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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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@ @ stop resisting me -- @>> alcides: a body camera @captures a bloody arrest. @what the pasco sheriff said his @deputy did nothing wrong. @ polls open up in south @carolina, but hillary clinton @and bernie sanders are already @looking forward to super @tuesday. @ a new water taxi service @gets under way this morning in @downtown tampa. @why the owner feels like now is @the best time to drop anchor @along the riverwalk. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @ good morning to you and @welcome to "good day tampa bay." @7 a.m. on this chilly saturday @morning, i am anjuli davis. @>> alcides: and i am. @>> alcides: @>> alcides. @thank you for being with us. @jim weber in for lindsay @milbourne. @thank you for being here.
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@come visit you guys. @it is a nice day. @>> alcides: a cold start. @>> jim: somebody sent me a @message on facebook. @message on facebook. @i keep saying it is so nice @outside, why don't i go outside @and do the weather. @i would love to. @[ laughter ] @anjuli 45 degrees. @>> jim: that feels good to me. @i don't mind it at all. @summertime, that is a whole @different story. @but look outside right now, hey, @44, anjuli. @how do you like that. @just add a little bit more on to @that there. @so you can see we are really @day. @lots of clear skies. @head out to the beach. @yeah, anybody? @i don't see a single person out @there. @maybe a little too cold out @there on the beach for most @people. @brandon, 39 degrees. @wesley chapel the same. @brooksville, now below freezing, @31 degrees. @crystal river, 32. @a bit warmer along the coastline @and st. petersburg at 51 degrees @degrees. @the temperatures up for today
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@by tomorrow, that will be nice. @71 with plenty of sun, and we @continue that warming trend as @we go into the workweek. @the full forecast is coming up. @. @you, jim. @ voters head to the polls for @the democratic primary. @>> anjuli: the polls opened @just a few minutes ago and today @will be an uphill battle for @bernie sanders who has a long @crime for hillary clinton's @snrang the state. @clinton has a huge advantage in @the south morning @clinton @euclidean was at a rally in @downtown columbia taking shots @of the gop hopefuls for offering @what she called failed economic @policies. @sanders also made a stop in the @state and chose to attack @clinton for having to accept @campaign contributions and @speaking fees from wall street @interests. @>> i do not have a super pac. @i do not raise millions of
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@secretary clinton has a super @pac received last filing period @$15 million from wall street. @>> anjuli: both camps are @looking beyond south carolina. @clinton will hold rallies in @alabama and saernds will be in @texas as well as minnesota. @ did you see this? @with just a few more days until @the pivotal super tuesday @primaries, republican front @runner donald trump picked up a @big endorsement. @at a news conference in fort @worth, texas. @new jersey governor chris @christie endorsed trump for @president. @clinky said trump is the best @candidate to defeat hillary @clinton and fix washington. @ the endorsement probably @dealt the biggest blow to ohio @governor john kasich's campaign. @he said he asked for christie's @support, but the new jersey @governor obviously went in @another direction. @kasich is scheduled to hold two @campaign events later today in @tennessee. @ and locally some good news @for drivers in clearwater this @morning. @the csx construction along chest
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@chestnut street has finished @ahead of schedule. @that means chestnut street @between myrtle and fort harrison @avenues are open. @no more planned construction @projects near the memorial @causeway for some time. @ i am not going to do it. @>> put the hands behind your @[bleep] @back. @on the ground! @>> alcides: that body camera @video show an arrest that left a @pasco county woman bloody @pasco county woman bloodied and @injured. @the sheriff's office released @the entire video because the @sheriff said it showed his @deputy did the right thing. @the sheriff's office has been @facing criminal civil from @people who claim that the @people who claim that the deputy @used too much force. @but according to their use of @force policy the deputy did @nothing wrong. @tiffany tebow is the woman seen @in that video. @deputies say she was resisting @arrest. @last week a deputy and store @security at beall's approached @her of a pair of shoes in her
