe weather at all. heay rain. some gusty wind and lightning. severe weather near duette and in charlotte county. there was one in the green swamp in polk county across caused no damage. 83 -- .83.
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>> and 8.71. rain over us is goneky say that the next 5 to six days it is rain free. >> there is left over rain strong storms by miami. that's their problem not our problem and today is strong storms one by.
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the rain moves away. high pressure in. lots of sunshine. and observation from workers out in the field earlier touched down in the field. no damage and a survey team for the service in russ din on the way down. >> that was between noon and 2:00 this afternoon. the satellite radar shows cold front moving away. low pressure moving away. we have this, lots of red you know what that means that's the dry air. multiple days in a row filled with sunshine chilly nights. 40s for lows and 60s for highs. cooler by tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. with maybe some clouds coming in off the gulf.
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small craft advisory up. lots of sunshine through friday. temperatures now are in the 50s. 60s. 70s. 80s south of us and the dew points are dropping. the front has passed tampa, the winds have shifted. the schooler weather is on the way. can you see the front. sarasota has a northwest wind in tampa and the front is like here. then behind it winds will shift. tonight in the 60s day break we drop in. clearing. breezy and cooler. we're down to 52. sunshine on thursday. windy.
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more sunshine and cool. >> seas 6 to 10 feet. next tide is low tide at 901. the 7-day is dry but many models have another storm along the jet that could impact us during the second half of next week. el nino is not done yet. >> thank you. next, free wi-fi. where the service could be up
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limited but free wife we may be up and running in st. pete williams park on monday. and steve nichols tells us the parks may be the next and larger hot spots. for years the williams park was a bus stop and spot for the homeless. the less welcome crowd is thinning out and the city is going to use wi-fi to bait a new
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>> i think so. >> the target audience are the college students who attend classes right across the street from the park. they are on board. >> and i would use it there that gives me quiet time to myself and, you know i can get more done. >> and sources kell fox 13 the city will pay bright house for the hot spot. otherwise it will be similar to that on campus. and there is a monthly cap of a gigabyte. >> to down load a book or check their mail quickly, that's all the access that you need. >> sources tell fox 13 that the city and bright house are discussing it in st. pete's welcomed. >> it's by the water more people like to exercise and that sort of thing.
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increase foot traffic. >> the wi-fi is still in the works but williams park could be a hot spot come monday. beyond the free wi-fi the city wants to host events in the park again to get more people to use it. up next the fight to change alimony laws here. the refusals being proposed. we're winning winning winning. >> donald trump on a roll. his momentum heading into the super tuesday races. can any other republican stop him. >> chip, how are you doing, congrats on an amazing career you know what, time for you to sit back and watch sports
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there could soon be a new set of guildelines for divorces. lawmakers there could be a set of guidelines for divorces. lawmakers are looking at reforming two issues: alimony and child support as aaron mesmer reports there are bills aimed at making the playing field even for husbands and wives split up. >> eporter: terry was married for years, i have adjusted my
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>> she had to pay her exhusband 65% of her income for the rest of her life thatting was a big chunk at first, 7000-dollar as month. that's the judgment against me. >> because of that judgment, she lost the home, went bankrupt and 16 years later she is still paying a lot just not as much. >> it was an emotional and financial nightmare. >> they could be setting at new set of rules. bills in the legislature would end the permanent alimony setting minimum and maximum amounts. >> this will create some certainty t is not the only reform on the table, lawmakers are looking at child custody, specifically how much time parents. and some lawmakers want judges to start with the assumption that a 50-50 time share is best or explain why it's not. and an attorney worries this is broken. >> if you have a home where
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participated with the children to the extent they can, they should get 50-50 time sharing regardless of the new bill that's passed. >> the bills keep the issues spate and one attempts to combine them. and that has derailed reform in the past. different. >> it's not going to have a huge impact on me but if i prevent anyone else from going through what i have gone through, it is well worth it. >> aaron mesmer, fox 13 news. >> opponents of alimony reform feel it would impact spouses who give up careers to stay at home n 2013 lawmakers passed a bill that would have eliminated permanent alimony but it was vetoed because it was let owe active. donald trump is on a roll. he won nevada by more than 20 points. and craig patrick here is show us what this means.
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than on a roll. >> this is not over by any stretch but he will be hard to stop. he hit a ceiling. he shot up. can you add cruz and marco rubio's numbers out and they do not match donald trump. so he has fired up a movement of republicans and conservatives who are fed up with the broken promises they have heard from their party in washington, so. to understand what is happening here. what the supporters are saying. >> we need someone and handle things the right way. >> and making america great, cleaning up the government. >> even though they are and he will come through for the people.
