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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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america runs on dunkin'. 3 staying intimate plife. pnot only is it good for your pheart but good for your brain. phow it protects against pdementia. phuh. pgreat. pbut what happens when you don't pget enough? peat. pdr. jo is here with why sleep paffects what we crave. pmoody. p>> i'm russell rhodes. p>> birds chirping. p>> can you hear the birds? p>> you know. pcan you hear them? pyes. pbeautiful. pa good morning out here. pbirds are singing.
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pi just feel like singing. pthat's great. pi dare you. pi dare you to break out. pdon't dare me to do that. pit's gorgeous outside today. pin fact i can't believe you have pa jacket on. pi should shed it. plet's show you the temperatures pout here in the 9 o'clock hour. pwe're starting off a double psixes. p66 degrees east northeast winds pat 5 miles per hour. plook how fast we're warming pthings up couple hours ago pbrooksville was in the 40s. pnow they are back in the 60s. pand what should be a magnificent pday overally sunny skies and ptemperatures all way back to the pmid 70s. peven though we have a front pcoming through it doesn't, it pdoesn't change much over the pnext few days vanessa and talk pmore about that in a few. p>> thank you. phere 9:0 one. pwe want to talk about the an pearlier crash and new one. pwe're going to start with new pone out of sarasota county area. pmore specifically north port pwhere we see some delay pnorthbound along 75.
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pit blocking left lane backing up ptraffic heading in that pdirection. pnow you should probably wrap pyourself around this i don't pthink worth going out to 41 that pmight burn extra time. pmaybe if you head over to price pboulevard and follow that one palong the interstate. pthat should be a good route for pyou could save some time. pmeantime this is an earlier pcrash we're following off i-4 pwestbound that exit ramp to u.s. p30 one. plooks like this is mostly pclear's out as far as delays in pthat area that is good news for pdrivers. p>> all right vanessa, thank you. pstaying hard together can hard pto do sometimes researcher packnowledge that having a phealthy relationship in bedroom pleads to happier relations poutside the bedroom. pbut now, there is even more of presearch that says it helps more pthan just your emotional heart. pfox 13's jen epstein is here now pwith how this affects your phealth and your brain. pright? pthat's right laura. pthere are few reasons this pmorning to stay in bed with your artner. presearchers say there are
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pall ages to engage in sexual prelations. pthis one we hadn't heard before. pa study says that people who are pbusy in the bedroom physically pdeal with stress better than eople who aren't. ptheir blood pressure does note pspike as hi as those that don't pengain intimately as hoven poften. pthey believe love hormone poxytocin has something to do pwith and conducting more presearch now. presearchers also know pintercourse blocks pain in pwomen. pit's under further research. pthe brain sends out signal that pis stop the spinal nerve pregistering pain. pinteresting. pand again, they are not sure pwhy. pit's under further research. plastly your brain. psex at any age increasing blood pflow that in term stimulates pcritical thinking when you're polder than 50 new study out says phaving regular intercourse could rotect people from dementia pstudy in this study of age and
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pbedroom did better on mental pacuity tests. pscientist don't know why they do pspeculate increase blood flow phormones and stimulation has psomething to do with. ptwo studies focused on physical paspects of having relations pother studies found time and ptime again happiness and pintimacy go hand in hand and plead to longer more fulfilled prelationships. pit makes sense. pit makes sense. pand with all the technology in pour fingertips it's surprising ptaken this long for digital pmedical break through. pwhite house says this week that ptechnology companies, hospitals pand doctors are taking steps to pmake your medical records easier pto access. pwhile most healthcare facilities phave gone digital those pdatabases don't talk to one panother. pand that according to at padministration defeats the urpose of having an electronic precords. resident obama is urging pcompanies to work quickly before phis term ends in january. p>> new york judge has a stopped lans that would allow the city
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pdon't comply with the new rules pabout salt. pnew york city ordered chain prestaurants and fast food joints pto put how much salt is in each pmeal on their menus at national prestaurant association asked pjudge to halt enforcement until ptheir appeal can make it through pthe courts city says its pconfident that courts will puphold the new rule. pall right. phere on good day our crew does pnot get as much sleep as we pshould. pand we know, we all know a lack pof sleep has long be associated pwith overeating, poor food pchoices, and yes, weight gain. pchuckling. pinitiates, initiates this rocess of eating poorly. pkind of working opposite what we pthought before. purn you were one laugh thing pdr. joette is with us again to
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pwhat does this research say pabout lack of sleep and poor peating p>> you know russell what is phappening is they are saying pit's activating something called pensystem so you think of pmarijuana, right? pso that same reward system where pyou're rewarded for eating. pso it tells us that we've done pgood when we eat. pwell it turns out with pindividuals who got only four pand a half hours sleep versus 8 pand a half hours sleep, that psystem was activated longer and pa later. p12:30 in afternoon it peaked paround 2:00 p.m. pand then it stayed high up until p9:00 p.m. pso basically, those individuals pwho were offered any snack that pthey wanted when they got less psleep they took advantage of pthat in a big way. pthey ate more than 300 more pcalorie and a twice as much fat pas those who got a full night psleep.