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@tebow would not allow the deputy @to handcuff her. @a tussle began. @and she claims she actually @slapped @slammed her head on to the @cement wall. @you can see she is badly @bleeding there. @sheriff chris knuckle says @deputies can't simply walk away @from someone who doesn't want to @be arrested. @>> if the deposit thee jumped on @her and, you know, that would @have been a full-out fight on @the ground. @would you have been on ground; @however, faced a taser, you @know, suspects are more likely @to comply. @>> reporter: that deputy later @grabbed a towel to apply @pressure on her head. @she was taken to a hospital. @she is expected to be okay. @her record shows she has @numerous arrests in the past. @the sheriff said he knows @exactly what to do once she is @being arrested. @and st. pete police chief is @said to be interested on cameras @on playoff's guns. @very interesting. @the cameras turn on whenever an @officer puts a weapon out of its @holster and also sends an alert
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@images to supervisors. @the police chief tony hurricane @allo which said the cameras @would document exactly what @would happen in police @shootings. @would buy the technology today @he said if it worked correctly, @but there are adjustments that @still need to be made. @ in the meantime, st. pete @police have a very dangerous @problem on their hands. @more than 60 guns are still @missing this morning after @recently being stolen from a @home. @police have arrested this man, @gregory phillips, but they say @they only recovered a fraction @of the guns he stole. @this case, combined with others, @brings the number of stolen guns @in st. pete up to 99. @that is already a third of the @guns stolen in all of last year. @friday, mayor rick krisman and @anthony hling lowway pushed a @gun safety initiative. @part of it giving away gunlocks @and car clubs. @>> people talk about the second @amendment. @take the gun out of your car. @put in your home. @lock it up. @we are not telling you not to @have it. @we are telling to you be
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@>> the bottom line that guns are @only in the hands of responsible @gun owners. @>> reporter: the city said those @gun locks were donated. @as for phillips, charged with @armed burglary and being in @position of a firearm. @ a hillsborough county man is @behind bars and facing charges @in a case dating back to 2014. @deputies have charged kareem m y @deputies have charged kareem m @yring of killing marcus williams @at the claymore apartments in @seffner. @he was in his car when myree @ordered him to get out and fatal @ordered him to get out and @fatally shot him in the head @with a shotgun. @it is then believed that myree @drove off in his car. @detectives say it was all about @drugs, a large amount of @marijuana and cash was found at @the victim's home. @ and a tampa man accused of @expose @exposing himself to young girls @is also under arrest this @morning. @deputies say they saw @23-year-old andrew poqwete @driving slowly around pierce @and leto high schools expose
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@him selves to young girls. @a couple of days earlier he @exposed himself to two @13-year-old girls to wrote down @his license plate and reported @it. @detectives say there could be @more victims. @ switching gears, imagine @wins a $43 million lottery jack @wins a $43 million lottery @jackpot and not keeping a scent @of it. @that is exactly what a 90 @that is exactly what a @90-year-old couple from seminole @said they did. @sora and her husband won the @february 17 florida lotto @drawing. @they took the lump sum walking @away with more than $31 million. @and instead of keeping it, they @say they split it up among @family members. @neighbors say this could not @have happened to a better couple @have happened to a better @couple. @>> it's great. @they are the quietest, nicest, @most reserved people that you @see in your life. @only comes out to to get the @mail. @still mow s the lawn real, real @simple people and simple life. @>> anjuli: they bought the
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@will get, $100,000 for selling @that winning ticket. @ happening in largo, armed @forces history museum will be @holding a military surplus flea @market from 8:00 until 3 @p.m. the event will take place @at the warehouse directly next @door to the museum. @admission to the flea market is @free and if you want to visit @the museum as well, there will @be discounted admission prices @for $10. @charley belcher was there to @have a ton of cool stuff. @>> anjuli: looks neat. @>> alcides: very, very neat. @ the zika virus and how it is @affecting women in the u.s. @how children may be affected @with this disease. @ the new water taxi service @is planning on making big waves @in tampa. @the ships that plan to take @thousands of people up and down @the hillsborough river. @ you hey, jim. @>> jim: hey there, anjuli. @if you have outdoor plans, a @beautiful day. @on the cool side. @bundle up if you plan to be @outside.
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@st. pete from our usf marine @science camera. @temperatures on the cool side @everywhere you go across the @state. @plenty of temperatures in the @30s across really from @brooksville all the way across @the panhandle and northern @florida. @we will struggle to warm these @temperatures up, but the warming @trend really starts tomorrow. @the foreca life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box.