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looking for something different. it's about time, they are not alone. there are 11 states that will weigh in on tuesday. we're six days away and polling that matches what they are seeing in south carolina and nevada. that's all donald trump with the possible exception of texas where ted cruz, arkansas and it will be good to donald trump. >> marco rubio getting some money endorsements. will that make a difference. getting a lot of that. part of the problem he has is that he is going after ted cruz. he is going after marco rubio. they are trying to take each other down which makes it hard to get to the top. yes, getting a lot of money will keep him going. that's for sure. let's remember jeb bush had a lot of money and he was flooded with endorsements and we saw how that played out.
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cruz and marco rubio know this and money from the class will get you where you feed to be. this is very different, it is unusual and it set up a situation where we may have some but not full clarity next week. it may be again all back to florida on march 15th. >> there we go again. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. some environmentalists are say nothing to fracking a group gathered outside of city hall they want tom lee to vote. the measure will fast track it. and it has been blamed for everything from poisoned water supplies to earthquakes. advocates want to find another option. >> we live in the sunshine state look what we have available. what very solar, we have wind. we have wave, other sources of energy and let's use our resources and to go in this direction.
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cities to ban the legislation to allow fracking. well a dangerous liam of faith gone viral i don't know if that's what it is. >> check out the tourists caught jumping off the international beach. that's a 70-foot drop into the water. a recorded it 154,000 people watched it on the king of the inland facebook page. >> anything could have happened, you know a gust of wind or jumped wrong. >> yes or hit that right there. >> that is a non-criminal traffic offense. if they find you they could fine you $116. >> doesn't look fun.
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next helping cance3 ask a survivor and they'll ask a survivor they will tell you, cancer treatment can make you feel like you have been shoot up -- chewed up and spit out. there is a program out there trying to make it easier. >> when hitting the gym, surviving a work out is the goal for some, burning on the shoulders. today this ymca is filled with survivors. in the truest sense of the word.
5:38 pm
and it went to brain cancer. they are participating in the live strong program for survivors and families. >> and they come to us and feel helpless. they don't know where to go. they didn't get follow up after the diagnosis. >> after her body was beat down she turned to the program in hopes of regaining the strength she lost. >> physically what were you capable of doing on day one? >> not much, not much. >> after completing the course she is back to a place she never thought she would see again. >> i didn't realize how much stronger i could become and my doctor is impressed what i have back. he said sometimes you will not get any back. surgery add radiation is what she endured. today is the first day with live strong. >> she is looking to restore strength.
5:39 pm
she hopes to gain more. >> i'm not the only one who said it is okay i need a nap. it is okay i ged sad. it is a remind they're life after cancer is not easy. everyone wants to support the person that's going through chemo. everyone wants them to feel beautiful and great about themselves, once you're done, congratulations you did it. we're proud of you go live your life, they forget that you almost don't remember how to. >> the goal here is to help them remember and show survivors they can be stronger physically and mentally than the day they were diagnosed. dina has a message for anyone who is struggling to get their old self back.
5:40 pm
get up and come to the live strong program. it's not only about weights and things it is about companionship, people being there for you. >> now the live strong program is available to any cancer survivor and most y's do participate. janna she is five weeks in and she is getting the physical and mental support she was looking for. she just had her six month mammogram and she continues to be cancer free. we have more information on our web site. >> that interview you did, that's compelling. i listened to a lot and posted a larger portion. it was great, thank you. >> thank you. >> that was very powerful. looking for talent. and the coach knows where the holes are. he has a wish list and a wide receiver whose impact on and off
5:41 pm
the story in indianapolis after paul's weather. career. >> best of luck in retirement, you have covered it all. the bucs winning the super bowl to the lightning bringing home the cup and rays to the series. you had an incredible career.
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congrats on 28 years in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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we've been talking about the storms that hit we have been talking about the storms that hit the southern parts of the viewing area. this is a funnel cloud in polk county. this was around 12:30 this afternoon. florida shores see its share of storms during the summer months, but we can get some fierce storms during the winter. look at what happened today. tornadoes are what we have to worry about. listen to this from mike bennett. >> when you think of tornadoes, images like this come to mind, twisters tearing through the midwest destroying everything they touch. now they call parts of that tornado alley. it may be a long way from florida but the sunshine state can be just as active.
5:45 pm
highest number of tornadoes in the u.s., the majority ever the storms in the summer months during a rainy season. they may be water spouts that move ashore and water spouts may be weaker than the typical tornadoes they can pack a punch with winds of 40 to 90 miles per hour. and they can cause damage. while the winter and spring months are part of the dry season they can bring the worse weather. the fronts this time of the year have brought the areas strongest and most destructive tornadoes and the el nino pattern fuels the weather. there have been 25 ef-3 tornadoes since records were kept. and 18 of those occurred during el nino weathers. how should you prepare v a plan in place and discuss it with the family. thanks to doppler radar and other advancements.