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pof sleep will help you not eat pthe wrong foods, yes? pthat is what we're saying it plooks like that might be the pcase when we're not sleep padequately enough hours or maybe pnot get the right kind of sleep, pthat might be activating the psame reward system that gets pactivated when people use pcannabinoids like marijuana. pthey want to an eat more and pcrave more and they may just go pahead and consume more. pyou get up in morning you start peating well. pand as the day progresses, if pyou're tired you start eating pless well. pthen you start badly. pand if i wake up in the middle pof the night, there is nothing phealthy that will satisfy me. pno. pand really is true. pi think about it too, when i pdon't get enough sleep i'm going pcrave bad stuff in afternoon pthinking maybe it will help wake pme up a little more or give me pthat ability to keep pushing on pespecially if you have a really
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pbut it's truly not the case. pand you know, by just punderstanding this and what's phappening but there are other pthings that happen 250 when you pdon't get enough sleep you're pnot a satiated and a hunger phormone increases it didn't pincrease enough. pso this extra piece of pinformation now gives us a plittle bit more insight as to pother things that might be going pon in our bodies that are pcreating this unfortunate pconsequence of wanting to eat pbad food. p>> sure short of getting more psleep p>> probably best advice anything pelse you could do to stop this? p>> you know, some of us just pcan't get eight hours a sleep pevery night. pno. pand there was, actually a diet ill i don't know if you premember that that we really, pyou know looking forward to. pthat blocked that endo pcannabinoid receptor. pwhat it found was it also was a leasure center in the brain.
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ptendency and never made it to pmark. pi don't think you can block this psafely or maybe you can i'm not psure how they're going to do it. pyou got to live with it for the pmost part right? pjust been aware what your body pis doing really not what you pneed internally. pstaying away from it, keeping paway from it i've got to stay paway from vending machine today. p>> yeah. pbecause you do have a long day. pyou started early doing the all pthe medical reports. pyeah. pall right. phey. pgood advice this morning see pyou. pyou too. plaura. pall right russell thank you. pit a smear campaign. pthat's what david duke is saying pto the media. phe is saying media is doing it pto donald trump. pduke who is former kkk leader psays he did not endorse trump. phe simply told his people they pshould vote for him. ptrump as you know was criticized pover weekend for not disavow's pduke's support. pwhile new jersey governor chris
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ptrump he says ache's no the pruling out another run for white phouse. phe said on radio show he didn't pforesee another campaign but ploves serving the public and pwon't say never. p>> and this, some texans dispute pten tore ted cruz rally in phouston. pit was supposed to home town pwelcome, but he didn't feel the plove. pa small but well coordinated pgroup chanted cruz bad for ptexas, bad for the country. pcruz is expected to win texas ptoday. p>> on democratic side senator pbernie sanders wife stumped for phim on campaign trail. pshe said today's elections are ptough map for new hampshire man pshe continued to say he will pwithin some and he'll lose some pstates today. pbut he's not dropping out. pand he will stay in the race puntil the convention. p>> laura i cannot tell you what pbeautiful day it is outside. pit is an extraordinary. pand you have to wonder, what it
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pthe water and enjoy it. pyou have to wonder why have have pwe thought of this idea before? pwhat shayla reeves is talking pabout this morning, using our pwater to get to and from. phey, good morning. p>> i know. phey. pgood morning to you russell. pit seems like problems solved pnow. pwe have another way to get paround town, if you don't want pto deal with a traffic and psitting in traffic and some of pthe stress that may come along pwith it. pnow you can get around by water. pin fact we have a new water taxi pservice that's now up and prunning. pand there are three pirate pthemed water taxis that are pavailable for use. pand in fact these are hop on and phop off pirate themed fleets pthat provide service seven days pa week along hillsborough river pand garrison channel. psome of the stops include pdowntown tampa the river walk pand channelside. pand it really works in tandem pwith another project on the way pin november.
