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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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pwhy one ore p mr. cole phone home. p>> i'm sorry. pafter three 40 longs days in pspace astronaut scott kelly is pready to return. pwhat is all of this space going pto do to his body? p>> what is up with you? p>> i don't know. pi'm in a mood. pthinking out of a box a prestaurant chain has come up pwith an interesting way to put hones down during dinner. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay.
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pright there. pboom. pthat's right. phae everybody it's 8 o'clock. pi'm right there with you. pthank you. pwe're waking up on this tuesday pthe first day of march. pwe will get over to dave posterberg. pgorgeous. pdon't you want to send russell pback to his home planet? pdon't you want to do that, no pmore than 61 degrees was that my poutdoor voice again. p61 in tampa. p63 in st. petersburg. pi mean look how fast moving up pwinterhaven at 60 degrees. p58 in frostproof. pbrooksville was in the 40s, a pfew minutes ago is jumped up to p50 degrees. pwe're exactly where we were pyesterday at this time. pso really a great, great start pto the day. pand it should be a fantastic pfinish as well with highs in mid p70s. ptomorrow a few more clouds as pfront comes through but not pgoing to do much to the ptemperatures. pstill expecting highs in mid 70s pas well. pall right dave. pright now we have skyfox pchecking out a new crash in inellas county.
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pbay pines boulevard at nifty. pit looks like we do have all of pthose westbound lanes blocked pfollowing a crash here. pyou can see all emergency pequipment ask vehicles involved pstill right there in middle of pthose travel lanes. pwe're seeing some heavy delays pheading that way. plooks like if you're going to ptake an alternate your best bet pwill probably be park boulevard. pwhat we're seeing right is all pthat traffic heading that way pbeing diverted in nearby parking plot you can imagine pretty pjammed up right now even across pthe bridge in that area. plet's go ahead and head into at asco county area where we're palso getting word of a crash pthat iernt pall just blocking pintersection. pgrand boulevard at state road 54 pcertainly plan some extra time poutdoor if you have to head that pway. p>> 8:02 right now super tuesday pis here and florida today, is pthe spectator. pfor now. eople in 13 states are headed pto the polls to cast their pballots in race for white house. ptwo candidates could pull very pfar ahead of pack. pbefore today up to now it was
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pbut primaries pick up speed ptoday. pand voters in several states pwill start casting their pballots. pright now donald trump is still pthe republican front runner. pwith senator marco rubio and a ptngz trailing behind in the pdemocratic race hillary clinton phas double digit lead. psanders for his part zest he's pnot giving up ask calling on eople to get out and vote. ptonight the three candidates are pholding events here in florida. pas super tuesday results start pto roll in hose hillary clinton, pdonald trump and senator marco prubio. pand as for trump his momentum pcontinues. phe keeps up on picking up some pbig endorsements. platest from nascar chairman ceo pbrian franz. psome say it could give donald ptrump a big boost in the south. p>> next up republican candidates pis a debate scheduled for pthursday. pgoing to be on fox. pthen it's time to look ahead to pthe next primary which takes lace march 15th. pthat's when we go to the polls palong with those in illinois,
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p>> a fancy new open on that. pi like that. phumans have long waited to jump pon rocket and blast into space. pbut at what cost and that's what pastronaut scott kelly has spent pthe least year doing testing his pbody and his mind those limits pin space. pjust over 12 hours he will be pback on the earth. pand dave o. the science pro is psitting with mosi's space rograms director. pantonio, good morning, pgentlemen. pgood morning i'm not the pro. phe is the pro. punbelievable. phow you doing this morning pthanks. pscientist as mosi. pyou the reason you're involved pin this is because you've done psome, some papers on the effects pof what space would have on an pindividual's body. pin particulars to go to mars. ptell me about at papers real pquick. plot of factors involved in going pto mars where a lot of science pfiction movies kind of miss out. pwhen your body goes up it
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pgoing on here. pthere's no longer gravity. pyour body reacts to that from hysiological perspective fluids pgo up your bones begin to shrink pyour muscles begin to shrink. pyou no longer standing your body pis trying to figure out what's pgoing on here. pso your body reacts to that. pit's not, it's okay after a pcouple of weeks we've seen that pin short duration space missions pbut for long-term the imagine pyou not walking not moving, not pcontracting your body's pdigesting food in awkward ositions your body takes a toll pwhen scott kelly lands in pkazakhstan i have it this vision pof my head bound out spacecraft p>> that's not go to home. pfor long duration mission basic pbasic going to be assisted he pwill placed in a wheelchair or psome type of gurney. pand he will be carried off. phis bones his legs have actually pshrunk. phis muscle have gotten smaller. pso coming back to the full force pof gravity he's going to have