5:46 pm
over the last decade. a warning is issued before a tornado. down load the app that will alet the record alert you when a warning is issued. if there is a warning you should find a small interior room on the lowest floor of the house avoiding windows and electrical equipment. if you are in a mobile home have a way to get to a building. avoid going out during the storm and remember the 30-30 rule. don't go out within 30 seconds wait after the last clap before going on. tornadoes are dangerous and can be scary. this should guide to you safety in case of an emergency.
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>> we had an active day today. we watched clouds as the day moved along and the clouds moved in. heavy rain around midmorning. can you see literally walls of water coming in. and breaks later. the front it is busy. low. that is almost double the average. 75 is the high. >> we should end most of the
5:48 pm
the front is sliding to the south. showers moving in advance. >> there is left over rain, heavier rain is continuing by fort maiers to naples across coast. we're tracking, this is incredible under the cell as number of warnings up. and at one point there were 12 along the line. >> and it is near dc, east of
5:49 pm
a warning, this is active. and a strong subtropical jet up the east coast. we'll sit in the dry zone. >> i'm sure of it we'll stay rain free there will be low pressure across the gulf rain and storms a cleaning up the dew points are dropping in the 50s and the 60s.
5:50 pm
front small craft advisory. talk about a change. in the 60s and the 70s. cooler down to 52 ins 60s. sunny and cool up to 62. 7-day forecast is rain free. tuesday. as i mentioned during the weather cast we'll watch for more rain and storms towards next weekend. chip, how are you doing. >> you have been busy. the bucs want vincent jackson but not at $9.8 million, dirk koetter is saying the right things he wants him on any team he is coaching but jackson is not worth $9.8 million. he missed six games finished the season on injured reserve and 33. so dirk koetter is at the nfl
5:51 pm
at a lot of talent that's where the holes are. since he ran the offense. he talked about the work to get up to speeded on the defense. what he needs a ed he bans the defense to do. >> it's not like i dependent look at them. we had two players in pro bowl. with david and mccoy, two guys in the pro bowl and alexander. middle linebacker. >> and we'll be different. i mean i think we will be a multiple team on defense. offense. >> that's what we'll do. genius. offense.
5:52 pm
$8 million, that's a big dollar amount and. >> that's a number that did not stun jason licht. , we have a couple of things he wants to be a buc. i know we want him to be so, i'm sure there will be hurdles, there are in negotiations but you know we'll prepare. >> and we'll talk with them. >> and lightning have got to be feeling more optimistic. jon cooper has the team daled in. not only what they have done but -- dialled in. not only were they picking it up in the second. in control. watch the post. it is goals that will put the teams in the playoffs. 1-0. and the shot from the blue line. that's a mistake. and it is blocked.
5:53 pm
he has the break away. gets the shot. doesn't get the goal he gets the call a penalty. watch he pulls it off perfectly. look hard to see the puck is on its edge rolling. >> lightning on the way to the fourth win. jon cooper said it is good seeing him playing up to full speed. , we have no doubt in his abilities and how he plays but tough injurys. the lower body how you skate and play, nothing but heart. >> the shot ofs year but out of the ncaa tournament.
5:54 pm
inside it is blocked. 85 feet. that's not a shot i thought there was a teammate down the court. like a pass. no tra vectorry. and they lose and that could hurt them when it comes to the time and the invitation. >> he was looking at the clock and knew. >> this is crazy. >> this is the time of the year when it is interesting. >> some people don't like to
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but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99.
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3 stocks close higher as oil prices stabalize. the oil prices stabilize and stocks rose. and the nasdaq up 39 and the s&p gained 8. the 6:00 news is next. here are mark and kelly. gang we have the story tonight of true heroes. they risked their lives in the middle of a hurricane. look at this. tonight the story of a rescue they pulled off during the middle of hurricane joaquin, we have video of a collapse in australia. what investigators say they found there. you will meet filmmakers with quite the powerful message.
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3 she reported a car stolen... told police her little boy missing... but now police say none of it may be true. a bother told the police her boy was missing. it may not be true. and storms roll untilled and caused a lot of damage and rain. rescue ons high seas a crew
6:00 pm
save lives. good evening and welcome. >> i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring, we have a developing story to tell you about right now. it involve as story that unfolded this afternoon of a stolen car and this boy who was believed to be missing. it was believed to be stolen from a home in clearwater and later crashed on u.s. 19 just south of kerlew road. evan that boy was never really missing at all, was he? >> reporter: well, no. he wasn't. right now, kelly i have been told that there are two suspects inside clearwater police headquarters right now being interviewed by the police. >> this was a cover for a drug transaction, the mother told police she left the car


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