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pservice between tampa and st. ete. pcool thing about this coming pnovember you will be able to pcome into downtown tampa, on a pferry get off take street car pinto ybor take water taxi around pwalk on river walk tampa will be pthis connected service. pgoing to be little thing called pdowntowner people with shuttle pservice you can get to downtown pby ferry and not need a car to pgo to all the places around it. pst. petersburg's got the same pthings. p>> now this ferry service that pwe mentioned for november, it's pexpected to be part of a psix-month pilot program that pruns through april of 2017. pso it's really changing the way pwe travel right here in tampa pbay area russell. pback to you. p>> yeah, you have to hope it pworks. pyou have to hope this works. pshayla, thank you. p>> you know vanessa made a good oint a minute ago so now i'm pgoing to have to do water preports too in addition to the ptraffic on the road?
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p>> historic adventure is coming pto a close. pscott kelly is getting ready to pcome home. p>> and it made court watchers pgasp. pthe change in the supreme court pthat has everybody asking what ptook you so long. pwhy did justice thomas ask pquestions for the first time in pa decade? pan interesting story. pthen somebody who's never at ploss for words. pcharley belcher. p>> oh, yeah. poh yeah. pnice. p>> you got it going on. pyeah. pyeah. pis this 75 pounds? pi'm not sure. pi forget. pcan you tell it's foam? pyou had us. pyou had us for a second, man. p>> it's, yeah. poh, man. p[ laughter ] pyeah some kind of water thing, i pdon't know i am at the long pcenter in clearwater. p>> always getting picked on on pthis show.
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pwhat are you talking about? pjust. plong center clearwater we're phere hanging out with brook pbennet three time lymph e. polympic gold medal and brook pbennet swim academy next level pwhen kids get a little better. pgot to learn how to swim.
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phis bags or packed he's ready to pgo scott kelly he'll say pgood-bye to a crew then around p8 o'clock tonight it will undock pand return it's return to earth. pshould lanka zach stan arlen:25 ptonight our time. p>> and the biggest thing we're pgoing to miss from the pcommander, his tweets and ictures from space. pno doubt. phe posted this one late last pnight. pcount down, we're down to a wake pup. pearth, i don't know if he said pit like that. pbut i'm just. pearth i'm coming for you ptomorrow. pgood night from the space pstation. pi'm going to miss those ictures. pyeah. pi mean some of the storms, some pof magnificent space things you ptweet to us. pyou have to wonder what he's pthinking. pis he sad to leave? pglad to get back home and reveal pand take a shower? por is this like just i don't pknow. pi don't know.