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p>> even with working out that phe's done on the space station pkick? pthose are basically prevention pstrategy to slow down a space in pmicro gravity enenvironment will ptake a toll what he's doing is pminimizing the effects but it's pnot completely reducing the peffects. pnow just days after he lands pwith him. pwhat are you looking forward to pand what are you expecting p>> he a group at columbia puniversity and bunch physicist pand geologists i was invited to pgo over there and talk about the hysiological aspects of getting pmars psychological aspects a lot pof things we miss being isolated pwith couple astronauts for two pto three years is something that phas been studied. pand we'll talking about that. pand the cool thing i'm going to pdo in 3 d getting to mars, plooking at the geology of mars
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peveryone will will be wear three pd glasses on screen so they are pkind of immersed into. pthey are almost there in pspacecraft. palmost on mars walking around. pgoing to pretty cool. phard to speculate you're not pdoctor and stuff like that, but phe will obviously be compared to phis twin and take measurements phe will be like a guinea pig for pnext few years. pwhat do you think they may find panything you researched that you psay probably what it is going to pbe like. pthings they will looking whether phe lost some vision because pwe've seen that 30 percent pastronauts lose vision because pyou have so much pressure in phead pushing against your nerve poptics weight loss will be panother one. pkidneys, astronauts go into pspace tend to urinate more often pbecause your body trying to get prid of fluids they are going to plook at him from inside weight ploss, they will do some tests to pdetermine speed and motion, pthings like that. pgot about 30 seconds left i want pto ask you about mars in general pi know that's what your main pfocus has been.
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pwould be very difficult for hysically bring somebody to pmars for them to a walk like we pwalk on earth. p>> no going to take, it's not plike in movies they just pop pspacecraft and come out imagine pbeing space for 6 to eight pmonths. pmaybe even longer you have not pwalked. pbasically if you went to sleep pfor six months and sleep for 12 phours you're like you can barely pwalk. pmonths. pit will take a while hopeful pwhen they land they will get pconditioned and they will get pout in a few days and some pstudies have shown up up to six pmonths to fully recover. pbut we think they can do that in pa couple weeks. pso we'd be sitting there a pwatching capsule as they get pacclimated. pnot we're hop open the hatch pmaybe up to a couple weeks pbefore they physically can get pup. premember mars gravity is about p38 percent. p>> true. p>> it's a difference.
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pto talk to you again and come pback and talk us to again p>> i will. phow are things and go from pthere. pgreat, thank you so much for pjoining us this morning. pso there is my friend, your real ro an tone know oh paris. pi can tell you're no the excited pabout this at all. pi just think it is so cool. pi agree. pi agree. pthis what is i said to him you pknow i wasn't alive when we went pon the moon for first time. pso for me, the thought of going pto any, even if they went to the pmoon is just exciting it gets me pmore into it. pit gets us excited to so you pexcited about it p>> thanks, man. psee you later on. pit is fascinating to think about pwhat you unique opportunity they rovide us. p>> you think about it. ptwo brothers, twins. pside by side now see what the pdifference is. pyeah. p>> very cool. pall right sea turtles they are pone most beloved species in pflorida. pand their fate is in our hands pin a lot of ways. pso no flash photography please. lus zika and birth defects.
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pis constantly changing dr. jo is phere with look at the increasing pbirth defects and the roll it is laying in pregnancies in pamerica. pand right now, we get to charley pbelcher. pwhat? psorry. pwhat were you doing? p>> i didn't mean to interrupt pyou. pno we were the fist ones that pbrook bennet's baby on tv only plike four weeks old. pi remember. pit bitty baby. plook at him now. plook at him now. plook at him. pand look. pand look. phow sweet. plook at him. pdude i'm telling you he web feet pand gills somewhere. pwhy wouldn't he? pwhy shouldn't he? p>> yeah. pgood job buddy. phe is now 16 months old. pbrook bennet 3 time gold medal pthis is what she's all let's pteach our little ones how to pswim. pcome on up. pthere he is. pstick around everybody. pi'll tell you how you can get pinvolved here when good day ptampa bay continues. pway to go boss.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 the cases of zika continue to grow here in florida-- there are now pcases of zika continue to grow pin florida.