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what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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@ @ fox 13's "good day" local @for you all morning long. @>> alcides: a maiden voyage @took place for the new pirate
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@tampa mayor bob buckhorn was @seen on hand as the three new @ships were name and christened. @with the recent upgrades to the @downtown, businesses are sprout @downtown, businesses are @sprouting up all over the river, @and one business owner is hoping @one idea can tie all together. @>> i just want to pick @passengers up. @>> reporter: a one of a kind @experience and that one is @aiming to help land lovers in @downtown tampa travel the high @seas of the hillsborough river @and the garrison channel. @instead of fuming the seat of @your car during rush hour, troy @mante of the star ship cruises @hope that people will sit back, @relax and take in the beautiful @views along tampa's riverwalk. @>> the riverwalk is complete. @we have many attractions on the @riverwalk. @we have location coming down to @our downtown to experience the @all. @>> reporter: he says that he @finally sees the city of tampa
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@greatest and fastest-growing @assets. @he hopes his pirate water taxi @service will be an important @part of that. @>> i want to say all the @attractions and restaurants on @the riverwalk are very @successful how and it has @exceeded everyone's expectation. @and i think water taxi will @exceed our expectations as well. @buckhorn agrees. @>> the most eventful occurrence @we had in 30 years. @adding activities to the @waterfront. @adding restaurants, and bars and @ability to move up and down the @water will be critical. @a new water taxi service fits @perfectly with what we are @trying to do. @>> reporter: the water taxi @service will make 14 stops seven @days a week along the riverwalk, @channel district and davis @island. @the three 50-foot taxi also also @have concessions, rest rooms and @historical narration. @>> not just a water taxi but a @tour as well. @our captain also have pirate @hats and be in a pirate @character and the kids will feel
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@we will have eye patches for the @kids. @hats for the kids. @>> reporter: the idea of a water @taxsy nothing new in tampa. @for more than eight years, the @tampa water taxi offered dolphin @and sunset tours around the @hillsborough bay. @his company carries around 2,000 @people a month. @and in 1994, the tampa town @ferry started up. @but the riverwalk concept wasn't @there, and the business sank @before finally dissolving in 2 @2002. @mayor buckhorn says now things @>> this is a new city. @once we opened up that riverwalk @once we opened up that @riverwalk, we exposed the @downtown. @we exposed the water front to a @whole new generation of people. @>> reporter: business also also @be watching talks between @hillsborough and pinellas @county. @a proposed ferry service between @tampa and st. petersburg begins @november. @it is a six-month pilot program @and mante says he is willing to @change his water taxi schedule @to meet the needs of those being @dropped off at the tampa @convention center. @>> the ferry comes in at 7:00
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@there. @>> alcides: water taxis from 10 @a.m. to 10 p.m. sunday through @thursday and midnight on fridays @and saturday. @for more information on the @water taxi service head up to @our web site at @ and it is a beautiful, cold @start to your morning. @maybe a pretty nice day for your @boating, jim, what do you any. @>> jim: nice weather as far as, @water. @but on the cool side. @you know. @out there on your boat bundled @up, but i love that story about @the water taxi, because, you @know, what a nice relaxing way @to get back and forth to @different places. @wouldn't that be a nice thing to @have? @as you look outside right now, @we continue to see really quiet @conditions, beautiful sunrise @there over -- from our usf @marine science camera looking @over the bay from st. petersburg @over the bay from st. @petersburg. @and this picture doesn't show @you is it is just really cool @outside with these temperatures @running in the 40s, the 30s,
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@along the water -- the water is @helping to keep those @temperatures a little more mild. @and downtown st. petersburg @right now sitting about -- about @51 degrees. @here in testimony, 44. @dew point at 35. @humidity at 71%. @the winds a light northerly wind @at 3 miles per hour. @brooksville. @you are below freezing at 31 @degrees. @crystal river right at the @freezing mark of 32. @new port richey 45. @st. petersburg is -- that water @around you which is currently @running about 63, 64 degrees. @so keeping you at that 51-degree @mark. @sarasota down at 45 degrees. @even as you get to eastern @hillsborough county. @brandon at 39 with lakeland @currently sitting at 39 degrees. @have the cold front work its way @through. @and strong northerly winds @brought back the cooler and @drier air and you can see we are @signature much cooler than we @are even yesterday. @here in tampa, we are 11 degrees
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@yesterday. @it 8 degrees colder in wesley @chapel and the cool temperatures @really mean we are going to see @a cool afternoon for today. @very pleasant weather as far as @humidity and lower humidity will @stick around for the next few @days and get a lot of clear @skies. @high pressure just kind of @meandering across the southeast @over the state means we will @continue to be see plenty of sun @through next week. @not until this high gets to the @east that we start to warm @temperatures up. @that will actually be tomorrow. @that high will shift on to the @east, and really have been quiet @weather across much of the @eastern half of the country, and @really in fact -- much of the @country is quiet right now as we @get to the rocky mountain that @we are seeing really any @weather. @we are seeing a few snow @flurries across west virginia @and western pennsylvania, person @new york as well. @and really most of the weather @is up into canada. @now watch futurecast.