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pi'm fascinated to find out what pit did to his body by measuring phim versus identical twin. pyeah. pis it bone density? pi'm really fascinated for that. pyeah. pso you talked about the birds pchirping. erfect. pit's just perfect. pi know. penjoy this today if you can, pfolks because it's nice. pi know it is. pand there are hints that's going pto get quite warm next week. pwe knew it had to. pit's march. pyou know, so let's jump into pwhat we're talking about. pand first thing i got to show pyou temperatures. pbrandon, wait for the rest of pus. palready at 70 degrees, russell. p>> what? pi'm sorry. pbrandon always out ahead of us pjust not waiting for us. pthey are at 70 already. pwait for, 60s, everybody's in p60s now. pcouple hours ago 40s on map. pno longer that's how fast it pwarmed up this morning. peven tallahassee to gaensville pthey are in 50s, 70 degrees as pwell. pdown in the keys our ptemperatures are actually a plittle bit warmer than they were pyesterday at this time. psome three our four degrees
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pi want to show you visible psatellite. pit is just beautiful outside pright now. pexpect a near picture perfect pday. phigh temperatures at least mid p70s. pand it wouldn't surprise me if psomebody inland in brandon make ptheir way to upper 70s this pafternoon clouds late tonight plow 61. pcold front coming through ptomorrow. pbut don't, this is not going to pdo much to us. pa few clouds, a wind shift a psprinkle. pthat's it. p20 percent rain chance on pfriday. pnotice how it starts to get pwarmer by monday. pnear 77. pand again there are hints that pnext week maybe just 80s poverall. pokay. pno complaints here, dave, thank pyou. p9:18. plet's check out the drive times pright now. plooks like we're still dealing pwith some lingering congestion pon our interstates. pif you're traveling southbound p275, beers to i-4 ticking down pjust a little bit into the 12 pminute range. palso 12 minutes for your travel ptimes westbound along i-4 pbetween 75 and 275. pso we're seeing improvements pthere as well following that
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p30 one exit ramble. pthis is an earlier crash that pappears to still basketball pthrowing some concerns on the proadway, pasco county grand pboulevard state road 54. pblocked. pit looks leak blockages have pimproved. pbut still dealing with at least pone lane. pmake sure you the for toe track pdriver still on scene. pall right vanessa thank you. pspring time is great for pfloridians right? pbut there's one thing that we pall have to remember when we pvisit our beaches. pwatch out for turtle nests this ptime of year. pfox 13 ken suarez is ass-a-grille beach in st. pete. pwith a look at what we need to premember, right? p>> we have to remember about pwatch out for this turtles but palso wear sunglasses on sunny pday like this. pthis is a perfect day to start pflorida. pthat's exactly what's going on pon. pyou will see turtle coming up on pbeach here on gulf side in next pcouple weeks or so. pso a little bit of advice.
9:21 am
pmany experts want to get out, pthis year this can be fun if you puse it for you. pif you use to take pictures big pmama turtles it can deadly it pgets them all induced rather pthan going in water they end up pin potentially dangerous spots plike on the street for example. p>> if you've been watching our pshow all morning i & i hope you phave you've seen this guy he's pbruno and founder trurt el ptrackers you're pash in the man pdoing this for years. ptell me how you got started with psaving turtle and messages out plike don't use your cell phone. pi actually came across a dead pturtle back around 1978. psparked an interest. pabout six weeks later there was pone nesting on police officer pwas a confused think it go was pan alligator i goth bit with pturtle disease and ever since pthen i have this mad passion for pturtles i may even be a preincarnated turtle, who knows. pit started with you now have
9:22 am
pbeach and check out nests every pday. pwe do now you can reach our pgroup sea turtle pand we do accept volunteers. pand anyone that wants to learn pabout turtle and we're not pafraid to come out and speak to pany group no matter how big or psmall, and we do it for free. p>> you know i was reading up pabout turtle you learned from plife experience. pthis morning i was reading that pturtles have been around for 110 pmillion years. pi mean even longer than me. pjust amazing this species has psurvived this long. pso let's try to protect them as pbruno has been doing. pif you want to get involved go pto his website and volunteer. p>> back to you. pnature part of that is amazing pjust how they know it's pinstiventive. pall right ken, thank you. pstay with us breaking his psilence. pjustice clarence thomas has not psaid a word in court in ten pyears we will tell you what got
9:23 am
pbut several questions. pand charley belcher's up next pwith maybe what could be the
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some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from at long center's sports pcomplex in clearwater. plook the those kids swimming ptheir leg and arms off. pi love it. phanging out with three time polympic gold medallist brook ben pthe plant city girl and through pand through. pwe watched her grow up and a win pgold medal and brook bennet swim pacademy that she's parter with plong center here also doing a ptampa palms and some other pfavorites a little bit later.