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pend that includes 5 pregnant pwomen. pand you know there have been a pmultiple studies linking the pzika virus to a birth defect pcalled microcephaly. pbut there is new evidence this pmorning connecting the virus to pa severe neurological disorder pas well. pfox medical team dr. joette pgiovinco pis back with us this time to ptalk about zika and more we plearn about it, scarier it pbecomes right? p>> you know it really does. pwhat we're look we've hearing prumors that there may be an pincrease number of people with pat neurological problem. pnow this what it does it causes pweakness in the arms and legs. pbut it can also affect the prespiratory system. pabout 20 to 30 percent may end pup on a ventilator. pabout 5 percent die. pwell it turns out when he look pback at the numbers from tahiti pwhere they had an outbreak in pthe past it increased risk by pabout 12 to 24 times what they pwould normally see.
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pso you'd expect maybe 1 to two. pbut they had 24 cases per p100,000. pso definitely a concern. pyeah. p>> and again we're talking about pwe're not talking about pcontraction of zika after birth. pthis is for pregnant women that pthen transmit to there unborn pchild is that right. pno these are just people. pi'm sorry. pyeah this can happen to anyone. pyeah we're constantly worried pabout at pregnant women, of pcourse. pthey are our primary concern pright now. pbut, even though most of us pwould get a very mild infection, pmaybe 80 percent of us not even pknow we were infected, there is pthis small group of adults that pwill potentially develop. pskoorgd to an alter more studies pwill need to be done but there preally looking like there is pconnection. pamazing they flow that given pshort amount of time this has pbeen around maybe it has been paround longer and we have been ptold.
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plot of these cases the effects pof the zika apart from gbs last pabout 7 to ten days for the pmajority of us. pif we contract it. p>> yes. pwe think so. pi mean at least it's in the pblood for about that period of ptime or less really. phonestlyyour stwek activity goes pdown ability hopefully me ski ptos will bite you get infected pand transmit it is probably retty short. pbut we don't know everything pabout this subsidies. pwe don't know a lot about what pvirus is doing. pmy biggest concern right now and pwhat is happening in men. pbecause, it's been wie know if pthat was an out liar somebody pthat had an infection in his pro pestate. pwe're seeing more and more cases pof sexually transmitted zika pvirus. pand we've got what maybe 15 here pin this country right now.
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pa woman. pso we don't know how long that's pgoing to be. phow long its going to last. pso there's a lot of unanswered pquestions they are trying to panswer very, very rapidly. pso this is going to be you're pgoing hear it from me a lot, plaura. pgoing to be evolving overtime. pwe're going to learn more and pmore as time goes oni know pyou're keeping an eye on it psurgeon general i've noticed, pbecause on email list sending pout daily updates on. psomething to keep an eye on. plet's talk about the search for pa vaccine. pone. pthere are, there are better ways pto find vaccines these days pbecause they can use, you have pto put it in chicken wait for it pgrow and all of those things punfortunately it has to be ptested in humans. pright now they are looking a ossibly getting a vaccine ptogether and infecting people pactually with the zika virus. pthis will be volunteers. pindividuals who obviously were pnot would not be pregnant to psee. pbut that would be a small study.
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poccurred. pthey did develop a vaccine and pdid disseminate that veek seen pfinally. pby time they disseminated it pthey were so few cases that they pare not sure that it worked. phopefully that would happen with pzika the other thing too were pabout pregnancies. pthese were people in another pcountry got zika infection came pback here and then, and then pthen we're looking those pindividuals two miscarried their pbabies. paround 20 weeks a baby's brain pwas just not formed at all. pit was, there was lot of fluid, pthe connecting points, corpus pwas absent. pyou know, so got a lot more, lot pmore study. plot more to learn. pexactly wee got to leave it pthere doeshth jo. pthank you. p>> troubling. pvery troubling.