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@that moves on to the east for @today and it will be lighter @winds and once we get to the @east, our winds turn more toward @an easterly and southeasterly @direction. @and that warms temperatures up @slowly as we get into the first @part of the week. @and by the time we get into the @middle of the week, we are @looking at daytime highs into @the mid and in some cases the @upper 70s. @we are watching one front that @is working its way into the @southeast, but notice as it is @moving into georgia, @mississippi, alabama. @you are not seeing much in the @way of any rain with this. @it will work its way through @here. @go ahead and keep that 30% @chance of a couple of showers by @wednesday. @behind that just slightly cooler @temperatures. @so we are really not going to @see that big cooldown with the @next cold front. @so as far as these temperatures @as we go through the week. @we are warming things up nicely @by the time we get into tuesday @where we are at 77.
7:20 am
@74. @so it can taking until about @monday until we get up to what @we consider average or normal @temperatures for this time of @the year. @the forecast goes like this for @today, plenty of sun. @a little bit on the cool side. @daytime high of 63 degrees. @and then for tonight, clear @skies and one more chilly night @for tonight with that overnight @low of 44 degrees. @and then for tomorrow, a nice @day. @plenty of sun. @daytime high of 71 degrees. @now on the water. @winds are out of the north at 10 @to 15 knots. @and a moderate chop on the by a. @here is your seven-day forecast. @temperatures into the 70s. @slight chance of a few showers. @on wednesday a 30% chance. @otherwise, this is a pretty @nice-looking week ahead. @back to you. @>> anjuli: not bad, thank you, @jim. @ 83-year-old yoko ono is
7:21 am
@>> but her pub cyst.downplaying @what took her there. @paramedics said she was @unconscious. @initial reports were she may @have had a stroke but her @publicist calls it flu-like @symptoms. @she said that she will be @released from the hospital. @antiocho ono lived in the same @apartment building since the @early '70s when she was married @to john lennon. @lennon was shot and killed in @front of his building back in 19 @front of his building back in @1980. @ still no word this morning @on why a gunman in washington @state killed four family members @and then shot himself in front @of police. @the violent ending followed a @standoff that lasted self-hours. @this all happened in the town of @bellfair which is about 70 miles @west of seattle. @a 12-year-old girl believed to @be the gunman's daughter was @able to escape and appears to be @the lone survivor of that @shooting. @ police arrested the @ex-girlfriend of the man that @killed three people and hurt 15 @others.
7:22 am
@providing the guns used by @cedric ford earlier this week. @investigators say even though @ford was a convicted felon, she @supplied him with three guns. @hopkins is a preschool family @advocate. @she could serve as long as 10 @years in prison if convicted. @ in the meantime, hundreds of @people gathered to hold a candle @people gathered to hold a @candlelight vigil in honor of @those victims. @organizers hope the community @can help heal. @speakers offered prayers and @those victims. @ alarming news about zika @here in the u.s. @the cdc now says the @mosquito-borne virus has been @confirmed this nine pregnant @women across the country. @all of them contracted the virus @overseas. @so far three babies have been @born. @one with a brain defect. @the cdc says it is also @investigating ten additional @reports of pregnant travelers @with zika. @ downright scary. @that is what the chief legal
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@snyder said about the flint @water quality in an e-mail back @in 2014. @the administration released @8,000 e-mails related to the @quality of drinking water in @flint. @the e-mails show snyder's office @was asked to switch the water @supply back to its original @source in october of 2014. @snyder @snyder has since apologized to @the people of flint and refunded @$30 million to residents for @their high water bills. @still can't believe what is @happening there. @>> anjuli: it's a mess. @ after the break, the @playoffs are getting ever closer @for the tampa bay lightning. @we will show you how they did @last night in new jersey. @ plus the usf women's @basketball team plays their last @home game this afternoon.