9:26 am
pseals or dolphins landon are in rogram they are up level, 4, 5, p6 they take private lessons with pmyself emily. pthey are both getting ready for psummer pool team first exposure pto like getting in swimming four pon. pon weekend they will have like pmini meets first little taste of pcompetition. pthat's great. pso this is beyond just being psafe and making sure they don't pdrown. pthis swim for fun. pyes. pso once we get them through the psurvival skills then those kids pand those families that really pare looking at swim team, pswimming competitive. pwe go on to 4, 5 and six. preal kwim swimming a that the oint. pstarts out tadpoles guppy and psea horses. ptalk about this book right here. pthat's what sets your program papart. preally important just prototype pyou're actually seeing this pbefore it finaled. pworld exclusive. pright. pthat's right. pwe've got some good pictures in
9:27 am
pwe want you to swim to safety. pgrab and roll on to wall. pthis is for families, the kiddos pto know when i did level one pwhat do i need to do before i pcan go to level 2. pso many times parents have those pquestions. pjust the instructor trying to pexplain it. pwe have the visuals our pinstructors will write notes pdown in this. pand then once their child has pdone that specific task, boom pthey get to put sticker on it pwhen that level is completed pwith stickers we know there's no pdoubt there's no question you pare ready to become a level 2 a plevel 3 or so on. p>> quite literally keeps peverybody on same page. pinstructors, the students, the arents, we all know, i can then plook at when parent has a pquestion and as i oversee peverything i go well here's the roblem let's fix this, let's psee what they are lacking so pthat i can go to the instructor pand say molly, joey, sami needs pto, would on this before we can pget him ready for next level. pnext opportunity to enroll in pnext set of classes is this psaturday. pthis saturday march 5th.
9:28 am
pto long center get in line go to pthe front desk, have your ayment ready like i said if you pdon't know what level your child pis in, let us know, come in pbefore saturday, we can do an pevaluation give us a phone call. p>> ages four months to? p>> there's no age limit. p4 months you can come in with a pwater babies you won't go under pwater until they are monday's pold and then sky's the limit. phere's what we will do russell prhodes. pwe will signed up you and i are pgoing to p>> i knew you were going there. pi knew you were going there. ptrying to get both of you prussell has come out and covered pme for years charley you took pover the reasons. pneither one of you have ever pbeen in water p>> yes, i have. pyes, i have. prussell swears p>> yes, i have. pi don't remember you just pblocked it out memory. p>> i don't know. pi would have blocked it too. pshe blocked it out and nobody pwants to see all of this. pi don't know. paccording to twitter last night pthere was a lot of requests for pcharley. eople were insane on twitter. pthat's what's wrong with ptwitter.
9:29 am
pstill routing for our girl brook pbennet. plove that girl. plove that girl i know she can't ptell me tell her i love her. psee you later, man. pit was a regular day until he pasked a question. pit wasn't just the question, it pwas who asked the question.
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phis ten-year pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase.
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ba da ba ba ba 3 ((russell//wipe vo))
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p as he might say today is phuge. pit's super tuesday. pand if polls are right by end of pthis day donald trump could well pbe on his way to securing the prepublican nomination. pdoug luzader is joining us this pmore than from virginia. pi hear they shut down schools to pmake room for voters, right? p>> well in this county any that pwas the case we will give you pbetter overhead view here of the psituation. pif we can switch to the other pcamera. pthere you go. pshow you what it looks like poverhead here. pthis has been pretty busy. pthey actually had a line to get pin here earlier in morning. pso they've been moving along a retty good clip. pand they are expecting maybe to peven surpass high water mark in pto find eight here. pin terms of in terms of turn pout. pso that's significant here. pthat may certainly bolster pdonald trumping chances of pwinning here although he's pexpected to do pretty well. pso is hillary clinton in this pstate.