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pflorida we've grown to over 40 pcases. p>> yeah let's get over to dave pright now and talking about the pweather. pbecause, man just doesn't get pbetter than this. p>> it doesn't. pthis is my favorite time of the pyear. pit really is weather headlines panother lovely day. plovely day coming at you. pnew normal temperatures. pwhich back up into the mid 70s. pnow a couple of weak fronts will pcome through on wednesday when pfriday no significant rain with peither front. pand no significant cool down pbehind the front as well. pi'm throwing this out there i'm pgoing on a limb here possible ptemperatures in the 80s for us pnext week. pespecially by the middle of next pweek. pmodel are kind of bringing a pwarming trend that will begin plate in the weekend. pwe're at 59 degrees in lakeland pnow. p59 in frostproof. p50 in brooksville. p63 in st. petersburg. pso is nice. pis mild outside. pand it's just crystal clear. pi think our forecast today was pright back up into the mid 70s punder mostly sunny skies.
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ptonight by the way. p6:31 overnight low of 61 pdegrees. pand then variable clouds, it's pmild. pi put variable clouds because we pare going to push a front pthrough the area. pmay get a bit breezy tomorrow pafternoon. p75 for a high. p>> there's a 20 percent rain pchance on friday. pthat's all i've got in terms of prain over next 7 days it starts pto warm back up upper 70s by pbeginning of next week vanessa. pall right, thank you. p>> right now we're checking out pi 275 in pinellas county. pwe do have crash it looks like pactually about to, no, i thought pit was moving but actually a proad ranger arriving on scene phere. pon the right-hand side here plooking from 22nd avenue north. pso that's looking towards the psouth at this point. pwe do have minor delays heading pthis way pinellas bayway is 25 pminute ride. poverall doesn't look loo huge pdelay concern. pcouple extra minutes outdoor if pyou have to head that way. pspeeding up congestion on
8:21 am
pwith heavy congestion southbound p275 through hillsborough county pcoming from 75 junction? asco heading down to pinterchange. p30 minuteses if you're heading
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pslow as well 19 minutes, 75 to look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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pi'm charley belcher. pactually that is 3 time olympic pgold medallist brook bennet in ool with her baby boss. pand boss a perfect name, pbecause, he will be at boss of pher life forever now. p>> although spelled differently. pbut that's another story. pbrook bennet here at the long pcenter in clearwater. pshe's partnered with them for pbrook bennet swim academy kevin pdone bar is here parks and rec. pbennet. phow can you be more excited phaving three time olympic gold pmedallist no child doesn't drown pbecause they are not given an popportunity to a learn from the pbest p>> and that's just it, this pwhole long center came to be in pessence to prevent that very pevent. p>> yeah the founder gentleman pnamed fred fisher fred punfortunately very early on lost pa child due to drowning. pand has ab life's mission for phim.
8:25 am
phaving a conversation this past psummer, talking about how we pcould move our swim program to pthe next level. phow we could impact and how we pcould create more accessibility. pmore exposure. pand then brook was here training pjust a natural to pull this paltogether to make sure no child pin north pinellas county doesn't pdrown. pand, the fact that you don't phave to be a clearwater resident pto take advantage of this. pit's first and foremost for pclearwater residents. pyou don't have to be. pyou play a little bit more. pbut it's still so affordable. pand the student teacher ratios pwhere you want them to be. pit seems like no brainer to take padvantage of. pone of the things we've done is pfor the real little ones, it pused to be a six-1 ratio now pit's 4 to one for older kids it pwas 8 to one it's now 6 to 1. peventually we want to get to 4 pto 1. pwe want to make sure that child pis completely engaged and can pswim like little boss does so if pthey ever get in that situation pthey can handle themselves.
8:26 am
pcause of death with at little pones is the water. p>> and so we're going to make psure that doesn't ever happen or pat least the accessibility make psure that never happens is this pgreat facility. pkeep up good work in your fine pcity. plove it the city of clearwater. pthere you go folks when we come pback going to talk a little more pdetail about lessons as we spend pmorning with the mer wade in pwater. psounds so romantical. poh it does. pcoming up family time while peating some chicken biscuits. pwhat a restaurant is doing to pget you to put it down. pgot us all trying to convince to pmake a run this morning. pnot going to work. pi'll go down if you go get me a pchicken biscuit. pi would in heartbeat. pwe'll move on. pwe're live on water. pwhy not take advantage of it? pshayla reeves, you know we live pon the water. p>> shayla reeves is.