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@gearing (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries
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like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. is a pleasure. @ @ in sports this morning, @lightning steven stamkos @extended to five games.
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@victory over the new jersey @devils. @the win was the bolts fifth @trade. @it puts down fourth in the @eastern conference. @ben bishop, had a heff of a @night, 21 saves for the third @shutout of the season. @the team now heads to boston @where they play the bruins @night. @ and later on this afternoon, @the 21st ranked usf women's @basketball team will tip off @against temple university at the @usf sun dome. @just two games left this season @before tournament time comes @around. @on monday, the bulls round out @the regular season with a match @the regular season with a @match-up against the currently @undefeated uconn huskies. @ a great weekend in daytona. @now nascar turns their wheels. @nascar xfinity series and @camping series will hold pole @and qualifying an races. @the sprint cup drivers will be @able to get out for one final @practice this afternoon. @and, of course, you can watch it
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@tomorrow at 12:30. @ and soccer fans today is the @last day for the suncoast @invitational at al lang stadium @in st. pete. @two games tonight at 4:00. @toronto -- and the philadelphia @union of major league soccer @play against each other. @and then at 7:00, the tampa bay @rowdies versus the montreal @impact. @plenty of tickets available if @you want to go cheer them on. @ still ahead, an icebreaker @stuck, and good news. @how this get it out. @ spring baseball is just a @few days away and the rays want @to get the fans pumped up. @kelly cowan will have a. @>> reporter: from the trop with @all the details for us. @ marco rubio and ted cruz was @nailing donald trump. @>> haven't heard of 200 million, @you know what donald trump would @be doing right now, selling @watches in manhattan. @>> reporter: marco rubio is @getting hammered in his own home @state and cruz is -- we will
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@thanks for joining us on this @saturday for "good day tampa bay @saturday for "good day tampa @bay. @" i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: an i am anjuli @davis. @a forecast with zim just a @minute. @but a look at the headlines this @half hour. @ the polls have opened this @morning for the south carolina @democratic primary. @polls already have hillary @clinton beating bernie sanders @by more than 20 points. @both camps however are already @looking toward super tuesday @with clinton and sanders making @numerous campaign stops in other @states today. @ passengers who were @cancelled friday at st. pete @clearwater international airport @are expected to fly out some @time this morning. @were cancelled because of @mechanical problems with the @aircraft. @friday's cancellations come a @day after one of its planes was @forced to abort takeoff at the @same airport. @since 2015, more than 25 @incidents have been reported by @several media outlets across the @country. @the majority of them occurred @right here at st. pete @clearwater airport.