9:33 am
pmost of the super tuesday pstates, russell. pexcept i guess right now, in pterms of donald trump, for ptexas, right? p>> yeah. ptexas is state to watch here. pif donald trump wins texas. phe might very well run the table ptoday. phe's not likely to win texas if precent polls there are correct. psenator ted cruz from texas, if phe can't win texas, he's in real ptrouble. pand the polls there indicate phe's in a decent position to pwin. pand texas, crown jewel of super ptuesday 155 out of nearly 600 pdelegates in play in that one pstate alone. pcontests. pso if you come in second place pyou still get delegates in these pstates. pdepending on how you do. pso you don't walk away with all pof them. pbut nevertheless donald trump pmay get a lot of delegates ptoday. pso will hillary clinton.
9:34 am
ptoday we in has 13 days from now pwe've got our own primary going pon in florida. pwhich by the way is a winner ptake allstate. pand marco rubio, like ted cruz phas to pull it off in florida. p>> that's right. pi, exactly. pthat's the corollary. pmarco rubio has to win florida pif he can't, there's no reason pto stay in the race at that oint. pand the polls there for rubio pare more troubling than the olls for cruz in texas. pcruz is probably going to win ptexas. prubio right now he's got some pwork to do in florida where olls indicate donald trump has pa lead. pso we'll see what happens pbetween now and florida. pthings are going to get very, pvery intense between now and pthen. p>> all right. pwe got to run wish we could have pgotten to democrats we ran out pof time doug, thank you and pwe'll we'll talk tomorrow. pthanks, russell.
9:35 am
pcourt order to hack cell phone pused by one san bernardino pshooters federal judge in new pyork has ruled that the u.s. pgovernment cannot force apple to phack an iphone. pnow this is in different case. pthat involves a drug dealer. pthe company is being pressured pright now by law enforcement pagencies to break into more than pa dozen iphones. pin at least ten other cases pacross the country. pfederal prosecutors plan to pappeal yesterday's ruling. p>> the reports were that there pwas a collective gasp when psupreme court justice clarence pthomas asked a question during a phearing yesterday. pwhy? pbecause he has not uttered psingle word in the last ten pyears. pfox 13's walter allen is here pnow with more on what this could pmean. p>> i'm not sure i realize that phe stayed so silent, walter. pi don't think i did either. pand to think about ten years, pnot saying anything is pretty premarkable. pcourt watchers said this was prather mundane case. retty routine case versus punited states about gun rights
9:36 am
pgun. pthe hearing was wrapping justice pdepartment attorney had just ten pminutes ago to making her case. pbut it was then that justice pthomas asked not just one pquestion but peppered lawyer pwith follow-up questions. pone question, this is a pmisdemeanor violation that pspends a constitutional right pcan you give me another area pwhere misdemeanor violation psuspends a constitutional right? pwell the attorney respond that psometimes people give up their pfirst amendment right which led pup to a follow-up question. pso you can think of a first pamendment suspension or a psuspension of a first amendment pright that is permanent? pnone other justice reacting to pthis questioning or reacted to pcourt watcher who know justice pdid. pwitnesses say there was pcollective gasp. pthe last time you spoke pfebruary 22nd, 2006. pcritics say justice thomas was
9:37 am
pdecade of silence he said parguments have become less than pcivil and nothing more than olitical jousting by justice pnow analyst are saying we might phear more from thomas especially psince good friend and federal pconservative scalia passed pawaytwo often sided together. pespecially on second amendment pissues. pby way during this second phearing thomas did not speak at pall again. p>> dave. pit's interesting. pi knew he didn't talk much. pyears p>> but he voted. phe voted. pi think he rendered opinions but phe hasn't asked questions or ptalked. pfascinating we will get over to pdave now. plet's do that. pit's time. pyeah you did know july and pcan't wait. pin february. pthis is it. pyou're right.