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p>> #prompter problems. p>> hi good morning to you guys. pgood morning to you. pthere is another way to travel paround downtown tampa. pif you don't want to sit in all pof that traffic i'll talk about
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pand the o ba da ba ba ba pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p it is 8:30 now. pin this morning top stories, st. ete police are investigating an pargument that escalated into a pshooting. pthis all happened just after 8 palong james avenue south. olice say two men got into an
8:31 am
pto be all right. pin winter haven police searching pfor are group who attacked a man pand his pregnant girlfriend. pofficers say 17-year-old tara pboon beat and robbed a man psaturday night. pman's pregnant girlfriend got pout to help but told police she pwas thrown to the grown and unched in back. pboon turned himself into police pthe night of the attack pinvestigators are still looking pfor four other people. phe is a student at winter haven phigh school by the way happening ptoday jury selection in case pbetween former wrestler hulk phogan and website gawker. phogan filed suit against site pafter leaked clips a sex tape he pwas in. phe says was made without his ermission. pcase has gob through courts for pabout three years now with pseveral appeals from gawker phogan is sue gawker for p$100 million he says the story phurt his career. p>> you know whether you travel pto downtown tampa or not maybe pyou set sail across the bay a pcouple cool boats that are pmaking it possible to enjoy the
8:32 am
pfox 13's shayla reeves is live pfor us in channelside. pwith a look at both of these new pwater services. pit's a great idea shayla. p>> hi, good morning to you plaura. pin fact it's another way tore pfolks who maybe don't want to psit in traffic, they want to prelax and enjoy themselves to pget a look at the hillsborough priver and garrison channel. pthis of course is made possible pby the new water taxi service up pand running here in tampa. pso if you've never seen this pbefore, here's kind of how it pworks. pwe're told this is a service pthat operates 14 stops along pseven days a week. pand we're told there are three pof these ships or boats in pfleet. pthese particular fleet is poperated by yacht star ship. peach one, they're pirate themed pand offer not only a ride downs phillsborough river you also get pa chance to hear about history palong the way as well of the parea.
8:33 am
pjot star ship. phere's what he had to say about pthis particular program. pand how it sort of feeds. pboom they get on water taxi to pthe straz for a show. pwater taxi to ya lay lay for a pgreat dinner. pand on florida aquarium for an pevent. pso we're going to tie it in and pso, they come across the bay and pthen we'll send them north and psouth on water taxi system. p>> and when a mentioned coming pacross the bay we do know a ilot program is starting in pnovember. pit will transport people from ptampa to st. pete and back and pforth a program that starts pagain in november and runs pthrough april of 2017. pjust another way to connect pfolks to maybe don't want to sit pin car or sit in traffic they pwant to take another tour of the pbay area. pguys, back to you. pshayla, thank you. pruss. p>> hey. p>> all right. pgo ahead. p>> turtle nesting? pyou take it. pi'm do it. p8:33.
8:34 am
pthat means it's time to head to pthe beach. pbut we're not alone. plots of creatures out there. psea turtles specifically is what pwe're talking about. pnesting season is just around pcorner kenny suarez is live in ass-a-grille with look why it pwon't hurt to watch the nest but pbut put bones with flashes hones with a flashes and lights paway, right? p>> you're talking about ptemperature going up the sun has pcome up since we last spoke. pthat's why i'm trying to protect pmy eyes. pgoing. ptry to be a little cooler than pusual. pwhich is no the cool at all. pbut something that is totally puncool is to use your cell phone pto take pictures of these pturtles a night. preason being they see light they pthis know if it's from a cell hone or from lights on shore or pthe moon. pnow they are attracted to go to pthe moon which brings them back pto gulf. pif you start with this stuff pthey are going all over the pdanger.