7:32 am
@three gas skimmers in the past @month and a half. @while they are warning residents @about them, they are also team @about them, they are also @teaming up with gas station @owners to fight the problems. @officers have been out telling @owners to check their pumps for @devices several different times @a day. @skimmers come in many shapes and @sizes. @if you see one, you are asked to @call police. @ beautiful start this @morning. @we are seeing a lot of clear @skies. @just on the cool side this @morning. @very chilly temperatures and in @fact to the north, we are seeing @up toward brooksville, @temperatures sitting below @freezing right now, but as you @look at clearwater beach, what a @gorgeous looking view. @lighter winds for today, so @water conditions a little bit @better for today. @it is just these temperatures @are really going to strugth to @warm up as we go through the @morning hours and into the @afternoon. @right now here in tampa, we are @at 44 degrees. @dew point at 35. @humidity at 71%. @light north wind at 3 miles per @hour. @lots for today. @high pressure continues to build @in over the state that will keep
7:33 am
@that thigh kind of shift on into @the east. @that will help start our warming @trend. @that will begin tomorrow. @so for today, most of the day we @sit in the 50s not until mid @sit in the 50s not until @midafternoon hours where we will @lower 60s. @we will talk about that warming @trend coming up in just a little @bit, alcides. @>> alcides: thank you jr. jim. @ florida fish and wildlife @says florida's manatee @population is growing. @they have counted 6200 manatees @in florida waters this month. @that is 150 more than last year. @fwc survey found two most @popular warm spots for them to @gather are three sisters springs @in crystal river and the canals @at teco's big bend power plant @that is located in apollo beach. @ three 12-year-old girls in @volusia county are facing @criminal charges this morning @after allegedly spike @after allegedly spiking a soda @teacher sick. @one of the girls was angry with
7:34 am
@disciplined for dumping glue @into another student's backpack. @she is expected to mastermind @and someone put crushed red @pepper into the teacher's soda @while another friend distracted @the teacher. @they were transported to the @regional juvenile detention @center in daytona beach. @ a state appeals court ruled @that women must wait 24 hours @before having adoration @before having abortions right @here in florida. @the court overturned a temporary @injunction that was blocking the @new law requiring a waiting @period. @as a result, the law is @effective immediately. @supporters of the law say the @wait is consistent with that of @other medical procedures. @but opponents argue it will @impose hardships on women by @forcing them to miss work, lose @wages and pay for additional @child care and travel. @ state-run tv in syria have @reported that two people have @been killed this morning after a @car bomb exploded on the edge of @a government held town in the
7:35 am
@several other people were hurt. @no one has claimed @responsibility yet. @this comes hours after a @cease-fire agreement went into @effect in syria. @the agreement was arranged by @the u.s. and @the u.s. and russia and excludes @the group. @opposition forces including 100 @groups will abide by that @cease-fire. @u.s. ambassador amanda powers is @scent tall of how well the plan @also work given syria's history. @ an islamic group is claiming @responsibility for the death of @14 people in somalia. @the violence unfolded at the syl @hotel in mogadishu. @the attackers made their way @inside after a suicide bomber @rammed had is car at the @entrance of the hotel and blew @it up. @hotel guards and government @forces exchanged fire with the @militants ending the siege. @ good news out of antarctica @this morning, 37 people stranded @on australia's flagship
7:36 am
@on wednesday, the ship ran @aground after breaking free of @its mooring line. @they ferry @they ferried the people to a @research center after the @weather improved. @they will be flying home in just @a few days. @ coming up, a little cooler @out to $. @maybe some of you have the @sniffles. @i know i did a couple of weeks @ago. @did you hear the flu is pretty @bad. @>> bad. @a lot of people suffering. @we will sit down and discuss how @well the flu vaccine is working @and what i need 20 @and what i need to do in order @to keep your family health the @winter season. @ a look at last night's @winning lottery numbers. @no winner in the mega millions. @the jackpot up to a whopping $1 @the jackpot up to a whopping @$135 million. @someone won the lucky money. @that jackpot resets to $500,000. @here are the rest of your @winning numbers in case you won @a smaller prize. @time is 7:36.
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@ @ later on this morning, rays @fans can help kick off the @season at fanfest. @the rays players and coaches @will be at tropicana field to @meet and greet and take photos @with all the fans out there. @our own kelly cowan is also @there and the fans are getting @excited about this. @the season starts soon and the @race could be take @race could be taking a major @trip to cuba. @that will be historic for them. @>> reporter: that is absolutely @right. @historic for baseball, in fact. @now, of course, the rays spring @training schedule kicks off next @week and they take on the @nationality @nationals on wednesday. @but the game everyone is talking @about is that cuba game. @we heard reports here and there @of when exactly that game will @be played. @our most recent information from @chip carter saying it is likely @to be played on march 23. @the rays will travel to cuba to @take on the cuban national team @in havana. @this is the first for most than @a decade. @it has been more than a decade
7:41 am
@traveled to cuba and played in @ha reason is that. @the last time this happened 1999 @when the baltimore orioles @visited cuba to take on the @cuban national team. @the cuban national team came to @the states play them in @baltimore. @we are not expecting now for the @cuban national team to make the @trip -- and more things could be @announced. @all of this will be about @mending relationships with cuba. @we see the president and the @other politicians in d.c. @working on this. @this was apparently a big goal @for mlb commissioner rob manfred @to work on this year. @trying to patch up relationships @there and bridge a couple of @gaps between the two countries. @reporting live outside of -- we @are outside the trop outside of @tropicana field, kelly cowan, @fox 13 news. @back to you in the studio. @>> anjuli: still getting used @to tampa. @thank you, kelly. @>> alcides: she better guess @used to tampa.