9:38 am
pbecause just so comfortable poutside. pyeah you love it outside. pi'm going to stay outside more ptoday. p>> no, you're right. peat outside. lay outside. phave some fun. pbecause the weather is beautiful ptoday. pi've got i'm standing clear pskies. p66 degrees in tampa. plook at the 70s, kind of pcreeping off back into sebring, alm dale, already in the lower p70s at this hour. pwinds are beginning shift a plittle bit east and then peventually those winds will pshift to more of the southwest. pwe're going to have mostly sun pskies. pno problem with that throughout pthe day today. pwhat's watch future cast this pcold front talking coming pthrough wednesday. pwatch what it does as it comes pthrough. pnot much. pi mean we're going to pause this pat about 1 o'clock tomorrow. pyou see little thin band of pclouds. pa little bit of a wind shift. pmaybe, maybe a sprinkle. pbut to be honest that's about ponly impact we're going to have pwith that front.
9:39 am
pof 76 degrees. plooking through the next 7 days, pon first front nice. panother cold front comes through pon friday. pstays nice behind that one we pstart a nice warm up may pultimately lead to temperatures pin 80s for highs next week. pwe have a few first birthdays to ass along to you. pwe will start with an adriana pturning one today. pshe loves to give kisses and she pgiggles all the time. pbut she loves spend time with pher big sister grandma and papp. pnext upturning one. ploves music and gets his groove pon. pwhen ever he hears a good song. pmaybe he's dancing to birthday pmusic. plaurel having a very special pday. plaurel was seven weeks premature pand spent a month in the nicu pbut now she's growing up and pwe're so proud of it.
9:40 am
pgiraffes happy first birthday. palan turned one yesterday. pyes. panother leap year baby. pso is he really one? por is a really four? pi know you're four, we got it pyou have a great birthday and phappy birthday to the rest of pyou out there as well. pvanessa. p>> dave, thank you. pyes happy birthday to all. phere 9:40 right now we have to pswitch gears and get something pbit more serious on roadways pcoming out venice area. pwe're getting reports of a pvehicle that crashed into a day pcare. pkimberly kuizon was making calls pand checking into this reporting pthat the academy of creative plearning is where this is all phappening near u.s. 41 in center proad. pthree kids in one worker are pinjured. pwe don't know about any lane pblockages about this in that parea not seeing any big delays pyou'll see very least probably a pscene as you pass on we will pkeep you posted with latest on pthis one. p>> that's trouble.
9:41 am
panother long time hollywood pactor has died. plook at george kennedy's amazing pcareer coming up next. pand here's a live picture of the pboard on wall street? right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise-
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3 academy award winning actor, george kennnedy pall right time tile time right pnow 9:43 george kennedy has assed away. phe won oscar for best supporting prole in now classic film cool an luke with paul newman. phe went on to star in comedy pnaked begun movies and airport p1975. plast role was two years ago. phe was in gambler with mark pwalhberg. phis grandson says that kennedy phad failing in failing health psince his wife died an a little pmore than year ago. phe was 91 years old. pnan gate a few months after jen pjennifer garner now their pseparation. prumor mill went into overdrive psaying ben cheated on jen with ptheir nan. pthat's what led to the marriage pfalling apart. pwell here's another shock punanimously involved story.
9:45 am
pthis time it involves susan psarandon's daughter ava and her phusband. pso ava took to her blog to tell pworld about her own nan pnightmare while she was away on pa business trip her husband got pa raunchy text from their nan. pfollowed by the nan's spying on phim through the couple's bedroom pwindow. pwell then he went on to work ptried to brush it off but did pnot feel right so he went home pconfronted her and then fired pher. precording the entire thing. pava says entire experience gave pher a new appreciation for her phusband and took the prelationship to a new level. pthey also decided not to hire a pnew nan. pthey are traveling together with ptheir daughters so they can both pcontinue to work. p9:45's the time. pcoming up it is time to fill up pyour gas tank why price at the ump is starting to get higher. plauren simonetti has that next. pbefore we go to today's pcelebrity birthday i want to say phappy birthday to my dad sharing
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
right now, worker.daycare center hurt... as well as a children are that three highway patrol with the florida wewe've confirmed on banyan drive.