8:35 am
pjust one one of the messages pthat the turtle trackers are pbringing us this morning. panother danger unfortunately, a pgrowing danger is cancer. pnow you know that joe my hotographer this morning and palcides were over there at the pclearwater marine science center pnot too long ago talking about a pcancer. pbruno you were one the folks pwith cancer. pwhat's going on there? pwell what's going on a herpes pvirus papilloma. pit just forms on for some crazy preason green sea turtles. pwhen we get a cold, water ptemperature is down to about 54 pthe turtles are already sickly pthey get immobile and they wash pinto shore. pmost of the time unfortunately pthey do perish. pbut they will have tumors on pthem. lease don't touch them. pwe use rubber gloves when ever pwe go near a turtle it's full of pbacteria because of the salt pwater and nature where it lives. p>> this is our first year out
8:36 am
pwhat have you seen in previous pyears in terms of turtles have pcancer and this year? pit's mushrooming. pthey are working on try to pfigure out why, we really don't pknow it's phenomena of nature pand man and interactions. pagain just like helpers virus pwhat can done for turtle what pare they doing over there now? pit's really neat what they do in pclearwater they will cut all ptumors off with laser hopefully pif there's none inside of turtle pit will survive just fine. pthen released about three months plater. pturtles in general? pbecause we're in the brink of pcoast. p>> best thing about please turn pyour lights off on beach if you palone. pif she goes back water without playing her eggs she will lay pthem in water and we're going oh plose that whole clutch of eggs. pthank you for helping us owl we pwill hold on to you for a little pby the longer. pyou're obviously very passionate pabout this. pwhy would someone devote so much
8:37 am
psea turtles? pwe will find out from bruno in a plittle while. p>> all right ken, see you later. pthank you. p>> let's get out on the water. pbecause it looks like gorgeous pday again. pit's going to be beautiful. pyeah. premember last half hour we were ptalking about how hard it would pbe for a man to actually get on pmars and stand on mars after all pthat space flight. pthere's been talk one day of utting man out there instead of p6 months, it may take just a few pdays. pnasa researcher are working a plaser technology that would peventually reach mars. phow about this, in as little as p3 days it's called photo tonic ropulsion. pit uses lasers to pro tell a pskrient sail. pif sounds like science fiction. pnasty where it started thanks to ptechnological advances it could pbecome a reality. pnow talking to antonio from mosi plast hour.
8:38 am
phe said yeah, it's possible. pwe have to develop the ptechnology. pbut in theory, this could phappen. pand they'd been astronauts would pbe in space for three days pversus six months. pwhich obviously make a huge pdifference on their bodies. pevery day we're learning psomething more and more. p8:38. pand a pretty start to the day. plook how gorgeous it is on brook pdale bay shore camera at this parea. plook at all temperatures gone up pto 60s so far. pbrandon is at 63. papollo beach, tampa, st. etersburg, all in the 60s. precovering nicely up in crystal priver where they are back up pinto the mid 50s. pnear 60 degrees in sarasota. pit is 60 from bradenton to plakewood ranch. pand 61 in sebring. lus frostproof. pso how fast it warming up with pdrier air just kind of settling pin place. pyou got dew points near 50. pwhich very, very comfortable. pand even as we get our high ptemperatures to go up to the mid
8:39 am
pdew points stay manageable it's pjust going to be personally, i pthink one of the just a nicest pkind of weather you can. ptemperatures in the 70s. pnotice back to the northwest phere you do have a cold front. pwith this front the energy is pgoing to move to the north. pwhen front drag through here ptomorrow. plook it brings a few clouds with pit. pand that's really about it. pso it's not going to do much to pus this front coming through ptomorrow. p76 degrees for a high today. ptonight, we may stay above 60 pdegrees in tampa. pinland and north you will get pback into the 50s. pthen for wednesday variable pclouds, mild, high temperature p75 degrees. pboating also looks great today. psmooth to light chop. pand a 20 percent whopping 20 ercent rain chance for friday pwith high of 74 degrees. pmid to upper 70s for saturday, psunday and monday. pgreat 7 day forecast vanessa. pabsolutely. pdave, thank you. p>> 8:39. pright now we're on i-4 checking pout the camera that's looking
8:40 am
pwe do have crash reported on the pramp itself. pask we're hearing at least one plane is blocked. pthat's why looking not just slow pon the ramp. pbut also passing through in that pwestbound direction. p21 minutes if you're heading pfrom 75 to downtown area. pand while we're here we're not pjust seeing westbound delay but pseeing concerns on survivor pwhere backing up a meeting in parea of i-4 definitely plan a pfew extra minutes if you have to phead this way. p>> all right vanessa thank you. pbirthdays are synonymous with pcake and balloons. pbut tragedy in oregon has some eople rethinking decorations pcalling them dangerous. pjen epstein here with a sad pstory something simple a lot ofs pmight not think about. pvery xriesing to lot of people peight-year-old girl found dead pin her bed. pjust hours after attending pbirthday party. pshe suffocated on a mylar pballoon. pabout 20 minutes after going to psleep girl found her lying life pms will balloon over her head he pcut balloon and perform cpr it
8:41 am
pthe family think she must have ptried to suck the heal um out of pballoon by opening it and utting it over her head. pnow they are trying to raise pawareness about the dangers of pballoons. paccording to at consumer product psafety commission balloons are pleading cause of death by psuffocation among children in pthe u.s. pbut most of though involve pdeflated balloons are part. pofficials don't believe a pcompletely infwlatd one is phazard to young children. pthe family, of course disagrees. pi'm sure rising tragic. pall of that. pit is. pall right jen, thank you. pruss. pthese days the dinner table isil pilluminated by cell phones. pchick-fil-a hoping to change pthat. pso some of the restaurants have pcome up with a challenge to put pthe phones away. pthis this highways tu works. pdirection for each family to ptake out their cell phones and ut them in what they are
8:42 am
pif you uk enjoy your meal and peach other distraction free pthere's a prize at the end a pfranchise owner started pchallenge at his restaurant and pmore locations asked to get pchicken coop boxes too. pchicken coop boxes. pi like it. pi like it chicken coop. pall right. pif you're a fan of making a pmurderer, there's a local event pgoing you're going to very pexcited about. pwe will tell you about it after pthe break. pthen a change almost 100 years pin the making.