7:42 am
@ the cdc said that season's @flu vaccine is 60% effective so @far. @st move effective flu vaccine in @the last couple of years. @but the virus can cause all @sorts of complications in life. @to talk more about that, nurse @practitioner angela swery. @>> no problem. @>> alcides: good to see you @again. @let's talk about the flu season, @because seems like this year it @is harder than years past. @seems to me stick around a lot @longer. @three to four weeks. @>> the big thing with the flu @season is you never know what @you are going to get until you @are into it. @the beginning of the flu season @was very mild but over in the @last 2 to 3 weeks, a huge @uptick in the number of flu @cases and i think i was telling @you not only the flu, but a lot @of other secondary infections @that come in and that makes flu @so difficult. @>> alcides: the cdc said 13 @people have died you will have @of this flu this season. @is that a high number?
7:43 am
@can be a killer to those who are @at high risk. @people at high risk are young @children, older adults, pregnant @ladies and those with other @complications that are going @along. @the most important thing is @getting your flu shot in early @in the season as literally @possible. @>> alcides: how serious is the @flu season this year. @>> reporter: always serious. @especially if you are in the @high risk category of category @and have the greater risk. @everybody can get the flu and @just something we have to try @prevent as much as possible. @>> alcides: it this string @lasting longer -- i don't @remember a three or four weeks @-- this whole newsroom 50% of @the people were sick. @it seems that everyone is @getting it and lasts longer. @a new strain or not really. @one we have seen before. @>> not really, but remember @every season is different and @every season has a different @strain that comes with it. @each strain acts a little bit @differently. @usually the flu lasts 3 to 7
7:44 am
@secondary infections, bronchitis @secondary infections, @bronchitis, sinusites. @>> alcides: goes right to your @lungs. @>> the bronchitis and pneumonia. @again those at high risk get the @flu shot. @>> alcides: what can we do? @>> number one the flu vaccine. @>> alcides: never too late for @that. @>> cvs and other clinics. @they are covered under insurance @they are covered under @insurances including medicare. @knowing how this spread. @it is spread through the eyes, @nose and mouth. @good hand washing is the number @two thing that you can do. @if you even touch something @contaminated you don't have to @be in the room with a patient @that has a flu. @certain flu viruses can live on @surfaces for couple of @thundershowers even days @depending on the conditions. @if you just touched something @and then touched your eye, could @you have just contaminated @yourself with the flu. @>> alcides: walk around with @gloves.
7:45 am
@contaminated so, yeah. @[ laughter ] @>> alcides: yeah, exactly. @i wanted to ask you one more @question and i know you are @running out of time. @you guys are very busy over at @the minute clinic and a lot of @things you can do to prevent it. @coming up in the next hour, we @will talk about the -- the flu @vaccine and i understand about @60% effective and not too rates, @but i also want to talk to you @about one more thing, i bu @pro-fen i heard if you take 800 @milligrams two or three times a @day it may work. @i want to talk to you about @that. @about this study and i will talk @to you about it coming up in a @little bit. @ down to anjuli -- actually @let's go down to jim. @jimz and we just continue to @enjoy this nice weather we had @over the past several days on @the cool side this morning. @lots of sun, but despite all the @sun, these temperatures really @struggling to warm up for today. @gorgeous view from our @clearwater beach right now as @light, northerly winds will @continue to bring down that cool @and dry air. @we are looking for that warming @trend to get cranked up, and
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
@the complete forecast is c @
7:49 am
@"good day tampa bay." @>> anjuli: it won't chocolate @that gave a couple in washington @state a surprise. @>> alcides: a seafood surprise. @ordered a pasta dish with @mussels and clams and enjoying @her @her meal and finally she @discovered that. @you are wondering what is that. @>> anjuli: a pearl. @>> alcides: a beautiful black @rock. @after taking it to the jeweler @found that that rock, that black @pearl is valued at $600 i think @a anjuli wow. @>> alcides: experts say finding @a pearl of this quality is rare, @so they actually have a better @chance of getting struck by @lightning. @so i think she is actually @selling it. @listen. @>> i have only had a few @occurrences of pearls coming in @under this scenario in 35 years @of appraising and the first of
7:50 am
@>> alcides: turns out she is @not selling it but use it as a @part of necklace for good luck. @>> anjuli: i think its a great @idea. @>> alcides: a great idea. @anderson anderson i wonder if @she cracked her tooth. @>> alcides: doesn't look like a @pearl actually -- @>> anjuli: does look like a @pearl. @that is a pearl. @>> alcides: you don't see black @pearls. @that's what i am talking about. @>> jim: it is round, shiny. @you found it in a clam. @>> alcides: save me right now. @>> jim: you know, i am doing @weather and you get yourself @more coffee. @>> anjuli: yes. @ a chilly morning. @can i not believe 44 degree. @it has been a while since it has @been this cold. @>> jim: it has been. @on the cool side and slowly @warming the temperatures. @if you look at the month.