9:49 am
academy of half an hour ago happened about the accident childcare center... crashed into a where a car has venice...alert out of follow a news continuing to we're (russell) 3 3 (russell) 3 we're continuing to follow a news pit's 9:48 we're following a news palert coming out of venice. pvenice, florida a car has pcrashed into a child care pcenter. pthe accident happened about a phalf hour ago. phappened at the academy of pcreative learning. pthat's on ban i don't know pdrive. pnow here's what they will pconfirm with fhp. pthree children have been hurt. pas well as day care worker. pthat's all we know. pand we are not sure what caused pthe driver to crash into the pbuilding. pbut we have a reporter probably pkim kuizon headed to area right pnow. pupdates on fox 13 news at noon pand as us a fox 13 p>> yeah. pthat was the crash that i pand that's going to be in the parea of u.s. 41 where it's pcalled venice bypass. pand center road. pright now just to kind of touch pon the traffic aspect of it. pit looks like we're not seeing pany lane blockages based on what
9:50 am
pwe'll learn a bit more once kim pgets there. pand, certainly, a sad situation paurora passing on by keep in pmind you'll probably see scene pin that parking lot. pand thank you vanessa. pit's beautiful out here. pat least at this point our ptemperatures are getting close pto 70 in many spots right now. pwe will top off at least in mid pto upper 70s under mostly sunny pskies. pi think tonight should prelatively mild wake up tomorrow pmorning if you're ininland or pnorth on 50s. part 60 or skunt a very weak pfronts comes in tomorrow only pimpacts you can feel or see for pthat matter a little bit of a pwind shift and some cloud cover. ptomorrow's high temperatures paround 75 degrees. pand really stunning through the pweekend. pincluding a 20 percent rain pchance on friday. pwhich is no big deal. phighs in the mid 70s. plows in the 50s. pand a chance for the 80s to come
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
pstick around.3 here's another live picture of the board on wall plive picture of the board on pwall street. pnice territory dow's up about 1
9:54 am
ptalk to lauren simonetti hey plauren. p>> i think i like march. pi'm so over february. pmarch is traditional a good pmonth for stocks on this super ptuesday the first day of march pwe're starting on the right foot pdow is up our markets higher oil rices are up we got report on pmanufacturing better than pexpected. arty's over you said oil prices por up. pright? p>> they have been. pnow we're talking about small pmoves oil is a $34 a barrel pright now. pwith past seven days gas prices phave gone up every single day. utting national average now a p1.76. plet me put that in perspective. pthis time last year 2.41. pso much cheaper. pyeah. p>> all right we talked earlier pnasa. pthis thing is so sleek. assenger jet. p>> yeah. pin about a decade maybe, you can pgo from here to new zealand in
9:55 am
assenger jet goes 1100 miles an phour. pit is cleaner, greener, faster, pcooler than the concord, premember that? pand it does so it goes this fast pwithout creating as much ollution that sonic boom that ploud noise. pmuch quieter jet we will see pwhen nasa and lockheed martin pfor right now they are working pon. palways regret i never got to ptake concord i always wish p>> how much was that again p>> like 20 grand? p>> was it 10 or 15, something plike that it was lot. pit doesn't matter. pit was a lot. pbut you still talk to people who ptook it, and people who did fly pit, and ayou could see you could psee on the wall when you got to pmach one. phow cool might that be? p>> and you know what if you're pshoving out $10,000, what's panother $5,000. p15 or $20,000, those type of eople don't care.
9:56 am
pthat's what it was anne marie p>> 4300 pounds. pokay. pso like ten grand. pback then. pokay. pwhat would it be now? p>> all right. pare we done. pnot terrible first class is pexpensive. pif you're pulling gs on regular pvacation you're doing good. pthank you, lauren bye. phave great one. psee you tomorrow. pdon't miss lauren simonetti on pour sister network station. plog on to a and plook for channel finder. and, before we leave you again, like we did pbefore we leave you time to ptwist again like we did last psummer. pchubby checker performing at pseries. pof course he invent the twist pback if the 50s, he has three pshows today and 11:30. pand all included with normal
9:57 am
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new action-thriller, "london has fallen," gerard butler. and a cooking lesson from supermodel and author chrissy teigen. plus, we'll take a look back at our big after-oscar show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy-award winning co-hosts,


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