8:43 am
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3 a big twist in the battle between apple and pwelcome back. p8:45 a big twist in battle pbetween apple and f.b.i. pu.s. justice department cannot pforce apple to provide bureau to plocked iphone data. pnow this is in connection to a proutine drug case in brooklyn pbut it could help apple fight pthe feds when it comes to san
8:46 am
pjust last month a judge ordered papple to create software that pwould help f.b.i. hack into one pcalifornia shooter's phones. pbut apple says they don't want pto do that because if it falls pinto wrong hands could put all i hones an owner's privacy at prisk. pashamed and embarrass a that's pout erin andrews describes pmoment she was videotaped in rivacy of her own hotel room. pandrew is suing hotel as she psays allowed it to happen pandrews was getting dressed when pman who had stalking her altered pone hotel peep holes and pvideotaped her naked. pandrew took the stand yesterday pand said hotel should have done pmore to protect her privacy. pin a taped deposition michael pdavid barrett explained how easy pit was to figure out what room pshe was in call from concierge hone and ask for her hotel proom, and the number of room pjust popped up. pandrews says when she found out
8:47 am
p>> i called my parents i was pjust screaming. pi was naked all over the pinternet i didn't know what its pwas it was my dad thought he had pbeen in car accident he was like pwhy are you screaming. pi'm just like dad i'm naked all pover the internet. pbarrett was convicted in pconnection with the incident and psent to prison for two and a phalf years. pandrews is suing national pmarriott for $75 million. p>> for first time in almost a p100 years price first class pstamp is going down it will go pfrom $0.49 to $0.47 if you plan pon send a. post cart this will p$0.34. pdecrease also includes pinternational stamps. pthose are down $0.05. plast time anyone saw stamp rices go down july of 1919. pthat's when they dropped from p$0.03 to $0.02. p>> making a murderer is one most om lar series ever. ptwo lawyers that represented
8:48 am
pare coming to clearwater and pfort lauderdale as part of pnationwide tour. plawyers claim police planted pevidence and someone else pcommitted the murder of theresa phigh pressure avery ask his pnephew were convicted back in p2007 avery still claims he's pinnocent and fighting for are a pnew trial event called a pconversation of justice will be pthis august ruth eckerd hall pbroward center for performing parts in fort lauderdale. ptickets for that go on psatisfactory friday march 4th. p>> all right 8:48. p61 degrees. pcharley belcher, good swimming pweather out there. pyeah, well especially when you pat the long center. pwhatever the weather it's pswimming weather because it's pindoor facility. pjust fantastic sports complex phere in clearwater that's open pto anybody. panybody anywhere. pif you're clearwater resident pyou get a little break. preally affordable for anyone. pwe're talking about brook pbennet's swim academy. pthat's one of her instructors. pbrook is putting some dry pclothes on so we can talk to her pabout what we need to know to
8:49 am
8:50 am
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just $69.99 a month online. and there isn't even an annual contract. just go to or that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. 3 3 3 ((laura on cam)) many people are afraid of spiders-- pjust just about ten minutes away pelectric top of our a lot of eople are afraid of spider
8:52 am
pnew research shows one in articular could help manager pyour pain. pscientist recently found pain pkilling pesticides in the pa prooufrn green velvet tarantula. presearcher are working in labs paround the world right now to ptry and fine tune them into a pdrug that's safe for humans. pthe venom works by targeting the pcell membranes neurons. psounds pretty technical. pit blocks your pain receptor if pthey do figure it oh researcher pcan on track to new drug that pcould alternative to opoid that pis are addictive and being pmisused. paverage cost of a year supply phas doubled into and aarp pconducted a study and found the rice hike is being driven up by pthe manufacturers themselves. pand cost has been rising pquickly. pit will probably continue to pgrow. pthe here's something you may not pknow. pretail prices for already papproved medications have pincreased 10 percent or more