7:51 am
@through november and december, @we kept talking about how warm @we were. @we were setting all these @records, and this is basically @what we look for as a normal @month. @you have some temperatures above @normal, some below normal. @the yellow ones are right at the @average and we average all these @numbers together and that's @where you typically get that @normal looking month. @44 degrees outside right now. @dew points at 35. @very dry air in place. @light northerly winds and this @is giving very cold temperatures @to our north. @brooksville, 31. @crystal river a 34. @here in tampa, 44 along the @coastline. @temperatures are generally @running a bit warmer but lots of @cold air up across the northern @part of the state and lots of @clear skies. @the high pressure sitting back @to our west. @that is giving us that northerly @wind for today. @once that high shifts on to the @east, that will warm the @temperatures up. @that is going to start tomorrow. @so watch that high. @that works its way on toward the @east. @we warm things back up. @and then we got that cold front @that we will be watching toward
7:52 am
@bring us a couple of showers. @plenty of sun for today. @cool afternoon 63 degrees. @and for tonight, another cool @night. @44 for that overnight low. @temperatures. @71 degrees. @on the water, winds are out of @the north at 10 to 15 knots. @seas 2 to 4 feet. @high tide at 4:19. @the seven-day forecast. @notice these temperatures @warming up nicely as we go @through the week. @back up into the upper 70s.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
@wednesday. @ @ finally this hour a new web @service is helping to regulate @health care for the elderly. @matching patients with health @care workers based on their @personality. @fox news correspondent douglas @kennedy has more. @>> are you doing all right today
7:56 am
@>> reporter: when marie's @husband became ill. @>> more than likely parkinson's. @>> you know you have they are @thee. @>> reporter: better than a @nursing home. @you found your caregivers attach @and unreliable. @>> i couldn't count on someone @showing up here and they were a @little detached. @the whole thing. @i couldn't plan anything about @my day. @>> reporter: marie's experience @with caregivers is not uncommon. @in fact only 20% of home health @care workers say in their job @over a year. @it is a lot of inconsistency @that, in turn, leads to a lot of @anxiety in the elderly. @>> it is about that beautiful @day -- @>>reporter: exactly why josh @bruno invented home team, a web @service that matches the age @with caregivers based on @personality. @>> this is sort of a @for home health care. @>> for us it starts with that @match between an older adult and
7:57 am
@so matching painters with @painters, and gardeners with @gardeners. @>> reporter: the result, 14% @turnover for home team caregiver @turnover for home team @caregivers. @>> reporter: you have caregivers @that end up staying a very long @time with your company. @>> we provide caregivers a @career with home team. @we want consistency between @every family member and the @relationship they build with the @caregiver that you can trust @that will be with you for years. @>> reporter: home team puts an @integrated ipad in every home @allowing family members to set @activity levels and read reports @on medical status in real time. @>> with the ipad, you can check @in any time you want. @you can send suggestions on @meals and things to do. @>> absolutely, you can see we @have a sense of security because @if i am not home, someone @watches over him. @i can see how this is taken care @of. @>> reporter: even when she is @not home, she still feels
7:58 am
@in new jersey in know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
7:59 am
8:00 am
@"h"h @ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> alcides: body camera footage @shows an arrest that left a @woman bloodied. @why the pasco sheriff said this


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