8:53 am
pwhich is a shame. pit's a shame. pall right we're going over to pcharley belcher having a little pfun with an old friend, right? pthe yes. pfun in sun. poh that sun is bright coming pthrough the windows here in pclearwater. pyou feeling the burn? p>> i am. pyeah. pyeah. plook at that. p>> yeah i thought that was you. p>> brook bennet ladies and pgentlemen. pthree time olympic gold pmedallist home town girl. lant city girl. p>> yeah. p>> that's another day. p>> yeah. pi went to high school with plindsay. pwe're like family. pknown this girl for a long time. pi always love hanging out. pi don't mean to sound pcondescending i'm proud of you pi'm proud of what you're doing pnow. pus a proud of afor goodness psake. pgold medal will make people roud. preally good way of really taking pyour passion and doing something pgreat with it in the community. pthat's the brook bennet swim pacademy. preally starting them i have loss pjoslin in water she started in rogram when she was four years
8:54 am
pshe's a water baby. pthen we have a two level twos phere with emily. psavannah swimming to emily right pnow. pswimming rolling to her back i pdid mean this is what all about pforget the olympic gold forget ptrying to be an inch olympic pchampion that always comes after pthis is where it starts. phow early should people be pthinking about outing kids in pwater? pfor babies before a year. pfour months old we start they pdon't go under water until they pare six monday's old fun pnonstressful learning penvironment. pyou're not threeing themdeep end p>> that tresses me out. pwe do have them crying and up pwhy set. pit's a bonding experience for pthe parents in the water with ptheir baby. plook at daddy daughter right pnow. pexactly what it's all about. pyou know she she has fun and psmiling and learning how to safe pherself. pfloating on her back swimming to pthe wall. pfour months we start them. pwhen i have a baby that start punder a year old, the pdevelopment that they have plearning to crawl learning to pwalk, sitting up all of those pthings that are happening
8:55 am
pinto what we teach them into the pthe water. pand they are water safe we don't pto come hurdle when they are ptelling us ai don't want to be pon my back i don't want to put pmy fates in the water. pwe've already pushed that out of pthe way and they are water pbabies. p>> your new partnership is here plong center in clearwater a pbuchl facility open to anyoned pyou don't have to live in pclearwater you get a little pdiscount but you're also doing pthis tampa palms at the country pclub there and also in new port prichey at city pool. pthose are two outer door pools. pobviously here with babies we pcan have them in year round we pdon't have a worry about the pweather conditions too howed too pcold raining we don't have to pcancel for any of that here. pthis something i see taken off pcrazy. pand you start where you have pyour roots. plike you said i'm a home town pgirl. pthis is where everybody has palways be in support of me had
8:56 am
polympic dreams. pnow it's like all of those eople that i went to high pschool with we're all having pkids. pi get the calls when are you pgoing to be in brandon and plant pcity? pwhen i can i start my i want to pget my 20-month-old in water pwith you. pthis is what it is about. pabout me giving back to pcommunity. pbecause community has always pdone so much for me. pwe're still routing for you. pthank you. pthere we go. pfor more information go to psign up is right around the plessons pright around corner this psaturday is sign upand is will pones start march 21st. pthat's right. prussell rhodes we've a cheering pfor brook bennet for long time pwe will continue to cheer for pher. pshe's our girl. pyeah. pshe is our girl. pwow. pneat, neat to see her thanks, pcharley. ptalk later. pall right speaking for the first ptime in a decade, sprourd pjustice clarence thomas asks pquestions. pwhy he's been quiet for so long.
8:57 am
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